Rome Cat Tree

by Wendell Jones
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Rome Cat Tree

Rome Cat Tree

We live in a good sized one bedroom apartment, but their is no yard or outside area for the cats to run around in. So we wanted a large cat tree that would give Frodo and Sam more space to explore and play in.

The problem we faced was that the trees we wanted were super expensive. We finally found a discount cat tree warehouse in Ontario outside Los Angeles that has amazing prices. We are not affiliated with them in any way, but have not seen anything comparable in size for the price.

Our cat tree is quite stable and provides a great place for the cats to run up and down. Set Next to a window they often lounge on the platforms intently watching the world outside. They also love to play with each other on it, reaching down to engage each other from different levels.

Frodo takes long naps on it. It is also loaded with scratching posts which has saved our furniture. It is clearly the best purchase we have made for the cats besides their food. We use the Wellness recommended on this site with great results.

I really like this recommendation page. Your information on food is well explained. We are really happy with Wellness.

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Giant Cat Tree

Giant, luxurious, Floor- To- Ceiling Cat Tree, hand- made from solid wood, no cardboard!

Consists of a sturdy base, four rustic pole sections and four shelves, which are easily assembled. The ceiling fitting is adjustable to your desired height and is easily removed should you wish to move the pole to a different place. We also provide a fitting service if required.

The shelves and base are covered with super soft, wipe clean velveteen. There are two sisal scratch stations and four elastic tug toys.

Due to the size and sturdiness of this product, it is highly suitable for large breed cats, such as Maine Coons and Savannahs.

We also make a free standing scratch and play post, consisting of a sturdy base and pole with top shelf, covered with the same fabric as the giant pole. It has one sisal scratch station and an elastic tug toy.

Perfect Christmas gift for the special cats and cat lovers in your life!
We currently have ‘Owl themed’ Cat trees in both sizes ready to go now. Collection is from Markby, Alford.
Floor to Ceiling £265
Scratch and play post £60
tel 01507442511

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Jan 17, 2021
great Cat letter
by: June Lueders

Love the cat letter

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