Cat Christmas Stockings

Including Our Cats On Christmas Morning Is Easy!

Alice and Leo have been getting goodies in their Cat Christmas Stockings for years. Even the kids expect to see fun treats in those stockings (or on them - they often overflow!) on Christmas morning.

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star seller on etsy

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It's very sweet, and just one more way to include our pets on that special morning. Here are our Top Picks for Cat Holiday Stockings. Enjoy!

Once you have the perfect stocking, check out our top picks for cat Christmas stocking stuffers - it's what your cat wants for Christmas!

Cat Christmas Stockings #1:

Pets Christmas Stocking Red and Green with Paws Dog and Cat

I love this stocking! It is so cute, and it has a clever phrase on the back. When you flip it over, it reads: "Dear Santa Paws - Leave The Gifts - Take The Dawg" I think my cats would agree!

You'll want to choose the red one, because the green one is for dogs and has a similar phrase about "the cat." Or if you have a dog, too, you might want one of each!

This stocking is 17inches in length, so that's plenty of room for stuffing.

Cat Christmas Stockings #2:

Sergeant's Holiday Cat Stocking

There is a lot to do this time of year, and for busy pet parents, a pre-filled stocking is the way to go. This one is practically a gift basket!

It has a variety of nine toys, including catnip toys, balls, rattles and bells. A little bit of everything. At a very reasonable price, this is a good way to get the job done and make your cat happy.

Cat Christmas Stockings #3:

Pet Christmas Stocking Cat

This beautiful, well-made stocking is worthy of being used year after year. It is made from red velvet, with a white velvet cuff.

It is over 21 inches long, and 6 inches wide. Lots of room for goodies! In addition to the decorative paw prints, there are detailed mice trimming the cuff. How cute!

*Note: Although shown personalized, personalization is not included (tip: personalize at local embroidery shop

Cat Christmas Stockings #4:

Zanies Holiday 13-1/2-Inch Stocking Cat Toy, 12-Pack, Green

We have to include a Zanies stocking! Zanies knows what cats like, and their catnip toys are always best sellers.

This stocking is another pre-filled one, perfect for busy households. It is over 13 inches long, and comes in a variety of styles bells, balls, plush toys, mice toys and more.

Cat Christmas Stockings #5:

Kyjen Cat Christmas Stockings, Paw Shape

This popular stocking is very different! It is soft and roomy, and has quite a few great reviews.

It's soft and plush, shaped like a paw in red, green and white, and comes in small or large size.

Do you get presents for your pets at Christmas? Curious cats love to be included in the family holiday festivities! These Cat Christmas Stockings are a great way to spread joy and decorate for the holidays.

Top of Cat Christmas Stockings

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