Muska And Marley

By: Joy in Scotland

Muska the blue tortoiseshell and white maine coon catMuska

Muska, my Maine Coon is a two and a half year old blue tortoiseshell and white. She has a very loving nature and is great company.

She is very amusing, she loves to run around at high speed and likes to race me to the top of the stairs.

She is very helpful and makes sure that she sticks her nose in to everything I do.

She is a total princess!

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Muska the blue tortoiseshell and white maine coon cat lying on back of couchMuska In The Kitchen
Muska the blue tortoiseshell and white maine coon cat sitting in the snowMuska in the snow
Muska the Blue Tortoiseshell and White Maine Coon Cat perched on cat treeMuska

Comments For Muska:

Muska's Pretty!

What's the name mean? Is it a Slavic nickname?

Thank you
by: Joy

My understanding is that it is Russian for a female cat but I have also been told that it 'means' smile. She makes me smile so I thought it suited her.

re update
by: Jessy

She is the epitome of the more sweet-faced type of MC. A very lovely cat.

thank you
by: Joy

She has a lovely sweet nature, I am biased but I have never seen a more beautiful cat.

by: Kathy

What a beautiful cat!

She's stunning!
by: Tricia

I agree with you, SHE may be the most beautiful female Coon I have ever seen. That coat is just gorgeous and her facial structure is irresistible and perfection!

However, I am biased to my Rocky (Black smoke) as being the best looking MALE Coon. Not because because he is the love of my life, honestly, but because he is the most gorgeous creature I've ever laid my eyes upon.

So coming from me, HUGE COMPLIMENT!! Muska is a very Beautiful girl.

Meet Little Marley!

Marley the Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White Maine Coon kittenLittle Marley

Marley is a 4 month old red silver blotched tabby and white, he is beautiful- in looks and nature.

My two year old Maine Coon is still not keen on him because he wants to play with her.

He has not learnt how to ask nicely yet and still tries to jump on her head, which does not impress her.

He is always hungry but her food unsettles his tummy, he has not learnt to stay away from her food either so now her food is up on the kitchen work tops.

He purrs a lot and when he does his nose gets wet, he is soooo cute.

He is a real stunner- but maybe I am biased?

Marley the Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White Maine Coon kittenMarley at 4 Months Old
Marley the Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White Maine Coon kitten sleepingMarley sleeping

Comments For Marley:

Marley IS a stunner!!
by: Sharon

Beautiful! Love his coloring. My Marley is a brown mackerel tabby.

I laughed when you mentioned the purring and wet nose.

When Marley purrs he forgets to swallow and ends up with a wet mane and a wet me when he is in my lap!

Biased? No way!
by: Jessy

He is really, truly gorgeous!

by: Theresa

Your kitten is so cute. I have a Maine Coon cat, Last Chance, and the new addition to our family is a stray little ordinary kitten name Superflous.

My Maine Coon is always beating him up and will go out of his way to beat him up and all this little guy wants is to play, love him and like him back.

Unfortunately, I think I have to give up this little stray who just wanted a home because the treatment LC gives him.

What I don't understand is regardless of how LC beats him up and hurts him Superflous, the little kitten keeps trying to play with him and tries to follow him around?

Do Coon cats like only to be the only child? Never had a Coon before and I got him as a rescue cat from an abusive household. He endured 2 abusive households. I just wanted to comment how adorable and sweet ur baby looks.

cats and kittens
by: Joy

Thank you for your lovely words about Marley, it would be a shame if you have to give the kitten up. My adult Maine Coon, Muska has always had a lovely gentle nature and she leaves Marley alone when he sits still.

If he tries to jump on her then she tried running away and now she chases him until he stops. I keep them apart most of the time and I make sure that Muska gets lots of attention.

Whenever she lets the kitten sit near her I give her some cats treats, I never force them together.

If you are able to, you should maybe keep the kitten in one room, especially if you are out so that Last Chance knows he still has his own territory. The other thing that works is that Muska has several high places to sit where Marley cannot reach her.

I hope it works out for you

Marvelous Marley
by: Sandy

This cat is gorgeous, cute and adorable. I think Muska is a wonderful cat but when you see this kitten, your heart melts!! A real AWWWWWW pussy cat!!

Love the colouring and will enjoy hearing about his antics. Sometimes it takes months and months for a new kitten and an older one to be real friends......much like human siblings !!!!


Marley the Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White Maine CoonSunday afternoons
Muska the Blue Tortoiseshell and White Maine Coon Cat in the gardenmy garden
Marley the Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White Maine Coon Cat standing tallMarley showing his height
Muska the Blue Tortoiseshell and White Maine Coon Cat unrolling the toilet paperwho needs a puppy?

I was very pleased to see a picture of my boy, Marley, in a Maine Coon Facebook post, the sleeping kitten having a nap.

He was just a young thing when I updated last. He is now almost two and weighing in at just over 20lbs, a monster by anybody’s reckoning.

The two of them have turned me into a crazy cat lady it is like living in a cartoon with them, never a dull moment.

Muska is almost four now, she likes to eat my breakfast whilst I put the milk away, tear up my toilet roll and play with anything that looks like it might be fun.

Marley’s thoughts on ownership are “ I saw it, I want it, it’s mine”. He steals everything that fits in his mouth- or nearly fits.

I think they are both beautiful, loving and loyal cats and would recommend Maine Coons to anyone. Marley has Maine Coon on his papers but I think monkey suits him better.

I cannot remember what life was like before I started sharing my house with them, I even forgive them for turning the house into a race track, especially Marley.

Sometimes he lets Muska have some peace and then at other times he feels the need to chase her and they travel at about 102 miles per hour.

I love your website, Maine Coons are so gorgeous
Best wishes


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