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Is your cat keeping you up all night with excessive meowing? Day or night, these cats and kittens are meowing too much!

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  • "How can I stop my Maine from waking me up at 3am every morning?"
  • "Why is my Maine Coon meowing?"
  • "Night time meowing/howling"
  • "Maine Coon Up All Night"
  • "Excessive Meowing"
  • "Meowing"
  • "Kitten Meowing Too Much"
  • "Is It Pain, Loneliness, Or Just A Maine Coon Thing?"

How can I stop my Maine from waking me up at 3am every morning?

by: Cynthia

I have a 4 year old male Maine. He has a bad habit of waking me up at 3 in the morning. I have tried everything to get him to stop. example-spray bottle of water by bed...he leaves for a few minutes after I spray water at him then he comes back for more. I am soooo sleep deprived...please help.

Hi Cynthia,

I can hear the desperation in your voice! This is the kind of problem that sounds cute, but it's not! It is awful to be sleep-deprived. There is actually another visitor question that is very similar. You can read it below: Night Time Howling.

Cats are sometimes referred to as being nocturnal, but actually they are crepuscular, which means most active at dawn and dusk. That's when their prey is active, so that's when they are. 3am is a little early, but in line with this. Since they sleep 16 hours per day, if their owners are gone all day & they nap all day, they will have some energy to let loose at odd hours.

One tip is if your cat is usually fed in the mornings, you may want to change that. He could be trying to get you up and feed him because he's ready to start his day.

There is only one more thing I can think of for you to try. Close your bedroom door or put him in his own place for the night. Our cats sleep in the basement. It's a newer house, and the basement is large with windows, so it's a nice enough place for them. Even if they howl they are far enough away that we still sleep.

Sleep is important! It's a common habit that a lot of cats can get into, but hopefully you can get your boy to leave you alone till morning!



Peyton wakes up at 3:29 exactly every morning...
by: Theresa

Peyton is only 10 months old and had always been indoors. She ventured outside and now wants to be out 90 % of the time, except when we go to bed at night. She stays very close to our house or under the deck during the day. She wakes at 3:29 am on the dot every single morning and cries to go out. If we don't let her out, she (has) urinates on the bed. We purchased a cat door, but have to close it at night because we have had a racoon come in two times now at night (and a neighbor cat). We are going crazy and do not know what to do. We are going to purchase an electronic cat door and hope that works, but we are afraid to go away over night and leave her in the house. Seriously need some advice!!!

Why is my Maine Coon meowing?

We have a 17 yr old Maine Coon that loves to be left alone. About a year ago we adopted two very friendly Himalayas that have taken well to their new home. Since that time our Maine Coon will periodically meow with deep bellows almost as if in pain. These are not his normal cheerful meows he gives you when you talk to him.

Outside of his old age and some vision problems the Maine is in very good health so I am not certain of the source of the bellowing calls that happen at all hours of the night and day.

I am starting to wonder if this is a male dominance behavior. Then again I have never had a 17 year old cat either so am not sure what to expect in his "retirement" years.

Any ideas?



Well, since it started around the time you adopted your other two kitties, and since he likes to be left alone, it makes sense that these would be connected.

He doesn't know he's seventeen, but he knows what he likes and he's very set in his ways by now. Since he's been vet checked and he feels ok, it must be behavioral.

I'm not sure if it's Alpha male behavior, or if he's just asking to be left alone. Cats do have an order of hierarchy within a household, so that could be still being established.

Or, maybe he feels his "space" is invaded, if the other two come around him a lot. It reminds me of hearing cat fights outside my bedroom window as a child. The warning sound they made was just like you described, a bellow.

So perhaps it's a warning for the other two to stay away. Maybe he's being territorial, claiming his space.



Because ...
He is meowing because he is frustrated.

Bellowing 17 year old cat
My 17 year old cat does the same. My belief with my cat is that he is disoriented and feels that he has been left alone. Once I call out to him he stops bellowing and comes to the room I'm in as if it has given him comfort that he knows where he is and is not alone.

Night time meowing/howling

by: Lynn
night time meowing howling

I have an elderly Maine Coon and every now and then for about a week at a time she will meow/howl very loudly at night.

