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You'll want to know all about the amazing Maine Coon personality traits if you are just getting to know this awesome breed!

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The character and personality traits of Maine Coon cats are outstanding.

Maine Coon PersonalityMaine Coon Personality Traits
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These friendly, affectionate, loving, goofy animals have a disposition that totally belies their formidable, large size.

Maine Coon Cats may be the largest domestic cat breed, but they are also huge in character!

It may be their beautiful temperament that keeps them consistently one of the most popular breeds of cat in the United States. It's one of the best things about them.

There are actually myths and tall tales regarding the temperament and traits of these gentle giants.

The gentle Maine Coon personality traits set them apart from the crowd. It is the reason they have so many loyal fans for life.

These intelligent pets claim a special place in your heart, and there's no turning back! Here's a closer look into that awesome Maine Coon temperament.

So Much To Learn About The Maine Coon Personality:

The Maine Coon Temperament

happy affectionate cat cuddling

Maine Coons make wonderful companions, known for being great with kids, dogs, and other cats. A Maine Coon kitten arrives in their new home as a confident, friendly explorer, quickly integrating into the family.

Expect your Maine Coon to greet you at the door when you arrive home, chirp or trill in conversation, play in their water dish (or even the shower!), follow you from room to room, and "help" you as you go about your household tasks.

These charming cats often sprawl out in the middle of your path with their soft belly exposed, showing off their endearing nature!

Maine Coon Cat Sounds:

maine coon meowing

These friendly cats are very vocal, and they make many wonderful cat sounds. These cats boast a wide array of vocalizations.

From the familiar meowing and soothing purring to the more intense growling and hissing, they use many sounds to communicate with us.

And of course, they're famous for chattering, trilling and chirping! They often walk about the house meowing, yowling, and more. There is so much to talk about!

Do Coonies Like Water?

maine coon playing in water dish

Many Coonies love to play in the water! Why do they splash around in it, and put their toys in their water dish?

Some cats are surprisingly fond of water play! If your cat is one of them, consider placing their water dish inside a larger bin. This setup allows your feline friend to jump in and splash around to their heart's content.

Have you ever found a favorite cat toy in your cat's water dish? In the wild, cats save their "catch" for later by burying it in a secure spot.

We have a fun testimonial page where our readers share their stories about how Maine Coons and water go hand in hand.

And what is it about cats in sinks? Whether it's to play in the water, or just to use the sink as a bed, our community shares their experiences.

Sometimes, they like water play a little too much, and it becomes messy! On this water-themed Q & A page, we delve into some of these issues with owners of water-obsessed Coonies.

In your home, your cat’s food and water dishes serve as their designated safe places for storing prized possessions!

Do Maine Coon Cats Purr?

cute happy purring kitten

Yes! And of course there's nothing like the sound of your beloved friend purring away.

Purring is a significant aspect of their communication, often indicating happiness and contentment.

Cats purr to express comfort, bond with humans and other cats, and even self-soothe when stressed or in pain. Mother cats also purr to comfort their kittens.

How Do They Get Along With Other Cats?

two maine coons sleeping and cuddling

With the right approach and knowledge, you can create a happy and thriving home for all your feline friends.

Maine Coons are a friendly and easy-going breed, typically getting along well with other cats.

In this community Q & A page, we discuss tips and experiences on cat compatibility.

Are Maine Coons Aggressive?

big red maine coon with rough features

Are Maine Coon cats mean? Have you ever heard someone describe them as wild, aloof, grumpy, or mean?

Let’s set the record straight about aggression and breed temperament. Let's debunk the arrogance myth!

The large, rugged appearance of Maine Coons can lead newcomers to this breed wonder if they have a rough-and-tumble temperament to match their looks.

Lap Cats!

fluffy tabby cat laying on a lap

Are Maine Coons Physically Affectionate? 

Oh yes, the Maine Coon temperament is very affectionate. Some people love a "lap cat", and others prefer their pet to be near, but not on them.

There are variations, of course, but a Maine Coon is very loving.

Do Maine Coons like to cuddle? Many Coonies are definitely laps cats! Given the choice, even the ones that aren't lap cats will always go in for a nice snuggle in their own way.

Most cat owners will say this is the most affectionate kitty they have ever had!

Unique Maine Coon Cat Behavior

gray and white maine coon sitting with paws in air

From their outgoing personality to their clown-like antics, there's so much to love about these special cats!

Nothing about them is average or ordinary. Let's dive into the unique traits and qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

How would you describe them? Unique, funny, loyal, smart, boisterous, friendly... and that's just the beginning!

Maine Coon Personality Traits: Are They Friendly?

There's no doubt about it, they have huge character!

