Maine Coon Kitten Scam

Identifying a Scammer: Red Flags

There is a Maine Coon kitten scam going around. At first, I didn't even recognize it! I had noticed recently that on our FaceBook page, we began getting an occasional comment with a link to a "pet service" where kittens are available.

gray and white maine coon kitten in hand

At first glance they look like a small hobby breeder. I thought, "how great people are finding and using the Maine Coon Cat Nation social community to connect!" Well, it seems I was a bit naive.

In the last week or so I've received emails from our MCCN community friends informing me of a Maine Coon kitten scam which is gaining traction right now.

It's not simply one perpetrator or one site that can be taken down, it's a Maine Coon kitten scam formula. And when they show up on a trusted site like ours in the form of an advertisement or comment, they have already snuck in. It can be like chasing one's tail to look for them and remove them when they crop up.

These kitten scam artists are definitely too close for comfort.

maine coon boutique banner.

Maine Coon Kitten Scam Red Flags vs. What to Expect

These are things that, when taken together, should prompt one to research further, and proceed with caution. Be wary of:

A pet service that has no real website, just a page on a free platform like FaceBook. It may be a new page. The one I'm looking at as an example is about 3 weeks old. This is because they get reported, shut down, then make a new one.

When viewing this page, there is no phone number or physical address, even no breeder name. Or, they may have multiple cheap websites. These will be missing the 'things to look for' we'll discuss later.

Whenever they are asked where they are located, or what their prices are, or who they are, they reply with "message us directly for more info." or "check inbox" or "pm for details." Nowhere on this page can you see that this is a cattery located in a specific location run by a particular person.

Something in their grammar or presentation isn't quite right. Here are some that I found: "pure Maine Coon kittens for rehoming" (the use of "rehoming" isn't right in this situation)
"we would be pleased to satisfy you and others." or
“inbox this page if you need a baby." - not professional.

It looks like they use the same paragraph, copied and pasted in all their posts. One place didn't capitalize or even properly spell Maine Coon.

Who runs the page? If you can't find an administrator that's a red flag. If you do, are they located in a part of the world where scams tend to originate? The user who commented on the MCCN Facebook post was from Cameroon, West Africa. Interestingly, I then learned that many Maine Coon kitten scams originate there.

There will be no visiting permitted, and no physical address. (in some cases they will actually use the address of an unsuspecting homeowner, so definitely double check it.)

These Maine Coon kitten scammers are eager to sell kittens. They apparently currently have a kitten for anyone who asks. A real breeder on the other hand, plans litters in advance, perhaps only a couple litters per year. They have a waiting list.

If you do find out a price, and you've compared prices, the kitten scam price is low. It's a really good deal in comparison.

A Kitten Scam Formula:

You see an ad, comment, or link on a site you know and trust, and are interested in an adorable kitten.

They will want to ship right away. This is because they want you to send the money right away while you're looking at an adorable picture, before you have time to dwell on the specifics that don't feel right.

They will want to use a payment method you don't normally use and provides no fraud protection for instant money transfer.

Once they have the money, there will be additional shipping and delivery company fees. Then, the kitten may get sick. There will be a cost for vet bills, insurance, or special shipping for the ill kitten. By the time you figure out it's a kitten scam, it may have cost over $600, or much more.

Real Maine Coon Breeders

What to Look For:
A real breeder will usually have a fleshed out website. They'll have an "about us" page that tells you how they got into breeding. They'll show their breeding girls and boys. You can see the lineage of kittens. You'll see their name and location.

The cattery will be registered with organizations such as TICA (The International Cat Association), CFA (Cat Fancier's Association). You can go on the TICA and CFA websites and cross-reference that the cattery is indeed registered there.

If there is only a FaceBook page for the cattery, they display something in their about section, even if they choose not to show their home address, or name. There will be something, such as a link to their website, email address, mention of their location, and what organizations they are registered with so you can do that all-important cross-reference.

There will be multiple ways to contact them.

This is another reason we recommend looking for a kitten locally. Even if they aren't allowing cattery visitors anymore due to covid, you can see that it's a real place, with real local people and local references.

A real breeder will usually only have a few litters per year. Their website and social medial will most likely be filled with photos of kittens that are already spoken for, and info about planned litters for the future. You can expect to join a waiting list. Finding a Maine Coon kitten requires waiting and patience!

On their FaceBook page, there will be posts from previous customers sharing comments and photos of their Coonies as they grow. You can click on these profiles and verify they are real people.

If a breeder does have a kitten available, they'll have photos of it from newborn to recent. They will be happy to send a video, or do a video call. A kitten scam, on the other hand, usually has one photo of a kitten between 6-12 weeks of age. They probably won't be able to send more of this kitten at various ages.

To sum up, when you're looking for a kitten, you're looking for a Maine Coon breeder. And when looking for a breeder, look for transparency. Their website tells you all about them. Their social media shows you all about them. All the information is there for anyone to see and double check. No direct message required to find out who or where they are.

At this point it's easy to say kitten scammers must be easy to spot. But the thing is, it's only easy if you already know about them. If you don't, and your guard isn't up, it's all too easy to assume you're being told the truth.

After following links in comments, visiting the destinations in ads, I see now that there are a lot of these kitten scammers. They have very attractive websites, too.

If I didn't know what to look for, I'd think these were real websites.

They talk about being a small home cattery, with kittens raised underfoot, with love, exposed to children and dogs, well-socialized.

They talk about European lines, health testing, being a closed cattery and what that means. They have a fake story of how they got started.

One even displayed the TICA and CFA logos proudly on their page, saying they were registered! They were not.

Another forgot to replace the cattery name in one spot when they copied the page.

Basically, these scammers have visited real websites and know how to present themselves.

Here are the Maine Coon kitten scam red flags on a website:

🐾 They will say they are a small home cattery in "North America" or "United States." - That's not enough. A real breeder tells you their state and town, or at least their region/county within the state.

🐾 They don't display their name - first and last, full name, so you can confirm their identity. Just "us" and "we" and "our family."

Summary - Kitten Scammers Will:

🐾 Be eager to ship you a kitten, create a sense of urgency.

🐾 Want to use a non-secure method of direct electronic payment. Maybe even money order or gift cards.

🐾 They will want to use text, direct message on social media, and email. Most of them will not be keen on voice calls.

🐾 Remember that there is no valid reason for a breeder not to have a video call if you request one.

Kitten Scam Warnings From Our Friends:

Karen shares:
"there's an ad with pictures of Maine Coon kittens for sale that appears on the beginning of your website, they look and sound legit, it is a scam. I got bitten for 650.00, because I thought they were associated with you, I now realize that they aren't, but please warn your readers."

maine coon boutique banner.

So let's work together to spread the word about this Maine Coon kitten scam.

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Dec 09, 2023
Maine Coon Scam
by: Anonymous

I was scammed by a "breeder" on facebook named Sandra Miles. She was the admin for a group to rehome and adopt Maine Coons. I zelle'd her $400 deposit.

Other names she may be going by is Mia Fredrick. Once the money had been sent, she blocked me. Please be aware!! Her address said Charleston, SC.

Dec 08, 2023
I was scammed $700, now won't buy 1 ever
by: CrazyAng

Scammed $700, could have been more. Will never buy a cat now. They broke my heart and will not try again. While reporting them to FBI and police, I ran across other sites that are fraud too.

Here is where I got scammed: I should have noticed some of the red flags, but missed them till they wanted MORE money from a fraud shipper. Their site was very noticeable that they were a scam.

Here are other sites that are scam ... Beware:

Dec 08, 2023
Reply to Andy
by: Dark Mark Coons

There is a list of breeders; you just have to look on the page and click the state your interested in

Dec 08, 2023
Help us!
by: Andy in BC

Perhaps MCCN could help with a list of actual breeders? I sincerely appreciate the tips for scams but a list of registered catteries on North America would be amazing. Even a list of scams named on here. This is such a great site!

Nov 30, 2023
by: Anonymous

Everything described in this article describes the transaction that almost took place today.

Thankfully my sister found information here that almost cost me money, heartache, and rage. They would only accept PayPal friends and family, Chime, or Cash App and specified NO CREDIT CARD so no fraud protection. They did not show up on any registered lists.

My last response to them said that this transaction mirrors what others are reporting after they had been scammed and they did not reply. Thanks so much for sharing this info.

Nov 29, 2023
Scam alert
by: Anonymous

So my fiance just tried to get a kitten and was talking through text with someone from a website he found.

He is so excited to get a kitten after one of our mainecoons tragically passed away from a blood clot this year at only 3 years old :(

Anywho, long story short, I figured out it was a scam. It was very hard to convince him. I showed him this site. And then I showed him the site he was going to get the kitten from and another very similar site. I told him to call them. Yup a scam!

