Maine Coon Cat Behavior and Traits

Quirks, Traits, and More!

This section is all about unique Maine Coon cat behavior and characteristics. From their outgoing personality to their clown-like antics, there is a lot to say about these special guys and gals!

There is nothing average or ordinary about them! Let's talk about all the special traits and qualities that set them apart from the crowd. How would you describe them? Unique, funny, loyal, smart, boisterous, friendly... just for starters!

pretty brown tabby maine coon cat with white paws

That Big Personality:
There is no doubt they have character! They really have a way of captivating almost anyone. And kitten behavior is so rambunctious! This breed is slow to mature, so they keep that kitten behavior for years.

They can win over even the most hardened "strictly-dog-person"! I like to say that they are the Golden Retrievers of the feline world. Gentle, sweet, playful, and totally affectionate. Read more about that wonderful personality.

When folks are asked what their favorite trait is, the most common answer is personality. They each have their own "way" about them, and often seem more like people than felines. It helps that they are incredibly smart, too!

If you have a Maine Coon, you know how unique and different they are. You know you have a special cat!

I'd like to mention our E-book, The Care and Keeping of Your Maine Coon Cat. It's full of info. Take a look, and review the table of contents to see for yourself!

Vocalizing is a Maine Coon Cat Behavior!

So Many Sounds:
You can't talk about Maine Coon cat behavior without mentioning their voice. Have you ever heard a Coon speak? It is a very distinctive sound.

It really sounds like they're talking to you! What do the experts say? Can they really talk?

Some say that this breed hardly ever makes a sound, and when they do, it's a very small sound. Others describe them as being very vocal, with a large repertoire of sounds.

two ginger maine coon cats grooming each other

So which is it? Well, they definitely have their own voice. It is a distinctive sound. They have a variety of friendly chirps, which they are known for, along with a particular "trill" sound.

And they can loudly howl when they want. In general, they sound much like most felines, but with a "twist".

These pets are so much fun to have around! They are about as close to being a dog as possible.

You may find yourself looking at your boy or girl and asking, "do you think he knows he's not a person?" This Maine Coon cat behavior probably sounds familiar to you, too.

happy brown maine coon cat

All About Purring:
Expect lots of purring! Since they are so very affectionate and happy, this is a common behavior! But how does a happy kitty purr?

Learn about the mechanics of purring and take a peek into the psyche of your purring friend. Also, what other quirky little things do our furry friends do when they are super happy?

big ginger maine coon in a sink

Water Cats:

An infamous Maine Coon cat behavior is water play. Who ever said they must hate water? Does yours get in the shower with you, or enjoy splashing in a sink full of water?

I thought this was a hoot when our kittens were small. Little did I know then, that this is a definite trait of the breed!

This section includes a little video of Leo and Alice checking out the bathtub.

young black maine coon kitten

Defining Traits:
Has all this talk of Maine Coon cat behavior left you wondering if you have one? Or a mix? Explore these pages to learn about some common tell-tale traits.

Although kittens are sold by breeders and have a pedigree, some end up being rescued or adopted.

Even if your kitty doesn't have a cat pedigree, you might still have a Coonie or a mix on your hands.

black and white maine coon cat rolling around

Ready to Adopt?

All these characteristics blend together to create one very unique and special family member. For those who are ready to adopt a kitten, how would he or she fit in with your family life?

Is this the right choice for you? Their personality makes them very desirable pets.

But before running out to adopt a kitten, it's a good idea to learn about them. This will be a very long relationship. Making the right choice, at the right time, will bring a rewarding addition to your family.

young brown tabby maine coon kitten

Characteristics and Tall Tales:
Would you believe there are actually myths and urban legends about regarding the temperament of these animals?

Here, we set the record straight and reveal just what it's like to have them as pets.

Here is a fun section: Do they like laps - or not? Check out the results of our survey here. Devoted owners told us all about their affectionate kitties and whether they enjoy laps. It's very interesting!

Maine Coon cat behavior and traits make these wonderful pets great companions and family members. Once you meet one of these special and unique boys and girls, you've made a friend for life! And, once you are hooked, you'll find there is always room for more!

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