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Maine Coon Cat Colors

"A Rainbow of Colors Are Possible..."

three young colorful maine coon cats

The variety of Maine Coon Cat Colors is amazing. Most of us have admired a Classic Brown Tabby.

Since they are a natural breed, a rainbow of beautiful colors are possible. The variety is really amazing.

black and white maine coon cat

Here is a comprehensive look at all those beautiful Maine Coon colors.

First, what you won't find. Maine Coon cats are not bred to be lavender, chocolate, or to have pointed tips, like the Siamese.

What you will find is everything else, from Solid to Tabby, Black to White, and everything in between.

A Maine Coon can have gold, green, or bronze eyes. White Coons might have blue eyes, or odd colored eyes!

Maine Coon cat colors are even complimented by their leather. This is their nose and paw pads. So darker cats such as brown, black, or blue will have leather from brown to black.

A light or red colored Maine Coon will have leather in shades of rose or pink, all the way to brick red.

Let's get it started!

black smoke colored maine coon kitten

The Solids

These are fairly straightforward, such as pure White, Black, and Cream. Also there is Blue, sometimes called Maltese. It is an even shade of blue-gray. In addition, there are Solid Reds. All these cat colors will be uniform, with no variation or hint of Tabby markings.

pretty torbie colored maine coon cat

A Solid Black Maine Coon Cat should have no hint of rust. That is sometimes difficult because black cats commonly have a gene that causes their black fur to take on a rust tint after being exposed to sunlight.

We see that with our Alice, even though the only sun she gets is in the windowsills.

Before heading out to a cat show, a breeder will sometimes use a special shampoo on their black cat in order to get that pure black color shining again.

blue silver colored maine coon cat

The Smokes

A Smoke is a solid cat with a "faded" or lighter undercoat. They are very pretty. The cat will look like a Solid, but when you ruffle the fur of the undercoat, it will be much lighter. Some are more pronounced than others, even having a smoky look to their chest as well.

classic brown tabby maine coon cat color

The Tabbies

These are perhaps the most well-known of the Maine Coon cat colors. The Tabby markings can come in two different patterns. A Mackerel Tabby has stripes running down his body, with a connecting stripe down his back. A Classic Tabby has stripes on his legs, face and tail. His body has a random swirl pattern.

classic red colored maine coon cat

The Red Maine Coon Cat

The Tabbies come in every color. The name of their color is determined by the color of their stripes, as well as the color of the undercoat.

A good example of this is the Red Maine Coon cat. A Classic Red Tabby has an undercoat color of Red with markings in a darker Red. A Red Silver Classic Tabby has an undercoat of Cream, with markings in Red.

These cat are so vibrant and charming, we have a whole page devoted to them: The Red Maine Coon Cat.

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

colorful torbie maine coon cat

Torties, Torbies, and The Rest

A Tortie is short for Tortoiseshell. This cat has a base color of Black, with patches of Red and Cream. A Torbie is similar to a Tortie, but it has stripes of color instead of patches. Our list wouldn't be complete without mention of a Black and White Maine Coon Cat. They are beautiful.

classic red colored maine coon kittens; one with white

With White

When one of these colors has a White chest and paws the term "With White" is added to their color. So, for example a Silver Tabby with white would be just that: Classic Silver Tabby With White. This is also called "parti-color".

So, now that you know all the Maine Coon cat colors, what would your favorite be? They are all so gorgeous, it's an impossible choice!

stunning female tortoiseshell maine coon cat


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