Maine Coon Cat Lover Gifts

Clever and Unique Maine Coon Designs!

Looking for Maine Coon Cat lover gifts? Whether it's for yourself, or the cat lover in your life, we are so excited to offer these exclusive designs!

We have just opened a shop on Etsy and are having fun designing unique and special cat lover shirts and gifts not available anywhere else!

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model wearing big maine coon cat artistic tshirt

"Go Big" Maine Coon Tee

Go big or go home! This "Big Maine Coon Cat" vintage style graphic t-shirt will turn heads wherever you go!

Let everyone know your Maine Coon Mom or Maine Coon Dad status when you wear this thick, 100% cotton soft-washed, garment-dyed fabric tee. The retro, vintage design is the perfect blend of style and statement.

This unisex shirt is flattering for men or women. The high-quality, thick material so comfortable. It's great for daily wear and will stand the test of time.

maine coon kitten and wildflowers color morphing mug

Color Changing Maine Coon Kitten Mug

This Color Changing Mug Gift for Her is so pretty with it's positivity saying, fluffy kitten, and flowers! It changes color with a warm drink, too!

The heat-reactive surface reveals the exclusive design when the mug gets warm. The ceramic cup will goes back to its original black outside and white inside when it cools down.

This fluffy cat coffee mug has a wraparound design with flowers, butterflies, a fluffy Maine Coon kitten, and the inspirational phrase "Grow Through It" on each side.

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it makes a unique and creative Valentine's gift for her!

mauve tshirt with maine coon cat nation logo on pocket

Maine Coon Cat Nation Pocket Logo Tee

This official Maine Coon Cat Nation shirt is a great way to show off your membership to a very furry club!

If you have a Maine Coon, had a Maine Coon, or just love Maine Coons, you are a member of MCCN. This t-shirt features comfy, soft, high-quality cotton blend material, crew neck and classic fit that never goes out of style.

This soft and comfy graphic t-shirt features a premium high-quality cotton blend material, crew neck and classic fit.

This cute catlover tee makes a wonderful gift for yourself! The premium 100% cotton (or cotton blend, in the case of the heather colors) is luxuriously soft and comfortable.

nine black holiday cats shirt

Catlover Christmas Shirt

This adorable black cat is really in the holiday spirit! Fun Christmas shirt features nine silly black cats with Christmas decorations. I may get this one for myself!

funky graphic maine coon mama tee

Funky Maine Coon Mama Tee 

This retro-inspired Maine Coon Cat Mom shirt is so fun for the you or the Maine Coon cat lover in your life! Available in 4 dark colors.

maine coon mama shirt original

The Original Maine Coon Mama

This Maine Coon Cat Mom shirt is purr-fect for any Maine Coon cat lover! It's a great conversation starter, and cute yet casual statement piece. Let everyone know you are a Maine Coon Mama! =^..^=

pawsitive store logo

Don't forget, you can see lots more Maine Coon Cat lover gifts on Etsy! I'm having so much fun with it, and am going to be designing mugs and ornaments soon.

Check out our growing selection of exclusive photos and designs! Continue browsing Maine Coon cat gifts now!

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