The White Maine Coon Cat Color Guide

Alluring, Stunning and Bright!

Do you love the White Maine Coon color?

Since these cats can come in just about any hue, except pointed markings or ticked patterns, you may find a Coonie that is sporting this solid, bright, and striking appearance - or should we say non-color?

The Maine Coon Magazine
The Maine Coon Magazine

three beautiful white maine coon catsThree Beautiful White Maine Coon Cats
three beautiful white maine coon catsThree Beautiful White Maine Coon Cats
(Willow is the daughter of Willy, below)

When a cat is pure white, it's like they have nothing to hide! With other shades, your eye might be drawn to interesting patterns.

And with darker kitties, the light around is absorbed, so our eyes have to work harder to really focus on each feature.

But with a stunning White Maine Coon, he or she is just “out there” for all to see.

Willy is an absolutely stunning White Maine CoonWilly, an absolutely stunning White Maine Coon is a solid White masking Blue

Every feature, from the luxurious mane, to the foot tufts, to the ear tips, is on display!

Naming white Maine Coon cats can be fun. There are some cool themed names.

Think Snowy, Blizzard, Sugar, Cotton, Angel, and more! Of course most pets have a unique name that is not related to their color, but to something the "owner" simply likes!

Did you know that the genes that create this colorless animal are actually masking genes?

That means there is an underlying pattern or hue that is not seen, or expressed. Interesting!

Meeko is a bright and beautiful CoonieMeeko is a bright and beautiful Coonie

So, it's not a "solid color" in itself, that can be passed to offspring. When you see a white Maine Coon, that's not it's real color! It's true color is hidden by the white masking gene.

If one of these colorless beauties is bred, it will pass on it's underlying, un-shown hue.

And, he or she may pass the dominant color-masking gene, resulting in a kitten or kittens who are also without hue.

Little Alba Is A White Maine Coon kittenLittle Alba Is A White Maine Coon kitten

Many times a solid white Maine Coon kittens will have a small patch of color on top of the head, a window into the underlying shade. The rest of the head and body are pure white.

Sometimes it lasts months, and then fades as he or she matures. Note the wee spot on Alba's head, in the accompanying photo.

Understandably, it takes a professional to plan this kind of breeding! 

Coockie & her baby Mist both have the dominant masking white geneCoockie & her baby Mist both have the dominant masking white gene

Maine Coon breeders are experienced in determining a white cat's true color in order to plan future litters of kittens.

The dominant genes that are involved cannot skip a generation.

So it can't be passed on through generations without presenting in each generation.

As a dominant trait, if you don't see it, it's not there!

Cats who have the masking gene will have pure white coats.

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Are White Maine Coons Deaf?

Feather is a White Maine Coon with blue eyesFeather is a White Maine Coon with blue eyes

Feline Deafness:

Have you ever wondered about deaf white cats? Or heard that they are all deaf?

That is a common misconception, with a grain of fact behind it. It's all in the genes.

There is a connection between the genes that are linked with deafness, and a blue iris.

And, since kitties with blue eyes are rarely shaded (except in the case of Siamese), that means deafness will be seen more often in cats with pure white coats.

However, there are different genetic ways for this to happen. Not all have inherited the gene complex that includes deafness.

Atlas the White Maine Coon knows how to relaxAtlas the White Maine Coon knows how to relax

It is known that when they are born without hue, and have blue eyes, they are more likely to be deaf.

Not all with this combination are deaf. And many have eyes of another shade such as green, gold, or green-gold.

According to research [1] solid white cats with non-blue eye color have only a 17-22 percent chance of being deaf. Pure white cats with blue eyes have a 65-85 percent chance of being deaf.

If a white cat has odd-colored eyes (one blue and one green or gold), their chances fall somewhere in between. And interestingly, they may be deaf only in one ear – the same ear that is on the side as the blue eye!

And, if your cat has any patches of color, even if they are almost all white, they won't have an increased chance of deafness.

Is a White Maine Coon an Albino Cat?

Mist is a darling white kittenMist is a darling white kitten

What Is An Albino Feline?

As an interesting note, it can be hard for an average pet owner to identify a true albino kitty.

For a start, an albino Maine Coon might have pinkish eyes, or they might be a lighter blue.

As a result, it's hard for an average pet owner to know what kind of genes their he or she has inherited.

Animals, (or humans for that matter!) can be albino. This means more than having white fur or light eyes, and pale skin.

Blondie is a vision in WhiteBlondie is a vision in White
Photo courtesy of Fiona Cooper

This means that the body is lacking melanin, and there is no pigment to the skin or fur.

So the nose and visible skin (look around the eyes, and mouth area) on an albino will be pink.

The eyes may appear pink, as there is no pigment in the iris.

Other times, like in the case of a partial albino (a genetic variation) the eyes may be pale blue.

A kitty with green, gold, copper or other shaded eyes or odd eyes is not albino. He is simply has that dominant masking gene, which covers the underlying hue. An albino one is missing color altogether. Sometimes it can be hard for an owner to tell the difference!

The vast majority of Maine Coons are purchased from reputable breeders, who understand genetics and will let you know that your kitten is a White Maine Coon, not an albino – the most likely scenario.

"What Kind of Health Issues Might White Maine Coon Cats Have?"

King Shariff is a nearly 30 pound Maine Coon, and quite the sweetheartKing Shariff is a nearly 30 pound Maine Coon, and quite the sweetheart

The only special consideration you should give is to sunburn and skin cancer.

The skin in more exposed in cats with white or thin fur.

There are pet sunscreens available, and even pet hats for the kitties who will tolerate them.

Of course, the best way to keep an all white Maine Coon cat safe from sun damage is by keeping him or her indoors.

Grooming White Cats:

Snowie is a handsome White CoonieSnowie is a handsome White Coonie

These beautiful cats have the same shaggy coat and bushy tails as their colorful counterparts.

You may find yourself doing a little more than the usual regular brushing, as the white fur tends to show on clothes, particularly darker clothes of course.

A good lint brush or lint roller for removing cat's fur is a lifesaver in many pet homes!

"What is The Breed Standard For White Maine Coon Cats?"

According to The Cat Fanciers' Association, a white Maine Coon cat should have fur that is pure glistening white, and paw pads and nose leather of pink. [2]

Additionally, when it comes to eye color, blue eyes can be seen only in white Maine Coon cats Maine Coons with white.

"Are White Maine Coons Rare?"

Yes, white Maine Coon cats are definitely rare! Only 5 percent of the total cat population are solid white, including all breeds and mixes. So to find a pure white Maine Coon cat is a special find, indeed!

"How Much Does a White Maine Coon Cost?"

Depending on the breeder, this special and rare color, which takes extra planning, can understandably carry a premium cost!

Since all breeders and locations are different, visit our page on purebred Maine Coon prices to get more information on what to expect to pay.

White Cat Legends and Superstitions:

We've all heard about black cat superstitions, but did you know white cats have their own lore too?

In many cultures, they are symbols of luck and good fortune. (Although in some cultures, they represent bad luck and black cats get to be the good luck charms.)

They are associated with positive omens! Think cleanliness and purity, joy and prosperity in the home, and of course light, spirituality and divinity as well. How fun!

Ice is enjoying a nice afternoonIce is enjoying a nice afternoon

Well, I don't know about you, but after looking at all these pictures and learning about them, now I really want a White Maine Coon Cat of my own!

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