No address on the website, another similar website, no phone number to call. This saved him from spending 900 on a fake cat.

Thank you so much for posting this! We got both of our cats (one is no longer) from a legit breeder in NH who is actually posted on this site. I've forwarded the link to your website to him in hopes he can find another kitten.

Nov 28, 2023
by: Anonymous

I've been communicating over the weekend via link on FB that when I started my search took me to multiple links that produced Maine Coon kittens.

They indicated they deliver them for an additional fee but could get (2) kittens to me the next day after going through a qualification.

They provided a photo of a TICA certificate used and provided to another purchaser. It reflected one name but when I asked about how to pay, they responded Zelle.

I'm now, after reading your above SCAM post, very apprehensive (as is my husband).

Nov 21, 2023
Love Zone Mainecoon Cattery
by: Anonymous

I searched their site to purchase a kitten. I had decided on a female. After many questions and answers I was doing a little bit more of a search and came across this page.

I had started to have my suspicions regarding Love Zone as they stat the home is a Christian family home. What Christian family home names a business Love Zone?

Following the steps list on Maine Coon Cat Nation I figured out the web site was fraud. I asked the contact for their business name, business license # and location.

After those questions all contact stopped. I was one of the lucky one and am not out any moneys.

Nov 21, 2023
Love Zone Mainecoon Cattery
by: Anonymous

I have been communication with this operation they say they are in Calgary Alberta.

Following your comments and asking some of my own questions I believe this is a scam. How do I report this and to whom would I report them?

Nov 20, 2023
Thank you!
by: Anonymous

I was on the Harlequin Haven Paws site. I was looking for Maine Coon kittens. They had many kittens in many colors as you warned about.

The pictures of the "kittens" had so many different backgrounds. I don't think I saw two that were the same.

The kittens were all listed as 13 weeks. I'm sure some were older. They were only asking $650. Thanks to your article, the red flags were glaring.

I appreciate the help you've given me and the service you're doing for others.

Nov 17, 2023
SM Gorgeous Mainecoon Cattery
by: Anonymous

YEP! They asked me yesterday for Walmart gift cards. Makes me so mad people do this stuff.

Nov 17, 2023
SM Gorgeous Maine Coon Cattery
by: Anonymous

They are on both Instsgram and Facebook. Another person also posted about them.

They are scammers. I also tried to send a deposit via multiple processes and they were declined. They finally asked me to go to Walmart to purchase Itunes gift cards in the amount of the deposit and send a screen shot with the receipt. Beware!!!!

Nov 16, 2023
SM Gorgeous Mainecoon Cattery
by: Nick

Anyone have experience with SM Gorgeous Mainecoon Cattery? Not sure if they are scamming me but we cant even pay them the scam money if they are.

We tried several times to make payment but it would always get declined or not go through. The breeder assured us it was Zelle and PayPal's fault but it isn't. They tried lots of different names, numbers and emails but the payment would always get declined.

Nov 09, 2023
by: Anonymous

This website seems too good to be true, but I was hoping you guys could confirm it :).

Nov 08, 2023
Do not buy from Fresh Home Paws Cattery or Happy Family Members
by: Anonymous

Do not buy from these sites!

Nov 07, 2023
Dreda Mainecoon Scam now Love Zone
by: Anonymous

I am looking for mainecoon kitten and came accross Love Zone Mainecoon Cattery. When I sent them an email they were very quick to respond and checked all the boxes when it came to asking about home life of the kitten as well as saying they are registered and come micro-chipped and with all health reports.

One thing I did that might help others as well is I saved the photos from their website (which was created 2023) and reverse searched the images.

Even though the Dreda website is down, the exact images still show as being posted on their website before. They also have a very large variety of colours and do not show the parents photos on the website.

Nov 02, 2023
Tip to discern scammers
by: Vivian

I have noticed that if a website lists several different colours and shades all available at once, that seems to be a great indicator.

Most breeders I've checked out have really specific colours available. The scammy ones have waaaay too much variety and seem to have very few that look alike.

Right now there is a site called love mainecooncattery that is my instincts twitching. The big give away? Why is that one kitten in a picture with Christmas decorations in it? Thought I'd share. Thanks for the article. Vivian

Oct 31, 2023
possible scam
by: Anonymous

We contacted Cuddly Maine coons in Dallas, TX to purchase a kitten from them & they would never call when we asked them to. It was just a bit suspicious to us.

They may be legit, but if you wanted too sell a cat, you could call & discuss with buyer.

Oct 29, 2023
by: Anonymous

I was looking to buy my wife a Maine Coon kitten for her birthday. She lost her last cat at 18 years old to cancer and is heartbroken. I contacted three of the breeders I found. had several kittens for sale at a fantastic price. $700 including many things. Everyone else was sold out and were way higher priced.

I had no idea these scams existed and was excited to get the kitten for my wife's birthday. We were going shopping and I was to get the kitten in two days so I showed her the cute kitten I was going to buy for her. She was so happy she was crying.

Then I got a text from one of the breeders I contacted. I informed her that I found one and thanked her for the reply. Thankfully she warned me. She said to please beware of scammers.

If the kitten was under $1000 it was for sure a scam. She stated that no quality breeder sold kittens for less than $2000.

I didn't believe her and continued until they wanted PayPal money sent friends and family. That offers no protection. After some research saved my $700.

Thank you Kyra at

Oct 19, 2023
DO NOT purchase from Gizmo Coon Cattery
by: Anonymous

Gizmo Coon Cattery ( Name of "owner" is Gianna Avery.

They look legit at first. They're claiming they're having this huge "Black Friday" sale: their cats are up to 70% off (some as low as $300 to $450) with a $250 shipping fee. She claims the cats are champion blood line and registered.

When I first chatted with them on their chat app, they first stated they were from Maryland. A day or so later I asked for location again and they said Wisconsin (same as listed on the site). That was my first red flag.

There is no information given for who the parent cats are. When I asked she sent me an email with photos that looked different from the quality photos posted of the kittens for sale.

When I asked if they are registered with TICA/CFA, she said they applied a few months ago but were not "approved yet".

So then I asked for a video chat several times- explained I wanted to meet them before making a purchase. Ignored my chats completely and would not respond.

Really thankful I found this article before purchasing. My husband and I would have lost money to them.

Oct 12, 2023
Fraud alert!
by: Anonymous

I came very close to being scammed… when the person got agressive about making a deposit very quickly via ApplePay (which has no recourse after fraud!!!), I searched around and found your website and these warnings.

When I then requested a video chat and more info, the "breeder" got very UGLY and insulting and went ghost. Scary! I almost fell for it. Plus I’m sad because we so want to adopt a Maine Coon!

Sep 29, 2023
Glad I found this page
by: Anonymous

I am looking to become a parent to a Maine Coon. To learn more, I began doing research on the breed.

I was just looking at the site (mentioned in the previous anonymous post) and got excited when I saw such a "reasonable price" for a kitten.

Since I don't know a whole lot about the Maine Coon cattery scene (in addition to hearing horror stories of all types of scams), I figured I needed to educate myself a bit more.

I happened upon this site and I'm so glad I did. Thanks to the administrator(s) of this site and the Maine Coon community for being so involved, ensuring that the parents (those experienced as well as first-time) have a place to share their common love: Maine Coon cats!

Sep 25, 2023
Feel Like A Fool
by: Anonymous

So the wife and I thought we were purchasing a Maine coon kitten through a reputable breeder ( $650 plus $150 for shipping was advertised which seemed like a good deal for this type of cat breed.

We fell in love with one of the available Kitten. After the money was sent & a bill of sale signed the kitten was to supposedly be shipped by air and handled by BRT Consegne.

I received a link along with a tracking number to track the shipment that seemed like everything was good to go and the kitten would be shipping out and delivered to us no problems.

The following day we are full of excitement looking forward to having a new furry little member to the family. Slowly things began turning into a seriously disappointing experience.

We received an email from the shipping agency saying we needed to rent an air conditioned crate for $1,500 but told was (98% refundable).

Of course being concerned for the kitten we agree to send the funds using cash app which should have thrown up a Red Flag but we were fools and again concerned for the health and comfort of the kitten.

A payment was quickly sent using cash app to BRT Consegne and quickly was told to cancel the payment and send it to $DutchesDavis89 this of course raised a Red Flag but was told by whomever I was emailing back & forth with at Megan Main Coon Home website this was normal and they ship Kittens out all the time with no issues.

So I ignored the Red Flag and sent the money for the crate to the DutchesDavis person.

Time goes on and we continue to check the BRT tracker with no update. Eventually it gets later in the day and an email from BRT Consegne telling me more money was needed for a USDA-APHIS certificate which was for, $2,200 but again was told this was now (99% refundable) this had to be paid before the kitten would be permitted to travel.

