Our Favorite Cat Water Fountain

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Here is everything you need to know about our favorite cat water fountain, The Big Max Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain.

The Big Max is sleek, attractive, and easy-to-maintain - but that's not why Alice and Leo are so obsessed with it!

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A while back we decided to get a present for the cats, something they have never had and something I could review thoroughly.

We thought about toys, cat trees and scratching posts. As we thought about it we observed the cats drinking from our decorative water fountain again.

Maine Coon Cats Love Water!

We had resorted to filling that fountain with filtered water for them lately.

It was from the hardware store and quite nice-looking with it's stones and rippling water, but we couldn't really access or clean the interior so we had to wonder if the cats should have something more functional.

Many Maine Coon owners have noticed that their cats has a certain affinity for water, especially running water. When water is running as if in a stream in the wild, it seems to indicate to our cats that this is fresh and good. Not stagnant and harboring bacteria. Plus it's fun!

So, of course, it was clear that of all the things we could get them, they would get the most out of a cat water fountain!

Narrowing The Choices

Then it was off to read reviews on online.

can and water fountainLeo is cautious in approaching the cat water fountain the first time

The Big Max Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain wasn't the first one we read about or the one with the most reviews.

But, the reviews it did have were outstanding.

We checked out the specs on a few models and fairly quickly decided this would be the best cat drinking fountain we could choose.

I wanted something that would last a very long time and be safe, clean, and sturdy. But especially something that would not be plastic or flimsy - not when it's an electronic item with a motor and will probably be running most of the time.

Introduction To The Cat Water Fountain:

The fountain arrived well packaged and there was very little set up involved.

I gave it a wash and filled it with clean water. We sent the (human) kids outside to play and set up the video camera. Here is how it went:

Leo wasn't sure at first! As our cautious boy ventured nearer, little Alice sauntered right up as if it had been there all along. Then he figured it was okay to go for it.

The first thing I noticed was how quiet it is. Reviewers of other fountains mentioned sounds and how their pets shied away from the noisy stream of water.

This cat water fountain is almost silent. I love that! When the water level drops too low, you can hear that there is air in the motor and it makes a low hum. So we make sure to top it off then.

Of course, our dog loves it too. The Big Max is made for both cats and dogs. We like that it holds an entire gallon of water. And did I mention it's dishwasher safe, too?

Ceramic or Stainless Cat Drinking Fountain?

Both the ceramic and stainless steel models are very popular at Amazon.

We wouldn't use ceramic for a pet food dish because it can scratch and harbor bacteria. I am careful to clean it with a soft sponge or cloth so it stays in like-new condition.

Stainless steel has a reputation of being one of the most hygienic surfaces in existence, so it is also a top choice for pet food dishes or a cat drinking fountain.

As far as the Big Max, both models are built the same. It's just your personal preference.


There is very minimal maintenance involved. From time to time (usually weekly) I take it to the kitchen sink, empty it, wipe and wash it and refill it. That's it! The last time I did this I took some pictures so you can see all the parts:

fountain filter and motorHere is the fountain's filter and motor, all taken apart. The black square in the back is the motor.
water fountain partsThese are all the parts of the cat water fountain. The filter & motor are back in their case, ready to be closed up.
water fountain apartAlmost all back together!
empty cat water fountainReassembled and ready to fill!

We placed our cat drinking fountain on Alice and Leo's favorite coffee table near a window. They love to be off the floor and drink from it constantly.

cat drinking from fountainAlice Drinking From The Cat Water Fountain

We've had our Big Max cat water fountain for over a year and a half now, and I can honestly say this is their favorite item in the house (well, after our beds!). It runs and looks like new.

There have been times when it is turned off, and the water level gets a little low (though not empty). 

Both of these cats will come follow us, meowing and pleading as if they are going to wither from starvation. When all they wanted was to have the cat water fountain full and running!

So if you have ever thought about getting a pet drinking fountain, are in the market to replace one or are considering which one to get, I hope our experiences with our favorite cat water fountain have helped!

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