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Average Life Span Of A Maine Coon

by Joann
(Medford, Oregon)

We would like to know what the life span of our Maine Coon is. Bubba is approximately 10 years old.

Hi Joann,

The "technical" answer is 12 - 15 years, which is pretty good in feline years.

There are a variety of health concerns that can come up around this time, or not. Taking great care of a cat up until they reach their golden years is vital. Be sure to visit our page on elderly cat health problems, too.

There are also many, many, cats who live beyond this range. Some go into their high teens and a few enter the twenty range.

This is partly thanks to the great care that Maine Coon owners take of their cats. Just keeping cats indoors extends their life expectancy significantly. That, along with regular vet visits, and top quality cat food, increases the life span of a cat.

Generally speaking, Maine Coon cats are hearty, healthy cats.

So, at only ten years old you could be looking at lots of good years left with your Maine Coon cat! For more, check out our full page on The Maine Coon Lifespan.

All The Best,

My Sweet Princess Kitty lived till a little more than 20
by: Jason Henry

My kitty Princess passed away around Thanksgiving day 2016. She was born in April of 1997.

I believe that makes her slightly more than 20 human years old. Take good care of your Maine Coon and it will love you for a long long time.

My kitty out lived my life at my parents house and I had moved out, got married, got more pets, and had a baby girl before she passed away.

Big Boy
by: Helen

October 30, we had to say good bye to our pride and joy Boy Boy. At 15, he developed a tumor in his abdomen. By the time I noticed, it was very large.

Now I have guilt.. That I should have known. I lost his sister 3 years earlier, now buried together. The guilt is big... He was big, beautiful, and always a conversation.

At 18 lbs he looked even impressive cat. Like everyone else, my heart feels crushed and I feel even days later that I can't catch my breath.

Most people do not get the hurt. He was my last Coon. I've had a total of 3.

With a kiss on his whiskers and an I love you. I stayed with him, holding him, talking to him til the last breath.

Til we meet again Big Boy.... mama sorry..

My cat Winnie

My Maine Coon is almost 25 and she's fit as a fiddle. Her health is brilliant eyesight and hearing aren't what they used to be, but open up her treat box and she suddenly appears. They are a fantastic breed of cat as smart as any dog!

Misty kitty
by: George

Just put my Maine down after 17 years and 2 months.

She had a tumor on her spine and could not longer walk. She was a great cat that my wife and I had since she was a kitten. I miss her.

Miley Boy
by: Gayle

My dear Miley, passed over, assisted in my arms at the grand age of 24. He had many problems health-wise, but still greeted me at the window every day on my arrival home. l rejoice in his time with me but miss him dearly.

Grateful for finding this site!
by: The Whiskershire's Mommy

As I sit here reading everyone's comments, while stroking this 18 lb furball in my lap, I am brought to tears by all of your stories.

The Whiskershire (it's a title more than a name) has blessed my life for the past 12 years. We are inseparable, and he has brought me more joy, comfort & love than I could ever imagine.

I've even been known to run late for things due to "shire-ing about." I am so thankful for every day I have him still, as I know he's an elderly kitty now.

Reading so many stories on here where someone's kitty-child was healthy one minute and gone the next is heart breaking and scary.

I know no other kitty will ever replace him, and I just hope and pray I have a few more good years with him.

May God bless all my fellow MC Lovers out there. We too are a special breed.

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My 3 Coonies
by: Jan

I presently have my 3rd Maine Coon, he is 10 years old. Hasn't had any health problems and I take him to the vet 2 x a year for a check up and whatever shots he needs.

My first Coonie was left abandoned by my neighbors when they moved. He was about 10 months old. He "adopted" me .... would follow me down the sidewalk to my car and when he saw me driving back home would sit by the curb and wait for me. I had a closed in area by my front door where I put a box with towels and water and food for him. Occasionally I would let him inside just to see how he would behave. Seems everywhere he sat, he left a layer of dust, so I called him "Dusty". That fit since he was gray. I think I had heard the neighbor kids refer to him as Silverbell. I could hear cats fighting outside during the night and one day I saw Dusty with a deep gash over his eye. I took him to the vet who said he would have to put him under to fix it and he could neuter him at the same time. so that is what happened. From then on I considered him mine and kept him inside.

He was such a well behaved cat, traveled with us in the car laying under my legs when we moved from Calif. to Arizona. Only health issue he had was that his PH in the urine was off and he had a problem getting stones. That was easily corrected with prescription food. When he was around 8 years old, he suddenly developed an occasional deep cough. I took him to 3 different vets to have him checked out and none of them found what the problem was.

Shortly after, we were out of town for a couple of days and when we got back, I found Dusty in the corner behind my chair and he was not able to stand. It was at night and we took him to the emergency vet hospital where they put him on IV and did some lab tests and kept him overnight. A couple of hours after we got home, we got a call from them telling us that Dusty had just died. They still didn't know what the problem was and the tests they had done were not in and those got cancelled at that point. In retrospect, of what my experiences have been since, I believe he must have had undiagnosed HCM ... Hypertropic Cardiomyopacy ... which can be common in Maine Coons and is passed in the bloodline. Back in the late 1990s they were not that aware of it then. Now the vets are aware and the breeders will not breed cats that carry it. It is a thickening of the heart walls and if not treated can cause blood clots which when they break off mostly travel to the back legs causing the cat extreme pain. I think that is what happened with Dusty and his coughing a few months prior was a symptom of something going on with his heart.

Well,I knew that the only cat I was ever going to get again was another male Maine Coon. I did find a breeder north of Phoenix who had a litter with a blue silver male. Went to see him .... He was a 5 week old cutie, but he needed to stay with his mom until he was 12 weeks old (get all that education that makes Coonies so smart)So I anxiously waited until that time came. I called him Yoshi and he was very precious and intelligent. Always took him for yearly checkups with the vet and when he was around 9 years old the vet found a heart murmur and after having done a cardiogram he was diagnosed with HCM. From that time on he was on a small daily dosage of human BP medication. I didn't have trouble giving that to him at all. I put it inside a pill pocket and then he would eat it out of my hand.

When he was around 12 he got very ill with pancreatitis .... we almost lost him then. He was in a lot of pain and we had to force feed him a special mixture of stuff in a syringe plus pills. When he was around 16 he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid. The treatment for that is very expensive... a 4 day stay in the pet hospital with radioactive treatment. He was doing well after that and gaining some weight back. Around the age of 18 he suddenly started walking around in circles holding his head tilted. Our vet sent me to have him checked by a vetenairy neurologist who thought that Yoshi had a brain tumor. There wasn't really much of a treatment for that except for some medication. Soon he started loosing his sight and then went totally blind. We blocked off a small area of the house where he could find his way around and not fall down any stairs. He could still find where to go for his water dish and where his litter box was. I could see him loose weight and start walking around very unsteady and felt that he had no quality of life left at this point and had him put to sleep while he was laying in my lap. He was 18 1/2 at that time. This was one of the most upsetting things I have gone through in my life. Between the 3 Coonies Yoshi was the best.

Snoozie and Sneakie
by: Connie

I feed my two Main Coon mix cats, 2-years old, the same food as I feed my precious other two cats. I spend extra for Blue Buffalo indoor samon. Outside of annual checkups, they are sick. Their annuals are a breeze. No throwing up, hairballs and their BM's are normal! Their eyes are bright as is their skin!
No artificial flavors or additives of any kind. They are my babies and get along well with their step siblings!
They are brothers named after their personalities; Sneakie and Snoozie. I have enclosed their pictures. Snoozie is the long hair one and nurses a cover with fringe everyday while kneading! Obiviously did not stay as long as needed with mom. Sneakie is very large and muscular and watches out for everyone! The protector! Sneakie is a water cat and is my jumper and only recently discovered he is a big cat and no-longer a small kitten. I don't mind picking up knocked over item. 😻

by: Roz

I inherited a Maine Coon that showed up at my mother's farm in the early 90's..I believe 1993. He was full grown, neutered and with bright blue eyes..probably a mix, but huge- with all the Mane Coon characteristics.

Punkie spent many hard winters outside, but when my mother passed I took him back to my home and to a vet to get him back to good health. He is still flourishing and healthy and the only sign of age he shows is that he is thinner. He is now in his mid 20's (24 or 25) since he was already full grown when we got him..we added a year. I wish I knew his actual birth date, but just so glad he is still our charming Punkie that loves his bath, loves to hunt, still loves to play and has a full ritual of getting his combing and loves, chasing feathered balls, and curling up on his soft bed near the window. He even opens doors that have handle door smart.

Just curious if anyone has heard of a Maine Coon that lives so long while maintaining health. My hope is that he reaches 30! Right now he seems like the ever ready bunny. The only thing I give him extra is now some soft food mixed with antioxidants. He still gets hard food, but he has lost a tooth.

At our 2016 Thanksgiving gathering Punkie wanted out of the house a while and within an hour he was back with a large rabbit to share. I hate to see him catch these animals, but who would think he would still be foraging for such large prey. Just can't get the farm out of him! Amazing cat.

The State of Maine
by: Anonymous

I just received notification from the site. Glad to know that this site is run by someone *in* the state of Maine! :P
BTW, HRH Kitty Kitty had her check-up; all things are okay. But, there was an issue with the Tufts student at Tech in Worcester, MA. Will elaborate a little later tonight.

loss after 20 years
by: Annie

I have lost my little girl Lili , a smart cat , love her and could still hold and hugged her for a million years. She got real sick at the end , my heart was heart broken and I had to put her to sleep.I was with her all along , the needle the vet gave her I was holding her in my arms . A gift to her for Christmas. It happen Dec 23. I have an empty heart , the home is big without her. She was almost a dog,I was able to teach her to sit,to turn around,to asked her to open the door. We had a special bond. I decided to go to a pet shop then realized not one cat will be able to replace her , then I back off and went home. my pain of sadness will go away with time. The 20 beautiful years will never be forgotten. I have her ashes and will keep it in her favorite room where she love to be when the sun would shine in .I missed my Lili .

Just lost my MC
by: Brian B

We had to put down our MC this morning. It was unbelievably sad, but I think I did the correct thing.

She started eating less about 4 months ago. Slowly she began losing 1lbs per month (which seemed good because we had her on a restricted foot diet as she was 17lbs). But once I saw her tailbone showing, I scheduled an appointment to see if she had bad teeth and the whole thing began.

She had double pleural effusion. I had the fluid drained, but couldn't afford the CT scans. She began eating less and less, to where the last week and a half I have been syringe feeding her water and baby food.

Today she began sneezing uncontrollably and was very dehydrated. Most of the blood and fluid tests came back inconclusive. So I guess that means it could have been cancer or who knows what. But at 9lbs and over 10% dehydration, the vet agreed it was time for her to be put to sleep.

As I sit here thinking about every quirk she had - and as a MC there are so many - it makes me smile and cry.

She always ran to me when I whistled
She loved jazz, especially when played on a cell phone speaker
she knew certain words. Treats, Bed, Food, Hungry, and of course her name.
She always slept by my side, and purred so very loudly it would shake the blanket.