Again we are being told by MeganMaineCoon this was normal and would assure me that everything was fine. At this time we began to become very suspicious so asked for proof the kitten was with the shipping agency could have sent a picture of the Kitten in the crate waiting to fly but of emails went un answered.

When I finally did get a reply I was told "they could not provide any proof or a photo because the kitten was in quarantine? " I refused to pay anymore money, where I was then told the kitten was holding at their facility with charges accruing to me and a possible lawsuit.

I happen to be looking up pet scams where I discovered others on the BBB website that were talking about exactly what I was currently going through. I wish I would have seen these earlier before we gave and lost the money we did.

My only hope is that others happen across this website and see the many stories of people being scammed by these people.

Not only does it make you mad to lose money to these kinds of criminals but you get your heart set on the kittens only to have it broken because of petty thieves.

This is most definitely a scam and I am positive if I would have paid the $2200 for the certificate there would have been another email from BRT Consegne requesting more money for something else or they would have just went dark and no more contact with no kitten being delivered.

I have found several bogus websites that look to be run by the same people with the same pictures of available kittens just different names. I am sure there is more websites out there but please do not fall for the same scam I did.

Take your time & do your research. There is no way of telling if the people I was dealing with were in actually in North Carolina but this is supposedly where the business is based od the bogus Bill of Sale I have.

But there is a Megan/ Dezerhea Mcgee & someone that use DutchesDavis.

Sep 22, 2023
Well got half scammed
by: Anonymous

I feel so dumb but got scammed for the price of the kitten 😪, I finally caught on at the crate. Scammed was gjmaine ugh

Sep 15, 2023
uniquecoonzcattery scam ?
by: Anonymous

a friend of mine was communicating with this company and thought it was real. her friend asked me to do some research since I'm at-one with google.

Found someone that got scammed here ... also contacted a real breeder in Charlotte NC that has never heard of them

Sep 09, 2023
Mapon Mastry
by: Anonymous

She advertised as the admin of as a Maine Coon breeder. Wanted $600 for a kitten. Then you had to pay pay $1700 for a special carrier from the delivery service as hers wasn't airline appropriate for weather conditions. Supposedly, refundable. Lol

Sep 02, 2023
Heaven sent now Dreda Maine coons home
by: Anonymous

Wasn't sure if Heaven sent was legit. Ran across Dreda Mainecoons home cattery today as Heaven sent site no longer up.

This site has all the same kittens available and used same photos and names. Exact same info for each in the same font and layout.

Looks like they just cut and pasted. So beware the scam sites are shutting down and moving.

Aug 25, 2023
Linda M's Maine Coon for adoption
by: Anonymous

She told me that she lives in Miami. She sent me pics of two female Coon cats.

She sent me multiple messages on FB messenger asking $150 deposit by Zelle or PayPal to reserve the cat.

Total price for the cat was $480 including TICA certification. After I said to her that I don't send money by PayPal or Zelle she said that the cat was not guaranteed and I never heard from her again.

Aug 25, 2023
Scam Site to look for
by: Ted Endicott

Hello I wanted to post these links and names of a Scam Maine coon kitten site and an associated scam shipping company site. Both o these site have phone Numbers using real addresses out of Greenville Texas.

Maine Coon Cats
Charging $500 for kittens $250 for shipping

look out for this one and he associated shipping scam.
Easy Pet Voyage-- Piggy back off an legitimate company.
They contact you and say you need to make a $ 1500 dollars deposit for thermal shipping crate.

I know this to be a scam because I myself am a victim of this garbage. I am out $750 and caught on with the fake shipping company.

I am looking for a Maine Coon Kitten to purchase once I have recovered from this financial loss.

As a gulf war era disabled Vet I was truly looking forward to having a fur baby. Now knowing what to look for ill have to wait a year to purchase.

Good luck everyone


Ted E.

Aug 23, 2023
Heaven Sent Maine Coon Cattery - New York
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had any negative dealings with them. They seem legitimate but silI found pictures of a couple of their kittens on a different site. Figure photos could have been taken from their site. Thanks in advance for any information you have.

Aug 18, 2023
Scams on Facebook
by: Catherine

I wanted a Maine Coon kitten. Saw all the beautiful pictures of kittens. Decided to contact a few.

Finally decided on one I thought was legitimate. She sounded so sweet and trustworthy.

I sent $600 through Zelle. Then the delivery company got in touch with me and said they used a special carrier and it was $200 to rent. Sent that next there was insurance $100, sent that.

Got a message the car broke down and they needed money for the repair. We had a back and forth. I ended up reporting to the FBI ( waste of my time)

The local police told me there had to be an end to conversation before they could do anything so I said I was cancelling my order and wanted my money back. Nothing. I saw the persons name again and put on a post she scammed me.

Another one sounded genuine and I asked for the veterinarian name. When I contacted the veterinarian they said they never heard of the company.

There are so many scams on Facebook with Maine Coons you have to be very careful. A couple wouldn't give me the name of their veterinarian. Several of the pictures were stock images.

I would say NEVER buy a kitten on Facebook. Apparently Facebook doesn't monitor the scams.

Aug 13, 2023
by: Anonymous would not allow me to drop off a cash deposit in person so I could verify health and rearing conditions. My momma didn’t raise a fool!

Aug 05, 2023
A scammer got me too
by: Anonymous

I am beyond sick to my stomach. I was scammed two years ago. I thought I had learned my lesson. I guess not. I was taken again this morning. What is wrong with people.

I don’t think I will ever be able to trust someone again. I have screenshots and a couple names to watch for but I’m sure they change names.

After I wouldn’t send more money this morning, everything was gone. Facebook, messenger, everything. 38 year veteran, I should have known better. Be very careful.

Aug 05, 2023
A scammer got me
by: Nancy

Today i was supposed to meet Cynthia Miles at a location halfway between Dallas and San Antonio so i could get a black mal madina coon.

About 10 minutes from that location, i tried to contact her. She had removed herself from Facebook and i could not locate her using any method. I didn't try to China t her before leaving home bc i thought I'd wait until i was nearly there. I should have done that. I lost $500.

I communicated with her for a week on Facebook. Her profile had many photos of her, her cats and her family. At one point i did call her a scam.

She said she was a traveling nurse. So beware of a woman with BIG lips and dark hair on facebook who is selling MCs. She probably won't be using the name Cynthia Miles any more or saying she lives in Dallas. SHE IS A SCAM AND A VERY GOOD ONE!!!!

Jul 31, 2023
Here they are!
by: Anonymous

I got one one the line, sounds like the exact same one.
Who do I report them to?

Jul 28, 2023
Fluffy Main Coone scam
by: Anonymous

I found a scam from a place Called Fluffy Maine Coone kittens. Stating they would ship the cat via airplane and I would have to pick it up at airport for $745.00. Lol
So watch out for this place as well.

Jul 19, 2023
Cindy D Morgan
by: Anonymous

Cindy D Morgan scammed us for $1000.00 for a Maine Coon she called Oreo.

She was such a liar!!! Beware. She said she lived in Fort Wayne Indiana. I asked if we could ‘talk’ so she and her husband called us on messenger.

Beware - she’ll get you. She has since blocked me and my husband from her pages. We messaged Facebook. Shame on us for not googling her on here.

Jun 27, 2023
Linda’s Maine coon kittens for adoption
by: Audrey

Was on Facebook and this one popped up talked on line she gave an address in Pa but phone number is Texas anyone know if this is a scam?

Jun 25, 2023
by: Anonymous

I was thinking of purchasing a kitten from them. They wanted money transferred immediately. When I informed them my accounts are under credit watch, they deleted their email. There is also no phone number or address.

Do not do any business with this so called breeder.

Jun 23, 2023
Unique Maine Coonz Cattery
by: Anonymous

Felt a little skittish about this one from the start. However, when I asked to meet in public and pay cash, I was told I had to send a $200 deposit. No problem. However, the email given, name Julius Ebako, did not pop up. Instead, the name EbakoWillSmith. The website is from 2023. Be wary. Again, I offered to meet them in Charlotte, apparently where they are located, but they would not.

Jun 22, 2023
Pure Maine Coons
by: Sharon

To lady who asked about pure bred maine coon cattery:

It is a SCAM!!! Don't fall for it. I lost $600 and they refused a refund. Stated they needed money for deposit to hospital, cause their child got sick.

They said they lived in Fresno, and they had an Asian accent.

Jun 21, 2023
Hortons phenomenal mainecoon kittens.
by: Anonymous

SCAM! I lost around 1,600$ to them. They kept asking for different things in regards to the kitten such as paying for cleaning services, an electric crate, papers, and more. They said certain things would be the last payment and then kept adding more money on top of that. I lost so much in such a short period of time and and the need to fill a hole in my heart after losing a previous cat just got worse.

