Cute Kitten Names

"Tons of ideas to find the purrrfect name..."

Looking for unique, cute kitten names? Whether it's boy kitten names or girl kitten names you're after, you are in the right place.

If you are adding to your fur-family, you are probably trying to find just the right name!

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  • This page is full of brainstorming ideas, with some unique name suggestions added to each section.

I love names. When I was a young child, I actually wrote lists of hundreds of names. Alphabetized! It's so fun to come up with the perfect name for your cat. So, let's get started!

Human Names:

brown with white maine coon catChester

Using human names is a great way to find cute kitten names. Here's the trick: choose a name you wouldn't expect to see on a cat. A very human name.

Names like Max, Charlie, Lucy and Chloe qualify as human names, and they certainly are cute, but we're talking about really unique kitten names.

Being a name that is usually only for people qualifies it for our page of cute kitten names.

There are so many suggestions that these will be listed on our next page.

Place Names

You'll need to do your own brainstorming for this one, there are so may possibilities! Think of places that mean something to you.

They could be cities, towns, counties, or continents. They could be regions, rivers, mountains or lakes.

Is there a favorite camping or vacation spot? Some inspiration: Everest, Mississippi, Melbourne, Niagara, Amazon.

Celebrity Names:

Who do you admire? Who's poster was on your wall as a kid? What is your music style, favorite movie or television show?

Again, there are too many to name individually, so do some brainstorming if you like this idea. There are so many options for cute kitten names here.

Some suggestions: Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Barbara Walters, Alice Cooper, Perry Como, Bob Dylan, Biggie, Fergie, Kobi, you get the idea!

Fictional Names:

This is a similar idea, but now favorite characters. Think: Captain Picard, Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Clouseau, Green Lantern, Marsha Brady, Robert Langdon, Hermione Granger, Luke Skywalker, Spock, Fonzerelli. What fictional character means something to you?

Cute Kitten Names in Culture:

These can be some super cute kitten names! There are enough here to include on the next page. They will include famous artists, scientists, composers and authors. Very unique ideas!

Cute Kitten Names in Nature:

Take some inspiration from weather, plants, minerals, etc. These will be listed further on the next page as well.

Your Hobbies and Interests:

This is another way to make it personal. And, it's another one that will require brainstorming. What do you do in your spare time?

If you garden, read, or watch movies, those will give you great ideas. But about other pastimes? How about Sailor, Baker, Tripod, Karma, or Mercedes Benz?

Sometimes the perfect idea is so close you wouldn't even think of it!

Object Names:

These can be really clever and unique. They are so unexpected, and that's what makes them unique kitten names. I've personally met a Hosehead and a Chainsaw. Now that's creative!


You can even break it down by nationality. This is a popular trend in human names, too. So try to go one step further. There's a list on the next page for some starting ideas.


These are some super clever ideas! Many of the planets and moons are named after mythological characters, so this is a related theme. Check the next page for those names.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to cute kitten names! Happy brainstorming!

Top of Cute Kitten Names

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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