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The characteristics of Maine Coon cats are shrouded with an aura of mystery.

There is something fascinating and mysterious about the Maine Coon cat. This breed of cat is known for its impressive size and unique physical characteristics.

The Maine Coon Magazine
The Maine Coon Magazine

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So perhaps it's due to their rugged looks that there are a few common myths surrounding the characteristics of the Maine Coon cats.

It's time to set the record straight!

Just as in people, personalities will vary with individual cats.

Read on to learn just what kind of family pets these cats are.

Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats - Friend or Foe?

Perhaps it's because of their rugged appearance or formidable size that Maine Coon Cats are often perceived as being a "rough and tumble" sort of cat.

It is assumed that a Maine Coon will necessarily be a skilled hunter, have an innate need to be outdoors (being wild and all) and actually have a vicious streak toward people!

It's time to bust these myths! Nothing could be further from the truth. According to The Cat Fanciers Association's breed description, a Maine Coon cat should have "an essentially amiable disposition." What does this mean? Well, a breed description, for any breed, could be thought of as a list of requirements.

So, a purebred Maine Coon is actually required to have a disposition, or temperament, that is amiable!

Here are some synonyms of amiable: friendly, social, good-natured, agreeable, affable, cordial, kind, likeable, genial, and good-humored.

Yes, these are accurate descriptions of the wonderful and gentle Maine Coon cat personality.

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Characteristics of Maine Coon Cats -
Tales, Fables, and Urban Legends

When describing a Maine Coon cat, an owner will sometimes remark "He is a great hunter, catching many birds/animals/small deer etc." (ok, I'm kidding about the deer!) or, "She loves to go outside, only coming in at night."

Some folks are under the impression that hunting prowess and a general "tough" nature are indicators that they have a "real" Maine Coon.

And from time to time a mysterious Coon story is told. It usually sounds something like this: "I once knew a huge Maine Coon cat. He/she was such a skilled hunter, and had a crazy streak, randomly attacking family members. You had to watch your back"

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These are nothing more than tall tales. Having an aggressive cat is not a sign that it's a Maine Coon.

Perhaps this alleged cat did exist. But very unlikely was it a purebred, well-bred or well-raised Maine Coon cat. And most certainly it was not any kind of example of what this breed is all about!

Truth be told, all pet cats like to go outdoors. All like to chase birds and chipmunks, and any cat will do these things if you let them outside.

Nowadays, a Maine Coon cat breeder will make sure you understand the dangers of letting cats outside, and ask you to keep your Maine Coon in the house, for his or her own health and safety.

The Ultimate Family Pet!

little boy and his maine coon cat

The true personality characteristics of Maine Coon cats make them an awesome family pet.

These cats are unbelievably patient with children. They are easy-going with dogs, and they are loyal family members.

To call a Maine Coon cat social is an understatement. A Maine Coon cats favorite place to be, by far, is with his family. They do seem more like dogs than cats sometimes. This is because of their outgoing, friendly, and amiable personality.

young girl holding her black maine coon cat

The Maine coon will always choose the companionship of his family. Sure, he might take an hours-long nap somewhere alone, but his favorite place to be is with his people!

He will not be shy with company and will not slink away from well-behaved children.

Our Maine Coon cats will greet, chirp, and rub against the youngest family members (even babies!) as readily as they will visit with any adult. We have never even considered cat declawing, and rarely bother to trim their nails.

Simply put, there is not a mean bone in the body of a Maine Coon cat. Their impressive size and "rough" appearance totally belie their super-gentle personality. Once you get to know the personality characteristics of Maine Coon cats, there is just no going back!

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