Jun 13, 2023
Purity furry cats chattery (home of Maine coon)
by: Anonymous

I saw this website online and wanted to know if they’re legit. I feel very uneasy after seeing past posts and how they have the same pictures of cats with the same name as another website so I wanted to double check that it’s scam. I hate how legit the website looks as well as when searching all photos, I couldn’t find them online as well as they sent me a video of the cat.

Jun 09, 2023
Maine Coons for Adoption Near Me
by: Anonymous

Had anyone purchased from Maine Coons for adoption near me? Specifically Lisa Thompson? I’ve seen a lot of positive comments on their Facebook page but want to know if they are legitimate?

Jun 05, 2023
exquisite main coons
by: Anonymous

TOTAL SCAM!!!!! I did not fall for it or send them any money. I was able to get "papers" on the kitten and it is just beyond bogus. the address of the "vet" is not legit. the date the "vet" examined the cat is 6 months in the FUTURE! DO NOT FALL FOR THESE JOKERS. i did report the site .

May 25, 2023
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if is legit? She says they’re out of New Jersey

May 18, 2023
More Scam Alerts to Share
by: Anonymous

I have a few scam sites/groups to share--they sound like iterations of many of the ones that have been described below, but threads like these are SO helpful for this exact reason. When scammers are caught, they'll often just reuse the same content under different names. Being able to share these keeps us safe!

Has literally some of the same prices, cat names, and descriptions as the site for Country Paws Maine Coons (, which has been mentioned already below. Also does not list a specific name or location, as this post warns scam sites will do.

SANDY LYNN CROWDS/SANDY LYNN CROSS, admin for a facebook group called Maine Coons in Need of New Homes
This group has also been mentioned before, but the individual has changed their FB profile name since. Almost got got by this one--exchanged several messages, caught on at the last minute. Descriptions of the behavior ("PM me for details!", requests for cash through Zelle or CashApp, etc.) fit this post's descriptions of scammer behavior to a T.

What tips me off on Facebook is looking at the individual's facebook "personalized profile link"--if the profile link doesn't look similar to the profile's displayed name, it's likely a scam. It's helped me spot SO many scammers trying to sell kittens!

Example: the personalized profile link for this "Sandy Lynn Crowds" person this morning was I just looked at it again, and she is now called SANDY LYNN CROSS and her personalized profile link is SCAM!

May 15, 2023
MB, MJ, Majestic Beautiful & Christopher Beasley
by: Anonymous

Has anyone heard of MB, MJ, Majestic Beautiful Main coons, & Christopher Beasley?

I saw the posts for a litter of kittens and there were three left. I’ve been messaging him through MB Maine coons. He says he’s in Virginia and the kitten I picked out is $1200 not including shipping.

I found the kitten posted on another site of a known scammer. It’s the exact same picture. I’ve also noticed that MB Maine, coons and MJ main coons Facebook pages look exactly the same. The kittens look different in the backgrounds look different, but if you compare the posts, it’s the same fonts and the same verbiage.

He sent me pictures of the parents information on his cattery says he’s registered with TICAA I did ask him to send me pictures of the kittens and he did and then I asked him to send me a picture of the side of the kitten and he sent that as well.

I he also emailed me a copy of the purchasing contract to fill out. love the look of this kitten but I’m hesitant and don’t want to throw away $1200 plus shipping for nonexistent cat. Does anyone know if this is a Valid cattery or somebody posing as him ?

Apr 30, 2023
Country Paws…likely scam
by: Anonymous

Country Paws. Husband found a couple of kittens for 550.00 each. Had some good statements, looked at the backgrounds on the pictures, they all made sense, tried to do reverse image lookup, wasn’t super successful. Sent them a couple of emails.

Explicitly stated not willing to fly and wanted to drive, finally was able to get a location from them but despite two emails and scouring the website, had zero idea of their name. They sent back a super sketchy copy/paste type email completely disregarding anything or statements I made.

At the end of it, I didn’t have warm fuzzy feelings for them and while I’m not 100% certain of a scam, it had all of the earmarks of the "I’m your long lost cousin from overseas and will give you 500,000 dollars in exchange for 100.00 in target gift cards" type format.

Apr 27, 2023
Maine Coon Heaven is a scam
by: Mad in Vegas

Stay away from Maine Coon Heaven, Maxi Coonies and the website

Their website has not changed for weeks so the ages of the kittens are incorrect.

I was minutes away from sending $650. The entire process got weird and felt wrong so I backed out.

Apr 20, 2023
Fluffy Maine Coon Kitten
by: Anonymous

Fluffy Maine Coon Kitten is a scam. My fiancé and I were looking at getting an 11 week old kitten. Once we paid they kept asking for more and more money.

Then they threatened legal action when we weren’t willing to pay. We have reported them to law enforcement as well.

Please do not trust their website! The kitten we were getting was listed as Mowgli and now the website has changed to list them as Arthur. Once again do not trust them!

Apr 19, 2023
Country Paw Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

Country Paw Maine Coon seems like a SCAM
IF they don't video chat with kitten
If they don't take PayPal
And the site looks like the mane coon cattery

Apr 19, 2023
Country paws Maine coon Cattery
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if they are legit? They are offering a kitten for 500 200 shipping and would like a direct payment to their bank account.

Apr 19, 2023
by: Anonymous

It is a scam big time

Apr 18, 2023
by: Anonymous

Has anyone heard of this site? They have a sense of urgency, want you to go through Zelle and no contact number. Seems like a SCAM to me.

Apr 12, 2023
Scam Kittens
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing, they said I would have the kitten shortly and I never received her. This is a big scam because now the web site is taken down. Be aware. It is a fake site.

Apr 11, 2023
MacMillan's Glorious Maine coon kittens scam
by: Stan Brown

I purchased a kitten from them 3 days ago. I sent the funds and they never shipped the kitten and they will not respond now.

I'm 62 years old and I had saved for awhile to get a kitten and then to get scammed.

It's sad that they use such a a beautiful kitten to steal your money. Look at my Facebook page and you can see the info thanks Stan Brown e

Apr 09, 2023
MJ-Maine Coon Cattery Scam
by: Anonymous

I got scammed yesterday by this cattery for $500.00. The name he goes by is Christopher Beasley.

His facebook page MJ- Maine Coon Cattery. Looks very legit he says all the right things. It wasn't until I drove to his "address" to pick up the kitten in Mass. that he started to text me demanding the remaining $1000.00.

Disappointed, I did not want to believe he was a scammer. Of course I did not send the money. Never, Never, give all monies until you see the real live kitten. My bank will cover the 500 I sent to this man for a hold on the kitten. I filed a police report.

I found another "breeder" in Richmond, VA. Her site is SM Georgeous Maine Coon Cattery. These two work together.

She says MJ-Maine Coon Cattery gave her two of his cats. Her site even talks about scammers and how deceitful they are. Here is what she says..."Hello here are some list of Scammers Avoid them and don’t fall into their silly games."

I was believing she was a mom new to this country, with 3 kids trying to make extra income. I felt bad for her because I was not going to buy a kitten from her.

She speaks so highly of the first cattery that scammed me..

Below are the two fictitious catteries:
MJ- Maine Coon Cattery
SM Georgeous Maine Coon Cattery

Mar 28, 2023
Don’t trust Tabitha’s kitten mansion
by: Anonymous

I never been scammed by her but I also never gave her the chance to. I went to her website and first thing I noticed is she don’t have any information about her and any of the cats.

Also there are no pictures or info about any previous kittens sold. All her kittens say available, it’s odd cuz you’d think there would be a waiting list and their would be kittens on hold like all the real breeders have.

I was interested in this Bengal kitten named Plato. I reached out to her and asked if she could send me a video of him. She replied back and said she sent me some more pics and some questions to my email.

We exchanged a few messages after that and I asked her again to send me a live video of Plato cuz I wanted to make sure this wasn’t a scam and she never replied back.. hmmm funny how that is!!

So yeah if you’re thinking about buying a kitten from her DONT!!! I wouldn’t trust her!!

Mar 25, 2023
Tabithas kitten mansion is a scam
by: Anonymous

Hello, I was looking into adopting a beautiful male Maine Coon from this Tabitha lady, I stopped talking to her for less than a day because I needed more time to make a decision.

When I texted her back she told me that Ray (the kitten) was payed in full by another buyer. I knew it was fishy and had my mother message about Ray asking if he was still available.

She told my mother he was, which means she straight up lied to me. Here are ways to identify scammers. IF THEY DO NOT VIDEO CALL, DO NOT BUY

If you pay with your debit/credit card, and you get scammed, your bank will be able to refund you. make sure to keep texts messages, emails paper trails to keep you and your money safe.

