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Questions I may not be able to personally answer:

➤ Cat Questions:
If you have a question about your kitty's behavior, care, nutrition, health or grooming, please visit our Cat Questions section and drill down to your topic.

Chances are good that it has been asked and answered!

Some of the questions we are regularly asked include cat food brands, male/female differences, individual behaviors ("is this behavior normal for Coonies?") and even international shipping questions!

➤ Where to buy a kitten, find a breeder, rescue, help finding or placing a kitten in your local area:
This is a purely informational website, about the breed. For now, I don't have those connections, so to find a breeder near you I recommend our Breeder Directory.

➤ Questions about specific breeders:
I have not vetted most of the specific breeders, and I can't tell you if most of them are reputable.

The advice on our pages is to research them by checking references, visiting their website, contacting them, and getting to know them (perhaps visiting the cattery if they offer visits.)

➤ Where to submit Maine Coon Cat pictures:
Wondering where to submit pictures for our monthly photo album? Here it is: Upload your photo

➤ Problems uploading photos: Your photos likely need to be resized. Please see below: On resizing photos

➤ "Is my cat a Maine Coon?" Lastly - and this is the big one! Do you want me to tell you if your cat is a Maine Coon? You'll want to visit our pages on this subject, Maine Coon Traits and Maine Coon Mix, where you will find a place to submit your photos.

Please bear in mind that with the volume of these Maybe-Maine Coon entries, I now leave the commenting to our readers and community members.

PPS: About receiving a response: Many times, I respond via email but your email spam filter blocks me! So make sure to check your spam folder, or message me through FaceBook.

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I hope you are enjoying your visit and finding lots of useful information!

I'm Carrie, creator and editor here. This site has become a full time project, both in writing and maintaining it.

I absolutely love the process, and my sincere goal is to reach and help as many Maine Coon lovers as possible.

Answering visitor questions (which often inspires new articles!) and creating deep, complete cat-care articles is my passion.

My hope is that when a visitor lands on this site, they feel they have found a place where all of their Maine Coon questions are addressed. A place chock full of breed specific information, cat care advice, and a place where they can share their beloved cats with others.

Do you know others who would enjoy the information here? It only takes a few minutes to share!

That way even more cat lovers can find us and use our growing article base as a resource, and our community can continue to grow.

On Uploading Photos:

Hi Carrie, I'm trying to upload photos and I have used Picknik to resize each one under 1 mb.

It still won't take them I'm trying to upload 4 photos. What do I do?


Hi Susan,

Thanks for asking! I will soon be adding some photo editing guidelines to the submission page itself. This is a common problem. 1mb is still huge!

First, cropping. It makes a nicer picture if you can crop it before uploading.

Second, you'll want to resize it (this is not the same as compressing). When you are in Picnik, or Paint, Gimp, Corel there is a function called "resize" or sometimes "resample." It's usually found under the tab called "image."

A full resolution picture may have a width of over 3,000 pixels! You'll want to choose "save as" and give it a new name so you still have the high-quality original. Then resize the new picture to about 600 pixels in width. Save it, compressing just a little.

That should do it! If you still have trouble, contact me and we'll straighten it out!

All The Best,

2023 Update: Most of us are mobile now! Phones take high quality (huge) photos nowadays! You may need to make a copy of your photo and save it, lowering the resolution. If all else fails, send me an email and I can do it for you.

Important Disclaimer:

The information on this site is not intended to replace professional opinion or recommendation. Always ask a vet for advice about the medical condition or treatment of your pet.

Okay, that's enough business for now! If you have any comments or further questions, or just want to say hi and let me know about your Coonie(s), please feel free to contact me anytime! Have a great visit, and come back soon!

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