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The Black Maine Coon Cat Color

"There is something mysterious and alluring about black cats..."


Maine Coon cats can be almost any color! The Black Maine Coon Cat color is one of the most alluring and stunning of these.

Do you know the difference between a Black and a Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat? Of course all the Maine Coon cat colors are so beautiful, it would be impossible to choose a favorite!

beautiful young black maine coon cat

The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat
The Care And Keeping Of Your Maine Coon Cat

black smoke maine coon kitten

Is is hard to find a Maine Coon Cat in Black? Not really. There are many colors possible in a litter of kittens. And many Maine Coon Cat breeders will specialize in a few particular colors, while others have more variety at their cattery.

So, while one breeder might specialize in Classic Brown Tabbys, or Brown Tabbys With White, another breeder may be expecting a litter of Reds, Silvers, and even Black kittens!

curious black maine coon kitten

black maine coon cat in the window

A Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat


So, what exactly is the difference between a Black and a Black Smoke Maine Coon Cat? Glad you asked!

Usually it's pretty clear. A pure Black Maine Coon Cat is just that, pure black. Every bit of the cat is black, and there's not much more to say about it!


Any solid color Maine Coon (expept White) can be a Smoke. The difference lies in the undercoat. A Black Smoke cat will look like a soid black cat at a first glance. Then, when the fur is "ruffled" under the belly or chest area, you'll see that the fur there is much lighter.

Sometimes it's quite light and the cat is clearly a Smoke. Other times you actually have to inspect the cats undercoat to see it.

black maine coon cat up high

For a long time, we didn't realize our Alice was a Black Smoke, we thought she was just Black. Then, after speaking to a local breeder, I learned that I could part the fur where it is short, on her legs or head, and check the roots. Boy, was I surprized!

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

The fur close to her skin is light gray, gradully getting darker till it's all black at the ends. Also, she has white fur coming out of her ears, and a few random white furs all over.

pretty black smoke maine coon cat in the windowsill

Black or Brown?

When looking at a Black Maine Coon Cat, you might notice he seems kind of brown. How can that be? Is he actully a brown cat?

black smoke maine coon kitten

Actually, the genes for a black cat are sometimes accompanied by another set of genes which cause a cat to "rust" when the fur has been exposed to sunshine!

Think of it as highlights. It will happen even if the only sunshine your kitty gets is in a windowsill. There is a special shampoo, though, that is made especially for black cats. It returns them to their true Black Color.

portrait of beautiful black maine coon cat

There's no doubt about it, Black Maine Coons are gorgeous, stunning, and very hard to photograph. Now you all there is to know about the Black Maine Coon Cat Color!

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