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All About The Maine Coon Personality

"Do They Make Good Family Pets?"

If you are just getting to know this awesome breed, you'll want to get to know the amazing Maine Coon personality!

PG has Catonality

The character traits of this cat breed are outstanding. These friendly, affectionate, loving, goofy animals have a disposition that totally belies their formidable size. These pets are big in size and huge in character!

There are actually myths and tall tales regarding the temperament and traits of this breed. You'll want to also take a look at our Characteristics and Tall Tales page where we debunk these urban legends!

The gentle Maine Coon personality sets them apart from the crowd. It is the reason they have so many loyal fans.

They claim a special place in your heart, and there's no turning back! Here's a closer look into that awesome temperament.

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

adult maine coon cat with maine coon kitten

"Are they Friendly?"

These are very social family members! This is a pet who prefers to be in the company of his family, much like a dog! Sometimes they seem like pack animals.

You can count on him to be there to greet you every morning, and every time you get home. And yes, they come when called!

When company arrives, he'll be right there to greet the guests. They will be surprised to meet such a friendly cat!

Vic & Bob showing the Maine Coon Personality

And when you get home at the end of the day, he'll greet you with wonderful chirps. You'll know he is really glad to see you.

They are very vocal, they make wonderful sounds. There's nothing like the sound of your beloved friend purring away.

There's no doubt about it, they have huge character!

Some phrases that come to mind are goofy, playful, loyal, intelligent, patient, loving, and so many more!

When one of these kitties are in the house, you know it!

cute maine coon kitten playing

cute maine coon kitten playing

"Are They Affectionate?"

girl holding black maine coon cat

Some people love a "lap cat", and others prefer their pet to be near, but not on them. There are variations, of course, but the Maine Coon personality is very loving. In general it's safe to say they definitely like laps! Given the choice, they'll always go for a nice snuggle.

Most owners will say this is the most affectionate kitty they have ever had!

These cats won't turn away anyone's affection, either. They'll take their attention anywhere they can get it. Adults, young children, even other pets!

So remember to make time for your fur-friend! This super affectionate cat needs that special time every day.

little girl snuggling two maine coon cats

little girl snuggling two maine coon cats

"Would This Breed Make A Good Family Pet?"

boy holding big maine coon cat

What makes this breed great family pets? They are very laid-back. The Maine Coon personality makes them good for singles, apartment dwellers, or big, busy families. They are incredibly patient with young children. Many will endure a lot of attention from kids, more than their share.

Provided there is adult supervision, this is a wonderful opportunity. Children learn how to treat an animal lovingly, and in turn they develop a special relationship!

This calm and patient Maine Coon personality makes them well suited for just about any family. They do quite well with dogs, too. They adapt easily, especially when the dog is well-trained and the introduction is handled with care.

All in all, these loving, patient, intelligent cats make a wonderful family addition. And their magnificent personality makes them unforgettable!

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