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Do you have cat questions? Whether you're a lifelong owner or just thinking about getting your first kitten, questions are bound to come up!

Are you concerned if your dog will get along with your new kitty? Maybe you are wondering what kind of toys you'll need, or how often you'll be going to the vet. Skip down to see cat questions here!

Although this site is full of information, sometimes questions are specific and unique! Every feline, owner, and situation is different.

As a community, we'll put our Maine Coon cat experience to use and do our best to give you an informed answer.

Please keep in mind that this section will not be offering medical advice! Basic health questions (for example, when to spay/neuter or signs of parasites) are welcome, but if you have a serious medical concern we will always want you to ask your vet!

So, this is not veterinary advice, just general information about care, grooming, etc.

As you'll see below, many of these questions are about training, behavior, aggression, and more. If you have a Maine Coon and really want to understand their care needs, I have written an e-book that's tailored just for Maine Coon cat care.

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Care & Grooming:

A Collection Of Diet, Food & Nutrition Q&A's
This is a collection of diet, food & nutrition visitor questions, along with the advice of other animal lovers.

Litter Boxes & Care
These readers want to know what type of litter to purchase, and how best to care for the litter boxes.

Maine Coon Growth, Weight & Size
These Q&A's are all about Maine Coon growth, weight and size. How fast should a kitten grow, recognizing overweight or underweight cats

Introducing Cats & Kittens
These readers are introducing a new cat or kitten. The subjects range from breed compatibility, how many to get, how to proceed with the integration.

Maine Coons Outside - Leashes, Locators & Safety
Should Maine Coons go outside? What about leashes, locators, getting lost or stolen? These are common concerns.

Cats Home Alone
For how long, and at what age can a Maine Coon be left home alone? This section addresses both long work days and away trips.

Concerns About Coats, Manes, Fur, & Whiskers
These cat questions are all about coats, manes, fur, whiskers, colors and more. Head to feet (or tail), it's probably been asked here!

Fur & Tail Care/Grooming
All that fur means grooming will be needed. These readers ask about the FURminator, shedding, bathing, and caring for those huge tails.

Getting Poop Stuck In Fur
Maine Coons are prone to getting poop stuck in their fur. If you have a problem with dingleberries, dags or feces try these reader suggestions!

More Cat Health Questions


Aggression, Growling & Biting Questions
These cat questions are all about aggression, growling, or biting. See if the advice here helps you with your cat aggression problem.


Pee Outside Litter Box - A Collection Of Q&A's

Poop Outside The Litter Box - A Collection Of Q&A's

Maine Coons & Excessive Meowing
Is your kitty keeping you up all night with excessive meowing? Day or night, these cats and kittens are meowing too much!

Excessive Grooming, Licking & Losing Fur
These cats are licking and grooming themselves excessively, and losing fur or pulling it out.

Skittish, Reclusive or Hiding
These readers have asked about their skittish, reclusive or hiding cats. If this is your issue, the advice here should help.

Male/Female Differences
Let's talk about male and female cats. What kind of behavior do boy or girl Maine Coons exhibit, and how do they get along?

Kitten Behaviors & Training
Kittens are so fun, but sometimes naughty! Here are some questions on training them to - or not to do certain things!

Unique, Quirky Habits
Here are some unique, quirky and funny cat habits and behaviors. "Is it normal for my cat to...?"

Purring & Chattering
This section is about Maine Coon sounds, like purring and chattering.

Maine Coons Love Water!
Maine Coons love water! Splashing, spilling and showering are favorite activities. Of course, it can get out-of-hand!


Health & Medical Concerns
This hodge-podge of health & medical concerns should be brought to the vet. Bloody stools, lack of appetite, joint problems, mouth ulcers and more are asked about here.

Teeth And Gums
These visitor Q and A's are all about their cat's teeth and gums. Questions about gingivitis, mouth ulcers, gum infection and kitten teething are found here.

Questions About Maine Coon Hairballs And Coughing
These are visitor cat questions about coughing and hairballs in Maine Coons. Gain insight from reader tips and advice.

Fleas And Flea Control
These visitor questions and advice are all about fleas, control and treatment.

Neutering & Spaying Kittens
Neutering and spaying - when to do it, whether it affects the eventual size of a male, I.V.'s and more.


Everyday Products
Sometimes visitors ask for product recommendations. Toys, harnesses, cat doors, post, catnip are mentioned here.

Pot Luck
This is a collection of misc. cat questions and answers. They are a bit random, but still have a place here.

Identifying Mixes, Breeds, "How Do You Know?"
Many people want to know if their cat is a Coon cat. We have a whole section on it. But some have asked here how to discern for themselves.

Does The "M" Mean Maine?
Must a Maine Coon have the M on his forehead? Also, when a cat has the M, does that mean he's a Maine?

Average Life Span Of A Maine Coon
What is the average life span of a Maine Coon? How long can we expect to have them around as companions?

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Also, feel free to comment or answer the cat questions above if you read a topic and feel that you have something to share!

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  • Cat Health Questions And Answers

    These cat health questions from our readers include in-breeding, dry skin, lack of appetite health concerns. See our community answers here.