Loud enough to wake us up and keep us up all night! She has food, fresh water, and we keep her litter box clean but she still won't stop.

We've tried laying her on the bed with us, but she just seems antsy and wants down to meander around and howl from the floor.

Has anyone ever had a cat that acted like this and what did you do to stop it? Our vet didn't seem too concerned, but then again he's not the one losing sleep!!

Although it was funny to hear those howling noises coming from her at first, now I just want to sleep!! During the day she acts fine, it's just at night she becomes a Maine Coo-yote!!!

Hi Lynn,

That's a toughie! So, it bothered you enough to talk to the vet, but he's not concerned. If your cat is in good shape, it must be behavioral.

If it happens for a week at a time every so often, maybe there's a trigger? A nearby cat in heat, full moon, a change in something? Is the water dish fresh? Sometimes it can look fresh, but be stale.

Does she want attention? Have you tried giving her her own "space" behind closed doors for the night?

I had an older dog who did something similar. I was worried, but she eventually "grew" out of it.
Hope you get some sleep tonight...


by: Shirley

Hi.. We have a part Maine cat, who we had operated. But sometimes she will have a "restless" period of about 2 days, when she acts as though she is in heat. Our Vet said that some female cats, even though they had surgery will do this. She will cry, etc. We do everything we can, but she just seems to have to do this. It can be very distracting for sure. Good luck to you.

Night time meowing/howling
by: Carolyn (England)

Hi Lynn - how interesting to hear about your Maine Coon and her howling. We have a 17 year old male Maine Coon who also does the same thing. He has been doing this for about a year now. He emits a yowling sound in the daytime as well as in the night. He is a happy and healthy boy and has access all the time to water, food, can go outside in the day and has a litter tray for the night. He loves water and will often sit next to the water taps in the kitchen and the bath and this definately starts his yowling off. I suspect it's something to do with his age. My vet was also not that worried about it.

In response to Carolyn...
by: Lynn

Your comments were very interesting to me as we've come to notice our little girl has developed an obsession with water over the past year or so! She will go into our shower if we don't shut the door and just stand there. If we run the kitchen faucet she will get up on her hind legs and stretch as far us as possible like she's trying to reach the water. In the winter when I run the humidifier she will stare at the water inside or lay right up against the machine! We change her water often (3-4x per day)and since we have no kids she gets all the attention in the world from us. The other thing we've noticed is she seems to like to howl in the master bathroom or kitchen the most ~ better acoustics I guess! She only howls at night and she only does it for about a week at a time. Currently she's sleeping through the night. Thank God since this means we can also! I guess she's just an old lady (she's 18) who is turning a little senile. I'll be there soon enough too!

Same problem
Hi Lynn-
I'm searching the net because I have the same problem. My cat is almost 16 years, mostly Coon, and howls often during the night. I also can't get him to stop walking all over me at the same time. He wants to eat every 2 hours at night and it has to be fresh. I am at my wit's end! I've tried waiting the howling out , but he does not stop until I get up.

He started some howling at 3 when his brother died suddenly. It did not become a real problem until 1 1/2 years ago. Now I least I know it is because of the Coon gene. Im a "Lynn", too.

Night time yowling
by: Judy - UK

Perhaps by distracting your elderly cat may work. If you have a basement you could install her there over night with her fav. toys, battery driven toys,with food water and a litter tray and an item of clothing belonging to her fav. human she MAY decide after 20-30 minutes to give up and amuse herself.

You could do the same wherever her bed is - just don't give in. If you appear, she's won again.

We found this formula worked with all our previous cats. Hope this helps. Best of luck.

Old cats
by: Helen

The common thread in all these posts is old age. As cats age they start loosing their hearing and eyesight just like humans do. They also suffer from old age dementia, a kind of kitty Alzheimer's disease. Diminished hearing and eyesight produces isolation. Turn the lights off at night and it is even more profound.

Before my old MCC died he started meowing more. Blood tests showed that his kidneys were beginning to fail. My vet changed his diet so his kidneys were not taxed so much and he improved and lived another year. It is not uncommon when the kidneys fail that the brain is affected by the excess toxins that aren't removed.

Another thing to consider is pain. Ask any aged person and they will tell you they hurt a little all the time. I imagine it is the same with our animals. They can get arthritis too.

