Your Maine Coon Kitten, What to Expect

Are you adding a Maine Coon kitten to your family? What an exciting time!

When I was expecting my human children, I spent a lot of time reading the popular "what to expect when you're expecting" book.

I really think there should be a similar what to expect from your Maine Coon kitten resource!

Let's answer some common questions about your kitten's development, health care and grooming. There is so much to think about!

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If you are just considering getting a kitten, this page gives you a great idea of what you're in for!

So you've found the perfect kitten, and picked the perfect name. Are you wondering what's next? The first things to do are about getting the home ready.

Make sure you've safety-proofed. A kitten can get into a lot of trouble! Also, there will be a trip to the pet store. Use our handy checklist to make sure you don't forget anything!

First days:

When you get home, it will be time to introduce the kitten. If you have other pets, you'll want to take care in this area.

This page deals with introducing a new kitten to the family, especially other pets. The key is to go slow.

What Should I Feed My Maine Coon Kitten?

Many people wonder if this cat breed has special diet concerns. Basically, just as with any cat breed, the better the food the better your kitten's health.

You'll want to start the kitten off on the same food he is used to from the breeder.

If you choose to change his food it can be done gradually over time, after he is all adjusted to his new home.

You will want to add just a little of the new food to the old, increasing the proportion of new to old a little more each day over a period of weeks.

To choose a new food, check the ingredients. Compare them against the information in Cat Food Ingredients, and make sure this is the best quality food you can find.

Over the lifetime of your new kitten, feeding him the highest quality food will repay itself in less vet trips, less tummy issues, less hairballs, and perhaps lessened risk of disease.

Top quality food equals a healthier, longer life for your kitten. There are many great kitten foods. You'll want to check the ingredients and maybe ask someone at the pet store for an opinion.

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What Kind of Personality Can I Expect From a Maine Coon Kitten?

little ginger maine coon kitten on laying on floor

Where to begin? Playful, loving, active, social, loving, personable, devoted, loving!

Although your kitten might grow to be quite large, the personality of a Maine Coon cat is sweet, loving and docile. Males are said to remain playful long into their adulthood.

They don't even need catnip to turn into complete goofballs!

There are still random stories (more like urban legends) of huge, savage Maine Coons. This couldn't be further from the actual truth! I trust my Coons completely when it comes to my young children.

I Have Allergies. Are Maine Coons Hypoallergenic?

No, they are not known to be. There are a very few stories of allergic people being able to tolerate them, but this isn't something you can bank on. There are a few known hypoallergenic cat breeds that people seem to do well with.

Whatever cat breed you choose, make sure to have a back-up plan in case your allergies are just too much.

What Kind of Health Care Will My Kitten Need?

He will probably be vet-checked before you get him. You'll want to set up an appointment with your vet for "kitten vaccinations."

There will be boosters, given at intervals when he's young. Then it will just be yearly check-ups.

Will My Maine Coon Kitten Get Along With My Other Pets?

The Maine Coon personality is so laid-back, loving and patient. They do get along well with other cats, with dogs, and just about anyone.

With that said, every pet is different and it will be up to the new owner to judge each temperament.

Should My Maine Coon Kitten Go Outside?

brown tabby maine coon in the grass

The appearance of the Maine Coon cat makes it seem so well suited for the outdoors. They did develop outside.

The fact of the matter is, though, that nowadays you must keep your kitten inside the home if you want him to live a long and healthy life.

Most vets and experts agree that the responsible choice is to keep a cat indoors. Every time a cat goes out, it is a gamble.

Your kitten will not be missing out, he will be just fine inside! Indoor cats live many times longer than outdoor ones, for a variety of reasons.

In fact, your Maine Coon breeder will likely have you agree to keep your kitten indoors. If you want to, you can consider Outdoor Cat Enclosures as a safe way for your kitten to get some fresh air.

Should I Declaw My Maine Coon Kitten?

In a nutshell, no! Most emphatically, no. This procedure is becoming less popular and more widely understood.

As a result, it is being seen in a very negative light by animal lovers worldwide.

There is absolutely no reason you should ever need to declaw a Maine Coon. There is a whole section on it here: Cat Declawing Concerns

Will My Maine Coon Kitten Require Extensive Grooming?

Not too much. Their fur is not all one length, like a Persian. It is more shaggy.

The places where they might develop mats would be in the hindquarters, under the "armpits" or belly, and in the neck area.

A regular brushing routine, started young, should keep the mats at bay. Many Maine Coons absolutely adore this attention!

Life With a Maine Coon Kitten

Every day is an adventure waiting to happen for your kitten. From checking out the damp shower, to his first experiences with catnip, to swatting at flies on the screen, you'll be surprised at how entertaining he is.

When you get home in the evening, he will be front and center, ready for greetings. If you choose to let him sleep with you, you'll have a furry purring machine on your head all night.

Any time you sit down to take a moment to yourself, whether it's at the computer, to watch television, or read a book, your Maine Coon kitten will see that you have just taken a break from your day in order to give him some love.

This is the personality of the Maine Coon cat that you'll be graced with for many years to come!

Top of Your Maine Coon Kitten

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