Are Maine Coon Cats Lap Cats?

You Weighed In, Here Are The Results!

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All about lap cats! When you are first looking for a cat, you probably have an idea of what you want.

For many of us, we want a loving, affectionate cat! What about Maine Coon cats?

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We decided to hold a reader survey all about this! We'll reveal the results a little further down the page. First, a little background:

It seems every time I read about Maine Coon characteristics or personality somewhere, a certain quote is repeated:

"They are not, as a general rule, known as "lap cats" but as with any personality trait there are a few Maine Coons that prefer laps. Most Maine Coons will stay close by, probably occupying the chair next to yours instead. Maines will follow you from room to room and wait outside a closed door for you to emerge. A Maine Coon will be your companion, your buddy, your pal, but hardly ever your baby."

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This quote comes from and is credited to MCBFA in their references.

One thing is for certain, these intelligent and affectionate animals can't be confined to one specific mold!

It is copied and pasted onto so many articles and blogs in their "breed description"! This is not something we've done here. Instead, we're building a community of Maine Coon Lovers.

After a while, I got to thinking: Our two Maine Coons, Alice and Leo, are unbelievably affectionate. Alice is attached to me, will daintily curl up in my lap all day if I let her.

In fact, she does spend the majority of my workday on my lap! She's quite the lady.

Leo is nothing short of a big baby! We love him just the way he is, and we get such a kick out of him. This cat begins by looking you in the eye. Once he's made contact, he'll push your arms out of the way to reveal a nice lap.

Then he proceeds to knead, purr (so loud), drool, and he's in a state of sheer bliss. He'll do this for hours. Really, all day if you let him. He'll do it on adults, or small children!

So perhaps Leo is a bit extreme. But he can't be that unusual!

I wonder, did we train him to cuddle? We certainly love it. He came from a top-notch cattery, his grandfather was a champion show cat. (Supreme Grand National Champion in Canada, I think it was.)

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So he should be a very good specimen of a Maine Coon cat, personality and all. Is it nature or nurture? Time to find out with a Maine Coon Cat survey!

Are Maine Coons Lap Cats? The Results:

Drumroll, please!

We posed two questions. First was:

"Do you consider your Maine Coon to be a lap cat?"

34.8% of you said your cat likes to be near you but not on you.

Another 34.8% said sometimes yes, sometimes no.

And 30.4% responded "yes, a lap cat all the way!"

What a spread! The second question looked a little deeper. We asked:

"Is Your Maine Coon Very Affectionate?" This is right at the heart of it! Here's your response:

34.8% chose the answer, "He/she is selective as to who or when (s)he'll be affectionate with." This is not surprising. Maine Coons really do choose a favorite person to bond with, much like many dogs do.

A whopping 65.2% of you said "Yes, kneading, purring, and snuggling are the norm at our home!" These are definitely affectionate cats! So some are lap cats, some are not lap cats, but all are sweet and loving.

Absolutely no one chose the response of: "Not really. Our Maine Coon is independent."

We also asked if there was anything else you'd like to share about your Maine Coon, laps cats or not. Boy, did you ever! We've included some of your quotes below. They highlight just how adored these cats are!

So are Maine Coon Cats lap cats? Sometimes, but more importantly they are loving, affectionate, and full of personality. Thanks to all of you for sharing!

"My ancient Maine Coon is a mama's boy. He loves to be picked up and cuddled, but he's not a lap cat. He sits on the arm of the sofa, always nearby." ~Judy

"The best CAT, friend, loyal companion, dog in the cat body!!!"

"Very vocal when entering the room! Let's us know he is coming in!" ~Deborah

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