Big Cat Toys

The 10 Best Cat Toys For Your Big Cat

Welcome! This is our section on the top picks for big cat toys! You only want the best for your big cat, right?

Big cats like Maine Coons can become overweight in middle age. It's more important than ever to keep them moving, active, and healthy!

The following big cat toys are all bestsellers and receive top reviews by purchasers on We all know how important playtime is to the well-being of our cat or kitten! From cat games to catnip for cats, there is something special for every cat.

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Big Cat Toys

As rated by buyers on

Big Cat Toys #1:

Da Bird Super Pack (Includes 1 Da Bird Original 36" Single Pole Cat Toy, Feather Refill, Sparkly Attachment, Kitty Puff Attachment, and Peacock Feather)

If you are wondering what's "in" nowadays, you've found it. This top selling big cat toy has a way of getting every cat excited. The reviews couldn't be more solid, and the cats totally love it!

Amazon review comments:

"This toy is really amazing. My cats go crazy for it. I have to limit their time with it because they do not know when to stop. They really do go flying through the air like the cats in the videos I have seen. It is durable, comes with for different attachments and is easy to use."

"I cant believe my eyes! my couch potato tabby joining in with his brother and playing like a kitten (they are 6 yrs.). My super shy 2 year old now joins the feathered fun with the two boys! They all stand in front of the closet until I bring out their Da Bird and we all play for at least 15 min. each day. I really recommend this toy. Thanks for the fun"

Expect to pay: Around $15 (new)

Big Cat Toys #2:

Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy, Colors May Vary

Did we say popular? As far as big cat toys go, the Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy has fans far and wide. It ranks high on Amazon's popularity scale, and it receives an average of 4.5 stars based on over 200 reviews. Now that says something!

Amazon review comments:

"It is very simple, yet highly effective. I don't know why, but this has been a success with every cat -- young and old -- that I have seen around it (15 different cats)."

"I have two of these (one is kept at Grandma's for when the "kids" go visiting.) I have had both for well over 10 years and the cats just love it and both are still in great shape. ... It does have a distinctive sound when they are playing with it so even just rolling the ball has my cats running for it. My poor little boy kitty is allergic to catnip so I can't use that to entice them and they still love it. One cat toy they WILL play with."

Expect to pay: Around $10-15 (new)

Big Cat Toys #3:

Zanies Hypno Mice Cat Toys - Set of 4

Our cats absolutely adore their mice. Some of the best big cat toys are mice. We've always had mice and we always will. Now that I know more about how fur mice are made, we stick to non-fur or faux fur mice like these.

These are brightly colored, and they rattle. Our two Maine Coon cats, without a doubt, love their rattling mice. Any toy that makes a rattle, crinkle or other sound is a hit.

Amazon review comment:"My 6 month old kitten goes completely batty for these little guys. ... there must be something about the noise that he likes as well. And considering how much he plays (or abuses) them, the mice are holding up very well. Highly recommend!"

Expect to pay: Around $5-10 (new)

Big Cat Toys #4:

Cat Charmer

Cats simply love this "cat charmer." It must be something about the movement of the fabric that makes them crazy. This has a way of getting even big cats running, jumping, and chasing. The cat charmer has terrific reviews, and lots of feline fans.

Amazon review comments:

"I bought six for Christmas gifts for friends with feline friends, and they all agree - THIS IS THE #1 Cat Toy of the Millenium. Seriously. My cat loves it, drags it around the house and gets the best, healthiest exercise of anything we've ever tried. It has a clear plastic wand that I've stepped on a zillion times and it does not break.

The rubber that holds the material on KEEPS the material on it, no matter what. It's sturdy and the colors make it easy to find on the carpets. Turn your adult cat into a kitten again. I am ordering THREE today - more gifts for friends and a back-up for my girl. I sent four to Belgium as gifts, also. THEY LOVE THEM IN EUROPE!"

"Both of my cats can't get enough of this. Something about the fleece ribbon is the perfect texture for them to sink their claws into, and the length is perfect for two cats to play with at the same time. They go crazy for this, so much that they get dizzy and worn out!"

Expect to pay: Around $5-10 (new)

Big Cat Toys #5:

Pet Supply Imports - Kitty Play Tunnel

Every cat loves to hide, pounce, and attack! This tunnel is designed for just that. It is 4 ft long, and 13 inches wide. Any cat who likes to hide should enjoy this tunnel.

Amazon review comment:

"These tunnels are collapsible, lined, sturdy, have a larger circumference to accommodate fat cats, and tie together with the connector tee or additional tunnels to make elaborate structures for your cats. My four cats took turns sleeping and playing in the tunnel so I decided to order two more tunnels today. ... This tunnel is the absolute best in my opinion and I certainly feel it was worth the extra money."

Expect to pay: Around $25-30 (new)

Big Cat Toys #6:

Yeowww Catnip Banana 3 Pack

What a neat idea! This is something new, creative, and super popular. Whether it's the size, shape or maybe the 100% organic catnip, cats go bananas for it!

