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Meet Kali and Chloe, today's Throwback Featured Coonies!   Rosie says, "These are my beautiful girls. They live in the UK with me and are sisters. They'll be 1 year old on 9th January 2011.

The silver is Kali and the blue tabby with the white bib is Chloe....See more of Kali and Chloe in our 2010 Album!

I love puzzles, and cat puzzles take the cake. To wind down and take a break from a hectic day, there's nothing better than a few fun colorful puzzles.

As a child I loved puzzles, I have done so many. I still love them, but these days things are just so busy! The next best thing is to take a moment and play around with digital puzzles. They are quick, fun, and there's no clean-up!

Coming Soon to this page: An exclusive free collection of online puzzles

Fun Fact:

Every year since 1992, The World Puzzle Federation hosts the World Puzzle Championship. Teams from the 43 countries that have membership battle it out.

I wonder if they ever use cat puzzles?

Also Coming Soon To This Page: Our Top Picks for cat puzzles to do at home! The old-fashioned kind, where you pour a warm drink, spread out the pieces, and enjoy some quiet relaxing puzzle time.

Did You Know?

The 5th annual World Sudoku Championship was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA on April 29 - May 2 2010.

Participating countries had teams of a maximum of six people, who compete individually.

Previous winners hailed from the Czech Republic in 2006, the USA in 2007 and 2008, and Poland in 2009.

Puzzle History

The first puzzles were created around 1760 by a London mapmaker by the name of John Spilsbury. Back then, a map would be mounted on to hardwood, and a saw was used to cut around the countries. They were mostly used to teach British children their geography. Some things never change!

It wasn't until about 1820 that puzzling caught on as an enjoyable pastime.

They are going to get harder from here on. Are you up for these cat puzzles? Time for a challenge!

While this page is in construction, we have a lot more cat photos on the site, on every page.

All this talk of jigsaw puzzles brings back childhood memories of simpler times. It makes me want to dig out an old puzzle and set it up at the kitchen table, but I know the cats would make short work of scattering the pieces all over the house!

If you'd like to see your cat made into a puzzle on this page, just send it in on our Maine Coon Cat Pictures and Videos page.

Tell us about your cat, and add a note that you think it would make a good cat or kitten puzzle, too!

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