Mar 22, 2023
Macmillan’s glorious Maine coon kittens
by: Anonymous

The comment below is the same as this out of Portland and I didn’t have a good feeling and have asked questions that get glossed over or ignored completely… glad I was second guessing things…. Scam written all over!

Mar 11, 2023
Maine coon scam
by: Nicola

I got scammed by "House of Horton Phenomenal Maine Coon Cats" They seemed legitimate, out of Portland Oregon on SW Multnomah Blvd. I got a contract via email and I had a phone number which they never answered.

I figured it out when the "free" shipper started to ask for $1,500 because the weather in Portland was too bad for a regular crate which was going to be free.

I learned what I knew that if things sound too good to be true they usually are I am out $500 but my credit company is looking into it so have all email and correspondence for evidence.

Mar 08, 2023
Maine Coon kitten Scam
by: Anonymous

I lost 630.00USD to a group called Mainecoons for adoption
Group by Mark Jordan. I just want others to beware.

Mar 03, 2023
Please help!
by: AnonymousAJ

Has anyone heard of a person by the name of Beecher Jr O'Quinn or business called Pet Breeder based in Farmerville, NC?

Mar 02, 2023
BEWARE Golden Cats Cattery Home
by: Anonymous

After messaging back and forth for a week on the specifics of the adoption and cat itself, I received 2 videos that did not resemble the kitten "Dest" that was advertised.

They are not a registered group and became quite pushy. Our conversation ended in death threats and a police report!!!!

Mar 02, 2023
Maine Coons near me for Adoption
by: Anonymous

Site is run by "Holly G." A COMPLETE scam site.

Says she is out of Philly and is apparently new at scamming as so many mistakes and obvious errors on her part trying to scam me. Another Zelle ONLY user requiring a huge deposit to hold a cat for you.

Then she sent me someone else's Zelle account claiming hers was having issues and she had to go to the bank to fix it, LOL BEWARE !!!

When I called her out is various ways she blocked me.

Feb 28, 2023
Please report the fraud to the FTC fraud web site
by: Art

If they refuse to provide a physical address and require a deposit, please report them to

Hopefully they will lose their web site registrations faster!

Feb 28, 2023
Dolly Blue is a scam
by: Anonymous

Dolly blue maine coon cats and kittens is a complete scam. DO NOT TRUST! Reported to BBB

Feb 20, 2023
Gifted Maine Coon House, North Carolina
by: Anonymous

Has anyone heard of this outfit? Website looks legit but the owner is wanting a deposit via Chime and doesn't use something more mainstream like Paypal. I've not found any info on them but looked up their names when they sent me an invoice, Mario and Susan MUNOZ. That does come up with a hit for 'Gian Maine Coons' as a scam.

Feb 15, 2023
Beware of scam
by: Anonymous

Showed interest for two different kittens online. Filled out request to proceed with more information.

I received two text messages, each claiming they were the "family" breeding/reho-ming (they literally spelled rehoming that way). Each from different states (Virginia and Kansas) but both texts and then follow up emails were identical with a price of $700 which includes free shipping.

I tried to call the text number and it said it was a Google number. I hung up and immediately got a call back from the "husband" of Monica the wife who sent me the first text.

I said I’d think about it and get back. They even sent me a video of the kitten playing.

I asked for another video of them calling her by her name Lucy and said I wanted to see if she responded to the name because I love the name Lucy. I haven’t heard back. Imagine that?! Scammers!

Feb 15, 2023
by: Anonymous

Does anyone know if Adorable Maine Coons for adoption is legit
They did tell me where (city) they were located
I said I wanted to see kitten before committing its a three hr drive and said they would meet half way~ the beautiful kittens they have are only $600 which is extremely low

Feb 14, 2023
Dolly blue Maine coons
by: Anonymous

Dolly blue Maine coons, are a scam. They present themselves decent at first look. Zelle is never a good way to send money, no guarantee for clients/customers.
Rockaways pet transportation is part of their scam.

Feb 12, 2023
Has anyone ever heard of Dolly Blue Maine Coon Cattery in New Jersey?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone ever heard of or dealt with Dolly Blue Maine Coon Cattery? They say they are in New Jersey. At first things seemed legit, including their website, however, I am hesitant to send them any money as they will only take Zelle, Apple Pay or Chime. It sent up red flags when they wouldn't take PayPal and now they say they will also take a Walmart gift card or CashApp! Obviously, I refuse to do any of those.

Feb 07, 2023
by: Anonymous


Hello, welcome to the Group where we share our love for the Maine Coon Kitten .Feel free to connect and follow all Group rules. Please Post pictures of your kittens.

If you are trying to find a kitten you can leave a post or contact the main admin "Peggy Anderson". Thank you and enjoy your stay.


Only members can see who's in the group and what they post.

Anyone can find this group.

View group history Group created on November 4, 2022. Name
recently changed from MAINE COONS IN NEED OF NEW HOMES

Group Tags: Cats (domestic animal) No Contac ifo. Direct pm on Facebook. Been watching this page for months.

Feb 06, 2023
by: Anonymous

looking at a kitten thru house of horton phenomel maine coon , shes beautiful just dont want to be scammed out of our money, has any one heard of them? little scared with all the scamming going on

Feb 05, 2023
Is this a scam
by: Anonymous

See. Does anyone have any idea if mark jordan is a real breeder? I’m hesitant to buy a Maine coon because of being scammed before and I need to know if anyone has info on him

Feb 02, 2023
Owner of Dark Mark Coons
by: Jennifer ONeill

I do not appreciate My Cattery name being mentioned on a scam page , I am infact real I am registered with CFA and TICA under darkmrkcoons ,I am located in Ellenton FL I have plenty of past buyers on my Facebook business page which also has a link to my personal Facebook .. you can find me on tiktok,Instagram,and Facebook.. my contact information is also listed on my website and on CFA and TICA .. you would infact have to be completely lazy to not find out how real I actually am considering I even offer FaceTime calls straight away without a lengthy questionnaire for you to fill out ...

Jan 11, 2023
Stop scamming people and get a real job
by: Catherine Hatfield

To all scammers. We are not stupid.

The minute you won't take PayPal in goods and services, you throw an attitude. When some of you call back you have a west African voice.

Well as a Criminal Lawyer, I will shut you down. I did to other scammers. What you are doing is illegal and will do jail time.

Jan 09, 2023
by: Anonymous

These people are total scammers! Website looked real corresponded appropriately until it came to payment.

They wanted Zelle to When told it was sent (big mistake!) $750 total they got upset stating they were expecting payment through Target express gift card.

Got a response from Tu & Amadeus saying this is 100% a mistake asking for my Zelle info so they can return my money!

When I questioned them about this they stated they have to change their Zelle account frequently due to "being scammed frequently"

They also were asking for a screenshot of payment. Called them out stating they are probably scammers and they responded that they are "Christians" and they aren't allowed to take money from heart (the spelling they used) working people and they have to set a example for their kids etc.

Overall they were very defensive and confrontational when asked questions. Responses were rude and in no way professional.

Unfortunately my money is in the pockets of these dirtbags or someone associated to them.

The website also somehow disappeared during this time and another website popped up as Mainecooncatforsale totally different cats but basically same advertising.

I asked them to send me a link of the original website and no response. Now it’s back up again.

They also are not registered with TICA or CFA as advertised on their website. I wish I would have known about this website before we got sucked into these horrible scammers!!

Jan 05, 2023
Kendall Fisher Jerone (SCAMMER)
by: Anonymous

Watch out for this woman on several cat forums. Offering kittens available. Asks for a reservation deposit which is understandable, but then proceeds to ask for other fees. Also can't provide other pictures other than main picture posted.
Do Not Do Business with this Person!!!

Dec 29, 2022
Mainecoon scam
by: Anonymous

I got scammed by royal mainecoon Cattery in Vermont.

Owners Maya Lucie and her husband Tony Robern and radical shipping out of Ohio.

It wasn't till I was supposed to get cat delivery I received a notice that I needed to pay $1000 for safe handling of the kitten by gift card or zilla cash app. Radical shipping said once kitten was delivered I would receive 1000. Back. That's when I figured out this was a scam. Please be careful.

Dec 08, 2022
Scam victim in Al
by: Anonymous

Please do not use any any maine coon adoption site on Facebook.

I was looking through the different sites and came upon a testimonial from a lady who recommended this gentleman because she had been so pleased. I fell for it!! Messaged him and that was my downfall. Piked out this beautiful 3 month old kitten. The hook is the pictures!

Bottom line I was scammed out of several thousand dollars. When I finally said enough was enough He said the deal was over because I would not trust him and play by his rules. Removed his phone number from messenger, removed me from group that he administers.

I know I will never get any of the money back but lesson learned. I am going to pursue this with authorities so he will not be able to do this again. In Alabama , with the amount of money involved it is a felony not a misdemeanor.