My baby does it too!
by: Kim

My Coon (Ashley) is a little over 12 years old and started this night time howling about 2 years ago. She doesn't seem to do it until all the lights are off and the other cat and I are in bed - and she is in the living room. She does it almost every single night. It's almost as if she thinks she is alone and forgot where everyone went. It's funny because all I have to do is yell her name and she stops. I yell out her name not in discipline, but as if to say, "Here I am, I hear you". Generally she will meow back at me, but doesn't howl any more and usually just makes her way into the bedroom as if she realized, "Oh, there you are, Mommy". I think it's the cutest thing.

Maine Coon Up All Night

by: Shane Mac

Likes To Wake Me Up At Night

My male Maine Coon likes to wake me up at night. He meows a lot and when I try to pick him up he likes to yoddle and run away.

We just moved to a new apartment about two months ago and he likes to walk up to the mirror closet doors and jump at them and run away.

It's irritating cause we have to put the laundry baskets in front of the door so we can sleep.

He only does it at night and we had mirrored closet doors at out old apartment but he didn't have this behavior before.

My girlfriend and I both play with him a lot at night when we get home from work so he is getting attention.


Hi Shane,

I know it's not funny and you're tired, but: Can you get that on video for us? Just kidding!

Maine Coons are funny creatures at night. They do all sorts of devilish things at a time when we just want quiet!

Your particular problem seems directly related to the change in environment. Since he doesn't do it during the day, and didn't do it before, I think it's safe to say he sees something in the reflection, at night.

It could be a shadow, beam of light, the shape of something, or even his own reflection. Things look different in the dark.

You have a quick fix, though! Just take a sheet or light blanket and drape it over the door. Use tape or clips at the top and make sure it's secure. Heavy paper from the hardware store would work too.

Now, if he continues to wake you up at night even when his reflection is gone, it could be due to the move. Stress manifests itself in strange ways with cats!

All The Best,

Excessive Meowing

by: Brandie
(North Pole, AK)

I don't know anything about cats, growing up with dogs and I recently inherited a Maine Coon adult male from a friend of mine. For the past year, my friend was home all day long everyday because she has a kid and I'm gone all day at work.

I understand that Maine Coon cats are very vocal, much like an Alaskan Malamute, but my Maine Coon meows at me from the moment I get home and doesn't stop for a good 15 to 20 minutes after I am home and every time I walk by him he whines.

He is the only animal I currently own. Is this normal for a Main Coon? Is he just whining for affection? Or is the meowing due to a possible medical problem? Any information you could provide will be appreciated.

Thank you for any help.

Hi Brandie!
He sounds like a perfectly normal, vocal Maine Coon Cat! He is just talking to you!

It is so hard to describe the way a Maine Coon "talks" to his people, it just has to be experienced. And, if you haven't had a cat before, I can see how this would surprise you.

Now, your job is to interpret his talking! When you first get home, those are his greetings. He's saying "I missed you, I was lonely, now I want to reconnect with you."

When you pass by him throughout the evening, and he squeaks at you, it's a little greeting that means "Hi! I see you, do you see me? Greetings."

He'll also have distinctive more "hollow" sounding meows when he's hungry or thirsty. He'll let you know when he needs something.

Enjoy your friend, buddy, pal, ...I mean Maine Coon!


by: Sheila
(New York, New York)

I adopted a 3 year old Maine Coon cat. He is healthy (last medical check-up in February), eats well (only his own food and kitty treats - not interested in table scraps). He is curious and runs out my door into the hallway whatever chance he gets). He is also very affectionate.

My problem is that he goes around meowing and it's driving me up a wall.

He doesn't seem interested in playing. I gave him some kitty toys in case he was bored but he doesn't seem interested. If there is a moth flying around, he will chase it though. However, he won't chase strings or other toys.

I am at a loss for what to do.



Hi Sheila,

I love your question! It sounds like you have a perfectly normal male Maine Coon Cat!

They are vocal, sometimes to the point of persistent. I would venture to guess that your boy is talking to you. A lot.

