Cat Furniture Tree And Condo Fun!

Sturdy Cat Trees For Big Cats - The Best Of The Best

Looking for an awesome cat furniture tree for climbing? For a cat, especially an indoor cat, this is the ultimate! A cat climbing tree gives your cat a place to scratch and climb (with permission!), exercise, and a place to just play and explore!

Presenting our Top Picks from for cat trees and cat furniture. We sifted through all the reviews, left out the ones that were reviewed as unsteady, and kept the ones with the very best reviews. These cat trees are easy on the eyes, and fun (and safe) for your active cat!

The 7 Best Cat Furniture Trees For Big Cats

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1. Armarkat Cat Tree Model A7401, Beige

With 162 customer reviews and counting, this bad boy is sitting in our number one spot. It has an average of 4.5 stars, which means folks really like it!

This cat furniture tree does require assembly, but it's a trade-off for the great price. It is easily the most popular big cat tree at Amazon. And it's the tree most often bought here, by other Maine Coon community members. This is probably due to the fact that it is simply a great buy.

This 74 inch high, faux-fur covered cat furniture tree gets solid reviews. It's big enough for multiple cats, and provides lots of places for them to play, hide or nap.

Amazon review comment:

"Our heaviest cat at 17 lbs fit on all levels and while the platforms at the top are not the biggest he fit on them comfortably. ... The tree is sturdy and we don't have any wobbling that would make us hesitate having two 17 pound cats at the top jumping around."

Another Amazon review comment:

"I have 6 big kitties - the smallest weighs 10 pounds and the largest is 15 pounds and almost a yard long. I wasn't sure if they would be able to use the little house, but they all can fit in it and love to sleep there."

Expect to pay: Around $125 (new)

2. Molly and Friends "Step Stool Sleeper" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2323, Beige

You absolutely can't go wrong with Molly and Friends! This top-notch cat furniture tree is the best of the best. Purchasers are always pleased with their new addition. This is the second most-popular tree among our Maine Coon Cat visitors.

The Step Stool Sleeper is the most popular of the Molly and Friends cat trees. These are solid, stury trees, fully assembled. They are perfect for big active cats!

This larger cat furniture tree gets more outstanding reviews:

"I ordered this product with the following goals in mind ... It would be sturdy enough to hold up to my three cats- all over 14lbs, running and leaping onto it at warp speed without tipping or shaking. ...

after ~2 months of ownership ... It is VERY sturdy. It may shake a little when leaped on at at full run by two cats...but has never showed any signs of wobbling or tipping. ...

It is as tall as stated in the information. Also, the beds are big... Beds- 18" across, with 16" being inside the "rim" (there is about a 2" verticle lip or rim on the round beds). Scoops- 17" long x 17" wide"

Another review:

"When I touched it for sturdiness I could not believe how well made it was. I have six cats ranging in weight from 13 - 18 pounds I was concerned that from them jumping on it, it would eventually loosen in areas. This cat tree will never wobble or loosen that's how well constructed it is."

One More:

"It's a little bit more expensive than others, but very well made. Don't waste your money with other cheaper products - my freind has a cheaper one, but OMG, cheap ones are just cheap. It's the best."

Expect to pay: Around $310 (new & Assembled)

3. Molly and Friends "Tunnel of Fun" Premium Handmade
3-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 243, Beige

The popular Molly and Friends line is well-made, sturdy, and always gets great reviews. Even better, their cat trees come with no assembly required! This is a huge factor.

This sturdy, handmade cat furniture tree is made with solid pine poles in its construction and heavy duty screws and bolts. Definitely top-of-the-line.

At 4 1/2 feet tall, it's not too big, not too samll, and has not one negative review!

Amazon review comment:

"Large and strong enough for my 15 pound cat to jump all over it and around inside the large tube chasing his tail. The top platform is large enough for him to sleep on comfortably. THIS is the cat furniture I should have bought for the downstairs and I may just have to order ANOTHER one soon to remedy that!"

Expect to pay: Around $275 (new & assembled)

4. Molly and Friends "Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2832, Beige

Looking for the best? You can't go wrong with a Molly and Friends cat tree. So we've decided to pick a favorite to take a close look at. I'm really impressed with the Molly and Friends "Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal, Model 2832, Beige.

