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When I first met my Maine Coon kittens, it was love at first sight! They were even more beautiful than I could have imagined!

The Maine Coon Magazine
The Maine Coon Magazine

Of course, there was a lot of planning, prepping and a little new fur-baby anxiety, too.

From taking care of kittens, kitten names, to what to expect, it's all here!

What about Kitten Safety? Do you have your printable kitten safety checklist yet, with all the potential dangers and hazards?

two beautiful maine coon kittens sleeping togetherAlice and Leo, my gorgeous Maine Coon kittens, snuggled up sleeping together

This section is dedicated to those adorable Maine Coon kittens. It's a classic story. You walk in. You lock eyes with that tiny fur ball. You have a new friend for life! Who can resist? They are, after all, incredibly cute kittens!

There are a few topics specific to kittens. If you're considering or planning on getting one, read on.

Your New Maine Coon Kitten - What To Expect

fluffy silver with white maine coon kitten

Whether you have a brand new kitten or you are considering getting one, you are likely full of questions.

What is a Coon kitten like? What do they eat? What about vet visits, and will he get along with the dog? This page is all about answering those new pet parent concerns.

ten cute brown maine coon kittens in a rowCute Maine Coon Kittens in a Row

Cool Names For Kittens

This extensive section is loaded with names, tips, and naming ideas. If you haven't named your fur-baby yet, you'll find inspiration here:

Check out our fun naming pages:

  • Unique Kitten Names - Lots of names here, in categories such as nature, mythology, culture & more

adorable cream maine coon kitten sleeping soundly

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Ready To Adopt A Maine Coon?

small child holding ginger maine coon kitten

Is your family ready for a kitten? Is the right cat breed for you? Young kittens are very delicate; their bones are still growing.

Kittens are born with all the bones they will ever have. The bones grow from the ends, to add length. They remain soft until about one year of age. This is where the growth plates are located.

So, my first thought before getting Maine Coon kittens was, who is already at home? If you have children, or a feisty dog, you'll need to be extra vigilant to keep him safe. This is an important consideration.

small red maine coon kitten playing

Our daughter was just two years old when we brought our Maine Coon kittens home. She was a very gentle child though, and I knew she was ready.

In addition, we had a Sheltie at that time. She was almost sixteen years old, and her favorite pass-time was napping!

In fact, those kittens had a ball disrupting her naps by batting her ears and jumping back to see her reaction. It was a hoot!

The Cost Of Maine Coon Kittens:

How much will it cost? This is a big factor for most of us. It's important to consider the variety of expenses involved in raising a kitten. Here's a brief run-down:

  • Initial purchase price. This could vary due to your region. Also, some breeders have a "pet quality" price and a "show quality" price. They may offer a slight reduction if you get more than one. 
  • If your kitten has to be shipped, you'll pay for that as well. If the cost of a kitten from a breeder is prohibitive, you can adopt or rescue a kitten in need. There are so many homeless animals; they may not be purebred Maine Coon Kittens, but they are just as wonderful.
  • Stocking your house with supplies. You'll need to get a few things from your local pet store. A link to our printable list is a little further down on this page.
  • Flea and Tick medication. This is important. Even if your kitten is indoors, one of these pests can enter the house on a dog, or person, and quickly multiply. Dealing with fleas on cats is a real hassle. It's really worth the cost to keep them away.
  • Food. You'll be buying this regularly so add it to the monthly budget. If you have more than one cat, it can add up. This is especially true for a big Maine Coon Cat!
  • Pet Health Insurance? This is gaining popularity. You may want to price it out.

Health Costs:

brown classic tabby maine coon kitten
  • The spaying or neutering. Most breeders will ask you to agree to this.
  • Early vet visits. Your kitten will have more trips in the beginning for vaccines and boosters, just like in human children. Contact your vet for a sample schedule or estimate.
  • Yearly vet costs. There will be an annual checkup. Although Maine Coons are generally healthy, things can come up. As an example, one of our Coons had to have dental work at a young age.

Taking Care of Kittens, What To Expect

Taking care of Maine Coon kittens requires love, and a trip to the pet store! Make sure to go shopping for your kitten before you bring her home. I was surprised at how much stuff such a tiny creature needed.

There are a few basic "must haves" you'll need, and don't forget the fun "extras"! Print this list and bring it to the store with you!

four colorful maine coon kittens on a couch

First Days With Your New Kitten:

Introducing a New Kitten

fluffy ginger kitten

Do you have other pets? Maybe you are concerned about the introductions? How will you handle those first few days?

When adding a new member to the family, a little planning will go a long way. Read this section about introducing a new kitten.

Maine Coon kittens make great family pets, and great entertainment! Before you know it your new friend will be pouncing and leaping all over the place.

Your home will never be the same, and that will be just perfect!

Kitten Safety

cream colored kitten in the grass

The big day has arrived! Your kitten is finally old enough to come home! Are you ready? Have you kitten-proofed your home?

It's amazing how much trouble a small kitten can get into! Print this incredibly helpful page: Safety checklist for Maine Coon Kittens

Top of Maine Coon Kittens

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