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The Best Cat Toys For Big Cat Fun!

Welcome! This is our section on the top picks for big cat toys! You only want the best for your big cat, right?

Big cats like Maine Coons can become overweight in middle age. It's more important than ever to keep them moving, active, and healthy!

The following big cat toys are all bestsellers and receive top reviews by purchasers. We all know how important playtime is to the well-being of our cat or kitten! From cat games to catnip toys for cats, there is something special for every cat.

The best cat toys for Maine Coons will be sturdy and engaging.

The Best Big Cat Toys

As rated by finicky cat lovers...

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Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means if you decide to buy something, I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. Rest assured I only recommend products that I would, or do use myself! >^..^<

Big Cat Toys #1:

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish 10.5", Moving Cat Kicker Fish Toy, Floppy Fish Toy, Wiggle Fish Catnip Toys, Motion Kitten Toy, Plush Interactive Cat Toys for Cat Exercise

If you are wondering what's "in" nowadays, you've found it.

This top selling big cat toy has a way of cats very excited. The reviews (nearly 24,000 of them!) are solid, and the cats totally love it!

What I notice most, is that this is no flimsy kitty toy. It's a big cat toy for big cats. 

And it's uncanny how realistic the flopping motion is!

It has a catnip pouch, and it's usb rechargeable, so no batteries. I love how many things are rechargeable now! Also, it's made of non-toxic durable materials designed to hold up to cat-attacks. Let the fun begin!

Helpful to note:

Cat lovers share that when this toy is finished recharging, the light goes out. Some folks thought the light would go from red to green, but it just goes out. And it lasts a long time!

Also, pet owners love ingenious way it stops flopping when left alone, and "wakes" back up when batted or tapped. Just like real life! Battery operated toys that just go and go tend to get old pretty fast, so this is a terrific design.

This durable toy holds up to some good old fashioned rabbit-kicking too - great news for owners of large cats!

Check availability and pricing: Floppy fish toy

Big Cat Toys #2:

Petstages Cat Tracks Cat Toy - Fun Levels of Interactive Play - Circle Track with Moving Balls Satisfies Kitty’s Hunting, Chasing and Exercising Needs

Did we say popular? As far as big cat toys go, the Petstages tower style cat toy has fans far and wide. It ranks high on Amazon's popularity scale, with an average of 4.5 stars based on over 47 thousand reviews. Now that says something!

The tower style ball track design took the world by storm a few years ago, and has no signs of slowing down. 

This much loved cat toy style is here to stay.

Helpful to note:

Owners of very large cats share that it handles big-cat play without tipping over, and that the rubber feet on the bottom help a lot. Others share that their cats repeatedly go to this toy, and at least a few times a day they hear It being played with. Even some in the middle of the night!

Check availability and pricing: Petstages Cat Tracks Toy

Big Cat Toys #3:

Da Bird Rod and Feather Cat Toy, Handmade in The USA (1 Bird) 
original 36 inch pole with the original Guinea feather refill attached

No list of big cat toys would be complete without the original Da Bird. 

It speaks for itself with 5 star reviews all around thousands of cat lovers who praise it.

Helpful to note:

This has been the number one hit with multiple cats over many years for many cat lovers.

It's a good idea to store this interactive toy when not in use, if you want it to last!

The feathered end "flutters," imitating a bird, which is much better than most other wand style cat toys. 

Cats come a'running, practicing their gymnastic skills, getting a great workout all while bonding with their people during this fun and interactive playtime! No wonder why this toy has stood the test of time.

Check availability and pricing: Da Bird

Interactive cat toys are really important for bonding time, and for mental stimulation for cats of all ages. Playing together is a great way to stave off senility in elderly cats, as well.

A good wand toy is always a good bet!

Big Cat Toys #4:

Skitter Critters Cat Toy Catnip Mice, 3/pkg, Gray, Beige
This package contains three 4 inch long mice that are packed with catnip. SmartyKat products are principally made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable and certified organic materials

Our cats absolutely adore their toy mice. Some of the best big cat toys are mice. We've always had mice and we always will.

Now that I know more about how fluffy mouse toys are made, we stick to non-fur or faux fur mice like these.

These adorable catnip mice have over 26 thousand reviews, holding steady at 4.5 stars. And for less than a cup of coffee - a great value!

Helpful to note:

Cat lovers note that these mice are made from a nice durable material, and that the little twine tails are quite durable. What cat doesn't love a few catnip mice to bat around?

Check availability and pricing: Toy Catnip Mice

Big Cat Toys #5:

Crinkle Balls, Pom-poms, and Springs (36 pieces) 
This package contains three 4 inch long mice that are packed with catnip. SmartyKat products are principally made from recycled, reclaimed, renewable and certified organic materials

Our Maine Coons always loved their crinkle balls with a passion.

I think of crinkle balls and spring toys as being the "bread and butter" of big cat toys!

These fun shapes, with fun noises, that move in fun ways keep our larger cats moving and getting exercise and mental stimulation.

36 pieces may seem like a lot, but soon they will be under every piece of furniture and you'll be glad to be able to find one, even with 36 floating about!

Plus the different shapes helps ensure there is something to be loved by your big kitty.

Helpful to note: Some pet owners note the these balls as being quite durable. Others have said they were not so durable but that was ok, since they tend to get lost anyway and these are such a great price they are easy to replace.

Check availability and pricing: Crinkle Balls, Pom-poms, and Springs

There you have it, the top big cat toys! What exactly are big cat toys?

They are the best cat toys on the market, at a great price, from cat games to organic catnip for cats.

Maine Coon cat toys need to be able to withstand their extra weight and strength. These are not dainty cats!

And a great toy should provide hours of running, chasing, snatching, hiding, pouncing, jumping, and "hunting" for your larger cat.

Not to mention entertainment for their owners!

As long as a big cat has a way to beat his boredom, he'll be so happy, and thank you in so many ways. Happy house cats make for happy homes!

As part of our ongoing research into the best cat products available now, new products, and popular cat toys, we are happy to present this collection of big cat toys for your cat!

Top of Big Cat Toys

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