Maine Coon Cats Exposed!

The Characteristics, The Myths, And The Mystery!

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What is it about Maine Coon Cats? Is it their magnificent coat? That amazing tail? Who could miss the super long whiskers?

Perhaps it's their size? Maybe your favorite trait is the lynx-like tufts on their ears?

Let's take a closer look at their unique traits and characteristics to give us some insight. As all Coon lovers know, this is no ordinary cat!

The characteristics of Maine Coon Cats make them truly unique. What sets them apart?

Head To Tail:

Murphy the silver maine coon cat
classic brown maine coon cat
old photo of early Maine Coon cat
Pretty cat looking into camera with green eyes
red cat outdoors
pretty cat sitting in the grass
two differently colored maine coon cats
black maine coon
pretty brown tabby longhaired cat
water cats
pretty bright white kitten
man holding large ginger cat up
two cats cuddling
Pretty Maine Coon Cat posing
young kitten and adult cat touching noses
Maine Coon Mix
polydactyl kitten waving
two red ginger maine coon cats
Stunning White Maine Coon
cute brown tabby walking outside
handsome brown tabby
woman and cat cuddling

Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats:

fluffy cat and boy on beanbag chair

10 Reasons I'm a Maine Coon fan for life! Here is what a decade of life with a pair of Maine Coons has taught me:

two kittens in a cat tree

10 Times to Reconsider this Breed:
Maine Coon lovers know they are purrfect cats! But does that mean every home is perfect for the Maine Coon breed? What if they could choose their family?

gray maine coon kitten with striking eyes

10 Maine Coons with Amazing Eyes:
We all know how stunning Maine Coons are. Their natural beauty is without compare! These ten gorgeous guys and gals kick it up a notch with drop-dead gorgeous eyes. Enjoy!

cute brown maine coon cat cozy on bed

The Arrogance Myth: 
Has anyone ever told you that cats are aloof, arrogant, grumpy, or don't have feelings? Some people are just not cat people!

It's clear to any cat lover that none of the above ideas are true. Consider these facts:

cat lounging on cat tree

Top 10 Coonie Traits:
What exactly makes the Coonie temperament unique? Here are ten traits that, when put together, really show a picture of that puppy-cat personality!

A welcoming community of Maine Coon Cats and their families:

cat meowing

Your funny cat stories are here! What silly antics does your cat do? Share your story, or comment on others. 

little black kitten

Visit our "Online Coffee Shop" and meet other Maine Coon Cat lovers! It's a great place to introduce yourself.

happy dark brown cat laying belly up

What is your cat thankful for this year? Here, Maine Coons share their Thanksgiving Cat Thoughts. What a cute way to celebrate. Happy Thanksgiving!

row of pawprints

So much to explore! In the sections above, learn about:

The characteristics section is all about the breed standard. A breed standard describes every aspect of a breed, from size and shape, to color. There is so much to learn about.

Every aspect of their physical appearance is described here. Whether you are wondering about the ears, the eyes, or the tail, you are in the right place.

How big do they really get?
Everyone loves those really big Maine Coon Cats! Welcome to your complete guide to this awesome breed. We talk about weight, length, who holds the record, how to find a big boy or girl of your own, and more.

That Personality:
There is no doubt they have character! They really have a way of captivating almost anyone. And that kitten behavior is so rambunctious! This breed is slow to mature, so they keep that kitten behavior for years.

They can win over even the most hardened "cat skeptic"! I like to say that they are the Golden Retrievers of the feline world. Gentle, sweet, playful, and totally affectionate. Read more about that wonderful personality.

There are so many traits and quirks that set them apart from the crowd.

Temperament - Gentle Giants Or Rugged Ruffians?
What is their temperament like? Their distinct disposition is what makes them so beloved. If you are familiar with the breed, you know what treasures these pets really are!

If not, get to know their personality, traits, and characteristics!

"In a nutshell, what is it like to have these cats as pets?" The characteristics of Maine Coon cats are shrouded with an aura of mystery. There is just something fascinating and mysterious about them.

Perhaps it's because of their rugged appearance or formidable size that they are often perceived as being a "rough and tumble" sort of feline. It's time to bust these myths!

"Is S/He or Isn't S/He?"
Think you may have a Coon on your hands? Many folks find this site when researching the Maine Coon traits and characteristics. They wonder if their cat fits the bill.

This section reviews all those tell-tale traits. If you are not sure, this is the place to check.

We now have a special section devoted just to that topic, complete with an invitation for you to send in a picture of your own cat, and get opinions! Think you have a Maine? How do you know? It's a very popular subject.

Speaking of a Mix, how often does this happen? There is a common belief that Maine Coon Cats are simply big old barn cats reproducing at will.

They are actually a fully recognized breed. This page dives into how, when and why a boy or girl may actually be a Mix. What are the chances?

There is so much to learn about this fascinating breed. Enjoy exploring!

maine coon cat care guide