Natural Flea Killer For Cats And Dogs

Looking for a natural flea killer for cats or dogs? You're not alone!

Which is the best flea killer? Maybe you want to learn how to make a homemade flea killer or homemade flea spray. Or maybe you've heard that vinegar kills fleas.

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The flea control industry is huge, and there are products everywhere you turn.

Frontline and Advantage are two of the most popular topical flea treatments available. But for many, a natural approach is the best flea treatment for cats.

Why Use Natural Flea Killer for Cats and Dogs?

Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution along with a couple of others are popular. They act quickly to get the job done (usually).

But, there is some question and debate as to their safety. Many pet owners are concerned.

There has been much talk recently about the safety of topical, or "spot-on" flea treatments. The concern is related to the pesticides they contain.

Many pets vomit, have convulsions, or act wildly out of sorts when these are applied. It's enough to make a concerned pet owner look for a safer alternative!

Where To Find Natural Flea Killer For Cats and Dogs:

The best place I've found, for any natural pet care product, is The Only Natural Pet Store. This company has been around since 2004.

They specialize in providing natural pet products, supplements, food, treats, vitamins and more. You will be very pleased with their selection of natural flea killers.

A natural flea killer is safe for use around pets and children. They do not contain any toxic chemical pesticides. There are many affordable, products in a variety of forms.

There is a difference between natural flea control and natural flea prevention of course!

For folks who already have fleas in the house, action is required! In addition to getting some natural flea killer, there are steps to take. Our article, Fleas on Cats - 8 Facts To Use Against Fleas provides a good starting place.

Does Vinegar Kill Fleas?

Vinegar has been touted lately as a homemade flea killer. It is possible to make a homemade flea spray with vinegar. It is somewhat effective.

But does vinegar kill fleas? I have found that fleas don't like it, and when it is used in conjunction with a bath in dish soap, it improves the effectiveness of the bath. But it did not directly kill the fleas.

What About Ticks?

For those who let their cats outside, there is a concern about ticks and Lyme disease in cats.

Here in our area there has been a marked increase in the amount of time ticks are here, and there is more worry about Lyme disease than ever. Frontline Plus is often assumed to be the only choice.

Even though it kills ticks, we don't personally use Frontline any more. There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, our cats would vomit for two to three days after being treated. Second, they don't go outside so there is no worry about ticks. And third, the last time we used Frontline we found it to be ineffective!

I couldn't believe it, but our vet confirmed that in some localized areas the fleas actually developed immunity to it. If you are worried about ticks, The Only Natural Pet Store does offer products designed for both flea and tick control.

Natural Flea Killer Effectiveness:

These natural flea products have been well reviewed as being quite effective. The effectiveness of a natural flea killer definitely depends on how consistently it's used.

With daily use, including baths and treating the home as well, the fleas should be soon gone.

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Some things to remember:

If you have seen just one flea, there are already many more you haven't seen. Time is of the essence!

Begin by combing and treating your pet(s), and using a powder or related item in the house. Vacuuming is your secret weapon.

What You Can Do At Home:

There is a resource at our sister-site for conscious pet owners who want to know all there is to know about flea control.

This is an e-book full of flea remedies and solutions; including getting rid of fleas naturally! You can read more about it or get your own copy.

Products - Finding an Effective Natural Flea Killer:

There are three handy flea care kits which contain a variety of items you'll need. You can choose a kit depending on the severity of your problem. Mild, Moderate or Severe. All three kits come with:

Only Natural Pet All In One Flea Remedy:
This natural powder is an "all-in-one" natural flea killer for cats and dogs because it kills fleas in all three locations: on pets, in the house, and the yard. It's secret weapon is diatomaceous, or "DE," a mineral substance formed by the fossil remains of prehistoric algae.

The powder damages the shells of flea, ticks, and their eggs and larvae. They dehydrate and die within hours of exposure. Plus, it's completely safe, non-toxic and harmless to use around pets and kids.

GripSoft Flea Comb:
Essential in the war against fleas. For daily use.

Only Natural Pet Brewer's Yeast & Garlic:
These tablets, used daily, make your pets "undesirable" to pests. Experts aren't sure whether it is the taste of a pet whose been eating garlic and brewers yeast that makes them unpalatable, or simply their odor that repels the fleas. Either way, brewers yeast and garlic, two long-used, safe and natural ingredients combine to make the perfect repellant.

In addition to the above, The Moderate Infestation Kit also includes:

  • Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Shampoo
  • Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Conditioner

And the Severe Infestation Kit includes all of the above, as well as:

Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray:
This super-safe spray keeps fleas, ticks, mosquitoes and biting flies at bay. This is important because it is mosquitos that can bite a pet and introduce a problem with tapeworms.

Believe it or not, keeping a cat indoors does not lower their risk. Some think this is because outdoor cats develop a type of resistance.

This spray contains no DEET, organophosphates, or other dangerous pesticides and it's safe for use on puppies and kittens who are too young for other treatments.

Fleabusters Rx For Fleas Plus:
A Borate powder treatment for the home. It receives rave reviews for effectiveness.

Borate powders have long been known to kill fleas by dehydrating them and "cutting" their outer shell. Fleabusters Rx For Fleas Plus is 33% less toxic than pure boric acid powder. 

Once you apply the fine powder to the home (furniture, carpets, cracks and crevices) it continues to kills fleas for up to a year! Some owners have even reported longer, up to two years. This is even with regular vacuuming.

More Natural Flea Killer Products:

Some more popular products include:

Anibio Tic-Clip: An insect repellent collar tag that uses the bioenergetic field around pets to create an energy barrier that repels insects.

Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray: This natural insect repellent contains essential oils to repel bugs. Contains no DEET or other pesticides.

Coming Soon: Clickable links! This page of natural flea killers is part of our big shopping update. During flea season, these natural flea treatments will save the day!

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