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Maine Coon Cat Breeders

"The first step is to find a great breeder"

This page is all about Maine Coon cat breeders! Are you ready to add a Maine Coon kitten to your life? Searching for Maine Coon kittens for sale, and Maine Coon cats for sale?

There are lots of Maine Coon breeders. The first step is to find a great breeder.

The right breeder will match you with the right kitten, which will ensure a perfect fit for your family, lifestyle and expectations.

adorable maine coon kittens in a suitcase

Local or Not?

Not all of us live near a Maine Coon cat breeder. In those cases, many breeders will agree to ship your new kitten to you.

It's not ideal, but young kittens are adaptable. If you are getting two kittens, at least they will have each other on the trip. Don't forget to add the cost of shipping to your price.

Ideally, it is always best to find a breeder near you. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, it is scary to be put in a carrier and sent away! Your kitten has never left the comfort of his home, mother, and siblings.

Also, ideally, part of choosing a breeder is visiting their home, or cattery, as it is called. Any responsible breeder will welcome you to come check out the cattery.

tiny red silver maine coon kittens in the grass

Some Things to Look for at the Cattery:

The cattery should be clean. This one is obvious. Make sure the breeder keeps the cats and kittens in a clean and healthy environment. Ask if the cattery is vet inspected and registered with the CFA or TICA.

The cats and kittens should all appear healthy. Look for well-kept and well-adjusted pets. The kittens should be energetic, playful, and engaging. Check out the parents while you are there. They are your example of the cats being produced.

The adults should be friendly, sociable, and happy to make your acquaintance. Make sure the kittens are being raised "under foot", never in isolation. They are developing a bond with their humans.

Expect your kitten to remain with the breeder until about twelve weeks of age. This is very standard. Maine Coons are slow to mature, and need this time to develop proper human relationships. Be wary of any breeder who is willing to sell a kitten any younger.

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

handsome maine coon kitten looking up

Regarding Your Breeder:

The breeder should be pleasant. A Maine Coon cat breeder will be open to answer all of you questions or concerns. They will be a wealth of information for you on all subjects. You'll see their strong devotion to the cats.

You should feel comfortable talking to them. A good Maine Coon cat breeder will give you a sense that they will always be available for you. If you get home and have any concerns about your kitten, you'll be able to give them a call.

Questions to Ask Your Breeder:

Does the breeder show their cats? The answer should be yes. This is their hobby, their passion. They are looking to better the breed with each litter they produce. What Maine Coon Clubs are they a member of?

Some that come to mind are CFA, (Cat Fanciers Association), TICA (The International Cat Association) and MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association). Your breeder should belong to at least one of these. There may be local organizations in your area as well.

There are a couple health areas to discuss. These are hip dysplasia, and feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or HCM. HCM is an inherited heart condition, which can be quite serious. Hip dysplasia can affect any cat breed.

Your breeder will be more than happy to discuss Maine Coon cat health concerns with you. They will want you to be well-educated on the subject. They will tell you about any screening that has been done on their cats. One other condition you could ask about is Polycystic Kidney Disease, or PKD.

You can expect your kitten to be vet checked, and have it's first shots before coming home with you. Ask also about any health guarantee the breeder may offer.

Expect the breeder to ask you for references. They won't sell a kitten to just anyone who can pay. These are beloved pets, first and foremost. You can provide the name of your vet, friends or family who know you as a pet owner, or past dog or cat breeders who know you.

maine coon kitten looking up at her mother

In turn, any Maine Coon cat breeder will be happy to provide you with references. Don't be shy about asking. It shows responsibility on your part. If they have a website, there may be testimonials posted from past kitten owners.

Above all, use your good judgment. A responsible Maine Coon cat breeder will be friendly, and happy to talk to you at length about their hobby.

When talking with them, you will know they are open and honest. This will be a great indicator that you have found the right breeder for you.

Finding Maine Coon Cat Breeders:

Are you ready? Great! Visit our new, extensive, Maine Coon Cat Breeders Directory. This growing list covers all of the United States, and more parts of the world are coming soon!

Finding a great Maine Coon Cat breeder really is the only way to go when you are looking for Maine Coon cats for sale.

Above all, use your good judgment. A responsible Maine Coon cat breeder will be friendly, and happy to talk to you at length about their hobby. When talking with them, you will know they are open and honest. This will be a great indicator that you have found the right breeder for you.


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