Amazon review comments:

"My 18.5 year old cat will only play with this toy! ... Rambo will bat this banana and just lay back and look blissed out. The younger cats will drag the banana everywhere and their antics make me laugh, but nothing makes me gladder than seeing the old man have a last go at a toy."

"Over the years I have purchased many catnip items from all over the place and by far these banana's are their favorite. Not just that they love the catnip, but there is something special about the banana shape. I have 6 cats and I have gotten other shapes of the same catnip and they all want to play with the banana's! Great item!!!"

Expect to pay: Around $15-20 (new)

Big Cat Toys #7:

FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy

Our cats go bonkers for a laser. Any laser, and they become pure kittens again. Judging by the popularity and ratings for this toy, ours aren't the only cats who like to chase imaginary prey!

Amazon review comment:

"Frolicat has only been in my house for a few hours and during that time, I have seen every cat come out and do moves that I haven't seen since Saturday Night Fever. They are hilarious. Especially when the red dot ends up on a cat and only the others can see it. I love the randomizer action on it-- this causes cats to jump straight up. I don't know why this is listed just for cats. The border collie is also having a great time chasing the red dot. And any cats in his way. It should be listed as a toy for the entire family."

Expect to pay: Around $15 (new)

Big Cat Toys #8:

Colorful Springs Cat Toy - Wide - 10 pk.

Who would have thought such a a simple idea could be so popular with cats? Big cat toys get cats moving and playing, and these springs fit the bill. They are a hit.

Amazon review comments:"My cats love these and I was so happy to find them again. Stores don't carry them. Service was fast and I will definitely be buying from them again. Each cat has 10 springs each and I can only find 5---they have them well hidden so only they can play with them."

"These only arrived about a week ago, and I am already getting ready to place another order. My 9-month-old cats both love these. They carry them around and present them to me so that I will throw them. They do disappear under furniture and appliances, but I just get a basket and hunt down all the missing toys every few days. They are so simple, yet they provide so much entertainment."

Expect to pay: Around $5-10 (new)

Big Cat Toys #9:

SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Cat Toy Box

This box has a way of making cats think. Kittens are absorbed by it, and adult cats get the mental stimulation they need to stay sharp. It's so good for them.

Amazon review comments:

"This box is a great toy for the cats who just have to get into EVERYTHING. The construction is sturdy and well-made; I have no concerns of my cat inadvertently receiving injuries from uneven edges, exposed nails, or the like. The wood is solid enough to support my 18lb cat."

"This is a phenomenally good product. Every cat owner should have one. The fit and finish, the workmanship, are out of this world (I can stand on this box, and I am not petite), and the idea and execution are perfect. This box gives me a place to store all the little chase toys I find lying around the house (it is a far better thing to put them in here than it is to step on them in one's bare feet at night). The cat will spend minutes on end getting the toys out, then a long time chasing them, and he will come back for more. This is a WONDERFUL toy."

Expect to pay: Around $20-25 (new)

Big Cat Toys #10:

Kong Catnip Cat Toy, Squirrel

Kong is one of the top makers of pet toys. Their products are well-reviewed by owners, and loved by pets. This squirrel is no exception. It's an Amazon best-seller, filled with fine North American catnip. It has an opening for replacing the catnip, too.The second reviewer below says it all...

Amazon review comment:

"We rescue cats and thus have become somewhat knowledgeable on cat toy preferences. Basically they are as diverse as humans, just don't respond well to advertisements and how much it costs, nor do they worry about what the cats next door have. Ours are the type who may turn their noses up at a $40 toy and play for hours with the paper bag it came in...hence the "5 paper bags" score. With regards to Dr. Noys Cat Squirrel all but 3 of our cats spent considerable time bitting, kicking, throwing, dragging and slobbering on this toy. Therefore they gave it 4 paper bags and since they do not believe in a perfect cat toy we figured that was worth 5 stars on Amazon"

"I could write a lot of frilly words, but suffice it to say that this toy has to be hidden in a cabinet with a latch. The cats go bonkers for this hideous little bundle of fluff, and I have ordered additional squirrels to avoid territorial fights over who gets to kill it next. I have actually seen the thing fly past my knees while I was sitting on a chair reading, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when my semi-feral runt breaks its neck. Fun days."

Expect to pay: Around $15 (new)

There you have it, the top ten big cat toys! What exactly are big cat toys?

They are the best cat toys on the market, from cat games to catnip for cats.

And they should provide hours of running, chasing, snatching, hiding, pouncing, jumping, and "hunting" for your big cat.

Not to mention entertainment for their owners!

As long as a cat has a way to beat his boredom, he'll be so happy, and thank you in so many ways. A happy cat makes for a happy home!

As part of our ongoing research into the best cat products available now, we are happy to present this collection for your cat!


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