Some phrases that come to mind to describe a Maine Coon cat's nature are goofy, playful, loyal, intelligent, patient, loving, and so many more! They often have their own individual silly cat habits.

When one of these kitties are in the house, you know it! The character, charisma and personality of a Maine Coon Cat can't be beat.

Yes, these are very social, friendly family members! This is a pet who prefers to be in the company of his human family, much like a dog! Sometimes they seem like pack animals.

classic tabby maine coon brothers cuddling in black and white photoVic and Bob having some cuddle time

According to Cat Fanciers' Association, the Maine Coon cat breed has "an essentially amiable disposition." [1] 

This means it's right in the breed description, they are friendly. Unsurprisingly, they can even make great therapy cats!

This affable cat will greet you every morning, and every time you get home. And yes, they come when called!

When company arrives, he'll be right there to greet the guests. They will be surprised to meet such a friendly cat!

In fact, with all of these these dog-like traits, it's no wonder these beauties are often called dogs of the cat world.

And when you get home at the end of the day, he'll run up and greet you with wonderful chirps.

You'll know he is really glad to see you.

Maine Coons have a curious nature and like to be involved in whatever their human family is doing.

Whether it's housekeeping, gift wrapping, or working from home, he will always be there to lend a helping hand.

young girl hugging her maine coon catSo much love between a girl and her beloved Maine Coon

These cats won't turn away anyone's affection, either. They'll take their attention and cuddles from everyone. Adults, young children, even other pets!

They are large in size, and large in love. No matter how rugged a big Coonie may look, they are all love. Their sweet, docile nature is a cornerstone of the Maine Coon personality traits.

So remember to make time for your fur-friend! This super affectionate cat needs that special time every day.

A Coonie will easily convert any self proclaimed dog person to becoming a Maine Coon cat person, as well.

Most people know that they are big cats. Upon looking at such a large cat, they may be surprised to see that most often, a Maine Coon is as docile as a cat could possibly be.

Maine Coon Personality Traits - Pet Owners Share:

The following stories really highlight and showcase what you can expect with the Maine Coon personality. You'll see a theme of friendliness, intelligence, charm and all-around lovability in these testimonials!

fluffy brown female maine coon kittenCalicoon Clair De Lune

Candace in Cookeville, TN shares her lovely Clair:

"She has tons of personality and charm and is always the life of the party! She loves playing with her older brother, Bodhi, my 12 year old Maine Coon boy...

She's always into something and loves "helping" me do anything from cooking to working on my laptop to taking a shower! She doesn't actually get in the shower, just patiently waits on the floor beside it until I get out.

She follows me everywhere! She and Bodhi will both sleep on the bed with me. If I get cold at night, I just throw on a Maine Coon!"

ginger boy coon catAlways close

Ted's Maine Coon Personality Traits:
Laura, in Surrey UK shares her friendly Maine Coon, Ted:

"He is my big friendly giant in the making.. My family and friends often refer to him as the cat that wants to be a dog as he does all the things their dogs do.

Run to say hello the second I walk through the door, sit and whine at the door when he wants some time outside, brings me his food bowl if he has yet again finished it all.

He is incredibly sociable and curls up with anyone on the sofa, but being my shadow where I go Ted goes.

To anyone considering adding a Maine Coon to their household I would say DO IT! It will be the best decision you ever make."

beautiful female cat

Brian from NY, NY shares:

"Stinky is the best cat. You hear that all the time, but she is special. Stinky single-handedly has converted cat-haters into believers.

She is smart, funny, impossibly cute, and the best friend and companion you could ever wish for... We love Stinky!"

cute playful ginger maine coon kittenPlayful ginger Maine Coon kitten

beautiful tabby with white maine coon catTristan
Photo credit:
Theresa Foucht

Tristan's Maine Coon Personality Traits:
Mathilda R in Durban, KwaZulu Natal shares Tristan, her "champion and best friend:"

"He is such a darling and being the only guy in a home with three generations of ladies, you can imagine how much he gets spoilt.

Tristan just loves meeting new people and traveling, he knows when his harness comes out that its time for a drive in the car, he doesn't mind where those wheels go as long as he can sit on my lap and snooze or watch traffic.”

tiny silver kitten on leashMr. Buster

Linda in Missouri shares Mr Buster: "He is the sweetest most laid back little guy you could imagine. He is funny and sweet and so loving.

Everything we had hoped. Our breeder spends a lot of time handling her kittens and plays with them. So he was completely socialized.

He and our 18 mo. old female MC Hazel chase each other all over the house and end up sleeping together. I can't imagine anything more fun than interacting with these darling animals."

brown and white coonie catChester

Susan in Longmont, CO shares Chester:

"Although not a cuddle cat, he always has to be near one of us. And TALK!

