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Welcome to The Cat Store! Have you ever gone shopping only to get lost in the sea of cat products? It is our task at The Cat Store to narrow down the choices, so you can easily find the best.

This is a one stop destination for everything cat-related. We are carefully and thoughtfully reviewing many cat care and cat related products every day.

We are proud to present these pages of our Top Picks for big cats! These products have been carefully selected for their superior quality, durability, and popularity.

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three different cat litter boxes

Big Cat Litter Boxes: These are our Top Picks for cat litter boxes at The Cat Store. There are large and jumbo sizes, as well as deep and high-sides litter trays.

We are pleased to offer this excellent selection. These "specialty" cat litter boxes tend to be hard to find locally.

cat tree

Cat Furniture Trees: Every cat loves a cat furniture tree. They are the cats meow for climbing, exploring, and just getting exercise.

You'll be wanting a sturdy cat tree that won't tip over with your cats weight, and one that is well made and durable. These selections fit the bill.

cat on scratching post

Cat Scratching Posts: Every cat must have a good cat scratching post, especially an indoor cat!

Let's face it: cats scratch. It is in their nature, and it's even good for them. Scratching and hooking their claws, getting a good stretch, that's what it's all about! So visit this page to see quality cat posts that can hold up to a big Maine Coon Cat.

variety of cat care products

Cat Care Products: You'll find anything and everything in this department. This section represents Amazon.com's complete selection of pet products. This is the only store section that we have not narrowed down to the Top Picks.

If you want to see all the cat care products available from Amazon.com, this is the place to do it.

cat playing with figure 8 shaped cat toy

Big Cat Toys: Here is our popular page all about Big Cat Toys! What are big cat toys? Well, the toys might not be big, but they are high quality and durable so they can stand up to some rough play, big cat style.

Come on in to see the best laser, mice, and other toys for big paws.

various natural flea killers

Natural Flea Killer: If you are concerned about giving your cat a spot-on, or topical flea treatment, you are probably looking around for effective and natural flea killers.

This article contains lots of information as well as links to some great products available from The Only Natural Pet Store.

collection of cat lover gifts

Cat Lover Gifts: Introducing our brand-new CafePress shop! It's chalk full of quality cat lover gifts, all with the spotlight on the big Maine Coon Cat! There are posters, prints, mugs, T-Shirts, tank tops and more! All created for the Maine Coon Cat lover, of course!

This page on our site shows a small sampling of the selections. Or, you can go directly to Maine Coon Cat Nation's CafePress Store to see all the goodies!

outdoor cat enclosure

Outdoor Cat Enclosures: Those of us with escape artists, oops- I mean indoor cats, are familiar with the constant dash for any open door or window. They make it clear that they want to go out, but we just want them safe, right?

These outdoor cat enclosures really provide a safe and convenient solution. This page is in article form, with our top picks for outdoor cat enclosures from Amazon.com.

Maine Coon Cat Products: Looking for the best Maine Coon Cat products? Here is where we are sharing our best Maine Coon cat finds; our faves!

Cheap Pet Supplies: This is where we place all the hottest deals on cheap pet supplies. Many of these products we use and recommend. Check back often for new deals!

Cat Water Fountain: Our favorite cat water fountain is sleek, attractive, and easy-to-maintain - but that's not why Alice and Leo are so obsessed with it! Check out my complete review here - The Cat Store wouldn't be complete without it!

Soft Paws: Have you heard about Soft Paws cat claw covers? They provide safe (and cute!) cat claw control without declawing cats!

Waterless Cat Shampoo: How to freshen your cats coat between cat baths? Try waterless cat shampoo! FURminator waterless shampoo does the trick.

FURminator shampoo: Have you tried the FURminator shampoo? Together with the FURminator deshedding tool, this cat shampoo can really help with cat mats.

Pet Insurance Information: Most of us don't think about getting pet insurance information until it's too late. Have you ever wondered if pet cat insurance was for you?

My Cat, Coon Cat: This is our favorite Maine Coon Cat children's book! My Cat, Coon Cat tells the story of a young girl in Maine who makes friends with a humongous Maine Coon.

Cat Puzzles: Here's a fun page! I love puzzles, especially cat puzzles. This activity brings back memories of simpler times.

Cat Valentines: Come check out our exclusive Maine Coon Cat Valentine cat cards! These adorable Valentine kitten and cat cards are the purrr-fect choice!

Halloween Costumes for Cats: Looking for Halloween costumes for cats? Pet cat costumes are fun! Here are some costumes and tips if you are getting your cats dressed up for Halloween.

Holiday Headquarters:

figurine of woman holding cat
beautiful cat ornament
artistic cat christmas card
red christmas stocking with white paw prints
figurine of woman holding cat
beautiful cat ornament
artistic cat christmas card
red christmas stocking with white paw prints

We hope you've enjoyed your visit to The Cat Store! Exploring and finding the best cat products on the market is an ongoing project for us. So, this section will be ever-growing.

Your big Maine Coon Cat may need a big litter box, a sturdy cat tree, or a nice roomy cat bed. And if you have a Maine Coon mix, or just a big cat, all the cat supplies found here at The Cat Store are Top Picks for you, too!