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Organic And Natural Pet Beds

Big Enough For A Maine Coon Or Two!

It's hard to find natural pet beds when you have a big Maine Coon Cat or a multiple pet household! Maine Coons are unique. They like to sprawl out, show their bellies, and can take up as much room as a medium sized dog.

These are our Top Picks for organic pet bedding and comfy pet beds. We have carefully sifted and filtered through all the results and reviews so you can quickly find a great cat mat or bed.

The 7 Best Natural Pet Beds For Big Cats

As rated by buyers on & The Only Natural Pet Store...

Natural Pet Beds #1:
Midwest 40224 24-By-18-Inch Quiet Time Bolster Pet Bed, Fleece

It's no wonder this fleece style bed is a top seller at Amazon. We have personally owned one of these for over 10 years. It still washes up nice, and it has been through multiple pets.

In our house this has proven to be a terrific small dog bed, and an even better Maine Coon cat mat. It can be placed inside a kennel (for a dog), laid on a couch, or curved and fitted in many unique places.

This dog or cat mat comes in seven sizes from very small to huge. It is available in 3 colors: natural fleece (which is synthetic), or velvety Cinnamon or Gray.

With 358 customer reviews and counting and an overall rating of nearly 5 stars, it's easy to see how this is a Top Pick.

Amazon review comments:

"These little beds are so soft and cushy, and the cats love them all year round. It's fun to watch the cats "kneading bread" on the rolled edges while their little faces go into that unknown cat Zen area. I particularly like the shape of these, as they fit very nicely on the bay window sill, so the cats can bathe in as much sunlight as their little bodies can stand. Everyone fits: from our tiny semi-feral little half-pint girl to the formerly stray, huge tomcats. Doesn't matter if they're 6 pounds of 20, it's a nice little bed for all cats."

"I have two cats and I was looking for a product just like this one to put in the various spots they like to relax and nap around the house. This is exactly what I had in mind, nicely made and the ideal size. The lip is ideal. Perfect. "

Expect to pay: $15 - $70 (depending on size)

Natural Pet Beds #2:
West Paw Organic Bumper Bed - Basil Twill (Medium)

Organic pet bedding is sometimes hard to find. This soft and cozy organic bumper bed is as natural as it gets. Whether you are eco-chic, earth friendly or simply sensitive, organic pet bedding is the way to go.

These organic, natural pet beds by West Paw are made in the USA, and have removable, washable organic covers.

They are actually filled with super-soft, premium ItelliLOFT stuffing, made from recycled plastic bottles! Great for pets and the environment.

  • The medium size measures 29" x 26" on the outside, and the inside measures 18" x 15." Perfect for many cats, but some Maine Coons may need even more room to stretch.
  • Organic fabric is perfect for pets with allergies and/or sensitive skin.

Expect to pay: Around $110

Natural Pet Beds #3:
West Paw Design Recycled Fill Bumper Beds
Mix And Match!

Head on over to The Only Natural Pet Store to custom design your own organic pet bedding by West Paw. The design and features are exactly the same as for the twill colored bed above. Reviwers give it a 5-paw rating.

The Only Natural Pet Store specializes in natural and organic products. It's a great place to find organic pet bedding that's as stylish and colorful as it is natural.

Only Natural Pet Store review comments:

"My kitties love to snuggle together in these. They feel safe and secure."

"This is the best dog bed we have owned. Not only is it attractive, but our two medium sized goldendoodles love it!!! They have never used a dog bed as much as they sleep/relax in this one ... I highly recommend this bed, and am contemplating getting another one. Thank you!!!"

"These beds are amazing. ... Well done! We love the fact that it's easy to clean and eco-friendly as well. Truly a great product."

Expect to pay: Around $120

Natural Pet Beds #4:
Coolaroo Large Steel-Framed Pet Bed

These Coolaroo pet beds are great! With 597 customer reviews and counting, these breatheable pet beds are very, very popular. And, they receive a nearly 5-star average review. Although the materials are man-made, this bed deserves to be here because of it's design. With it's unique design, it promotes air flow and puts the health and comfort of pets first.

Mainly marketed toward dogs, this bed is great for big cats too. Owners of big Maine Coon Cats know that a small, typical cat bed will not do. Our boys and girls need room to stretch!

Lightweight and portable, your pet can enjoy being up off the floor, allowing air to circulate all around. Perfect for warm weather. You can take it one step further and pair it with a cat mat.

This bed can even be hosed down for cleaning, now that's handy!

