Outdoor Cat Enclosures

The Best of Both Worlds

Outdoor cat enclosures provide a great solution to an ongoing dilemma. The statistics are in. We know that indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. But they desperately want to get outside!

How they love the feeling of the wind blowing through their fur. And the feeling of the warm sunshine as they lounge on the ground. And did you know there are birds out there?!?

Just the simple act of pouncing on a cricket or trying to catch a fly actually brightens up a cats day. It adds to their overall health. They get exercise, and they feel like those instincts are being satisfied.

The nice thing about outside cat enclosures, besides the fact that they keep a cat safe, is that they come in such a variety. Most have some type of built-in shade protection, too.

Safety First with Outdoor Cat Enclosures:

The Kittywalk Systems enclosures are very popular. The term "systems" in the name refers to the idea that there are lots of available sections you can get. Then you can connect them and create a unique design of your own!

One very important note about them, though. There have been a few, very rare, reports of cat becoming entangled in them resulting in injury or death. Anyone who chooses this style should clip their cats claws and supervise them.

There are tunnel-style outdoor cat enclosures which a cat can walk through, penthouse designs that a cat can climb in, and many designs can even be connected to each other! You can add on as you wish, and even change the design on occasion to mix things up a bit for your cat.

Some people like to attach outside cat enclosures to a cat door, and the cat goes in and out freely. They love it!

There is even a design where a window box hooks onto a windowsill, and the cat goes through a trap door in the window opening to sit in his window box. So much better than leaning on the screen chirping at birds! These have gotten great reviews.

All things considered, outdoor cat enclosures definitely provide the best of both worlds. If they could speak, our feline friends completely agree.

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