I will miss her deeply but don't know if I will get another MC ever again. It would feel too much like cheating to do it.

by: HRH Kitty Kitty

Hello, I live with what I believe to be a 13 year old Beautiful Black Maine Coon. And this is one intelligent cat! Truth be told, I'm a "stay at home (cat) Dad." I haven't left the house much in the past 3 years & am spend morning, noon and night with my cat. I believe she & I can communicate though speech (well, tones), assorted signals & generally just knowing one another. She is truly pampered & has a large home to roam inside of.
I believe her previous "owner" had her fixed well over 10 years ago. 2 years ago, she had 2 abscessed teeth & quite luckily, I quickly noticed & got her immediate help!
She seems very healthy still & remains playful. But, if anything were to ever happen to her--I would *die* inside! I want to get her Annual Vet Visits, on a PROPER diet & start regular exercises for her. I've recently heard of a Tufts Animal Clinic, for animals owned by people who are financially indigent. I want her to only have the best; and I want her to live well into her 20s.
Please advise,
Soulmate to HRH Kitty Kitty

Garnet...I'm so sorry!
by: Anonymous

Garnet, I feel your pain. I just went the through the same thing on the 21st with my sweet boy. He was exactly 15 years old, had him from when I rescued him at 6weeks. His right front leg was limp and had no feeling and he was I crying out in pain when I finally found him in the house. I got him to the emergency vet within an hour and by then it was too late, he had a blood clot and I watched him go downhill very quickly...his heart was failing. Just know that you did the right thing. I wanted so bad to be able to fix him and no amount of money would have stopped me. But as I watched him struggle, it was a no brainer. I could not let my baby suffer. I miss him terribly but I know that the choice I made was for him, not me. I hope you feel better soon. I remember all the happiness he brought me and it makes it all worth it!

Difficult decision
by: Garnet

Had my cat four years. He was born from a stray cat we took in on 6/7/2016. He became sick, it was quite sudden. But by the end of the day we had to go to an er vet because he just got worse. i knew then that we would probably have to put him to sleep. by the time we got him there he was much worse with fluid coming out of his mouth, couldn't breath and had crackling and crying. the vet took him in the back, then a little while later came in and told us it was probably his heart and it was common genetic thing in maine coon cats. she said we could do testing and x-rays but the cost would be expensive like four hundred or more. then there was no guarantee to even cure him they already gave him pain meds. rather than see him suffer we decided to put him to sleep. I just couldn't face him being in this much pain and suffering and they couldn't do anything to cure him but just make him comfortable till the end. it wasn't right to make him suffer. i don't know, maybe some how we could have come up with the money but I don't know if we could. it wasn't just the money but to see something suffer like that just isn't right if in the end you know there wasn't much to be done because most certain it was the heart, then it was right to let him go be with his mama in heaven than let him suffer in pain the rest of his life. Rest in peace my precious. We loved you dearly and you will be missed.

Thank You
by: Smitty

Thanks Valarie. Things are getting better with time. Yesterday 6/4/16 was 3 weeks since he's been gone. I did have one episode just before bed, after watching a video of a guy hugging a big cat (lion) that he hadn't seen in some time. Instantly thought of my cat, and lost it again. Went to bed with tears streaming.

We planted some flowers, and sprinkled grass seed on his grave out back here. I can see him from any room on that side of the house. Cut a few trees and bushes down that were blocking my view. Grass has grown pretty well over the site. Starting to look nice over there. The grave marker from should be coming either next week, or the next 2 weeks. We'll have to do some minor additional landscaping to incorporate that in.

Definitely helps remembering all the good times. Also my 3 other cats have helped tremendously. I now realize how much attention Buddy stole from the rest of them! Also realizing how much Buddy ate - wow ... we're not going though half the food we were before. It sure is quiet around here without him. He was a vocal one.

Anyway, time marches on, whether we like it or not. I'm making sure to spoil my other 3 with my time. They're all the same age, so I could be going through this all over again at any moment, but they are very healthy however, thankfully.

by: Valarie

Hi Smitty,

My heart bleeds for you. I know the pain of loosing a cat. Have heart and remember you did the best to ensure his quality of life was good while he was still alive. In time the pain of loosing him will get better and you will be left remeniscing of the good times you had with him. Thank you for having loved him as you did.

Thank you
by: Smitty

Thank you for the kind words Tracy Q - that helps alot.

Yesterday was the first day that I didn't cry, but I don't think I'll be able to say the same for today. My Buddy left an enormous void here.

by: Tracy Q

Buddy....Hi Smitty....I just read your sad to hear of your loss. we lost our baby Gucci in 2014 and she is still on my mind everyday. I hope you know that by just reading your letter that Buddy had a amazing life and a true best friend. Buddy is now at the Rainbow Bridge and his happy and healthy and will wait for you there.

by: Smitty

I just lost my best Buddy at age 13 (I would estimate, close to the day he was born) just this past Saturday, May 14, 2016. I am totally devastated, heartbroken, crushed. I never realized the bond we had until he was gone. Seemed like it happened in a flash.

He weighed 19.5 lbs. up until last year - he lost a large percentage of his weight pretty fast, but still seemed energetic and happy, so I wasn't overly concerned. Vet said he may have had diabetes that self-corrected, but they wouldn't know without blood work. This was over a year ago. Just recently, he came to me as I was on the computer, and just stared at me - I sensed something was wrong. He got up on my leg and onto the computer desk, and laid down in front of me. I noticed a change in his breathing - somewhat labored, with slight discharge from his nose. I don't like going to the vet, and will avoid it if at all possible - the stress on my cat isn't worth it sometimes, and unfortunately, I don't have an unlimited bankroll. I monitored him for a few days - seemed to come and go, but the Saturday before last I decided it was time to bring him in. They did x-rays & blood work, and a few days later, I got the news that he had an enlarged heart, hyperthyroidism, and fluid in his lungs. He seemed otherwise healthy and happy, so at the time, I wasn't too concerned, especially since the vet prescribed some medication. She sounded convinced that we could treat his conditions after consulting with a colleague.

I had a difficult time giving him the meds. He would eat around them. I managed for the first 5 days to get his diuretics down by masking them in whipped cream or mayo, but when I now had 3 pills to feed him, things got difficult. I tried the 2 usual things - he just ate around them again. Tried milk. Same. Then sprinkled catnip on the plate - finally got him to eat them ... but a half hour later, he threw up. The pills were crushed, so I didn't see that as a big deal, and went about my routine for the day. I got home late that night to find him struggling to breathe - my wife was trying to give him soft food with the meds in it, and his breathing was so bad, there was no way he could eat. Mouth open, tongue out, crying - was the most heart-wrenching thing I had ever seen. I cried most of the night thinking he was going to die right there. It was late & the vet was closed. Miraculously he made it through, and I fed him the plate of medicated food that morning. He slept most of the day, understandably. By evening, he was almost back to his old self! I was overjoyed! I couldn't believe he survived that episode. It was so bad.

So that Friday morning I awoke to find him greeting me by rubbing against my feet. Thought he was good now, and that was just a freak thing. Then, it came time for the meds again. I had read about not crushing coated pills, so again, tried hiding in the food. Nothing was working. A friend told me about a way to hold his head and use your index finger and thumb to make his mouth open, and then place the pill as far down on his tongue as you can. This was not fun for either of us. After I got the 3rd and final pill down, I could see that this stressed him out ALOT. He was breathing very heavily, but not bad. In hindsight I feel this killed my cat, because about a half hour later, he started hunkering down on the floor again, rapidly breathing. I kept an eye on him. Long story short, about an hour after I gave the meds, he was back to the mouth open, crying episode. I couldn't stand to watch him suffer like this again, so I called the vet - they instructed me to get him right down. I thought they'd be able to fix this. I rushed around and got him in the car and headed out. It was 8 minutes of sheer torture. He cried the entire way, barely able to breathe. At one point he looked me dead in the eye and nearly screamed - that image has been haunting me every single day. I figured it was just the car ride - he never did enjoy that. Got to the vet and I handed him off to them, and saw the receptionist. I had enough time to grab water out of the machine, when they told me to come in the little room there. Vet began to tell me that this may be the end. I was in denial. How could it be? He bounced back on Thursday, why not now? Another vet came in and asked his weight - they were going to sedate him. Minutes later she came back and said fluid was coming out of everywhere ...and that I'd better come back and say goodbye. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

I got back there, just as his little heart stopped beating. He gasped reflexively twice, and was gone. I cried harder than I have since I was in diapers. I can't even explain the heartbreak. I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy. So awful. I feel like I let him down too. The first days afterward, all I did was cry and think of how my actions caused all of this. Today, 6 days later, is the first day I've not broken down at random times throughout the day. I miss him so much.

Not sure if the meds did him any good. If I had to do it again, I would've got him to the vet the minute I noticed the weight loss a year or more earlier. I think I let it ride too long. Cats are amazing at hiding ailments until they're nearly too far gone - you have to be very perceptive to subtle changes.

I've managed to get myself into a functioning state by remembering all the good times, of which there were many. All the funny things he used to do. Still hard for me to look at his picture without getting choked up, but that'll come in time.

Hug your pets - cherish EVERY second of their existence. I sincerely hope none of you has to deal with what I have.

by: Pavel

Fifteen years ago in the middle of the winter, a thin, dirty feral cat showed up at the horse farm where I lived. Every afternoon when I was bringing the horses indoors for the night, he would mysteriously appear out of the woods and sit on a nearby log pile, watching me. The barn cats kept him from coming closer, but he seemed too wary to approach me anyway. I would leave food for him near the log pile, and he would watch me closely until I was at lease 200 feet away before approaching it. He was so dirty that I thought he was grey (but later turned out to be a beautiful light orange) and appeared fully grown, probably 1-2 years old.

Over the next two years, he gradually became trusting and one day came into the house and never left. His personality was unlike any other cat that I've had, and it seems from the other comments that the Maine Coons somehow relate to people in a unique way, creating a special bond.

One week ago today, Dewey came into my room for his breakfast, and I noticed that he was snuffling and had a nasal discharge. He looked as though he was having trouble eating because he was so stuffed up, so I took him immediately to the vet. She said his vital signs were good and diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection. He got some tests and received antibiotics before going home.

At home for the rest of the day, he seemed better, purring when petted and tapping my leg that evening as usual to let me know he wanted to be picked up and placed on the couch with me while I watched TV (his back legs had become somewhat arthritic over the past year). Early the next morning, I woke up to check on him, and he surprisingly seemed much worse. He was lying by himself away from the other cats in an different part of the room than usual. He seemed lethargic and was breathing with difficulty, so I took him to a critical care hospital (it was Sunday morning). They gave him the best care, but he didn't respond as he should have. They also noticed leg twitching and suspected that he had neurological issues, perhaps caused by a stroke or brain tumor. Their guess is that he had a stroke or seizure sometime overnight and that the part of his brain that controlled his breathing function was damaged. He was conscious, but never regained alertness, and slowly became more lethargic for the rest of Sunday into Monday.