Amazon review comments:

"Very easily assembled, and big enough for the 70 pound dog plus two cats, several pillows, with room to spare. Best of all, the dog hasn't tried to eat it, as she has eaten every other bed we've bought thus far... "

"I bought this for my big male cat and he loves it! It really works. "

"This is a great product! My dogs love them. They are very well constructed and seem durable. They came when they were supposed to with no problem. I would highly recommend this product."

"I got the small one for the cat to use in the hot summers in Sonoma. He spends as much time on top of it as under it. Go figure. It was somewhat of a dickens putting it together, but once done, that cat got right on it like he knew it for him. He seems to like it and that's all that really matters! "

Available In:

Cadet Blue, Gray, Green, Terracotta

Large Size: Fabric cot area measures 43.5 by 31.5 inches
(ideal for multiple pets or a large-breed dog)

Medium Size: Fabric cot area measures 35.5 by 25.75 inches
(sized for medium pets, like Border Collies, Cocker Spaniels, or Beagles)

Expect to pay: Around $40 (large) or $30 (medium)

~This item does require assembly~

Natural Pet Beds #5:
The Lifekind Organic Pet Bed - Round

If your cat loves a round bed with raised sides, and you are looking for organic bedding, this is the best of both worlds.

The Lifekind Organic Pet Bed is nice and roomy - a solid organic choice.


  • 100% certified organic pet beds
  • The cushions are filled with 100% certified organic cotton and organically-grown buckwheat hulls
  • Covered with a 7-ounce, removable, washable cover made from colorgrown tan organic cotton canvas
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for animals from 41 to 120 lbs

Expect to pay: Around $160

Natural Pet Beds #6:
K&H Cuddle Cube Pet Bed

Talk about soft and comfy! These natural pet beds are squishy, moldable, and just right for a cat who likes to snuggle and nest. If you are trying to get your cat to sleep in his own bed and he prefers yours, this is the next best thing!

The soft Berber cover is removable and washable, and has a non-skid bottom. And it's environmentally friendly - it's filled with premium polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles.

Amazon review comments:

"As I type this review, my cat is curled up in a happy ball in the middle of this 2-foot by 2-foot pillowy pet bed. That because the dog (Pekingese) temporarily left. I'm pretty sure there is going to be an animal in the bed 95% of the time ... This bed (in its small version) would be fine for animals up to 25 lb or so, more for heavier compact dogs. Well worth the money. A fine-looking pet bed that any cat, and any dog who likes to turn around a few times before curling up to sleep, will greatly appreciate. ... No reservations whatsoever on this pillowy pet bed. At 24 x 24 x 10 it takes up some room, but it's much classier than your typical pet bed - and your animals will love it. 5 stars. I want one for myself :) "

"We got this for my lab puppy. We needed her off the couch, and now she has a comfy bed so that she doesn't beg to come up. Now, my cat and the puppy are fighting over it. I love that it is washable and it seems like a durable fabric"

Available in: Gray, Green, or Mocha

Expect to pay:
Small: Around $27
Medium: Around $33
Large: Around $45

Natural Pet Beds #7:
West Paw Design Nature Nap Dog Mat

Great for cats, too! This dog or cat mat is plush and durable. They have a poly-knit backing that interlocks fibers to provide extra strength and reduce shedding.

Plus, there is an extra layer of padding made from 50-percent recycled IntelliLoft fiber batting sewn inside the mat to eliminate bunching and create a raised edge all around the mat for extra support. It comes in standard sizes to fit kennels when needed.

Amazon review comments:

"I ordered one of these mats (size small) to keep in my bed for my long-haired cat to sleep on. It's a great size and he seems to like it very much. What I like is that it keeps all his cat hair contained to this pad, and stops it from getting all over my sheets and pillows! This pad washes well and the extra stitching around the edges keeps the fill all spaced evenly the way it should. "

"First of all, the bed is made from recycled materials, but it is very soft and extremely durable. I plan to buy at least one more very soon. Our doberman puppy loves the bed and even though she tends to chew on it a lot, it has held up very well. Definitely a great bed!! "

Expect to pay: Around $21 - $45 (depending on size)

There you have it, our Top Picks for organic pet bedding and natural pet beds. As it turns out, these would be our Top Picks even if eco-friendly materials were not a factor. These companies make top-notch products, and they have proven themselves with solid reviews.

Natural pet beds are a great choice if you are ecologically conscious, or if your pet has allergies or sensitive skin. There is no doubt that they are attractive, too.

The perfect Maine Coon cat bed or cat mat is the one your cat will use. Is he a sprawler, a burrower, big or small? Have fun making your selection!

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