Oh my, Chester meows like you wouldn't believe when he wants something and chirps and trills every time you pass by him, even in the dark.

He adds so much life to our home, especially since we are empty nesters. It's amazing how quickly they get into your blood. We couldn't imagine life without him now."

"Would The Maine Coon Breed Make A Good Family Pet?” (you know we're going to say yes!)

little girl and her two maine coons all on couchThe Maine Coons are great family pets

What makes this breed great family pets? They are very laid-back.

The Maine Coon personality traits make them equally perfect choice for singles, apartment dwellers, or big, busy families.

They are incredibly patient with young children. Many will endure a lot of attention from kids, more than their share.

little boy holding giant heavy maine coon catMaine Coons are so patient!

Provided there is adult supervision, this is a wonderful opportunity.

Children learn how to treat an animal lovingly, and in turn they develop a special relationship!

This calm and patient Maine Coon disposition makes them well suited for just about any family.

They get along quite well with dogs, too. They adapt easily, especially when the dog is well-trained and the introduction is handled with care.

"How can I ensure I get a cat with these Maine Coon personality traits?"

The best way is to locate a reputable breeder to work with.

It's a good idea to ask questions about the breed, and get to know the adult cats at the cattery.

Your breeder works hard to make sure your new family member is healthy and also socialized at a young age – a very friendly cat indeed!

black van colored maine coon catLuigi

Royalty Luigi: Thilda Rademan in Durban, South Africa shares:

"My special "Velcro" boy. Luigi's a loving clingy Black Van MC that loves being around people. A true social butterfly"

Is a Maine Coon Kitten Friendly?

Absolutely! A Maine Coon Kitten is confident, curious, affectionate, cheeky, and everything you could want in a kitten.

They adjust to their new home easily, and quickly become a star family member.

ginger and white kittyAtticus

Heather in Ypsilanti, MI says of her Atticus: "We've never had a cat with so much personality.

Atticus, who is 8, thinks he's a dog. He has to be right in the middle of everyone’s business, constantly.

He insists on drinking water from our faucets - every single time we’re at a sink. He's very vocal, and loves to play."

"Is there a difference between male and female Maine Coon personality traits?"

If so, it is subtle and there are so many exceptions that we would be doing a disservice to them to describe them differently.

One cat owner may say that male personality traits seem more friendly, or goofy, or affectionate.

But another would be quick to note that their female counterparts are every bit as fun and funny and loving. That certainly was the case with my boy and girl!

More From our Community of Maine Coon Lovers:

brown tabby maine coons

Deborah in Perth, Australia says of 6yr old brothers Rex and Quinn:

"Extremely affectionate, follow us everywhere. .. They bring us so much joy."

beautiful ginger maine coonKarrot

Truly in Nevada shares that 1yr old Karrot, who is already 20lbs, "purrs non stop.

He follows me room to room... Every morning he jumps on our bed and sits on my chest to say good morning with his chirping and then lays there to get his pets and scratches under his chin and around his ears.

He is extremely lovable and loves our two golden retrievers (thats a whole other story). We love him and are so glad to have our Maine Coon Karrot."

These happy cats quickly turn their owners into Maine Coon fans for life. It's understandable that Coonie lovers all over the world are quick to say that this is absolutely the best cat.

All in all, this loving, patient, intelligent cat make a magnificent family pet. And the gentle Maine Coon disposition makes them unforgettable! It may just be the best thing about them.

silver maine coon catCentauri Blu

Denny in Jenison, MI shares his boy Centauri Blu:

"He is just a big baby boy, love his morning massage and treats, always greets us at the door. He is a fast learner.

He rolls over, does the high five, shakes hands, and comes when you whistle. He is just a great little friend."

maine coon kitten laying on pet bedTimmie

Becky Burciaga in Fair Oaks, CA says "Timmie is truly the epitome of the saying that a Maine Coons is a dog in a cat suit.

Not only is she so very out going, friendly and playful, fetch being just one of her favorite games, but she is a pro at the fist/paw bump and head to head butts.

She loves my grandsons, getting down and playing with them whether they are building with Legos or the Erector Set, or when playing video games on the iPad."

As a lifelong animal lover, I have had domestic cats my entire life, starting at around age 10. I have adored each and every one.

My domestic medium haired (DMH) ginger boy named Clyde was very Coonie-like in character and prompted me to learn about this breed - and eventually have so many loving years with our Leo and Alice.

Looking back, there is an ineffable quality to the Maine Coon personality traits.

They are in a league of their own, and something one must experience for themselves to fully understand. Special doesn't even begin to describe these outstanding, marvelous cats.

Top of Maine Coon Personality Traits

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Maine Coon Cat Breed Standard - The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc. (n.d.). Cat Fanciers’ Association. Retrieved February 18, 2022, from