Big Cat Litter Boxes, Our Top Picks

Jumbo, X-Large and Big Litter Boxes For Big Cats

Welcome to our top picks for big cat litter boxes for these big cats! Have you been looking everywhere for just the right choice for your big cat?

We are pleased to offer this collection for your big Maine Coon Cat (or big cat)! 

Here, we share our top picks for each style of big litter box: High-sided, self-cleaning, and jumbo and hooded.

The following big cat litter boxes are our top picks per customer reviews, and through our experience and through own research.

We've sifted through the rest so you can quickly find the best.

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Top Rated Big Cat Litter Boxes:

As rated by finicky cat lovers...

Disclosure: this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy something, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Rest assured I only recommend products that I would, or do use myself! >^..^<

1. Petmate Giant

This big cat litter box is one of the most popular ones here. It receives rave reviews for it's size and quality.

It boasts a 30 pound cat litter capacity! This big-boy was made with large and multiple-cat households in mind.

Dimensions: 25.56 x 18.3 x 10.02 inches 

I like they fact that one side is just a bit sloped for entry and exit. No big "dip" opening for litter to come out along with kitty, making a mess.

Helpful to note:

Cat lovers note how much larger this is than a regular box. Cats who used to poo outside the box now have room, and it holds a lot of litter. Even multiple cat households report no smells when using this box, and scooping daily.

Check pricing and availability: Petmate Giant Litter Box

2. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box, Large Size

Introducing the wildly popular Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box. With the fabulous reviews it gets, it is a true bargain, with a reasonable price tag. It uses a roll-away method, no electricity or filters (who has time to worry about replacing filters?).

For those who have considered automatic cat litter boxes but have been discouraged by prices, this might be the perfect choice.

Dimensions: 23 x 19 x 18.5 inches

This unit receives an average rating of 4 stars, based on 4,662 reviews and counting! That is a lot of reviews, because this is a best seller among cat owners.

Helpful to note:

Folks love the way this works as advertised, no surprises. It still requires some tending and light scooping but greatly reduces the contact with scoopers and scooping that cat owners have to do.

PS: Is this for really huge Maine Coon cats? Probably not. We've included it because not all Maine Coons are huge. And this box is so well-loved. Also, you will want multiple cat litter boxes in the house anyway.

Check pricing and availability: Omega Paw Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

3. Van Ness Giant High Sides Cat Litter Pan

Our favorite litter box at home was this one. Leo loved how big it is, and I love how deep it is. It has a nice smooth bottom for easy scooping, too.

With the super high sides, and easy entrance/exit, I find clean up a breeze, and stray kitty litter is reduced.

With an average 4+ star review, this simple box does the job.

Dimensions: 20.5x17x10 Inches

Note: It's a few inches less in length than #1, but plenty big enough for our 2 cats, one of which was 18lbs. And it's much more affordable.

Helpful to note:

This litter box is reported as being perfect for large cats, holding in any spills and also any spraying that male cats might otherwise manage to get over the top.

Check pricing and availability: Van Ness Giant High Sides Cat Litter Pan

4. Petco So Phresh Tan High-Back Litter Box

The tan color of this jumbo cat litter box is a bit easier on the eyes. It has a bucket type of shape that really holds litter in.

And with 5 stars, (which is hard to find in litter boxes!) it boasts good capacity and a lot of happy cats.

Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 10 inches

Helpful to note:

This unit really does seem to have the best of both worlds - it's X-large, as confirmed by reviewers. Everyone is impressed with it's size and high sides. And just as importantly, it's reasonably priced. A win-win.

Check pricing and availability: Petco So Phresh Tan High-Back Litter Box

5. Petmate Hi-Back Cat Litter Pan

I was so excited to see this! We always wanted a stainless steel litter box. I even daydreamed about inventing one.

There's a reason stainless steel is used for eating utensils, lab and kitchen environments, chemical containers and more.

It's hygienic, easy to clean, and non-porous so instead of being absorbed, bacteria is easily wiped away leaving behind no residue or scent.

Nothing sticks = superior odor (and germ) control. This model also has non-skid pads on the bottom as well.

Dimensions: 24'' x 16'' x 8''

Helpful to note:

Cat lovers love this box! It's a couple inches taller than other stainless versions, coming in at 8 inches tall instead of the more common 6 inches.

Also, multiple owners of 20lb+ cats report that it works great for their big cats, and cleans up easily. 

See pricing and availability: Petmate Hi-Back Cat Litter Pan

When shopping for cat litter boxes, one thing to keep in mind is that there will be negative reviews for all of them. Cats are notoriously finicky and what works for one cat may not work for another.

Owners who may not be in tune with their cat's needs might negatively review a box simply because their cat sat backwards on it or kicked some litter out. But, no litter box can create or fix litter box habits.

cat litter box care

We've included a variety of cat litter boxes, to suit the needs of every household. There are large, extra large and jumbo selections. If you have a Maine Coon kitten, you'll soon find him outgrowing a standard size litter box!

You'll want one box per cat, plus one extra. Many cats don't like to share cat litter boxes. The mats are extra handy at keeping the litter "contained", especially if you are using natural cat litter.

For much more on the subject, check out our page on Litter Box Care. It deals with choosing a type of box, where to place it, and much more.

Big cat litter boxes are a must for big cats. And although they are no one's favorite chore, hopefully this selection will get you on your way to making it as tidy and painless as possible!

Top of Cat Litter Boxes

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