Even under treatment, he slowly declined, and the end result was inevitable. So on Monday morning, I spent an hour visiting with him alone before finally putting him down. During that time, I petted and spoke to him, but saw no sign of response.

I'm heartbroken. But it is somehow reassuring to read the experience of other MC owners to know that my reaction to this special breed is not unusual and that our unique interaction was not just in my mind, but is shared by many others who have enjoyed the company of these incredible cats.

My Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

So I have a female Maine Coon who a few vets have told me is a pure Maine Coon. I found her as a stray tiny little kitten in the bushes over 15 years ago.
She has always been indoors. I feed her very well always and have always given her purified water. Never have had to take her to the vet for anything. As far as I know she's never even been sick and has rarely even been hurt.
As far as I can tell at this point the only thing I'm starting to see wrong with her is that she is losing her hearing. It's been getting worse over the last year or so as far as I can tell. But it's very obvious now that she either doesn't hear me from behind her even if I snap my fingers right behind her ears, or if she hears me she actually hears my voice bouncing off the walls in front of her and she gets confused about where I am when I'm right behind her.
But as far as the rest of her physical ability and activity she still pretty much acts very young. She's very playful with me or even on her own when she feels like attacking the little toys or going on a burst of speed across the room and freaking out all on her own. She still likes to play hide and seek and will even still chase balls and string when I throw them or dangle string around her. Very willing to play almost all the time.
Oh, and she can still jump very high like crazy and I don't sense that she's in any pain by doing so by either jumping up onto the bed or couches or jumping back down. She only weighs like 7 to 7.5 pounds though also and is fit and trim...not fat at all.
She doesn't seem to wince or react in pain if I check her shoulders or hips and massage her...I don't feel any lumps or anything that seems to make her uncomfortable when I pet her. She seems to like being petted or massaged all over and doesn't react badly to any certain areas, so I think she's doing very arthritis or anything like that in the joints.
Anyways...I'm amazed she has lived now over 15 years and I'm just wondering how much longer she could go.
I recently saw that a Maine Coon lived like 25 years and it was a world record.
Not sure if she'll make it that long, but from what I've been reading she has already reached a high age and since she seems in very good health so far up to this point then I hope she can make it many years to come.
People keep asking me how she is or if she's still alive and most can't believe she is now over 15 years old.
Do many of you on here know of the making it 15+ years and seeming to be so healthy and playful like they're still relatively young???

My Maine Coon story...
by: Kimberly

I had two born in my back yard from feral parents...the father was seen once or twice but after the Momma cat gave birth, he was gone.

I had been leaving food for her and didn't know she was pregnant until she brought these two little fur balls with her to my door. This went on for about two more months before I discovered the mom had been killed.. She managed to climb back over my fence before she died.

The two boys kept coming around and started getting comfortable coming in and eating. Once they became acclimated to being in the house, I knew they were mine and going to stay.

I named them Alvin and Theodore..(never was a fan of the name Simon and since there were only two...;0) Anyway, I had never had Maine Coons before.

I am stunned at their intelligence..their affection...and in my cat Alvin's case, their complete ability to be a PIA! I named him Alvin for a reason...

Anyway, I still have Alvin as Theodore passed about 4 years ago. He is going to be 17 next month and yes, his eyesight is a little blurry and his hearing is selective...(again, I named him Alvin for a reason), he is sore in his joints, but he still climbs up and down from bed to chair to sofa...

Bottom line, I don't see him going anywhere any time soon...Love him and really miss Theodore..

I'll have another Maine Coon in my life after Alvin... I know it!

Gracie and I....
by: John Brown

my Maine Coon, "Gracie" turns 17 on new years day, in 10 days....I don't even think of her as a pet, not in the least. She is the longest lasting relationship with a woman i have ever had lol. She's been with me through it all. I've even taken her on a 3300 mile round trip in my car to Kansas to visit my folks once, and she did great...just sat in my lap most of the way, and slept with me in my sleeping bag in my car at night. She's 22lbs and has been a big beautiful woman for years now. I can tell she is getting old though. She still moves around quite well, but she's getting tender in her hips, and doesn't jump up on the bed anymore, she just kind of lays around, but she is up meowing and walking around in the morning, noon, and before bed for her treats lol. It seems to me she has years to go, and not showing any signs of going to heaven anytime soon. I'm glad, because I love her so much. She's been indoors most of her life, and i feed her high end food, and give her fresh, clean filtered water daily, so she's been on a really routine diet for all her life. I've fed her IAM's dry food all her life, and it seems to have been a good choice. Maybe she'll go into her 20's, it sure seems as though she is going to. Coons are the best.
John, California

Don't forget to love them now.
by: Steve in Dayton

Interesting how so many here are on the same "wavelength". Truely these comments are salve to all.

Life can get busy. But for those blessed to still have your Maine Coons, make at least some time daily to focus on them alone - whatever form it takes (holding, comforting, playing, talking, etc.) They need much human companionship - and they hurt without it.

And even though they are big and boisterous at times, they really are very fragile and delicate creatures - especially when they get older. Make sure any direction is always soft-handed and kind.

They seem to get old overnight. Appreciate every year you have from them. They are truely a gift from God, and count yourself blessed if you have one of these beautiful creatures loving you unconditionally.

Our Percy
by: Kara

We just has to put down our beautiful MC Percy due to advanced liver has been a month and I still look forward to hearing his super loud purr when I get home..but the house is too quiet now. He was only 7 years old. We still have his brother Neville who is also not well, he has always had health issues. (Severe food allergies, kidney stones etc.) He has seemed depressed since his brother is gone. My heart breaks every day over his loss. We have had them since they were 4 weeks old and bottle fed the little loves. (Oops big loves) I just hope and pray Neville stays with us for a lot to you all who love your kitties. Hold them close and always let them know they are loved.

Follow up 6 months later
by: Sadie's Dad

It been 6 months since we put our beloved MCC to rest. To the original question poster - the answer to "Average Life Span" seems to range from 12-25 years with 15-20 being most commonly reported.

Regarding my experience, after 6 months, we still miss Sadie. We now have a domestic short hair cat but to be honest, it offers nothing close to the level of affection and intelligence Sadie had. There is something special about our MCC's.

To those who are struggling with the painful decision to put your furry family member to rest, I offer the following suggestions. 1) Listen to the non-emotional suggestion of your vet to decide when it's time. 2) Hard as it may seem, be with and comfort your beloved as he/she passes on to the next shore. 3) and Third - and most important, try to expunge the feeling of guilt that you could have done more and avoided your loss. You provided a loving home and affection to your MCC. He/she returned the favor and that's the best both can wish for.

Big Boy
by: Helen

October 30, we had to say good bye to our pride and joy Boy Boy. At 15, he developed a tumor in his abdomen. By the time I was very large. Now I have guilt.. That I should have known. I lost his sister 3 years earlier, now buried together. The guilt is big... He was big, beautiful, and always a conversation .. At 18 Lbs.. He looked even impressive cat. Like everyone else, my heart feels crushed and I feel even days later that I can't catch my breath..
Most people do not get the hurt. He was my last Coon.. I've had a total of 3.
With a kiss on his whiskers and an I Love you.. I stayed with him.. Holding him.. Talking to him til the last breath..
Til we meet again Big Boy....mama sorry..

My Peach
by: Melissa

I have a 9 year old beautiful MC named Peach. I rescued her from a roadside hit when she was 1. She loves to be held, sleeps with us every night. Chirps and purrs at everything. Loves to frolick in the grass and is very photogenic. I am so thankful to still have her and have her greet me every day. I am absolutely dreading the day she leaves us.
Reading all your stories is so inspiring and restores my love for my baby girl. Hugs to you all and thoughts to your fur babies. xo

by: Steve in Dayton

Thanks Tracy for your words. They mean more than you could know. My wife says you must be a very good person.

I don't fault others (non MC parents), but somehow their condolences just feel unknowingly a bit hollow - Perhaps it's me.

14 years was not enough, but we feel the Good Lord took him this way to prevent us from a slow mental burn of the gradual decline that was already taking hold of him.

When it came time for the end of life decision, we wanted a clear answer. And we got it.

by: Tracy

Steve & Trish, you're letter is beautiful. I love hearing the love and devotion you both have. Your loss I feel. I too lost my very best friend in August of 2014, her name was Gucci and she was mine and my husband world. The empathy helps more than sympathy as I feel like I'm not alone. I hope that you both know what amazing people you are for sharing your love with fur babies. My heart goes out to you both.

by: Steve in Dayton

We are devastated. Not even a year after posting the loss of Joshua here, we are now without our big boy Tabby Mackeral Judah.

We did not lose a pet.
We did not lose a cat.
We did not lose an animal.
We lost a friend.

He was soulful. Full of wisdom and understanding even from young. He was my shadow - joining me wherever I was. He lived for us. Making sure the house was safe every night with his patrol. Coming to the needs of our other cats when they needed comfort.

He was not just loving.
He was not just smart.
He was loving and smart.

In his middle years he was big and strong with presence. The favorite of the vet clinic, and garnered much comments as my avatar portrait in many a discussion forums.

The heart disease did not get him. The diabetes did not get him. The false hip and no teeth did not get him. It was the siezure of unknown source that put him in a coma when we were out of town. Un-responsive(kitty coma), the pet sitter took him to the energency animal clinic - keeping him comfortable until our rush 6-hour drive home to say goodbye.

As he was brought into our room, his recognition of us was instant. Cradled in my wifes arms, even after what brain trauma he had sustained, there was a look of content, completion and peace in his face that will be unforgettable until the day I die.

The house in now empty of his spirit and our lives will change forever. We will have to adapt, and be thankful for all that we still have. But even the day after, the heavy heart sits like a ton of bricks on my chest, causing me to feel suffocation at times.

God bless all those that have expressed similar feelings here on this board. Truly very few people can understand this type of loss except for those posting here.

Steve & Trish

Forever Draco
by: Judi

I am sorry for the loss of Apollo. I too endured the same experience with Draco. Today I have a new cat named Chuba. He is so mild mannered and a great cat who needed me and I needed him. The journey with Draco led me to Chuba which led me to a new vet. Our new veterinarian couldn't understand why I am so protective of Chuba. When I told my story with Draco I cryed so much. I couldn't understand why the vet. Also had tears. He sat me down and told me he is a specialist for cats with renal failure and that he could have saved Draco. He gives lectures and educate other vets. In this particular area. Draco will never be forgotten and I still cherish every moment we shared. Giving Draco a memorial and sharing a candle light vigil with family and friends helped heal my wounds and has brought my family back together. Remember you are not alone.

by: Angela

Thank you, Tracy for your kind words. I am sorry for your loss as well.