Dec 07, 2022
by: Sherrie

I doubt I'll ever get over what I just went through. I contacted the above link. Everything you said about scammers is true: from the rehoming to misspelled words. I guess they thought I would fall for the gift card scam. After the beautiful pictures of the kitten, I just fell in love with her. I told friends I was getting her. Thank The Good Lord your page came-up. We are an older couple on a fixed income and 700.00 is more than we can afford to lose. We recently lost our 14 year old cat. We aren't trying to replace him, we just wanted another kitten to love. As they say, "you live and learn."

Nov 27, 2022
Beware Fine Maine coons
by: Anonymous

Scam. His claims is name is Kenneth. I sent him money by PayPal
Under business/ Services which hold money for 7 days to verify and then I pulled money back. When he insisted I sent it to a Marvin Del
Mundo Cipres and send as a family payment which would mean I had no way to get any refund or make a complaint. SCAM. Beware !!

Nov 26, 2022
by: Anonymous

I believe is a SCAM. I was considering purchasing two kittens from them. The person I was emailing with is Emma Mia and she asked me to send $900 deposit for the two kittens. She gave me two yahoo email addresses to use with Zelle and asked me to split the deposit between the two emails and send a screen shot of the receipt. I have used Zelle many times for various things and I know the receiver will receive an email notification immediately from Zelle that they have received funds and from whom so what's the deal about the screen shots, very suspicious. All of our conversations were via email and I wanted to call her before sending any money so after my 3rd request for a phone number she said that I am not a serious buyer and to not contact her I am so glad that I did not send any money.

Nov 25, 2022
Dark Mark Coons Cattery
by: Anonymous

Anyone know if dark mark is legit. They're registered with TICA and CFA but the cost is quite low compared to everyone else registered.

Nov 13, 2022
Amazing Gift Maine Coon Kittens For Sale - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH
by: Marty

Thank you to those of you who posted regarding this illegitimate company as well as the articles to identify scammers. It is thanks to you that we didn't lose out on our hard-earned money. I would further like to report the shadiness of this business. Absolute pond scum for trying to take people's money.

Nov 13, 2022
Maine Coons in need of homes in USA/CANADA
by: Anonymous

This is a Facebook page and no information at all. I believe it's a total scam page. Administrator have changed endless times since it's opening. They send me a notification every day. You must pm the admin for any info. No comments are allowed. "We got some cute and adorable mainecoons Kittens for adoption.If you are interested in adopting a Mainecoon kitten you can pm the admin for that to avoid scams.Also if you see, find or notice any fraud or sign of spam in the group please comment and mention their name in the comment so the admins can be able to find and remove them from the group.


Nov 02, 2022
Jordan Edrickson on FB Maine Coon for adoption
by: Anonymous

I know someone else commented on this guy.
He comments on every single post of someone wanting a MC kitten, which I found suspicious but I was desperate and messaged him.

I've worked with a number of breeders in my life and it is almost like a two way interview to make sure the kitty and customer are a good fit. This was NOT, he did not answer a single questions I had about the environment, parents, health, Genetics, etc.
He sent me pictures of four kittens, and said they were all 12 weeks old...the first one was like 6 months old and the others between 12-14 weeks.
Anywho, I told him I was interested in Boomer, and right away he asked me to Zelle him money. I asked about a contract and he said he would send it after he received payment. He also asked about location and I told him and he said he was located in Atlanta, GA.

Anywho, I told him to be a better scammer because he was pretty awful and it became super obvious the second he asked for money right away.

If you ever have a gut feeling that something is off, or they are not providing you the answers you are looking for, asking for payment with no contract, being very pushy, and trying to give you a sob story when you reject them... move on. Also, if the cat is only 400 and shipping is 400....something is wrong.

Please if you want a maine coon do your research.

Nov 02, 2022
Pure bread kittens
by: Anonymous

Has anyone had experience with Pure bread Kittens?

Nov 01, 2022
Marvelous Paws Maine Coon cattery
by: Anonymous

They are absolutely a scam cite! Offering half priced cats, asked for payment often. They gave me a bogus contract to sign that didn’t add up. When I nicely said that I had decided to go another direction they emailed back "F*ck U Bitch". At first it did seem legit and they had videos and multiple pictures, the emails were well written and they almost got me.

Nov 01, 2022
Beware felictymainecooncattery
by: Anonymous

On kijji. They ask you to e transfer half amount. Then hit you up for crate rental. 530 in my case Say they live in Thunder Bay. Small family Cattery. Only interested in well being of cat. I asked if i could call them and they answered. Said they are good Christian people. ..guaranteed i would get my kitten
MASSIVE SCAM..said they would return my deposit 600. Then ghosted me and disconnected their phone. After telling me to CALM DOWN…. Thats like throwing fuel on a flame. … i called police.. reported to Canada fraud. Please anyone else who got scammed …..please report these assholes!!

Oct 30, 2022
Snowfluff Maine coon farms
by: Anonymous
They have a good website, communication is very good, and they were able to provide a video and pictures. However, they are not registered, only take payments through zelle and require a large deposit to hold. I'm guessing it's not legit. Does anyone know of them?

Oct 30, 2022
by: Anonymous

Jasonscoonies is a scam. They behaved extremely sketchy via text and I found other complaints of the. Online. Be careful!

Oct 26, 2022
by: Anonymous

Anyone know if this one is a scam- looks a lot like the ones mentioned above. Zelle only, next day shipping, $600 plus $150 to ship. I asked several times how the kitty travels to me, and no answer till the 3rd time I asked. Zelle to memo to read ONSHA252 Reason to read ONSHA252 and description to read ONSHA252.

I better not chance it, but the little guy is so cute! Any chance anyone knows a legit breeder in Phoenix area?

Thank you!

Oct 25, 2022
Susan's mainecoon s cats
by: Anonymous

Anyone heard of Susan's maincoon cats? She only has facebook page. She is asking $650 and shipping $120. She has sent me pictures of kittens and also of parents of kittens. accept payments via zelle, cashapp, chime which are easy,fast and reliable. I told her I did not know these apps. She the asked how I would like to pay. I said well I could do paypal. She said let me ask my husband if he has PayPal and he does. I just not sure about her. She keeps avoiding certain questions. I got referral to her through a mainecoon group.

Oct 07, 2022
I almost lost a lot of money
by: Lacy J

The website " Furry maine coon kittens is a scam. When I called her out on it she got angry and never emailed me again. I’m still looking so today I ran across the name " Holy furry maine coon kittens it’s the same company with the same kittens for sale. I am trying to help others to not scammed out of their money.

Sep 21, 2022
by: Gary

Anyone have experience with the above person. Says they are out Richmond, Va.

Sep 19, 2022
Scam if racheal potter or gary messner
by: Anonymous

They got me for 300 dollar deposit want full payment before ship and would no give info be ware .wondering about another tony robern ?

Aug 31, 2022
Amazinng Maine Coon Cats & Kittens
by: Anonymous

My mom and I have been wanting a Maine Coon kitten for a while so we looked online and saw these people.

They said that they were rehoming kittens. So we sent an interest email to them. They emailed back 2 days later that the kitten was available and just wanted us to answer some questions to see if we were the right home for the kitten, which we answered with questions of our own, as well with the information as required, but they didn’t answer our questions.

They sent several pics and a short video of the kitten. And on that email, they asked for the shipping information and they told us the total was $600, $400 for the kitten, $200 for the shipping, and to be paid in that sum with Zelle.

My mom offered to pay $300 for shipping and $300 for when the kitten arrived, but they just completely avoided the offer and talked about how they were good people and knew that if they didn’t send the kitten, we would sue them, but we didn’t even have their name or phone number or address or anything!

So it just didn’t make any sense. So my mom emailed them back to make sure if it was ok to pay $300 now and $300 later and included about how we didn’t know any of their information like they knew ours.

We haven’t heard from them for 2 days now ever since my mom sent that email. So moral of the story, don’t email these people and just try to find a local breeder instead.

Aug 29, 2022
SCAM: amazing mainecoon kittens1, Ferdinand Amichoh
by: Robert

These scammers had a very professional website.

Had multiple kittens, and when we showed interest in a white Maine Coon, they sent us pics and a video of kitten playing.

Said for $600 they would deliver our cat to our front door. There would be no extra fees.
We sent them the money to an address in Charlette NC via Zelle.

After they received the money, I heard from a animal delivery company by email, wanting to make sure the delivery address was correct.

The email came with a yellow warning that this company was suspicious. I told them it was, then they sent me another email saying that the cage the owner supplied wasn't good enough to send animal and I would need to rent a better thermal cage.

They had 3, ranging from $1500 to $850. You would put the entire amount on your credit card, then when cat was delivered, they would refund all money except $50 for cage rental.

