Maine Coons Love Water!

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Maine Coons love water! Splashing, spilling and showering are favorite activites. Of course, it can get out-of-hand!

Here are our reader questions and answers related to water play. Just scroll down to read more about:

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My Maine Coone Is Water Logging Me!

by: Lynne

I have a Maine Coon that is just over a year and he is going to be a big boy!!

My problem is his obsession with water. I additionally have 2 Maine Coon mixed cats who never have water because our pure breed feels the need to scrape at the water bowls hence spilling all the water before he drinks.

He gets it all over the floor and everything! My husband has resorted to leaving the toilet lid up so he goes in there and sploshes around getting it all over the seat which is usually quite an icky feeling in the middle of the night for me.

Is there anything i can do, buy or train him so that i don't have to sit on a wet toilet seat and my other cats get water?

Hi Lynne,

Great question! Maine Coons are notorious for their love of water. When our kittens were young we had to train everyone in the house to keep the toilet lid closed at all times.

Between finding a puddle in the bathroom with pawprints leading all over the house, and the occasional falling in, I had enough!

We purchased a big bowl. It works, but they still like to splash in it. That is because they want to know it's fresh. What could be fresher than running water? It's partly instinctive.

First, I would recommend putting your dish in a plastic tub form the hardware store. Not a deep storage bin, but the large shallow ones that are good for under bed storage. If he's thirsty enough, he'll drink. If he makes a mess, at least it won't be everywhere.

And if you want a dry toilet seat in the night it's time to break him of the toilet pool-party habit! Just close the lid and he'll eventually give up.

Lastly, I highly recommend a pet drinking fountain. Last winter we got the Pioneer Drinking Fountain and we totally love it! We researched all the reviews and thought carefully about the brand. You can visit the link to see my review.

Cat water fountain

I am not disappointed. Every morning, Alice and Leo go straight for their fountain to have it turned on. It's quiet (so quiet I sometimes forget to turn it off at night) and they love the way the water ripples.

We got the ceramic one, because I like black. ceramic can get scratched and hold germ in the scratches, but I cant' see any way this fountain would even get scratched. I hand wash it myself periodically.

We actually keep in on a side table, because the cats like to drink up off the floor. It satisfies their penchant for running water, and I feel good knowing they have plenty to drink.

I hope some of this helps! All the best to you and your kitties,



Water Problem
by: Kim

Try using a large flat pan-like container for their water bnowl. You can go as far as to buy a plastic kitty litter tray and use it as a water bowl. They'll know that it isn't a litter box after a few drinks from it.

Water sports
by: Helen

My MCC has dug in the water bowl ever since he was 8 weeks old. I finally put the water bowl in the bath tub and left the bath mat on the floor. Problem solved. Since I am home all day I refill the bowl about every 6 hours. They have all learned to drink when the water is fresh before the Bezzer Buzzer jumps in the tub.

PS: Take the bowl out of the tub and rinse the tub before your hubby bathes or he will get cranky. :)

Fountains for Kittens
I was shopping for plants at a local nursery and found a ceramic fountain for $25. I set it up for my Maine Coon, Echo, and she LOVES IT! Now my other cat and husky puppy drink out of it too. Anyway, there's a shot of Echo and her fountain on the Maine Coon Nation FB if you'd like to take a look. Best thing I've ever purchased for my little Echo-roo.
Hope this helps!

Water Bowl Sports

by: Helen
(DeSoto, TX, USA)

How do you keep water in the water bowl when the Maine Coon Cat continually digs in it like a dog hiding a bone? Water splashes everywhere. The floor is continually wet and he tracks all over the house with his magnificent toe tufts. It was cute when he was a kitten, now that he weighs 21 pounds this habit no longer amuses me.


Hi Helen,

I love this question! Maybe because it's so breed-specific. I think every Maine Coon owner who reads this can relate.

I know what you mean, though. It's funny & cute for a while, but enough is enough when your feet are always wet! Our Leo and Alice used to do the exact same thing. They quite enjoyed dumping the dish, too. In fact, they figured out how to tip every bowl I bought, till we settled on an extra large one. It's weighted and has a gradual slope inside so big dogs can't tip it.

But, the key words are "used to." Basically they grew out of it, thank goodness. They still like to play with running water and still "swirl" their water, but they don't scoop it out any longer.

