Maine Coon Cat Care Tips & Tricks

Taking Care of Cats is Fun!

Maine Coon cat care is all about having a beautiful, happy, healthy pet! Sometimes taking care of cats seems like a lot of work!

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Between grooming, nutrition, litter box care, behavior, letting them outside, and more there's a lot to consider.

No matter what breed your kitty is, you want to take the best care of him or her.

Whether Fluffy is looking a bit "scruffy", or you just wonder what's involved in having cats as pets, this is the place for you.

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Maine Coon Grooming:
It can be a challenge keeping that coat in top condition! There are a few tricks of the trade that will help, though. Dealing with mats can be tricky for some, depending on whether brushing time is enjoyed by Kitty!

Grooming a cat means more than just brushing, though. There are claws to be clipped, teeth to think about, and even bath time on occasion!

pretty silver maine coon female

Cat Behavior:
Some people find felines to be unpredictable, but Maine Coon cats as pets are notoriously easy-going! They get along great with kids, making them terrific family members. Cats and babies can even be best pals.

Since there are exceptions to every rule, it's a good idea to understand cat aggression in case it does pop up. Another naughty behavior that folks worry about is cats scratching furniture.

young brown and white maine coon cat playing with a toy

Taking care of cats means playing with them! Our Cat Games section is devoted to playtime, big toys, and homemade toys. Keeping kitty active is lots of fun! It's important for their happiness, too. Of course, playtime isn't completer without catnip! Have you ever wondered exactly what is catnip, and why cats love it so much?

Once a year, when the outdoors seems to come in, many cats can't resist playing in, or with, the Christmas Tree. It's cute, but can be dangerous when cats get into Christmas trees! 

Cats be really quirky, and one of their more endearing habits is hanging out in sinks!

red maine coon cat meowing

Cat Sounds:

From yowling to meowing to purring and growling, cats have a wide array of sounds they use to communicate. Maine Coons can be extremely vocal.

Of course, our favorite cat sound is the hum of a happy cat purring contentedly!

Letting Cats Outside?
Our page of house cat care tips wouldn't be complete without this section. This is one of those subjects with two camps. Those who firmly believe that they must let their cats outside in order to be happy. Or to fulfill some instinct. Or to get exercise. Then there are those who keep them indoors only.

As your pet's owner, this is totally up to you. But the facts are in. Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. They are perfectly happy and fulfilled when kept inside. Most vets agree it's part of responsibly taking care of cats.

When making your decision, go with the recommendations of your vet and breeder. They are the experts, and really know what's best. You want your beloved pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible. 

Our page on keeping Maine Coon Cats indoors is the place to share your opinions, tips and tricks on the subject!

gray and white cat outside on a leash

It's possible for your pet to get all the exercise he'll need right in the house. Just play with him!

Some families find outdoor cat enclosures to be the best solution. They can provide a nice alternative. Some handy folks have even built their own outdoor cat enclosures!

Maine Coons can be trained to go outdoors on a leash! As long as you are always right there, it can be fun for both of you! For those who do let their cats outside, visit our page on cold weather tips as well.

The Shaved Maine Coon:

Many people wonder, is it ok to shave a Maine Coon?

A shaved Maine Coon usually refers to giving them a 'lion cut.' With all that fur of varying lengths, it's no wonder Maine Coon owners are curious about the lion cut.

Maine Coon Cat Care: Nutrition

dish of kibble

Finding the best cat food isn't as easy as it sounds. There is natural cat food, organic, holistic, even homemade cat food to choose from. But which is the best cat food? And what about all those mysterious ingredients? Here is what you need to know about cat food ingredients. 

Some of the most important house cat care tips are about their nutrition. After all, their health rides on it! As large cats, they can become overweight in middle age.

Your vet may recommend some weight management food.We all love a big Maine Coon cat, as long as he's at a healthy weight!

Maine Coons love water. Make sure there is always a supply of fresh water.

It should be the same quality of water that you drink. We have a well, and filter our drinking water. So the cats get filtered water, too.

Nutrition Pages:

Maine Coon Cat Care: Litter Boxes

Litter box care care is an important subject when taking care of cats! There are so many tips on the subject that we have a whole section about it.

You'll want at least one uncovered litter box per cat, maybe in more than one location in the home. And the clumping litter is the most popular.

Hooded vs. open, how many boxes, how often to clean? It's all here.

selection of natural kitty litters

There has been much debate lately about the health of clay cat litter. Many people are turning toward natural kitty litter now.

Learn about the different types of natural litter and why it is a healthy alternative to clay kitty litter.

Then read our experiences and final thoughts after trying out the different types of natural cat litter.

If you are interested in trying natural litter, but aren't sure what it's all about, we've added a comprehensive review of our experiences with Feline Pine, as well as an account of our time spent with World's Best Litter. Additionally, our readers have shared their reviews of World's Best.

Some of our top house cat care tips are about natural cat care. "Going natural" is as good for our pets as it is for us!

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