I emailed back that owner said I was paid in full, and would pay no more.

An Indian man called to explain, but I told him I didn't trust them and would pay no more. Never heard from "cat owner" or delivery company again.

Aug 28, 2022
Possible Scam Jasonscoonies
by: Anonymous

Just a heads up to anyone looking for Maine Coon kittens. This looks a little sketchy and after chatting with the person through texts, I don’t believe it is legitimate.

Aug 23, 2022
Anyone know anything?
by: Anonymous

Trying to figure out if this is a scam.

A relative paid for a kitten from them and it’s supposed to be here on Thursday since it has to be flown but we are starting to think this isn’t legit.

We got the seller/breeder to send more pictures and videos of the kitten we are buying playing with toys and a video with the kitten playing while there’s it’s sibling in the video.

We are worried because this kitten is a very special present and we don’t know what to do if we get scammed.

Aug 21, 2022
Kitten Scam
by: Anonymous

Marys Maine Coon has no website, wants $450 to transfer ownership title. When asked via Facebook messenger how I could verify they are legitimate, the reply was "I different". I have a strong suspicion this is a scam.

Aug 17, 2022
Hellys Maine coon +
by: Anonymous

SCAM SCAM SCAM. they almost got me and I am so glad I was suspicious enough NOT to send a deposit.

Also wanted a deposit through Zelle to a strange email :

Was planning to ship me to the kitten the next day. Bad grammar in emails. Last straw was she got defensive when I asked for a video call before sending deposit.


Aug 15, 2022
Anthony Mainecoon
by: Anonymous

I saw someone elsenpost a question about whether this person is legit, anyone know? I don't want to get scammed. This is the link they provided


Aug 11, 2022
FB scam
by: Anonymous

FB page "Maine Coon Cat and Kittens for adoption and rehoming" is a scam.

One of the Admins, Jordon Edickson, told me to PM him, and when I did he asked me which kitty did I want and have I ever owned a cat before.

He said his kittens are all raised in their home with other cats and dogs and kids surrounded by love.

He asked for a $300 deposit by etransfer, asked me to screen shot the confirmation. He asked where I was located and when I said near Vancouver, he said he was at (not in) Victoria and that he could have the kitty delivered by a special delivery service for another $500 but I said no I could pick the kitty up. He said okay.

Then two days later he messaged for another $250 for vet check, shots and registration. That's when I started to get even more suspicious.

I told him I wanted receipts for the vet and the vet record and registration. He said yes but the vet was being slow.

I also asked for the address for pick-up and he said ok he'd get back to me. He didn't until today when he asked for another $200 for kitten food, toys and a crate. I told him I had my own crate. So then he said ok, $150.

I told him no as I had to pay $200 in ferry fees to pick the kitten up. I haven't heard from him since.

Please beware. Thankfully it hasn't gone any further before I got wise but it took too long for me to catch on. I can afford to lose a few bucks but the next victim might not!

Aug 04, 2022
by: Greg L

Noted that they are not aligned with any organization for pure breeding, had spelling mistakes and offered to send us an adorable kitten for $740.00 from California.

Noted the Website was only registered on 7th of July 2022, while they had testimonials from November 1st of 2020.

They had no real contact info and never mentioned the names except in 2 testimonials.

Best Avoid them all together and I am sure in a month it will be closed anyhow

Aug 01, 2022
CEE Maine coon
by: Robert

CEE Maine Coon Kittens out of Florida is a total scam. Beware, I ask for complete name and address they refuse, no breeder certificate either, and they take offense for no trusting them.
Save your money....

Jul 31, 2022
Hill Range Maine Coon Cattery
by: Anonymous

This site almost got me.

They want me to Zelle $400 and then the rest ($750 total) when I pick up the kitten.

They have sent multiple pics but will not send video or current pics with my name or a dated newspaper.

Jul 25, 2022
GregoryMaincoons a scam or no?
by: Jen

Can anyone vouch for Gregory Maincoons dot com? I just get the sense something is off.

Jul 21, 2022
Adorable Maincoon Kittens for Rehoming is a scam
by: Anonymous

This group attempted to try and scam me, I spent time in messages asking about their kittens available.

Then it went to making a transaction/ deposit. They were wanting a PayPal to use under a friend/family gift versus it being under the business part which I would not be protected. This was a red flag.

As I was backing out not wanting to continue, no contract, no agreement a conversation in messages and a possible meet up day was discussed. Once I ended the discussion I was hounded by phone calls and then messages with need to pay for the agreement made for the kitten.

Then a receipt to pay through PayPal was sent to me through PayPal as friend/ family was sent to me.

Once I informed there was no legal standing and no binding agreement I received a text message in broken English apologizing for the pushy behavior and asking if can be friends. Odd .. total scam.

Jul 20, 2022
Smith Morgan
by: Anonymous

Do not do business with her and her hubby. She will not show you any proof that she has the kitten that you are trying to buy and if you put any money down or change your mind, she will not refund. She's a scammer.

Jul 19, 2022
by: Witchy woman

This scum bag got me for $300 deposit on a kitten. Said they were in Michigan gave me contact info AFTER I sent the deposit…of course😏 wanted the $ sent thru Zelle.

I decided to mess with him…..told him My family member worked for the state dept in the fraud division and every email he sent had been track by it’s IP address and they knew exactly where he was in Cameroon

Also told him he’s messing with the wrong person because I’m a witch and "my coven" is in the process of cursing his life and his family and friends life, (I copied and pasted some scary pictures and a voodoo curse) and sent it to him every day for a week!😂😂😂😂
I am proud to say he’s altered his website so it’s more difficult to get into it and his Facebook site has been removed!
FYI…..don’t Piss Gramma off or you’ll be sorry!

Jul 17, 2022
It’s a Scam:
by: Anonymous

They took my money and ghosted me after.

Jul 10, 2022
Puremainecoon scam
by: Anonymous

Hello, i was trying to purchase a kitten and found a site called

Seemed legit, had a website, did reverse imaging on the kittens non found so I was emailing back and forth.

They sent me a video of the kitten. I went ahead and sent them via zelle 450 initial deposit.

The kitten was to be 650 plus 250 delta cargo to get the kitten to me.

I was emailed that the weather was causing delta to make them use a specific crate. I would need to send 350 dollars and i would get back 50%. I smelled a rat!

I started questioning, asking for a phone number and they gave me a nbr.

No one will answer and I just learned they are NOT TICA breeders on the TICA website.. SO BE CAREFUL! everything checked out but i still got taken!! at least it was only 450 could have been MUCH MORE!!

Jul 09, 2022
I almost got suckered in
by: Anonymous

They wanted $600 plus $100 to ship. No info on the site, no names, phone nothing. When I emailed (got email when I inquired about a kitten) them for more info they gave me a street address and a phone number that didn't seem to exist.

I was disappointed but glad I didn't fall for it.

Jul 08, 2022
Anthonymainecoon Scam?
by: Jeff A

Has anyone heard of or used Affordable Maine Coons Kitten On facebook or

I'm not sure if they are legit ?


Jul 05, 2022
Maine Coon Kitten Scammer on Facebook
by: Linda

There is another MC website called Maine Coon Kittens for Rehoming with an "admin" calling himself Johnson K Brown.

He says he is selling Maine Coon kittens but insists you IM him to inquire about his location and the price.

I inquired via IM as to his location and the price. He asked back where I was located. I asked if he was a licensed breeder of MC which he said he was yet there is no digital footprint of this person other than a FB page.

When he listed a price which included delivery to my door, I replied back that his price was a bit rich for me which he replied back, well how much could I afford? Red flag number two.

I told him I wasn't comfortable with this transaction and good luck to him. He has now blocked me from his page.

I read with interest on the Maine Coon Nation webpage an article about identifying kitten scammers and this guy fits it to a T.

Jun 25, 2022
by: Anonymous

Please be aware of this website. I was almost taken for $650 ($550 for the kitten and $150 for shipping). They were all too quick to sign papers and have me send money.

Requesting a picture of payment when sent. Yet, they would not go on camera to speak to me or show me the kitten.

The claim was they didn't have a good phone to use with a camera. I told them it was a scam, then my phone began to ring. It was the gentleman I apparently had been exchanging these emails with.

When I told him I wasn't comfortable with it he said "f##k you" and hung up the phone.

Please be careful out there. I have no idea how these people sleep at night.

Jun 22, 2022
CEE Maine Coon Kittens
by: Anonymous

CEE Maine Coon Kittens out of Florida is a total scam. Beware.

Jun 22, 2022
Keyson Kittens - SCAM
by: Anonymous

SCAM! I wish I had known about this site before I sent monies to purchase a kitten. They got me! But then I started getting emails from the transporter for a crate, due to weather, etc. up to $2k and I would get refunded a % back once receipt of the kitten.