I wish I had a quick-fix! Here are a few thoughts: Maine Coons prefer their water moving. Our two became better behaved when we got a decorative water fountain. We use filtered water in it so they can actually drink from it. It satisfies some need for water play. Also we turn on a faucet to drip on occasion.

If he must play in it, I've heard of folks placing the water bowl inside a large plastic bin. The low sided kind made for under beds. Kind of clunky, but worth a try?

I really hope some more people can chime in with their experience and advice! Maine Coon cats just love water.



Our water bowl solution
by: Diane

We use one of the white plastic pull out bins from the refrigerator. The bin is 9" square by 6" deep and is heavy enough when filled with water so Jimmie can't move it. We bought a large rectangular white plastic serving tray at Target that we use underneath the bin. When he does splash water, the tray catches most of it, so it works out pretty well.

three maine coon magazines

Cheaper alternative
Similar to other folks I used a tray under the fountsin. Rather than buying a regualr tray I went to the local party supply store and bought a clear top that fits a disposable half sheet pan. Cost about a buck and since it's clear it's not as obvious. But it is very lightweight so emptying it can be a challenge.

My coon went a step further and managed to figure out how to turn on the water in the sinks - I went for over a year having to keep the faucets tied with string. He outgrew the real crazy obsession with water just short of his 2nd birthday.

waterbowl sports
by: Judy - UK

Today 18 week old Buddy decided to used both paws and push out the water from his bowl (dog weight) Not content with that he stood in it with all four feet and then gave ME a dirty look, five minutes before I was due to go to work.

I may use an old plastic ice cream container with a tray underneath - fingers crossed.

Buddy was entranced by our first 4" snow in Sussex (UK)and it's still snowing, tho' nothing like you can get in Maine SO FAR. I'm hoping to find an adequate collar and lead and take Buddy out when it's sunny.

Read in a cat mag that some indoor cats miss out on Vitamin D (?) by being inside. Thanks Judy

Finnegan or "Finn" our Rescued Obese Lovable Exhibitionist with a Penchant for Shower Water. Help!

by: Terry
(Orlando, FL , USA)

Well we've gone and rescued a Coon and we love him already!

Finnegan or "Finn" came to us the day before he was supposed to be euthanized by the local animal control, simply because he wasn't wanted by his current owners anymore.

I have no idea why because he's a great Cat... but we're trying to figure out some habits of his and I'm hoping someone can shed some light for us.

1. He doesn't "meow". He does this bizarre chirping, twirling noise. I know this is common to Coons but I'm not sure I'm explaining this sound clearly as it's a difficult sound to describe. It's more of a gut sound than a normal sound. Is this normal for Coons?

2. Finn is a very obese cat and he loves laying on his back, spread eagle. When I say spread eagle, I mean he lets it all hung out, smack dab in the middle of the room for all to see.

LOL To us it's hilarious, but not sure future guests would found this funny. Is this also normal for Coons?

3. In the pound, he had gained an average of a pound (no pun intended) a week. Now he's down a little and able to move around much better now but still has problems getting his fat back end up the on the sofa.

We built him a single stool to help him up but my husband thinks it's making him lazy and I tend to agree. Do you think a stool will make Finn less likely to attempt to get up by himself?

4. Finn won't drink out of the water dishes but waits for anyone to take a shower than licks up all the water from the shower. It's driving us crazy.

He waits outside the shower for the entire time we are showering and the minute the shower door opens he pops in and starts licking away. We think it's funny but we know we need to get him to drink from the water dish as well.

We tried closing the doors after showering but he just sits at the door making this chirping noise until we open it. Do you have any suggestion to try and curb this behavior?

Ok, well all and all. We love Finn! He reminds us of a big old cat that should be rooming around an Irish Pub, greeting guests along the way. He's and old-salt caught in a cat's body. LOL He's a big gentle giant.

Thanks for your time and great website!


Hi Terry,

Thanks for your kind words about the site, I'm glad you're finding it helpful!

Finn sounds like a classic Maine Coon to me! His meow sounds just right. There is variety among Maines, but in general they chirp and have a very distinct meow. Our Leo has a deep meow just like you describe.

Lots of Maine Coons like to lay like that! I bet he always will, and your guests will think it's a riot!

About his weight, you can get that under control. I think it's fine to use a stool for now. With his extra weight right now, it's probably stressing his hips. You can get him to be more active by playing with him.

And he loves running water, just like I'd expect from a Maine Coon cat! He'll always be attracted to the shower, and that's ok. At our house, we have a pet drinking fountain we love. Our cats drink out of it every day, and the dog does too! When it's empty, they hound us to wash and refill it! Perhaps something like this would get Finn drinking from a bowl?

