Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers

Unique gifts for cat lovers are high on my list. Not only am I a cat lover, I have a few in the family.

It brings so much joy to watch someone open a unique, thoughtful gift. Something they will treasure forever, and something they wouldn't have bought for themselves.

The feeling for the giver? Priceless! I hope you enjoy my list of unique cat lover gifts!

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

'23 Update: This page is part of our big shopping update! Clickable links will be back soon. For now, simply copy and paste the product name into your online store of choice.

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #1:

Willow Tree Figurine, Kindness Girl

I received this lovely little sculpture in the mail recently, and my daughter will be opening it the Christmas. She's a future Crazy Cat Lady, and also at an age where kids become hard to shop for! I know she will love it forever.

This figurine looks exactly like the photo, and it came in a timely manner, packaged well. The girl and her cat symbolize my daughter and her bond with our Alice. It is so sweet.

As for additional information, the figurine is quite a popular item, it has an average 4.9 out of 5 star review. It is also very reasonably priced, which is perfect for a smaller, yet beautiful and meaningful, gift.

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #2:

Dale Tiffany Tiger Cat Accent Lamp, Art Glass Shade

We gave this unique lamp to my Mother-In-Law some years ago. It still looks and works beautifully. She loved receiving this gift, and always turns it on when family visits. It adds a nice cozy, warm touch to the room.

This elegant lamp measures 8 inches by 7 inches, which is bigger than it sounds. It features lovely Tiffany style glass, and is very endearing. The cat has a bobble head, a little red nose, whiskers, and bright green eyes. Very unique!

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #3:

White Mountain Puzzles Tapestry Cat

Does your cat lover enjoy puzzles? This 1,000 piece puzzle is truly a work of art, and worthy of being mounted and hung on a wall. This Mosaic-like puzzle is made in the USA, from recycled materials.

It is very well-reviewed, and measures 24" x 30" when completed. I think I will order it this year. The only reason I haven't yet is because we never finished last year's 1,000 piece puzzle!

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #4:

A Cat-Themed iPod or iPhone Case

Have you ever bought an iPod or iPhone case at your local store? They are expensive! We've discovered that there is a nice wide selection of cases right on Amazon, and they are priced very reasonably.

iPod/iPhone cases make great gifts and stocking stuffers. It's fun to switch from time to time, and it's an unusual gift. If you give a cat themed one to the cat lover in your life, they are sure to love this gift!

You'll need to know your recipient's iPhone or iPod model, or generation. (for example, 2nd/3rd gen, 4th gen, or the brand-new 5th generation.) Because of this, I will present a page of cat choices for each (iPod or iPhone) below, and you can find the proper model.

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #5:

Cat Perpetual Calendar

Here is a unique spin on a popular gift - the cat calendar! We have a perpetual calendar similar to this at home (it was a housewarming gift) and it has been a central decor item since we moved in.

This bright, colorful and whimsical perpetual calendar is sure to add a splash of color and personality to any home!

And the best part - it will last forever! Longer than the regular 12-16 months on most calendars, for sure!

Unique Gifts For Cat Lovers #6:

Cat Christmas Ornaments

Cat Christmas Ornaments are such a classic, tried-and-true gift that we have a separate page of Top Picks. I couldn't choose just one! So it is good that you can't have too many ornaments.

It's a perfect gift for someone when you don't know what they would like, or what they already have. Everyone loves a classy ornament!

Do you want even more ideas?

There are so many thoughtful and unique gift ideas to choose from.

If you want to keep browsing items like wall plaques, coffee mugs, blankets, clocks, even wine toppers and more, visit this page of unique gifts for cat lovers. It's chalk-full of clever gift ideas!

Top of Cat Lover Gifts

maine coon christmas gifts
maine coon christmas gifts

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