Maine Coon Cat Stories

Fairy Tail Endings!

These wonderful Maine Coon stories are sure to brighten your day! Every day we receive new additions to our Monthly Photo Album. Most of these are nice, short introductions to a cat.

But sometimes we get a long get-to-know you kind of story. Even better, some of these are happy ending "tails" about a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix that almost didn't have a home. Enjoy!

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contest marley

Marley, Arthur and Elliot

Marley, Arthur and Elliot are Sharon's three boys from Maine. These stunning brothers are the epitome of that Maine Coon look!

contest muska

Muska and Marley

Meet stunning Muska and Marley from Scotland! Muska, a Blue Tortoiseshell & White, has a very loving nature. Little brother Marley, is just as sweet.


Chester has that classic Maine Coon look for sure! Susan has sent in lots of photos and updates, so Chester has his own page. Hop on over to Meet Chester!

tabby and white maine coon sitting outdoors

Bubba the Maine Coon Cat
Welcome to Bubba's page. Over time we have gotten to know Bubba through his regular updates - Meet Bubba the Maine Coon!


Falling in Love With Georgina

Georgina is a full blooded Maine Coon girl, She arrived into this world 23 March 2018 so she is closing in on her first year. She joined our family in June 2018, a little early to leave her Birth Mum but for health reasons..

beautiful silver maine coon kitten

Mr Buster
Meet Mr. Buster, a sweet Maine Coon kitten who started out as J. Paul Kitty. His family is so excited!

silver maine coon outdoors

Pawstuctaway McMurphy & Kelimcoons Candy Cane
My Sweet Pawstuctaway McMurphy This is my cat Murphy. He's a purebred Maine Coon, classic silver tabby with white. He is as sweet as can be, and …

haley cat

Hayley and Montgomery

This is Hayley, my first Maine Coon. I got her when she was 6 months old and she was the last of her litter, can you imagine that? She is such a beauty!

two brown tabbies cuddling

Dr Watson and Sherlock

Last month we told you about Sherlock the Maine Coon who adopted us! He is such a gentle giant - full of love and fun! Then, almost two weeks ago, we received..

noele the cat


Many years ago, I enjoyed breeding and showing Abyssinians. After a divorce, move across country and major lifestyle change, it was no longer a viable hobby..

tass cat


My little girl Tass (or she gets called Tassie Girl) is One today. We purchased her from a pet shop last year in April she was 8 weeks old and told we have..

This is me Oscar


My real name is Razzoona's Dazzling Dawn, but gladly Mum & Dad call me Oscar. My Aunty Bridget (13) and the kids Eric & Pheobe (8mths) call me GOD!

contest rocco

Rocco & Captain Hook

When I first adopted this Maine Coon I did not know if it was a boy or a girl. I was calling it Daisy. One day when he was about 10 weeks old he was playing..

silver maine coon cat hanging out

Diva Molly
Diva Molly from South Africa: I am gorgeous, smart, wise and loving as every Main Coon should be. Only 16-months old, but loved by all. Molly is …

fluffy black and white cat

My New Kitten Tilly
I didn't think I'd ever want another cat after my lifelong friend, Mister, died last year. I was wrong. =) My husband talked me into looking …


Max The Cat

Max, AKA “Fuzz Butt Yodel Lungs” is all Maine Coon, the good, the bad, the “you gotta be kidding…”.

Max is larger than life; he is a topic of conversation with all of my team at my company, where there is a fascination bordering on Schadenfreude with his antics...



Since you all have Coonies, you know their personalities - they follow their humans around the house and are always giving (and getting) love and attention. Gabriel has been my closest friend since I adopted him from a California shelter in 2001...

hemi and paisley

Hemi and Paisley
This is Hemi and Paisley's Page. They are brother and sister Maine Coon mixes who are adored by Liz.

fuzzy cat on his back

My Cat Hunter....The Coon Who Sleeps On His back!!! Hi, this is my boy Hunter. I'm dying to find out if anyone has a Coon who's predominant sleeping …

ginger maine coon mix wearing christmas hat

Rudy The Maine Coon - Video
Come meet Rudy, and see his video where he does tricks! This page has been one of the most popular visitor pages on the site, with many comments to read and add your own.

black and white kitty lounging

Mr. Whiskers: Mr. Whiskers, a Black and person said he looked like a tuxedo, maybe in color. He has always been a unique cat in my area and in my 68 years …

ginger tabby cat

Maxwell Fluffypants

Maxwell Fluffypants was rescued from a foreclosed home where he had been left with an open bag of food and the water had been turned off...

beautiful black maine coon cat

A Cattery Horror Story

Scout Stormcloud is very special to myself and my husband. All my life I had 'rescue moggies'- but one day I saw there was a breeder of Maine Coons …

black and white cat

Oliver's Rescue Story

Oliver was adopted four days before his twelfth birthday. He's so happy in his forever home!

tabby kitty

The Maine Coon Miracle

Maui, The Maine Coon Miracle, was rescued by Juli and now has a happy forever home!

tabby cat

Autumn Beauty

Autumn Beauty is sweet girl with a heartwarming rescue story.

dog and cat eating

Lizzy Butters - Fat and Happy:

Alexis shares, "We will forever be a Maine Coon rescue household! As much as I like to think we have helped her by rescuing her, she has helped.."

tabby and white kitty

Joey...Traveling Companion, Snuggle Buddy, Crazy Coonie Cat

Joey was rescued by Leslee at only eight weeks old! Visit his adoption story here.

tabby cat

Two Maine Coon Adoption Stories

This page has two Maine Coon adoption stories; "Introducing Abby," and "A Sucker For Hard Luck Cases" - Zilah's Story!