To Angela/Apollo
by: Tracy

Angela, reading your story about Apollo was heartbreaking. I stayed connected on here as I lost my Gucci last August 2014. It never gets easier and I hope you always treasure your good times with Apollo. Take care

by: Angela

Back at the end of June, I had to make the difficult decision to put my thirteen year old ginger Maine Coon, Apollo to sleep. He was in renal failure, but my vet said that we caught it almost immediately because I took him in because he had been vomiting, they did labwork and it all came back normal. A week later he was still not acting like himself, so I took him back, saw a different doctor, who also did a full panel and CBC as well as a urinalysis. This time it showed ridiculously abnormal liver and kidney values. Apollo stayed in the vet hospital over the weekend and was stabilized that Monday. However, I was then tasked with giving him sub-q fluids 3 times a week. It is amazing the fears that you are able to overcome to make your kitty feel better. At the same time as Apollo was going through all of this, someone abandoned a baby kitten at the back door of my vet. I showed an interest in the kitten and my vet thought that when she was old enough, she might be good for Apollo. So, when she was seven weeks old, I brought her home and introduced her to Apollo. He was not pleased at first, but then I came home from work one day and he was curled up in the sun and she was sleeping on top of him. Unfortunately, this only lasted for a few weeks and one day I could tell that Apollo was just not feeling well. He didn't want food or treats and I know he had not used the litter box for at least thirty two hours. When he would not pick his head up, I struggled with my decision, even at the vet, he was purring and it just broke my heart, but I didn't want him to suffer. I miss him everyday.

Age of a Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

My male turned 20 on May 5th. How long does a Maine Coon usually live?

The cat that is using All her 9 lives
by: Anonymous

I have a 19 yr old baby girl named Buffy.She's been sick manytimes thought I was going to have to put her down.but everytime she pulled through. She can't hear and likes to pee where ever. But she's here to stay as long as she's wants. I'll clean up after my baby girl Love her

Cancer -- stomach and oral in Maine Coon
by: Anonymous

Our very loved Maine Coon seemed to have digestive problems for many years -- several very expensive suregeries and in between a wonderful family member. Fianllly at just over 9 years she had oral and stomach cancer and we had to let her go, Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Misty kitty
by: George

Just put my Maine down after 17 years and 2 months.
She had a tumor on her spine and could not longer walk. She was a great cat that my wife and I had since she was a kitten. I miss her.

by: Margaret

I lost my Alice last year at 14 years...her stomach burst...I was devastated. I still have my beautiful siver boy, Oliver who is currently 15 years. The vet diagnosed a heart murmur 6 months ago, but a blood test a month ago was normal. He does suffer from sinus problems and has to go for an antibiotic injection every 6 weeks or so. It will break my heart if anything happens to him but take heart that some live until 24 years!!!!

14 years and sudden loss
by: Anonymous

We lost our beloved Maine coon yesterday at 14 years. It appears to be heart related (see hypotrophic cardiomyopathy). He was fine all day and then a neighbor stopped to tell me he was laying between houses dead. Now after research we see there were signs but they are subtle. And it is questionable if anything could have been done. I raised him from a kitten and he was unlike any cat I have ever known. It has left a gapping hole in my heart and I am frankly traumatized. My baby is gone and I truly don't know if I will ever be the same.

I love you Marley.



by: Sadie's Dad

3 Days ago we put our beloved MCC "Sadie" down. She was 15. I have never been in the presence of death before and it was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced.

Not sure the exact cause of illness but she began to go downhill about the time we brought another cat into our home. I know this was somewhat stressful adjustment, we have done this before without issue. It began with what appeared to be a sinus infection. 2 rounds of antibiotics did not help. Vet thought there might be a tumor growing near the sinus cavity and said we could order and MRI followed by surgery, but to the vets credit, he recommended we simply enjoy the remaining time Sadie had.

He last 6 months was a slow downhill slide. Congested sinus made breathing difficult. She became a very finicky eater. She went from 18 lbs to 8. You could feel her bones as she lost muscle mass. I began buying deli meat and smoke salmon and hand feeding as that became the only thing she would eat. I observed fresh evidence in the basement that she was not keeping what little food she are down. The last two week there was a bloody mucus discharge coming her eyes and nose. Her left eye was swollen shut.

Despite all this, she did not seem to be in pain, still enjoyed our company, greeted us at the door and continued to engage us in conversation with the chirpy meow Maine Coons are know for.

The night before the vet visit, I gave her a feast of smoke salmon and ham, warm milk and cheese. I broke out her little stash of catnip and got her buzzed. She chased some string. I started a fire in the living room fireplace and we spent the night snuggling in the warmth. She was purring.

That morning, she had a bit more salmon, another hit of catnip and chased me around the house with some string again.

It was time. At the vet, I stayed with her. She was totally relaxed and trusting. Gave her another hit of catnip. Stroked her head, still purring, she went to sleep.

Johsua Blue
by: Steve in Dayton

Sorry for your loss. Indeed Cardiomyopathy has been mentioned in a number of these posts. We lost out boy Joshua at 11 and now our big boy Judah is being treated for it at 14. The first signs are erratic, abdominal, the lungs and heart have to go into overdrive to keep up the supply as the heart efficiency lessens.

There are diuretics for the water retention, and anti hypertension drugs to relax the heart. For natural adds, Taurine and a liquid Co-Q10 can also help. The latter not even a bad idea to when you're cat get middle aged.

When I loose Judah I'm not sure what I'm going to do. He loves me more than any dog I've every had. And he's a smart boy too. But best to focus on what one has instead of what one has lost I guess when going forward.

by: Tracy

Hi Taylor, I read your post on yoyo. I'm so sorry for you loss. My husband and I had our precious Gucci for 12 1/2 years...I had no idea the health issues my baby would get as she got older. I'm so sorry you lost your fur baby so soon. I hope you feel better knowing you gave your yoyo a great life, way too short. We need to find out more about the health of our fur babies. Take care Tracy

by: Anonymous

Dear Taylor,

The only thing worse than losing a Maine Coon at 12 is losing one at 3! My heart aches for you. Our Ivan died last November and we still think about him every day and miss him dearly. So sad your precious one succumbed to cardiomyopathy. I don't know how one screens for that other than taking the word of the breeder. In any event, please know that you're not alone in your grief.


Feline cardiomyopathy
by: Taylor

My beloved yoyo died at 3 ... Cardiac arrest from the leading killer of Maine Coons that no one seems to discuss.... It's the biggest Cause of death in this breed ... Especially with 100 percent Maine coon breeds.... I have been so extremely angry over losing her ... My head and heart feels as if it's filled with heavy black stones ....
Please look into or google HCM or feline cardiomyopathy so I can at least feel as if I helped other cats .❤️

Maine Coon turning 16 in June
by: Nakko Chan

I found my maine coon online in Aug 1999 and the breeder's reviews to have healthy cats. Of course no ones until to get one. He's out live his mate and now lives in house with two younger cats of 9 years. He's getting old and develop a few weird problems over the years but is consider healthy for the most part. This June he'll be 16 year and I'm so happy that he has lived so long with very little problems. He's needs daily meds for his obsessives behavior of marking the house. That started 1 1/2 ago. We tired everything and only meds has helped. He also had 9 teeth pulled and you only notices these issues in older cat and found out these could have led to major health concerns or his death. We are so glad to have him still with us and know everyday is blessing for old lover boy Nakko Chan.

by: Gerry

My beloved Maine Coon, Rubio, was rescued from a feral litter in 2003. He grew into a beautiful blond and white indoor/outdoor independent cat who graced us with his presence when sleeping in the house during the day and "catting about" the neighborhood at night. He dutifully kept mice and rats from establishing housekeeping in our garage--often leaving them on the bathroom floor for our appreciation--and would climb up on my computer desk, lie down next to me and rest his head on my mouse hand and purr--loving the movement of my hand. I could have skipped my blood pressure medicine at those times. I'm teary this evening, trying to adjust to his absence but thankful for 13 wonderful years of companionship. RIP Rubio.

by: Gucci by Tracy

Tracy I read your heartfelt story about your beloved Gucci. I truly understand your pain about the decision you had to make during those challenging three days. I too often question did I do everything within my power to save Draco. Yes I did everything right and in doing the right thing it still seems it is not enough. Yes I will check out rainbow bridge in hopes to control the grieving process and one day get closure from the loss of Draco. Thank you for reaching out to me. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for your understanding. You have your husband to share your grief. My family we talk some but we are still separate. Stay wonderful.

Draco by Judi
by: Tracy

Hi Judi, I woke up early this morning a read your comments about Draco. It does help to know that we are not alone in our loss. I lost my sweet Gucci on 8/26 and mine and my husbands lives have changed and we are always sad. Your lucky you still have a fur baby to take care of, and they need you to. I signed up on the Rainbows Bridge for Gucci if you ever want to ho on there. It is also a great way to grief for your loss. I still write to Gucci every week. It helps. If it helps I have the same pain. Gucci was my whole world so reading your story I know Draco was yours.

Forever Draco
by: Judi

The lost of Draco has such an impact on my household. We are now in a place where we can finally speak to each other and share our grief together. Reading the stories of other individuals is always a reminder that we are not alone and that our grieving process is natural. It's ok to cry. It's ok to hurt. It's ok to be angry. Why me. Why now. But I have so many good memories, so many pictures, so many stories to tell one another. So much love joy and happiness was poured into his short life. Draco knew he was loved to the very end and he was not alone. Our lives are forever changed. I am so thankful we still have our other cat Zha Zha who needed a home when she was a kitten. What I noticed through all the grief iam enduring is that now Zha Zha watch over the house. Wake us up in the morning. Watch over us at night. Lay next to me when I cry whenever I miss Draco. Yes There is light at the end of every tunnel. The light may not be the same but at this point any light is better than none. Iam so greatful for all the prayers. Iam so grateful for this site. Iam so grateful to have loved and been loved by Draco.

Cozmo Cat
by: Mike

Our condolences go out to you and your partner regarding Cozmo Cat. It's so painful to lose a beloved pet, especially a cat.

One of the many drawbacks of apartment living is noisy, disturbing and rude neighbors. I am so sorry your cat's sensibilities were so violated, to the point of shortening his precious life. I've never heard of an animal rights attorney but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. Yet with my limited knowledge of your case, I would not expect much satisfaction from taking these inconsiderate buffoons to court. It has been my experience in dealing with dregs of society that they get a kick when they know they've made someone angry or upset-it's as though they live for that!

I know at the moment everything inside you cries out for vengeance, but, as a Christian I must advise against such a retaliatory attitude. Instead perhaps, with God's help, y'all could try to forgive this cruel group of humanoids and calmly and politely explain to them what happened. The Bible says a soft answer turns away wrath and in so doing that might start them to thinking about their wicked ways.

Now at first it seems counterintuitive to forgive but, there is a sense of peace and empowerment that comes from letting go and forgiving those who have offended you or hurt you. And when we do, God will step in and deal with our adversaries in His perfect way and timing.

Sorry for sermonizing too much here, but I've had experience in this realm of life and found the forgiveness route much better.

In any event, may God heal your broken hearts and help you to enjoy your surviving "Coon Boy" all the more.

Cozmo Cat -- Death by Trauma
by: Terry B

My partner Nancy's lively, very-soft-furred Maine Coon, Cozmo, passed away January 31st, 2015.