I refused to purchase a crate and told the seller that was their responsibility, not mine. Tried to talk me into going half on the crate. No, no! I am not paying one penny more.

I told him I should have been informed of the total package before I gave him monies for the kitten. Wow! My husband is going to be so pissed at me. No more than I am pissed at myself for being so gullible.

Jun 21, 2022
by: Anonymous

I was scammed out of $400, deposit, for a kitten in April. The "cattery" was

They’ve changed their name 2 times since then with the same kittens listed. They’ve blocked my comments, don’t respond to emails, calls, or texts.

They were Kittycompanions, maineshagpets, now tabby coons. Please beware!

Jun 01, 2022
Saved my mom from getting scammed
by: Ryan

My mother tried to purchase from

They constantly pressured payments, would not send a recent video with the cat, would not provide documentation before payment, copy, pasted and omitted parts from their junk emails, gave reasons they would not accept credit card (only Apple Pay and google pay).

The website is just a new Wordpress site and the animal reviews are plagiarized from other sites - they didn’t even try on some of them. Couldn’t find the images in a reverse search but they likely snagged them from instagram.

It sucks cause these websites pop up like weeds and people will ultimately get screwed trying to save some money.

May 14, 2022
Mariana Maine Coon Home
by: Anonymous

Charged me $400 for kitten and another $200 to ship to my residence.

Once they got her to the shipping courier, I was told I needed to may anywhere from 950.00 to 1800 for another type of crate for the safety of the kitten.

When I said no I cant, they replied all I have to do is pay more for the new crate and again I said no that's what I paid extra for and she then said then let the kitten die.


Apr 15, 2022
maine coon kitten
by: Anonymous

I wish I had found this posting before I got a Maine Coon.

I had found one on the internet. Got an address and I went there. I bought the kitten but I wasn't allowed on the property to go into the house to see the kitten..

I saw her outside in a cat carrier and she was adorable. She didn't look the age she is, so I bought her and took her home.

When I got home, to my dismay she had diarrhea. I called the vet and I was able to get her in 4 days after I got her.

I ran out of funds for further tests to find out what's wrong with her, our family loves her and now I am just trying different foods, to see if the diarrhea will stop. I don't want to give her up.

But I am angry at the person, whom I got the cat from.. This person claims to be a breeder, but I have my doubts. I have been looking for 3 years and now we have one, and unfortunately with health issues.

Apr 13, 2022
Facebook maine coon rehoming page
by: Vicke Cline

Just had them try to of $1150 for a kitten. Luckily I am smarter than that and I thought to do some research into the admins of the page. Noone had any info except foreign page and sports likes and these women were from the US.

Apr 13, 2022
by: Anonymous

Only got me for $400 because I refused to send all of the money up front. They agreed to collect the remaining $300 once I received the kitten.

They then demanded the rest because of flight issues and special crate. I researched and the name given to me doesn’t even exist in the state they say they are in. They’ve ghosted me and won’t reply at all. Surprise! No kitten, no refund. Please beware!

Apr 07, 2022 Scam Website
by: Anonymous

Beware this site: Cute Maine Coon Kittens (

I bought a kitten for them and when it came time to fly the kitten to me, they tried to demand more money.

They sent a fake registration certificate. When I asked for a refund they tried to demand more money from me.

The site looked real and they sent more photos of the kitten I was interested in. I thought it was a legitimate business, but it's not. Please beware.

Apr 04, 2022
Potential scammer page
by: Anonymous

Here is a site that I am starting to think is part of a scam. There are some noticeable grammar issues, address/names aren't given up front, and you have to pay a deposit to be able to visit.

Mar 15, 2022
Maine Coon Kitten scam
by: Anonymous

We started looking for 2 Maine Coon kittens to buy. I already have a Maine Coon, he’s 12 years old.

My big boy is sick. We’ve been through the process of finding a kitten and it can take a long time.

When I found 2 breeders that had kittens available I was cautious. The pricing on the first one didn’t add up. He was over charging me $2,000.00.

They wouldn’t answer me when I questioned it. We didn’t go through with that purchase. It left me feeling angry. Unsure where to look.

The second one was a bigger scam. I found the same picture of the one kitten on three other breeder sites. When they could ship the kitten for $150.00 with nanny service that was a red flag.

They could ship it next day red flag. They were shipping a cat tree too. All for the low price of 300.00 for both cats from CO to PA.

Little things weren't the same as when I bought my first Maine Coon. I knew enough not to give any money.

But I just want anyone that is going to buy a kitten. Just be careful I do have saved pictures of the kitten. They even sent me pictures. I don’t know who owns this beautiful Maine Coon, he is beautiful.

The same people are trying to resale a kitten from 4 different web pages. G

Mar 10, 2022
Cat scam
by: Susan

Hi. I think that all of the cat scammers should be listed on every pet site and publicly shamed.

So whenever a person wants to check into which catteries to look into the list pops up and they get steered to validated catteries instead. Scammers can rot in hell!

Oct 29, 2021
Site Security
by: Carrie

Hi, I'm glad you asked! I remember the day this changed. It was unnerving to see that warning. I spent quite some time figuring it out.

Turns out it's a harmless technical issue. Here's what happened: On September 30, a security certificate by Let's Encrypt, one of the largest providers of HTTPS certificates, saw it's root certificate expire.

Certificates tell browsers (Firefox or Safari, for example) to trust that a site is secure.

Usually this is no big deal, as certificates do expire and get replaced. This is what happened with this site.

The problem is the new certificate can't be read by older devices using older operating systems.

As an example, my computer is around 10 years old, and it's been updated as much as it can. It won't take any more updates. It runs great! But, it can't read the certificate either so I get the same warning screen.

Thankfully I have a slightly younger laptop I'm using as a backup. (This is why you were able to come here and ask the question using a different (must be younger) computer.)

Some suggestions on the web include updating your operating system, and/or browser. For those like me, I'm still not sure if there is a fix.

According to TechCrunch, "Devices likely to be affected by the certificate expiry are those that don’t get updated regularly, like embedded systems that are designed not to automatically update or smartphones running years-old software releases. Users running older versions of macOS 2016 and Windows XP (with Service Pack 3) are likely to face issues, along with clients dependent on OpenSSL 1.0.2 or earlier, and older PlayStations that haven’t been upgraded to newer firmware."

I've noticed I can't visit quite a few sites on my old computer anymore, so it seems like many sites were affected, although again, it's only older computers and devices that have a problem. If I learn of a fix, or any updates I'll update everyone. Hope this helps!

Oct 29, 2021
Trouble with your website
by: Anonymous

For about a month now I have been unable to get into your website. When I click on the link, my anti virus program shows a page that says it is blocked because the security certificate has expired.

Could this be related with the fake ads? I am sending this from a different computer.

Oct 09, 2021
So happy that you are warning readers
by: Ron

I’m the Ron from the first comment. I can’t tell you how happy I am that you are getting the word out.

I’ve been trying to warn as many people as possible.
Your correct, these sites are plentiful and are heartless. I have wanted a kitten for many years but have not because of my existing "herd" (two rescue boys).

Sadly one passed and I felt the time was right to bring in a kitten to bring some joy back into my home. These sites preyed on my ignorance and took me for quite a bit of money, leaving some pretty sad people here.

This I do not want to wish on anyone.
So thank you for bringing this topic up and letting your readers know!!

Oct 09, 2021

by: Ron

I've been wanting to buy a Maine Coon kitten and went to the web to find a breeder. Well I got scammed by a bogus dealer who took my money and disappeared. As I have looked into it, there seems to be a lot of sites that follow the same scam. ..

In the last two days I've found a lot of people who have had the same scam pulled on them.
Any help in getting the word out there as a warning would be helpful. I've been in touch with authorities and they suggested I try to get the word out via social media.

Oct 08, 2021
Supposedly from Wisconsin
by: Mary

Hi. I got taken by one of those scammers in January 2018. I was losing my best Maine Coon friend to Cancer. I couldn't bare the thought of living alone with no cat.

I started searching online for Maine Coons. Very few kittens at that time of year. No breeders in NC had any Kittens. Finally I thought I 'found' one in Wisconsin. A website with beautiful pictures. I emailed back and forth with them. They would only accept payment through Western Union.

Between the kitten, shipping etc. it cost me 1200.00. I couldn't get my money back. There was no kitten, only pictures stolen from the websites of breeders. I later met the breeder that the picture was stolen from. I was ripped off big time because I was so desperate for a kitten and hurting so much over losing my Bella.

I later found a Red classic Tabby male Maine Coon for 900.00 from a Maine Coon breeder in N.C. He is a beautiful, smart boy and I love him so much. His name is King. His picture is below.

ginger maine coon cat

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