tabby kitten

Two Maine Coon Rescue Stories

There are two awesome rescue stories here to read; Lucky's story, "Dad's Best Friend", and Andy's story, "Dumped."

tabby cat

Saving Grace

This page has three wonderful rescue stories; Saving Grace, Crying Saved His Life, and Second Chance For an Abandoned Boy

black cat

Meet Sable and Vincent

Enjoy Sable's and Vincent's sweet rescue stories! Maine Coon happy endings..

tabby cat

"She Saved My Life"

Louis shares, "Recently I have been in a long period of depression, and I'm diabetic. Recently separated, lost my job, and had to move to a new state.."

tabby cat

Oklahoma Bob

Bob THE BIG Tabby from the Fields of Oklahoma:
This is the rescue story of Bob the big tabby from the fields of Oklahoma. Is he part Maine Coon cat?

fluffy cream colored cat

Never Fear, Creamy Puff is Here

My name is Creamsicle Eduardo Evans. I am about 3-3 1/2 years old my humans have had me for 3 years now. I was found in the wild by the Animal Rescue …

pretty white and tabby cat

Our Beautiful Catty LaBelle

Sadie, our beloved feline of more than 15 years had just gone over the rainbow bridge. We knew we could never replace her but wanted to give another kitty a loving home...

sad tabby cat in need of rescue

Mishu's Rescue Story

A year ago I rented a cottage and on the property there was a cat roaming the yard. My landlord said it was homeless for the past 4 yrs and it just lived under my cottage I'm renting.

Landlord and son fed the cat but it was too fast...

white and buff kitty

Handsome Prince

In July, 2014, I adopted a beautiful black and white kitten from the Humane Society. He had been born on May 9, 2014. He had a brother and a sister.

It took a couple of days to...

A Third Chance
When we decided to get a feline, we looked through tons of nearby organizations and websites but found nothing that really stopped us in our tracks.

My family wanted something very specific- a small...

brown tabby rescue kitty

This Is Scooter!

This is Scooter, also known as Mr. Scooter. It is believed he is about four years old. Nothing is known of his original owner. He is definitely a Maine Coon! He has every trait, from his...

ginger and white kitty

Meet "Tarzan"

I rescued this little creature from a house that burned down back in November 2012 in our neighborhood. He was just a kitten about a year and a half old when I captured him which was no easy feat...

cute little kitten

Our Buried Treasure

This story is about a little miracle kitty name "Chance." My husband Tim was in the washroom one night and called me in there.

He asked me if I could hear a cat meow. I listened and I heard a few different meows...

buff fluffy kitty

Louie, Our Gentle Giant

This is our baby Louie. He came to us un-expectantly. We were already owned by three cats, all tabbies. Two of the three were homeless, and the third was adopted from the Humane Society....

gray and white fluffy kitty

Maddy "Our Mini Lion"

We adopted Maddy from the local ASPCA just two years ago this month in January 2011.

I went to the shelter with a heavy heart as I had just lost one of my old and beloved kitties, Skeeter a month earlier...

c2 tiki eli

Tiki and Eli

I just LOVE my scrappy smart little Coonie. He's just bursting with personality, charm and SO full of himself.

He's a cuddler, when it suits him and very much MY cat. He likes my son but he sticks to me wherever I am and we chat constantly. He's in the middle of nearly every single thing I do!

tabby and white rescue cat

Romeo Asad "Lion"

Asad means "lion" in Arabic. This is a very special and very lucky boy. I found him in the middle of the night at a McDonald's drive-through in a bad part of town...

cute kitty waving upside down

Lucy Goosey

I work at the Reno NV Veterans clinic and was done for the day, 4 years ago in February and walking to my car in the one story parking ramp. I thought I heard a bird tweeting. I also saw a coworker standing...

black and white cat closeup

Boots....Everyone should own "boots"

Boots is now 9 yrs old. We first encountered Boots who (btw is half maincoon breed ) was underneath our porch.

I'm an animal lover and my home has become a refuge for homeless cats. I can't sleep or eat...

young tiger kitty

Beauregard - Love After Loss

I picked this baby, sight unseen in November of 2015. I had said over and over that I would never have another cat in my life after I lost my BooBoo to anal cancer on March 5 of 2014.

presley tiger cat

Meet Presley

This is my Maine Coon mix cat, Presley. We adopted him from a shelter in November of 2013. He came from a litter at the shelter with two other siblings...

brown tabby cat

Lucy... I'm Home!

Lucy is about 11 months old. I do volunteer work for a no-kill kitty shelter in the area. We have no problem getting our kittens adopted...the older kitties...

white and black kitty looking out window


I adopted Breanna - we call her Bree - from a shelter when she was 7 weeks old. I thought I was looking for a BLACK CAT WITH WHITE like my last cat, but my granddaughter Stephanie and Bree convinced me I needed a WHITE CAT WITH BLACK.

pookie gray cat

Just By Chance - Pookie

I work at a local university and on a rainy cold January as I was pulling out onto the main street leaving for lunch I see this kitten dart into the street and a half a dozen students standing around.

I pull over as I am afraid the kitten is going to get run over...

Feral Colonies in Iowa
I live in the Amanas in Iowa and our 7 villages have ALOT of stray cats. I feed and vet all of them that show up.

We've had some beautiful cats show up, but I was truly shocked when Maine Coons started showing up at my door!

Last Chance:
I am employed at a group home for developmentally disabled when a wife of one of my co-worker came into the house with this coon cat looking for someone to adopt it.

I contacted my mother, an animal lover, whom agreed to take in the cat before it was destroyed.

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