He'd been being treated, successfully, for hyperthyroidism for several years, a happy, very affectionate cat who could tell whether a person was OK or someone to stay away from. He rather liked me from day one, otherwise I'd not be writing now.
Nancy's upstairs neighbors had always been problematic, with kids who'd interfere with her sleep and occassional parties, but that was dealable, at least until the latest folks moved in.
The last straw, though, was an incredibly loud Thanksgiving Day 2014 party, the noise of which frightened Cozmo so much he developed seizure activity, according to his vet, and needed anti-seizure medication. Complaints to the landlord went unheeded and even with medication that diminished his seizures, abrupt, loud noises (dropped / moved furniture?, loud footfalls directly above him) triggered his flight-and-hide response and kept him on-edge, frightened and stressed for the last two months.
We don't know if the seizures may have caused some sort of heart problem but we're certain that Cozmo would most likely have lived another few years like his companion cat, Wiley, also a Maine Coon of about the same age. We thought Wiley would pass first, as he was diagnosed with a large inoperable tumour; it's amazing what love can do for an animal. Or a person, even.
We're looking for an animal rights attorney. If you happen to know of one in Chicago, let us know, thanks.

by: Tracy

Hi Dave. I get emails when someone post on here. I read your story about Oliver and I'm so sorry. My precious Gucci also passed in August after 12 1/2 years. My husband and I don't have kids, she was our baby. I hope that Oliver and Gucci are kickin back together at The Rainbows Bridge.

Oliver - My Best Friend
by: Dave

Oliver was 13 years old and was diabetic and eventually Kidney disease took him from my wife and I. We lost him back in August when we had to make the tough decision to not let him suffer anymore. He hadn't eaten for days and got to the point where he began to meow in pain.

While we love our other children with fur, Oliver held a very special place in our hearts. He was a comedian because he just did the funniest things. He was photogenic and loved getting his picture taken. He greeted me everyday when I came to the door, and he loved my wife. He would always stand in the kitchen with her and eat lettuce and "help his momma cook" as she would say.

It's been a difficult 5 months since we've lost him and I still think of him every day. It was like losing a child to us. His best friend, Angel (youngest cat) misses him dearly as well.

But I look back and realize, we had 13 wonderful years, and I hope someday we will focus on the great times rather than the pain of the absence.

Thank you Tracy
by: Mike

I appreciate your kind words, Tracy, and I extend our heartfelt condolences over the loss of your precious Gucci. No doubt our cats and the other dearly departed pets are playing and cavorting over the Rainbow Bridge. (Thanks for telling me about that website.) Our hearts are healing but it's a slow process, to be sure. Just today when I had a little time alone I found myself telling Ivan in an audible voice how much I miss him. It's still hard to believe he's been gone a whole week now. I found a picture of him as an 8-week old kitty, so bright eyed and bushy tailed and full of spunk. Such a regal soul he was. Our family and friends have been very supportive and understanding 'cause they all loved him and miss him too (even those who aren't particularly crazy about cats). Reading other people's tributes to their cats continues to be a tremendous source of comfort as well. We must appreciate every moment we have with our loved ones, both the two-legged and the four-legged variety, because none of us is "guaranteed" tomorrow.

Mike about Ivan
by: Tracy

Hi Mike, I read your story about Ivan. I'm so sorry. What I've learned about this process is that these sites help us with our grief. I lost my baby Gucci on 8/26/14 and I still have so much sadness. I hope that you will find comfort with reading stories and your memories of Ivan. I went onto the website Rainbow Bridge and added Gucci and it helps. It's like her personal memorial page. Ivan sounds super cool and Gucci and him are at the Rainbow Bridge together.

We Love You Draco
by: Judith

We recently lost Draco on November 18, 2014. He was nineteen months old when he died of chronic kidney failure. There were no signs or symptoms until it was to late. I was referred to three different hospitals in an effort to save his life. Draco was a good natured cat who was loved by many family and friends. Even though we are still grieving the lost of our pet I am so grateful we provided Draco in a family filled with love, and happiness. He was very happy until the day he crashed on my daughters bed where is was surrounded by my children. Draco waited for me to get home from work before he said good bye. Draco crossed over after I left home to run an errand and by the time I returned home my children and friend of the family had already removed Draco to make arrangements. My heart still aches for the lost of Draco who always woke me up every morning for work, who loved to play, who had a watchful eye for my household, who would cuddle with me after a long day. Through our grief, our tears and our desperate desire to give him the best medical care regardless of cost, Draco will always have a place in our hearts. My family and I have not been the same since our lost. In loving memory.
Draco Malfoy Hood March 2013-November 2014.

Our Beloved Ivan
by: Mike

On Monday (11/17/14) evening at 9:05 PM my wife and I lost our beautiful, loving, gorgeous, Coon boy, Ivan. He died at home surrounded by his family. He was only 12 3/4 years old. He went into acute kidney failure in 24 hours time. So sudden and unexpected. Our veterinarian, God bless him, did his best to save him but he couldn't. We are devastated. I'm a former Marine and rarely cry but this has brought me to my knees: the loss of such a dear friend and companion. Today, I was off from work, so I've been sifting through photographs of Ivan on my computer and caching them into one folder so I can look at his beautiful face whenever I want. For some reason the melancholy tune, "days of wine and roses," which speaks to tragic loss in one's life, seemed appropriate despite the fact there's no alcohol involved. So I've just been playing that song over and over and looking at his pictures and weeping uncontrollably while my wife was out running errands. His little brother, an Himalayan, also misses him so much. Several times a day he walks around the house meowing for his big brother who used to groom him, play with him and protect him. They grew up together from about 12 weeks old. My wife is strong but she too is suffering mightily from losing Ivan. I know with time things will get easier but for now our hearts are in a perpetually broken condition. Reading other peoples' comments about the passing of their Maine Coons has been therapeutic because I know exactly what they are going through. We all know as cat lovers that one day our loyal friend will depart this world but I was hoping to push that date back a few more years. But it was not to be. We love you Ivan our dear "son." You brought so much joy, laughter, amusement and love into our lives especially since we are a childless couple. Our lives will never be the same without you.

by: Dar

My baby Blue was 13 years old. She was born Sept. 11, 2001. My daughter, then 2, named her after 'Blue's clues' because she was so smart. A little over a week ago, I noticed a lump on her chest, it tripled in size in just a week. She had always greeted me at the door, and dropped off her favorite toys at the door if I took too long coming home. I knew something was wrong when she wasn't doing that. She was always following me around, but last weekend I couldn't find her, she was hiding in the basement. She stopped waking me up in the morning with a paw to my cheek, and for the last few nights, wouldn't come sleep with me by my side. Every morning, she would lick our other cat's head to clean him, but he never returned the favour. Two days ago, we took her to the vets so that she wouldn't have to suffer anymore. Before we left, our other cat went over to Blue and cleaned her head, she was too weak to return the favour. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I held her as she got the needle, but a few minutes later, she arched her body back in my arms and opened her mouth. That part scared didn't seem peaceful at all, but the vet said that can happen when their bodies are starting to shut down. It was hard to be present for that, but I wanted to be there for her. I've been crying every day since. It's hard to be home without her. We had her cremated, and we are getting the ashes and urn this week. We have two other tabbie cats, but it's just not the same. Part of our family is gone, I miss her so much!

Joshua Blue
by: Steve in Dayton

We lost our baby boy Joshua on 11/5/14. He was 11. We have two older MCs who we love very much, but they were old souls from the beginning. Joshy was a young soul - to the end. Always upbeat, open for new experiences and obedient.

A rare form of Cardio Myopathy (ARVC), a genetic/inflammatory issue, caused his right vertricle to wither away.

There was little warning. From fun-loving boy chasing falling leaves from a back yard tree last week to erratic breathing on Sunday evening to heart failure/clot/death on Wed at 3PM before our eyes.

The $2k ER stay in the middle of the night could not save him. FYI - Give your young MC's Co-Q-10 to possibly help extend your baby's heart life.

We are still in shock and numb. My reality has been altered. My reality is ajar. For so long it's be me, my wife and the three of them.

Sadly, even as all 4 of his legs were failing him within the last hour of death, the good boy rolled into his litter box and used it to save us from a mess upon passing.

It's amazing how every MC is different. There will never be one like him again.

His lifeless body still warm, we stroked his beautiful solid blue fur with our last attempts at goodbye, noting that even in death he was so absolutely handsome.

Where is that light now? Where is his little spirit that brightened our days? How can he be totally alive one minute and totaly gone the next?

As people of faith, we look at it as a brief but wonderful gift. The day we took him home those all too short years ago as a kitten, I guess he had an invisible expiration date. But, we are better people for his time on this earth - that I know.

Our princess, Fiona
by: Chrissy

Fiona was our baby girl. She went in for her routine grooming and was mildly sedated and suddenly died of a heart attack or stroke. This was just 5 days ago and we are so devastated. She was only 10 and we still have her brother, who sorely misses her. I know time only heals, but this hurts so much and we just want her back. Fiona was truly the most beautiful cat inside and out. There will be wonderful cats in our future, but no cat will be like her.

My sweet baby Gucci
by: Tracy

My husband and I lost our baby Gucci on 8/26/14, our lives will never be the same. The pain is still so present in my life. Gucci was the love of my life. I would give anything to go back to that day and rethink my decision. I know she was getting worse, and seeing her in so much pain her final 3 days was hard but maybe I should of waited, I struggle with this everyday and think I will never have complete closure on this. I hope Gucci knows how much I love her and would give the world off her. My heart will be forever broken. Gucci gave me the best 12 1/2 years of my life. I will see you my baby Gucci at the Rainbow Bridge.

by: Anonymous

I miss my boy Sly very much. Sly passed away on August 18, 2014 after battling Cardiomyopathy. I think Sly must have been part Maine Coon based on his looks and also given the Maine Coon's genetic predisposition to heart problems. Sly was 14 years old and I thought he would be with me for 20 years for sure. He was a true friend and companion to me. Sly comforted me through some really tough times. Sly, I will meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. Love Mommy.

Sweet one lost...
by: Anonymous

We lost our MC, Kookie, yesterday. He was abandoned as the result of a terrible family situation in the neighborhood (man of the house died of drug OD), and adopted us. We didn't get his papers, so we couldn't be completely accurate, but he was at least 16 years old - pretty good for that breed and size. He had the congenital fat lip/tongue problem and had dropped down from around 20 lb to 13 by the the time he passed from a mass in his chest which wouldn't let him breathe...

it's all about Monte
by: d.fela

We got Monte from a good breeder in Erie Pa about 12 years ago. He was born on 9/11/2002 which right away was special. During his first year I had him fetching a crumpled paper ball pretty much returning it to me most of the time. I also trained him to sit up pretty for his food. While he still sits up pretty for me I didn't continue the fetching so he no longer does it. I can distinguish between 11 or so of his meows, chirps, etc. As an indoor only cat he is very healthy and when he wants to play with me he will come into the room I'm in and give me a sharp meow. As soon as I look his way he takes off running and prancing. He is one of the smartest cat's we've had not fooled by his reflection in a mirror but using it to keep an eye on us and not fooled by the TV either. So I just wanted to tell our story married 39 years with cats and wife.