Take a look at our full review to see why.

Expect to pay: Around $350 (new & Assembled)

5. Armarkat B5701 57-Inch Cat Tree, Ivory

This cat furniture tree is another Armarkat model. It gets very high marks for durability and sturdiness. The owners (and their cats) are all very pleased with this model.

The Armarkat cat furniture trees do require assembly. But each reviewer points out that it was not difficult.

This economical model is a good choice for cat owners who aren't able to purchase a top-of-the line cat furniture tree. Also, not every Maine Coon is unusually large! This tree is considered by it's owners to be a fine choice for an average sized cat.

All in all, a very good buy.

Amazon review comments:

"I have a large (15 lb) siamese and she likes to sleep either in the condo or the top shelf. My maine coon kitten also likes to sleep on one of the shelves and scratch the sisal supports."

"Our cat is 12.5lbs and is almost, but not quite, too big for this tree. ...If your cat is 12+lbs or has long legs, it's a gamble."

"Perfect for a 1 bedroom apartment and a small budget"

Expect to pay: Around $100 (new)

6. Armarkat Cat Tree Model B7701, Ivory

The Armakat Cat Furniture Trees get consistantly solid reviews. Here is another, big model.

This one features two condos and three perches! Great for multiple cat households.

Amazon review comments:

"After purchasing two smaller Armarkat trees, and being pleased all around, it was time for a big one. And this IS. It makes a substantial footprint and it quite stable. At 70 pounds, and made of plywood, it can take some heavy duty cat-action."

Another Amazon review comment:

"I have three cats ranging from a 27lb. tom to a 2lb. kitten. This tree is sturdy enough for my big boy and still accessable to my little kitten. Plenty of room and stable enough for all three cats to use at once."


Out of twelve reviews, two reviewers found this unit to be "wobbly". If that is due to placement, or assembly, or energy of the cats we can't be sure. The other owners found it to be very stable.

"My big cat is used to jumping from the floor onto the highest branch and you cannot really do this with this structure. It is very wobbly and I would not purchase it again."

Expect to pay: Around $150 (new)

7. Molly and Friends "Pinnacle" Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal, Beige

Time for the "Pinnacle"! This cat furniture tree is the ultimate in high quality cat fun. It doesn't get any better that this big boy from Molly & Friends.

With multiple levels and condos on the top and bottom, any cat will have a ball in here.

Amazon review comments:

"I have two extremely athletic big cats - both over 15 pounds. They have literally blown over smaller cat towers. Not this one - they can both hit it and climb at full speed, wrestle on the top, it's absolutely the most incredible thing. My husband thought I was crazy to buy something so large - but now it's a fixture of our household. Excellent, quality and durability."

"Rock solid and HEAVY, I have positively no fear it will ever tip - much less tumble, and it appears that this great workmanship will last forever. Friendly and courteous delivery (yes that is not part of a "product review", just sayin'!!)."

"I was concerned about the stability of a tall cat tower with a small footprint, but I needn't have been. The weighting of the base and the overall sturdiness of construction are excellent. My other cat, who weighs close to 14 pounds, climbed up the outside of one of the posts all the way to the top, and the tower didn't even jiggle. The cradles are securely attached. The carpeting is dense and well secured inside and out, and the sisal rope is thick and strong.

Expect to pay: Around $440 (new & assembled)

Honorable Mention: During our examination of all the different cat furniture trees, we noticed a theme.

The Molly and Friends cat trees and the Armarkat models were the two companies that get consistently high marks from owners for durability, construction, quality of materials and customer service.

So it happens that those are the cat trees for Maine Coons most featured on this page! Any Molly and Friends unit will bring years of enjoyment to you and your cat.

There are tons of choices, styles and options. A cat furniture tree can be made of wood, carpet, or sisal rope. These are all great materials for scratching and climbing. Toy add-ons and hiding places can make them even more fun! High quality cat furniture will be heavy, well-balanced and made of quality materials, as well.

If you are wondering "which is the best cat tree for my Maine Coon cat?" (or big cat), we hope we've narrowed it down here. A cat furniture tree is an excellent addition for a family with any cat. Cats just love them, and they provide unlimited enjoyment for an active cat.