I'm so glad to hear Finn has a great, happy home! Share a picture sometime!



by: Terry

Hi Carrie

Thank you so much for your reply. First, I have to ask you...'Did you feel it?" Did you feel an earthquake in your area around 6pm EST? Because Finn did indeed jump for himself up onto the sofa, then later my bed. We now have an nickname for him.... Earthquake. Good lordy, the house shakes when this hunk of a Coon lands. LOL

Just since I posted my orginal post, Finn A.K.A Earthquake, is doing even better. He ran a few times today too! As if he's feel so much lighter and generally better. I can't believe what a change in such a short time.

Well I've got more news... I'm laying here in bed with an 8 week old beautiful Coon we adopted this evening. We're naming him either Curtis or Wolfgang "Wolfie" LOL Currently Wolffie thinks he's a warrior and pounding every wrinkle on my bedsrpead. Oh wait, now he's jump up on my hip, and quite intriqued with my laptop and typing. Wait until you see how stunning this kitten is. OMG he's so cute that I just can't stand it. What to eat him up. Tee hee

I'll try to post picture of Finn and Wolfie this week.

Such fun these boys are!.


Hi Terry
by: Leslee

Finn sounds totally normal to me. All I'd do is warn family and friends that sometimes those upside-down cat tummies are super-sensitive and nobody wants to be bunny-kicked! I like the way you've brought Finnegan home a little brother. Nothing like chasing a baby around the house to help Finn get into shape.

by: Regina

Hi Terry. I'm so glad you saved Finn from the death penalty! He sounds a lot like my Coon.George will jump right in the shower with us! His meow is very differant from our other 2 cats. He also says MaMa.My husband didnt believe me until he heard it for himself! A water fountain is a good idea. We have one too.George does like to play in it.LOL He leaves wet paw prints after sticking his paws in it. When he was youngg he also liked to put toys in it!

Glad he has a new playmate. Pics, we need pics!! DO get his weight down.He will live longer and it will be better on his joints. A stool is a good idea too.My Georgie LOVES playing with the fishing rod toy.He will run and jump all over the place. It has a long rod with a feathered thing at the end of the line attached to a fishing rod.

Before she died George would walk over top of his playmate Karma and then just lay down on her.Then RUN and she would chase him.She would chase him upstairs and they they would come back down with Georgie chasing her! They loved each other and he was very sad when she died.

Cat Toys
by: Victoria

Finn sounds like a cute cat. and I just wanted to give u a tip cats expecially Maine coons love furry mouses it gets my cat going all day long.and also fluffy feathers with cat nip. Lol so I hope ur cat is doing good.

by: Heather

Hi Terry! So funny, we adopted a red coon a year ago and also named him Finn! Such a funny boy that LOVES to lick the water streaming down the shower walls even while the shower is on and most def after! He too chirps upon our arrival home or his arrival into a room... He has attached himself to our other cat and positions himself within sight of her at all times, that is when he isnt an arms reach away : ) enjoy your Finn, I know we are.. such special little kitties these Maine Coons are, so happy we accidently came across him, he has changed the spirit of the house! oh also he loves chasing a laser pointer in the dark.. (a weight loss tactic perhaps?) also I came home from PT with a rubber tube exercise band and he claimed it as his.. he carries it around in his mouth, I think he believes its a snake that he has taken control of! ENJOY!

Finn's Rainbow
That anyone would even think about having that beautiful cat euthanized is too sad to even comtemplate. You found yourself a great companion.

Update on Finn
by: Terry

Hi Everyone,
Thought I would give you an update on Finn. Well, he's doing fantastic! What a wonderful cat Finn is and I'm still so glad we rescued him.

But we have a newm slightly embarrasssing problem. Finn's been fixed for several years but is now humping blankets all the time. First, we would find him in the back room doing it descretly, now heck, he does it anywhere he can find a blanket-and in front of or sitting next to anyone on the sofa.

He goes for about 20 minutes or more and we tell him to stop and he just looks at us and keeps going. He pulls the blanket up about 8 inches high with his mouth then goes to town.

Ah, can someone give me some gentle advice on how to stop our now very horny boy from doing this? I thought they stopped this business when they got fixed???

I took a video of this because the way he does it is unusual and I though he was just kneeding at first. Boy was I wrong! LOL

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