Gucci my love
by: Tracy & Jr

Mommy & Daddy miss you so much. You will always be our love. I didn't know what else to do, you were getting sicker and suffering and I couldn't stand to see you like that. You were 12 1/2 and the most precious baby I will ever know. You can play now and sleep like you loved to do and not have tummy hurting you. I love you so much Gucci you will always be with me

My Beloved Momo
by: Lifeflame

My Beloved Momo passed on this Sunday passed 8/10/2014 he had just turned 6 years old, He was the light of my life. HE named himself. The little girl who found him after he had been abandoned, asked the question every kid asks when they need a new kid "What's you name?" and he said Momo. I feel like I have been gut punched. IF I would have known he was sick he would have been at the vets in a heart beat. I was going to Petsmart to get flea drops and walked past him, he was in a favorite spot, where he got a good air stream from the Evap Cooler, I bent down to tell him we would go sit out on the poarch and share a treat after I got back, when he made an odd noise in his throat, I picked him up and he was already unconscious. I got him straight to the vet, some one else drove, he died in my arms on the way. The vet said it was a stroke. My sincere condolences to everyone who has ever lost a being they loved.

My old girl
by: Jason H

I am interested in the subject of Maine Coon life span because my kitty, Princess, is over 17 years old. She is arthritic and gets grumpy when you pick her up because she is achey. I hope she stays with me a little while longer. She has trouble eating and is really picky about her food. I feel for people that have lost their kitties. I find myself thinking about how much I love my kitty and trying to ready myself for the day she just doesn't wake up when I call her. I have had her so long she is always going to be my good kitty. She plays really good and seems to be really happy even though she has arthritis. Love your moments with your pets.

Re: Muschoo
by: Jullie

Thank you Chris.. That means a lot to me.. I think the finality of picking out her urn was when it really set in that she was gone.. I notice her absence in the house.. No welcoming home, no night time playful banter.. Looking at her kittie treats and foods.. Love your baby as much as possible.. I know there were times Muschoo wanted love and I was busy or something and now that she's gone, it's those missed opportunities that linger.. Maine Coons truly are the most gentle loving and loyal of huge cats (in my opinion).. I would love to hear from other Maine Coon owners and enjoy the stories and lives they share with you.. I'm not sure when I'll ever own another one. 16 years is a long commitment and truly devestating when their time is up.. But while she was a 16 yr part of my life, I know I was her whole world.. That kind of love is something to be treasured.. Thank you again...

My condolences, Julie. :'(
by: Chris

Julie, your sweet post about your Moshoo made me tear up. She sounds like she was the best. So sorry for your loss. My cat, Dudley, is our gentle giant and I would be inconsolable to lose him. They are family.

RE: Muschoo post
by: Jullie

I apologize for the double post.. I'm devastated and I do t advise posting while crying.. I noticed typos and a double post.. I forgot to mention how she passed in my initial post and had copied my post before posting.. (Occupational hazard).. When it didn't show up, I thought I did something wrong and posted again with her diagnosis attached.. Sorry!!

Ps.. Towards the end, I meant "gave me everything" not "have".. Have a good night everyone and the posts have been a huge help in my grief.. Absolutely beautiful!!!

My Muschoo
by: Jullie

I lost the most beautiful cat today.. It was so sudden but it turned out to be liver failure. She told me when she was sick.. She fought so hard but eventually I couldn't let her suffer anymore. She was so sad and scared.. I've never known pain like this.. So many years of my life with her.. Catching a mouse and laying on my pillow for me, picking her own name from a Chinese food order, her grace, her poses, her criss crossed paws looking so elegant, sleeping on my head, always having to have a cupboard to call her own, her endless talking, her grooming my hair and eating it, the way she would cuddle up to me and sleep, watch over me as I slept, the one eye ball stare when she's angry, Muschoo approval needed for everything, her beefy treats, the way she would sit with me when I was sick, the way she would head butt and pur for me if I was crying, her ICONIC question mark tail, playing fetch, the way she just knew and would always make things better even if it meant her dancing across the floor, her endless love and loyalty.. My heart is truly broken and I miss her more than I can say... I love you Muschoo and I can't wait to see you again.. I hope I gave you a good life and I hope you know how much I love you.. Because I know you have me everything good about you and I know you love me.. Forgive me for having to put you down but you're not suffering anymore.. You owned me.. Like a boss and you knew it.. I'm forever yours..

My Muschoo..
by: Anonymous

I lost the most beautiful cat today.. So many years of my life with her.. Catching a mouse and laying on my pillow for me, picking her own name from a Chinese food order, her grace, her poses, her criss crossed paws looking so elegant, sleeping on my head, always having to have a cupboard to call her own, her endless talking, her grooming my hair and eating it, the way she would cuddle up to me and sleep, watch over me as I slept, the one eye ball stare when she's angry, Muschoo approval needed for everything, her beefy treats, the way she would sit with me when I was sick, the way she would head butt and pur for me if I was crying, her spot to lay on the arm of the couch, the way she act like she hated her poofy fluff petted but couldn't get enough of it, her ICONIC question mark tail, the way she just knew and would always make things better even if it meant her dancing across the floor, her Muschoo like activities, her endless love and loyalty.. My heart is truly broken and I miss her more than I can say... I love you Muschoo and I can't wait to see you again.. I hope I gave you a good life and I hope you know how much I love you.. Because I know you have me everything good about you and I know you love me.. Forgive me for having to put you down but you're not suffering anymore.. You owned me.. Like a boss and you knew it.. I'm forever yours..

Missing my maine coon
by: Anonymous

I just lost mine yesterday, June 5th, 2014. My little boy showed no signs and passed so quickly. He was only two years old. I'm not sure if he knew he was going to pass, but he spent a lot of time with our other cat before he left us. I took him to the animal hospital I work at, and got him checked up and it was his heart. They said he had a heart attack. I'm very sad to know that there was nothing that I could have done to prevent it from happening. I wish I had more time with him.

RIP My Best Buddy/ Walter
by: Kim

My Maine Coon . He was 14+ years old. He passed away in my arms on Tuesday.. June 3, 2014. He was my best buddy. He used to follow me around from room to room, waiting until I sat down. As soon as I would settle in my spot he would snuggle in to me. He only got up from my side whenever I got up from where I was sitting. He was so smart!!! When he wanted a cat treat he would meow at me, touch my leg with his paw, then run to the cabinet where the treats were. He would open doors with his paws. My "Walter" and I had bonding time each morning with my brushing him 20-30 minutes each morning!!! He loved his grooming time. He was named WALTER, ( named for Walter Matthau ( the actor). Today is my second day without him. My heart is heavy with sadness. I loved him so very much. He showed me his unconditional love every day... I will always love and miss him. I will pick up his ashes next week and keep him in his urn with his name plated on it!!!!!

by: marie smith

9 days ago we lost our 8 yr old 20lb. maine coon
he was very handsom and smart,he was my husbands best and dearest friend,we took him to get him shaved it was the same time every year.
our boy was so handsome and we thought he was happy ,he came home ate,went into litter box came out and dropped dead,we came back he was still warm,i tried cpr,he was gone,

Just 9 years for the best cat ever
by: Moschops

Our much loved Maine Coon passed a month ago after just 9 years. I rescued him at about 1 year from the roadside after being hit by a car. I thought the poor little chap would die right then in a few minutes but he didn't. So I took him to a vet thinking they would put him down but they told me he had a fighting chance so I agreed to foot the first few hundred dollars to give him a chance.

He lived, a little banged up, but amazed us both by turning out to be just an amazing, sweet loving cat would was a fantastic companion and loved us to bits. We honestly thought he would live forever, well at least into his late teens, we never even knew about heart problems that are present in many MCs.

Then one day 8 years after we found him we discovered he had picked up fleas from his older sister (now 16) even though he's been an indoor cat all this time and we've never had fleas. She'd had a bath to get rid of the fleas, hated it but dealt with it. So we gave him one. He didn't like it but didn't do much to complain, just tried to get out of the sink a couple of times.

However four hours later he got of the bed, pretty much fell down the stairs and let out the most awful howl I'd ever heard. It was clear he wasn't doing well - we thought he'd had a bad reaction to the flea shampoo so we sprinted to an emergency 24/7 vet. They X-rayed him and discovered he'd probably had a heart attack - his lungs were full of fluid and they could see he had an enlarged heart. In the end we just had to let him go peacefully without them taking extraordinary measurers and possibly causing him a lot more pain and suffering. Even if he'd made it through the nice the prognosis for a post heart attack cat with heart disease was not good.

He left us as he joined us, with much drama and we are still broken hearted, feeling so guilty and empty without him.

Now we know a lot more about Maine Coons and it just makes us feel worse that we didn't educate ourselves to know he could have had a weak heart and had him checked out. A ECG and ultrasound scan is about $700 around here, and we could probably have detected problems earlier and used medication to help extend his life. It's likely he wouldn't have lived too much longer anyway but at least we could have been ready for it and not lost the poor chap under such traumatic circumstances.

In the end we just have to console ourselves with knowing that thanks to us he enjoyed 8 years of love and fun instead of dying by the roadside. We will never replace him but of course are already considering adopting one of his distance cousins in the future. The right cat(s) will sure find us and grace us with sharing their life with us.

I wish you all many years of happiness with the maine coons in your lives. Cherish each day because our furry friends don't live for ever and the worse it feels when they leave is a measure of how much we loved them and quite probably how much they loved us while they lived.

22 years
by: Anonymous

Our little girl , bailey just passed on Friday. She was 22 years old. We are not sure why she did. She started to not eat, took her immediately to vet. Liver issues, but got that under control with meds, but her bilirubin numbers continued to increase, no blockage in gallbladder. She continued to get worse to the point we had to say good bye and thank you for all the wonderful years. If we had one more day, she was going to the specialist for exploratory surgery. She was so happy, never sick a day in her life.. God rest her soul. See her at rainbow bridge.......

adopted a 10yr. old MC
by: Anonymous

My huouand and I adopted a 10 yr old Maine Coon male cat with periodontal disease from the Humane Society. He was days away from being euthanized due to the cost of the surgery he required and his age. Almost 2 years later, he is the best friend a family could ever have.I do not regret the cost,time and patience we have spent! He is now happy, comfortable and playful...He is our best friend!

by: gwen gibbs

We lost our maine coon dear boy last weekend he was 8 years and 3 months. He went to the vet with a cat bite on his tail, and he died of heart failure. His sister Minnie died when she was 7 she had a neurological disease which affected her back legs. We are absolutely distraught with the loss of our lovely boy. No more cats for me can,t go through this again.

We Lost Timmis Today
by: Richard & Audrey

19 Years Old Male Dark Grey and Black stripe M.C.
Little Timmis always seemed to struggle health wise but he was happy and we loved him so.. RIP my Little Friend

19 and hanging in there!
by: Dave Mclean

My old boy - Basil - is now into his 19th year.

He's a proper 'old man' now, just skin and bone, deaf as a post, and wandering around somewhat forgetful. But he's not in any discomfort, so we are hoping he stays with us a while longer.

