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Walking Cats On Leash

Leashes, Harnesses, Locators & Safety

What do you think about walking cats on leash? I think most of us have tried it, or at least considered it. It sounds like fun to walk a cat! Many cats actually really like it, so let's talk about how to walk a cat!

Here are our community questions and answers related to cat harnesses, leashes, locators, and cats outside. Just scroll down to read more about walking cats on leash:

  • "Pet Loc8tor - Do You Use It?"
  • "Can I walk my Maine Coon kitten?"
  • "Indoor Kitten Outside - Briefly ???"

gray tabby cat on a leashPepper going for a walk

Can I walk my Maine Coon kitten? - Walking cats on leash

by: Allison

I have a male rescue kitten of 10 months old, and he's getting huge! Because he's a rescue and was from an abandoned litter, they didn't know what type of cat he was.

He has all the traits of a Maine Coon and physical characteristics, so we're pretty sure he is one. He's about 3 1/2 feet long when fully stretched out, and he's already bigger than all of the full grown male cats on our street!

buster-on-leashBuster on Leash

I wanted to know if I could walk him on a leash around the neighborhood.

I've never seen any loose animals besides a cat hiding in the bushes from time to time, and there are usually a couple other people walking their dogs, but it's easy to avoid a run in with another animal.

He's getting too big to spend all his time indoors, and I don't want to put him in the backyard because a mommy cat and her 3 kittens are living back there until we can get them to a rescue center.

My kitten plays too rough with them because he doesn't realize how huge he is.

If I can walk him on leash, also, what kind of leash should I use? And for how long and how frequently? He really wants to get outside, but I can't just let him roam free. I don't want him to get hit by a car or get lost.


Hi Allison,

You've made a good, responsible decision to keep your boy indoors! I'm sure he wants to go outside. Our cats still try to make a break for it from time to time, but nothing like when they were younger.

A few of our Maine Coon Cat Nation friends have posted about enjoying walking their cat on leash. I walked Alice and Leo when they were young, just in the yard, though I didn't take pictures at the time. They style I used was actually made for rabbits. It was flexible and designed so they couldn't wriggle their front legs out. I think an adult Maine Coon would be too large for this, though.

There are a couple of nice kitty harnesses made just for cats available through Amazon for walking cats on leash. I've had success ordering pet supplies through them. Here is one you might like to check out:

Come With Me Kitty Harness. It has well over 7 thousand reviews in the large size ;)

As for his needing to go out because of his size and the fact that he's begging, you certainly can, and he'll love it, but it's not essential. There are huge Maine Coon cats stay indoors all the time and live full happy lives, too.

Hope this helps! Maybe some others will chime in with their walking cats on leash experiences, too!

All The Best,


Leash training
by: Sharon

Hi Alison,

We started leash training all three of our boys shortly after they came home from the breeder and the process was seamless, they all took to it right away. 

brown tabby cat outside on a leash in the snowMulder on his harness

We simply started by putting the harness on for a few minutes each day so they could get used to it.

Once they were used to it then we tried the leash. It might take a little longer for your 10 month old, but be patient.

We walk our boys around the yard and have taught them their boundaries beyond which thy are not allowed to go.

This has helped when they occasionally bolt out the door. They run to the boundary and stop. We travel with them on vacation sometimes and being leash trained helps a lot.

This way they can get outside when there is a safe place to do so.

We use Lupine brand harnesses with great success.

Good luck, and post a picture when you get the chance!

by: Sharon
The cat Lupine Harnesses are too small for most coons. We use the one for small dogs.

Can I walk my Maine Coon kitten?
by: Kim
I would never walk a cat on a leash. First off, what seems a short distance to you, due to your long legs and metabolism, is an extremely long and enduring walk to a cat.

Also, cats probably do not enjoy being forced to walk long distances. Lastly, if your cat is sick, even if it doesn't show it, this can be an agonizing stress on your cat.

by: Allison
Yes, this all really has helped a lot! And I would never take my kitten for a walk if he didn't want to go!

He just really wants to be outside, but it can be dangerous. He runs so much faster than me, so I don't want to have to be chasing him around the block.

But, thank you all, very much, for this great information!

Pet Loc8tor - Do You Use It?

diva mollyDiva Molly

Hi Carrie and MC devoted slaves,

Having read about Molly's (S.Africa) Pet Loc8tor,

I'm curious if anyone in England/UK allows their MC (with loc8tor) freedom? And, how it worked, if it had to?

Glad to hear the gadget has been updated. Has anyone in my area bought one recently?

JUDY, South England

Indoor Kitten Outside - Briefly ???

We have a 18 week old silver tabby male Maine Coon called Buddy and wonder if letting him outside briefly - on a harness and lead would be a good thing? We want to enrich his life, not put his health in danger. We will remain in our house most of the time. In the summer we want to design and build an enclosure, sooooooooo until then ????

Has anyone designed and built their own? What are the pitfalls? I wish ANY one of the cat mags would feature them.

We have a bird feeders in the front & back garden about 35 feet from our windows. A fox used to wander in but haven't seen much evidence lately. A semi feral cat wanders through, plus a young deer sometimes(the type with white spots). Incidentally, Buddy has had his vaccinations etc.

He's rambunctious, very bold, greedy and persistent. While waiting at the vets - for his 2nd vaccination, a pitbull was sniffed in his direction. What did Buddy do? He stood up and pawed the grill and sniff in the dog's direction :) lol.

Has anyone tips on persuading him from scratching the doors? New paintwork has gone for a burton :(

It is wonderful to be able to contact like minded m.c. people.

Best wishes


Hi Judy,
I think it is fine to try Buddy on a leash! Many Maine Coon owners enjoy walking their cat on leash, and the best time to start is when they are young.

parker on leashParker enjoying his yard

Just be prepared for him to love it so much he makes a break for it every time you open the back door!

Our cats have all but forgotten about going out. Alice sometimes tries to sneak over if it's left open, but that's it.

In the dead of winter, we let them on the back deck in the snow (it's covered)!

They sniff around, don't like to get their paws wet, and come back to the warmth of the hearth pretty soon! I think it's good for them, though!

As for the enclosures, there are a couple of companies out there. They can be expensive. Making your own is a great idea!

By the way, you also have a few comments about walking cats on leash over on our Facebook page.

Best Wishes,

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