It's easy to fall into the trap of asking yourself "but what does he want?" and then offering all types of toys, food, fresh water, cleaning the litter box, all in attempt to give him what he's asking for. But it will make you loony :)

If you can let go of trying to figure it out, the meowing will no longer drive you up the wall.

My Leo often saunters up the hall, loudly meowing as if he wants something. It a deep, almost hollow sound. And it's common among these very vocal and very social cats.

Your boy may be saying "hello, I am here!", I would like a tummy rub now!", or even "I am glad to be in your company." Not to mention "I am going to enter this room now" or "I am tired, I think I may lie down" or "boy, that is a nice breeze coming in from the window. I am glad to sit on the sill. This is good." How about "Greetings. I like you. Touch me please!"

Just talk back to him, pet him, and look him in the eyes. If he's happy and healthy, he's just connecting with you. Of course, he may want to play. There's nothing wrong with enticing him with a toy or two. But if he doesn't go for it, don't worry about figuring out what he wants. He'll let you know!

I hope this helps! And, send us some pictures, too!

All The Best,

Kitten Meowing Too Much

by: Rosie Pilkington
(London, England)

Hi, I just got a 10 week old boy coon kitten.

He is lovely and getting lots of attention from the whole family. However, he also won't let us do anything as if he's not being held, he meows nervously and tries to climb our legs. Once he's held, he stops.

The problem is that I stay home while husband works and children go to school and I have no time to do anything else!

Any advices?
Many thanks!!


Hi Rosie,
Congratulations on your new little boy!

It sounds like he just needs a little time to adjust. He's never experienced a feeling of being "alone" physically, as he always had siblings to play or snuggle with.

I know it's just like having a baby all over again. All I can say is try to hold him when he needs, and perhaps put off some things until the rest of the family is home.

If you have set up a safe room or special place for him, maybe you can put him there for a while in order to get some things done. Hopefully he'll settle in for a nap.

Send us a picture when you get a chance! We love to meet new kitties!

All The Best,


Kitten meowing too much
by: Judy UK

Hi Rosie
Have you thought of buying a soft toy, the size of his mum? We brought buddy home at 9 weeks. Becaue of his very young age, I bought 2 soft toys.

He may have snuggled up to them during the night, we were't there. BUT during the day he'd repeatedly pounce, roll on them and have a fine old time biting them :D

His mum would have given him a warning when she wanted time out. Can you leave him with toys while you get on in the house? Or bring a favourite toy with you, to distract him while you get on. Hope this helps. Good luck

Is It Pain, Loneliness, Or Just A Maine Coon Thing?

I have an adult Maine Coon who was recently rescued from an unpleasant situation. He is an all-around sweetheart, but I'm a little concerned.

He sometimes goes into a room apart from me and my other cats and begins 'trilling' quite loudly.

I don't know if he's lonely for the cats he used to live with (my other cats haven't welcomed him very nicely) or if it's just a Maine Coon thing.

He is receiving medical care, and may be in pain, too. This is only his second day with me, so he's new to me and I'm new to him.

Any thoughts?

Congratulations on your new boy! It's nice to hear that he's loveable. That's a great sign!

Maine Coons will definitely do that. My boy, Leo, does it directly to us. We often joke that "he's yelling at us!" He usually does it for attention, though.

It's eary days for your boy. He could be doing it because he's confused, looking for someone or something, or as you mentioned he could be in pain if there is a medical condition. It's so hard to say, yet.

I do think he will settle in. It would be nice if your other cats can accept him, though.

All in all, I think his trilling is something he will always do. It is that distinctive Maine Coon call. And as you get to know each other you will know right away what "he's saying." You're right, it makes one wonder "What does he want?"

The fact that he's going off in another room to do it is probably directly related to the move. As he realizes your home is a safe one I'm sure he will relax quite a bit.

Congrats again, I hope he brings you years of joy! Send us a picture sometime for the photo album!

All The Best,


My experience with a loud little guy
Well myself I also have a Maine Coon that I got from my cousin as he already had 3 other ones, I have a cabbit and then I got my boy Aries I find when he meows loud yeah it is because it is their way of talking. And I find he meows more at night when everyone is sleeping. If you don't already have another pet try getting your little one a friend, it could help with the transition as these kinds of cats are usually one family cats I find but I hope all works out xo
love Jenn and Aries


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