My daughter (15) is hoping he falls asleep in her wardrobe and just doesn't wake up, which will be the perfect way for him to go, but he can barely climb onto a chair these days, let alone climb into her wardrobe.

In all the years he has never given us any problems and has always been clean, if somewhat aloof and arrogant, as Maine Coons often are.

We'll miss him, but will only have great memories of him. We will bury him with his brother who died a few years back.

To Wenyi
by: Dorianne

I am so sorry of your loss, for everyone who has lost their Maine Coon friends..

Mine is not looking good this weekend at fifteen years old. I am bracing myself for possible decline in health.

To the owner of Wenyi,

That is a cruel, sad way for your sweat cat to go, but I know your feline pal is still with you from the spirit world.

I'm so sorry

My heart goes out to those who have lost their Maine Coon Loves. Reading these have brought tears to my eyes. My Coonie George turned 10 on October 8th. I will be heartbroken the day he has to leave me. I love my Oriental Winston last year. He would have been 19 on Christmas Day. I pray that George lives to at least the same age as Winnie. When I saw the sentence that Maine Coons live 12 to 15 years my heart stuttered. I was thinking no no he HAS to be with me longer than two more years!! Telling of your cats that have lived good long lives has made me feel better! Much love to you and all your Coonies. And peace and love to those who have lost your babies.

Lilly Anne & Liam alexander
by: judy

I have twin Maine coons, 18 months old that drive us crazy running around our home, playing tag with each other, etc, I love them to death,,, I've raised all breeds but these two seem to be very easy going.

never gets easy
by: nixonpatterson

I am reading all of the comments about each one of your maine coons. My MaeMae will be dead in a year this coming December. I still miss her. I read about how your cats love you so much and I knew she loved me as much as I loved her. I am not sure if I will ever get another Maine Coon but I would like to have one. It never gets easy. I still miss her!

never gets easy
by: nixonpatterson

I am reading all of the comments about each one of your maine coon. My MaeMae will be dead in a year this coming December. I still miss her. I read about how your cats love you so much and I knew she loved me as much as I loved her. I am not sure if I will ever get another Maine Coon but I would like to have one. It never gets easy. I still miss her!

My big maine coon cat...
by: Wenyi

I had a domestic longhair I bought from a shelter. Said they found him and his siblings in a truck.

He looked just like the perfect maine coon. Big with gorgeous fur, very smart and would always come to greet me when I came home. He always protected us and the other cat we got later.

He lived to 14 years and he looked so strong he should of reached 20 easily.

But one day, while he was outside the Patio because was chased outside by my damn roommate's dog...

And then someone else's unleashed dog came and murdered him just afew feet from my lawn...

I wasn't there to help him and when I came outside I just saw him dying as he looked at me with sad fear filled eyes...

I never knew Dogs were so vicious, but I seen that dog's owner....and I wouldn't be surprised if he goaded it himself. That neighbor always hated us and let his dog shit all over my lawn while unleashed.

If only I had proof, I would like such an evil man to be punished for his crime...

R.i.p. kirby
by: Anonymous

Kirby lived a very healthy good life, up until this year, She developed cronic kidney disease and was forced to be put down at the age of 11, miss you

ours is 16 and still going strong
by: Anonymous

Our 16-year old is probably a Maine coon mix (has most of the classic features, including the big tufted paws and water-resistant fur). He's been healthy all his life with minimal vet visits, and is still playful and active. He loves water, has "conversations" with us, will walk on a leash/harness, and is one of the smartest cats I've ever owned. He knows a surprising number of phrases, learned all the house rules very quickly, and also figured out the loopholes ("OK, so I'm allowed on the kitchen chairs, but I get in trouble if I try the table. Today, the chairs are on the table so she can mop the floor - ergo, I can now sit, without reprisals, on the chair that's on the table." And so he did, looking at me, quite smug and pleased with himself!)

13 year old Maine Coon
by: Carolyn, New Mexico

Her name is Missy...the best cat I have ever had. She came to our house as a starved out little kitten. I took her to the Vet and we both guessed that she was probably 6 weeks old. The Vet spaded her when she was three months old. She has always been healthy, totally lives outside. I feed her Iam's Hairball cat food. She lives on our back patio with her bed. She sleeps more these days but still likes to play and catch a bird once in awhile. It truly saddens me to think that we could lose her in the next few years. She has brought such joy and pleasure to our lives. My husband had never had a cat and did not like them until Missy came to live with us. She follows him everywhere and he dearly loves her. She jumps up in his lap and he has taught her to lay down and then he will pet her. She is a smart cat.
I have her groomed once a year with the lion cut...she is black with yellow eyes.

praying for a long life
by: Jenifer

Monte' my Maine Coon is 10 years old..i miss him so much, i had to leave him with my Mom, i had to move to find work..i cry a lot over missing him, praying he lives a long life, so i can have him back again..these stories of 15 years plus gives me hope and encouragement. i pray he lives to be 25! oh how i miss him so much my heart hurts..

by: Tatyana

My beautiful male Maine Coon Cloudy passed in February 2013, he was 13 years old from kidney falure. He suddenly stopped eating and burnt down like a candle in two weeks. We tried all possible treatments at the vets and beyond, nothing helped. Cloudy was my best buddy and companion and I miss him horribly.. He was an indoor cat most of the time, but loved to hang outside in the summertime, he was an great hunter! I realize now how blessed I was to have him all those years as my pet. He had an amaizing personality and character and I will always miss him.

by: Dreamin'

My Maine Coon named Radar is going on 17 in a few months and still acts like a baby. he is 19-21 lbs (havent weight him in a while). He still has his same pitiful meow that he had as a kitten. Only when he is scared (when I put him in a cat carrier does he really roar) lol

He has had no health issues ever, I did have him neutered as a kitten but never declawed (I wish I had)

He does have a really crappy attitude though from time to time. He doesnt get along with other cars but he has with dogs. He is very territorial and when he is tired of being pet he will draw blood if you dont stop.

P.S. any time my family and I have gone on vacation, he attacks each one of us at the legs when we get home. He draws blood from each of us for "abandoning" him while we go out on vacation lol

Anyone else have a Maine Coon like mine or did i just luck out >_> lol

My boy Orion
by: Sam

Today I lost my beloved Maine Coon boy named Orion. He was 15 and was the light of my life. When my husband passed away 3 years ago he comforted me. He was always there for me and I loved him for every second of then 15 year he shared with me and I will go on loving him forever.

He died suddenly while watching TV with me his evening. I will miss him dearly but I know he and I will see each other again some day. My heart goes out to all who have lst a dear pet. God bless you all.

14 years old and acts like a kitten
by: Anonymous

My Maine Coon is 14 next month!!!! I got her at 1 yrs old and she still plays with her fake mice like she did then. She has never had any health problems besides a UTI once. Recently I was worrying because of her age but I think she is going to live longer than me. She is an indoor cat, not sure if that makes a diffence but I have not seen a single sign of aging with her like I have with my other two cats!

Eye Care for Maine Coon Cats
by: Marta Rodriguez

My beautiful cat has gotten an eye problem. The eye is almost closed but not completely. It happened before on yje left. Went to Doctor, got medicine applied for ten days 3x daily. Got better. Now is a month and the right eye is doing the same thing. I have applied the same medication.. Of course is given by the Vet. My concern is what is it? There is no discharge whatsoever. Although I notice is redish inside but on the inner side of the eye.

Any suggestions and advise would be GREAT. I cry and my heart hurts because he is my loving Angel. HIS NAME IS JARPPI. He will be 1 year old in March 29th.2013. Thank you.

Marta. Phone: 587-352-0249

17-18 years old
by: Anonymous

Just lost our Maine Coon who we had for 15 years but he was a grown cat when we adopted him - so the best guess is that he was a few years old before he came into our lives. Loved him. His back leg gave way. Ultimately dragging it behind him as he hopped around for the last month or so of his life. It was a slow limp that just got worse and worse. Likely bone cancer. Toughest thing I ever had to do was say "It's time".

by: Helen

It has been 4 months already since my little Lou.For whatever reason..I have been feeling like a failed. I had being going through personal issues and move to an apartment..with the 4 months after her passing...I feel like I made the wrong decision to let her go...I don't know why...I bought a house and I think I feel bad I am not taking her with...except in ash form. Or It can be I Still have her brother...all 23 lbs of I nuts ?

Three Maine Coons!!
by: Joe wi.

I own three Maine coon cats. The Approximate age of my cats are thirteen, Ten and nine. I coudn't imagine my life without these cats. They can tell when life is good as well as when it turns sour. I went through a rough patch in my life along with my wife. The time was very stressful due to a legal process I had to go through. Well anyways when I was stressed so were my cats. They wouldn't eat. When I am happy they are attentative and well. There are many intelligent things these cats can do. The oldest Cat Junior wakes me up at 5:15 A. every morning to get up and go to work as well as to feed him. Also my second cat flea; kneads my head as well as opens and closes sliding doors to get to his food of course. My third cat Tick, that is right Flea and tick; begs for food and tells me if there is something happening. All in all my cats are attentative and very much aware of their surroundings, If there were an incident that happened in terms of safety they would tell ya. After all this thought I was a dog lover, well of course I know the answer now!!

My beloved kiki
by: Anonymous

This morning I found my girl lying on her side on the kitchen floor. I knew something was wrong she would never sleep on the hard floor! Kiki would have been 11years in one week. I was excited about her birthday and had always thought because of her great health and because she was strictly kept indoors, I believed she would live to be 20 or so. It was extremely shocking to find my best friend dead in my kitchen. My son had just fed her and left for scholl, 10 minutes later she keeled over. the vet said it was a heart attack. i am glad she probably didnt suffer. it was very fast.
She has been with me through so much. I will always miss my beauty Kiki. She was a great friend.

I'm so sorry
by: CM

Just want to say I cried with all of you over these posts.

I love my red tabby Maine coon with all my heart and I can't bear the thought of losing him. He is not yet 2 but he is the light of my life.

My thoughts and love and prayers and with you all, your pets and those pets who have passed on to the rainbow bridge.

by: debbie

My maincoon Jack is going on 12 yrs His stray mother left after 4 weeks old.She had two all black and two orange and Jack dark gray black.No one wanted Jack and the others were quickly taken for free. I took Jack home he was ment for me.He loves to play and be petted and just purrs and purrs.I lost a tabby tiger at 16 yrs due two thyroid and a wolf German. Shepard at age10 of cancer 2012.
Jack looks around for them and Im heartbroken. But my buddy Jack is a joyful blessing.

I miss my Maine Coon
by: nixonpatterson

I just lost my Maine Coon today December 7, 2012. Her formal name was Garther Mae after my grandfather; however, I ended up calling her Mae Mae. I worked for a televsion station and she was one of the pets of the week. She was the pet of the week about four times over a period of six months. I asked the shelter why she keep coming back and they said families returned her and stated she was crazy. The vet attempted to get me not to adopt her. Well, I like a challenge and since she had been on T.V. with me I did adopt her. She had to learn how to be a loving cat but they are very smart and she learned to obey me. I figured she had not been in a stable loving home and issues. I showed her love and she gave it readily. She even knew when I was sick. Long story short...I will miss her. I am not sure how old she was but I had her for seven years and the vet said she may have been about seven when I adopted her. She was my alarm clock each morning and had to have her breakfest on time!

