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How Much Kittens Cost in 2024

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What is the current Maine Coon Cat price range? With their large size and outstanding personalities, it's no wonder these dogs of the cat world often come with a hefty price, as is the case with all purebred cats and dogs.

They are a very popular breed!

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handsome brown tabby maine coon cat

There are actually two sides to the question of Maine Coon cat price. The first is, of course, what is the actual average price?

Most folks know a Maine Coon kitten will cost a lot of money, but the first step is to know what that means before going further.

The second is: Why are they such expensive cats? What do you get for your money?

two maine coon kittensAlice and Leo as kittens

"How much does a Maine Coon kitten cost?"

I will share with you that back in 2004, in the state of Maine where I live, my two purebred Maine Coon kittens came as a pair for $1,200 from a local respected breeder.

And, that was a good deal at the time. I got a little discount for keeping Leo (a true gentle giant) and Alice (a stunning black smoke) together. They were a housewarming gift from my mom.

Nowadays, in the United States, I would expect to pay that amount (or even substantially more – maybe even twice as much), for one kitten!

Most reputable breeders do not post prices on their websites, so it can be hard to research Maine Coon cat price and come up with a solid answer. Kittens are not a commodity to them.

Any seeming Maine Coon cat breeder who posts on social media or on websites as having “affordable Maine Coon kittens” who are “ready for rehoming” or “ready to ship” and offering prices close to what I paid 18 years ago should be avoided. They are almost certainly kitten scammers.

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red tabby maine coon cat

Currently, I would expect to pay between $1,200 - $2,500 for a purebred Maine Coon kitten from an ethical, responsible, good breeder. I would also expect to be placed on a waiting list.

The wide price range reflects differences in locations around the world, and in kittens.

There are rare colors, polydactyl kitties, and there are times a kitten may be marked for showing or breeding.

Those kittens may be more costly, and their breeder will be very selective with their placement.

"Are Purebred Maine Coon Cats Good Pets?"

According to The International Cat Association, this is the third most popular breed! It's no surprise – these domestic cats are truly gentle giants.

As the largest domestic cat breed, with their shaggy coat, large size, stunning good looks, and absolutely amazing temperament, these big cats are anything but average!

They make perfect family members to cat lovers worldwide who swear that they are the best cat.

What Goes Into The Maine Coon Cat Price?

beautiful silver patch maine coon cat

Quite a lot, as you may already know! Breeding is done out of love and passion for the cats and the breed. Their cats are family members.

Ethical, reputable breeders devote a lot of time, money and resources to their passion. They are not in it for profit.

Professional breeders do a lot to ensure the health of their kittens, and they work hard to preserve and further the breed.

Some of the costs include traveling to cat shows, registering cats with the cat associations, (TICA, mentioned above, and The Cat Fanciers' Association), veterinary costs, genetic testing, and of course the costs involved in providing a good home with all the comforts, toys, space, and attention a beloved cat needs.

collage of maine coon cats

"Why are Maine Coons So Expensive?"

When a Maine Coon breeder has available kittens, a lot has already gone into the process, and into factoring the Maine Coon cat price. Most likely the kittens have already been "spoken for" by families who were on a waiting list.

stunning brown tabby maine coon catBen Cartwright has been in many cat shows

Health Screenings:

Healthy cats are of paramount importance, and the breeder will have had their cats tested for health problems like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), polycystic kidney disease (PKD), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and hip dysplasia (HD).

These genetic disorders can be tested for through DNA testing and also echo screenings.

As you can imagine, it's expensive to do both, and it doesn't guarantee a cat will never develop these health issues, but it's what goes into breeding healthy cats that come with health guarantees (or a health certificate).

silver maine coon kitten

Veterinary Costs:
The kittens and cats of the cattery have all had complete veterinary care. This includes extra care for mama cat, both when she was pregnant and after, as well as check-ups for the kittens.

The kittens will have had their first vaccinations, de-worming, and may have also been spayed/neutered.

Additional costs:
These might include stud costs, as well as the care mentioned above. Food, litter, toys, human companionship, and clean spacious quarters for the cats at the cattery are just a few things that come to mind.

Also, a professional breeder must be attentive, present, and on hand during the time before, during and after kittens are born. This means someone has to be home (and not away at work)!

Gone are the days when the words Maine Coon referred to a farm cat, perhaps a somewhat wild cat, suited for cold climates in New England!

Resembling the Norwegian Forest Cat, some think they are related.

Others may have heard the story of cats coming to North America on Marie Antoinette's ship prior to her capture and being set free, breeding with the local feline population.

However they got here, one thing is certain – now, they are purebred cats who enjoy living their best lives with their human family!

"Is it Expensive to Have a Maine Coon Cat?"

The Maine Coon cat price can be prohibitive for some families.

If buying a kitten from a breeder is too costly right now, consider alternatives such as Maine Coon adoption through a rescue group or shelter.

pretty brown and white kittyCatty LaBelle is a Rescue Kitty

You may find a mix, an adult Coonie who had been surrendered, or as I liked to call my cat Clyde, an "honorary Maine Coon."

Another cost-effective alternative is finding an adult Maine Coon who either needs to be re-homed due to circumstances, or an adult from a breeder who is ready to retire from cat shows or breeding.

No matter how you come about your cat, or how much the Maine Coon cat price ends up being for you, all Coonie lovers agree – they provide priceless love and are totally worth the cost!

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Are you looking for a new fur-friend? Get your free copy of our E-Book- Identifying and Avoiding Scammers:

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Are you looking for a new fur-friend? Get your free copy of our E-Book- Identifying and Avoiding Scammers:

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