Mae Mae I miss you and love you. You knew my personality and I knew yours-you were my protector-you knew when I was sick and Sad-I am crying right now because I miss you so much. And you made my life all the much fuller and wonderful! I wish I had not lost you during the holiday season and while I myself am sick but I am grateful to have had you in my life. RIP Mae Mae I love you and willl miss you!

sorry for your Loss
by: Helen

To Tjs family...soo sorr for your loss even tho I know the words sre not comforting...I have had to put tow Maine coons 3 weeks ago..I stayed...only because I couldnt stand being is very very hard to do so for you..You did the right thing..The Maine Coons are know for the heart issues..and the one I lost 12 yrs ago..I too did the oxygen tank....If It make you feel beeter...look at as...what you would want for lay there to be let go...My God have is arm around you..

T. J. our wonderful cat
by: The Banfill Family

Our Wonderful ONE YEAR FIVE MOUTHS OLD CAT died of heart failing and weakling after being fixed at one year four and a half weeks old, getting crystals,four days later, recovering coming home and back to the vet,one day later eating and drinking on his own ready to come back home the next day.The vet was called in ( breathing Problems ) he was put on oxygen and spitting up blood , a blood vessel burst in his lung weaken his heart.We rushed to ANIMAL HOSP. to be put in a OXYGEN CHAMBER for 24 hours to cost $1200.00 for 24 hours. POOR T. J. just wanted to come home..... all he went through he was so weak and we had no more money he lay on his side not eating or drinking .We never had to put an animal down we could watch it we picked him up an hour later . The day after THANKSGIVING DAY . NOV. 2012. He will never be forgotten the short time we had with him.We are very Thankful for him..OUR BIG T.J. we are willing to see him again in this life , in another main you T. J. God only knows

The passing of Lucy
by: Helen

Lucy Reflection of KO died on Monday..She was given to me as a gift 12 yrs ago when My other Maine Coon KOKO died of CHF.Lucy was 12. I hated to let her go.I know I was going to have to..but tried for 2 weeks to save her..She had lost 5 in just a week..its alot but I kept trying..I knew it in my head.I was going to have to let her go..but my heart..would not let me..On Sunday..I could not even force much food down her..and we were on formula at that point..I knew then..I cried all night..slepping on the floor with her..moving her to the bed..but she got down..i held her as the VET.did his thing..talking to her.telling her i waas sso sorry...She has been through all my pain..and loved me anyway. I still have her Brother.Big Boy at 23lbs and 11 yrs old..I feel like I failed her..

Maine Coons can live into 20's
by: Anonymous

Have had 4 Maine Coon males in my adult life. Buddley was a big love bug who lived to 14 and got cariac problems. He was so ill on his last day, but he dragged himself onto the tile floor as he ws getting sick. His house companion, "Little Guy" was a 21 pound Maine Coon/Norweigan Forest Mix---He passed away 4 years ago of simply old age at 23 with all of us surrounding him. Leo & Maxx are litter mates and are 5 1/2. They grew another 2 inches this last year and one is 24 lbs the other is 19--Neither overwieght (per vet). Our 1st 2 were indor-outdoor and wnet to vet every year & had thyroid treatment, any surgeries they needed, all through the years.
Leo & Maxx (our cats now), are indoor & only go out if we accompany them--their breeder scared me to death with her fears of sickness, Although I never had a prob with my outdoor cats! Leo broke his hip at 2 after he became startled & raced into a door---he received surgery. Otherwise, we hope to watch these 2 Maine Coon boys enter thier 20's easily!

My Handsome Jonathan
by: Joy

I lost Jonathan, my beloved Maine Coon three weeks ago. It was sudden. Had a hairball, had it removed but he developed a bacterial infection throughout his system and I had to have him euthanized. I'm totally devastated. He was my best friend for 10 1/2 years. We were together morning, noon and night, and my life will never be the same without him. The sadness doesn't seem to be getting any better. I see him all over my house and I just can't accept that he's gone. I pray that his soul will be with me.

by: Anonymous

Mymaine coon/persian cross, (95% maine coon)
stayed outside most of the time, and lived
until she was nineteen. Really miss her.

My boy Beau
by: Anonymous

Beau is 16 and he goes to the vet quarterly. So far he has been diagnosed with kidney, thyroid and heart murmur issues, but he keeps plugging along. He is sweet as can be and the vet says he could be with us for a few more years....please keep your fingers crossed! Thanks!

sorry for your loss
by: Ryan Dumas

Jamey, Jasmin did the same thing. I think she held on so I could say my goodbyes as well. She also nibbled on my chin... weird. Must be a maine coon thing. I know how you feel. I'm sorry for your loss.

Gone But Not Forgotten
by: Jamey from Tucson

So, this is just an update from my last post. Baby Boy left us on July 24th at around 11 am. I woke up that morning thinking that he might have passed during the night. I went looking around for him right when I awoke. I found him in our second bathroom. Laying on his belly facing the wall. I briefly kneeled down and said hello and told him I loved him, gave him a good head scratching and then walked outside to smoke a cig. Upon returning inside. I found him laying on his side in the living room. I knew this was bad. I had not seen him actually lay down in the last three days or so. I kneeled down and started giving him loving. I looked into his eyes and said my love for him and told him what a great cat he had been. I could not have asked for a better friend and companion. I started to cry (I admit it, being a grown man and all). I went and woke my wife up and told her that his time was here. She and I then spent the last 20 min of his life with him, giving him loving crying and telling him to stop fighting it and let go. "We are here with you old friend, and we will see you soon". As we loved on him and told him what we thought, he took his last gasps of air.
I would like to also say that as soon as I saw him laying on his side and in some measure of pain. I called a vet to help him on his way. Alas, he didn't make it that long. There was one thing that I asked from god this last week with this ordeal. That I could actually be there holding his paw comforting him during his last moments. I hear so often how cats often pass when no one is looking. I just know that he loved me so much, that he held on till I woke up the following morning and till I had a chance to be with him, he also actually came out into the living room so that he could be with us.
I miss him soo much and he was my dearest friend. We had a wonderful 12 years with him and couldn't of asked for a better companion. The whole family misses him, but me especially. He was definetly, one of a kind. Here is a pic of him from when he came to us when he was just a few months old in my time of need, and no. He did not have any ID on him and I looked for lost posters of him and never found any.
This tribute is for you my friend. I love you so much and will forever miss you. I haven't stopped thinking about you for one min. I will see you again some day and I will be able to rub your soft head and have you nibble on my chin.
Love forever and always, Your dearest friend

Baby Boy
by: Jamey

Baby boy is our Maine Coon of going on 12 years. I fear though he only has a few days left. The way he came to us I must share with you. I had a previous all black cat named Missy. She died rather suddenly and it was a great loss for me and my soon to be wife. That was about 12 years ago. I was heart broken and sad and just about a week later I heard a soft meow at the door. I opened the front door and their sitting before me was Baby boy. He was just a kitten. Only about 4 mths old. It's so weird how he showed up right after Missy had died. He was the prettiest cat I have every seen. We have had a great relationship and lets just say he embodies Missy alot. He means sooo much to me. I love this cat and it brings tears to my eye as I sit here and type this, knowing that he only have a few days or hours left. He has totally withdrawn now and has gone from his fat loving self to a smaller and much shyer form of himself. He is seeking out cool dark places and has all but stopped eating. I know his time has come and it just breaks my heart to know it. I am thankful for one thing. That I know whats around the corner. I have been loving on him as much as I can and I am just trying to make him comfortable till he passes. I am going to miss you so much when you are gone Baby Boy!!!! :.( I thought I should write this tribue to him after reading every one else's posts. He is still with us but I just want to say losing one of your friends and knowing it just sucks. Just be strong and just show your cat you love him while you have him or her. You don't know if it will be there last week, day, or month. I love you and I hope you know that my big soft fluffy kitty. We will miss you when you are gone and we are greatful you are still here today.

Jamey from Tucson AZ

My two boys
by: Steph

I just buried my 2nd Maine Coon in eight years. Both died of cardiomyopathy. Jack had a violent heart attack right in front of me on the bed (26 months old). Eddie died on 5/14/12 after being symptomatic for one week. He went into renal failure due to Lasix and the other nine pills per day. All the doctor could do was kick a Hail Mary; heart disease is silently suffered. I took him in on a Monday simply because he just wasn't his usual self. The following Monday, I stood there in shock when I was told he had about one week to live. Putting him to sleep still causes my gut to roll.
Eddie was my very best friend for eight years. He was a big talker, super affectionate and very popular with the whole family. Jack was more quiet but also had an outstanding personality.
They are buried side by side at our Humane Society cemetery. They have large granite headstones, each with sentiments inscribed.
Both my boys were extremely loved and loved me back. I will miss them forever.

by: Ryan Dumas

Jasmin was almost 16 years old when I lost her July 3rd, 2012. She was not responding to my calls for her when I came home that night. I found her in the garage tucked tightly under a tool cart. After freeing her, she had a seizure and died in my arms. She had a previous seizure episode and I believe, from others comments, that this breed may be plauged with this dilemma. Her vet did not feel it necessary to medicate her after her first episode and it may not have mattered anyway. I feel so lucky to have spent such an amazing time with her. I don't have children but for me, she was my daughter, my best friend, my everything. When I told her vet the news he was extremely sad, stating, "she did everything I asked her to... she was more like a person than a cat". After having many different breeds of cats over the years, I'm convinced there is something particularly special about Maine Coons. There was definitely something special about my baby girl.

Heartfelt greetings to Jacob's Daddy
by: Steve in Barcelona

Hi! I just wanted to say that reading your post really moved me. I had a similar experience in August 2011, when I had to take the hardest decision of my life to have my beautiful girl Lola put down due to breast cancer. I think of her every day, as I am sure you do of Jacob. My heart goes out to you. Steve.

My Little Man
by: Jacob's Daddy

Jacob came into my life in 1995, and since then he has been an important member of the family. A little Man in a cat suit.
He passed away yesterday at the age of 17. His kidney's were giving out and due to the pain I asked the vet to help him pass peacefully. It was a very hard decision to make, but I gladly take the pain I feel now with the loss of my little man because it means his pain has stopped.
It will be a little hard to get used to not having him around. Jacob has always had a place in my heart from day one, and will continue until the day comes where my heart stops beating. He was one of the best friends I have ever had.

Main Coon Female
by: Anonymous

I adopted a brother and sister maine coon almost 20 years ago. The brother died much younger younger of what seemed to be a stroke or poisioning (he was a outdoor cat). The sister is still with us and will be 20 on April Fools day of 2012. She had 1 liter and then we fixed her. After that she was never taken to the vet. I guess the jokes on us. I never thought I would have a cat that lived this long.

Life Expectancy
by: Anonymous

My indoor Maine Coon just turned 16 this past April. He had some issues with hyperthyroidism a year ago which he now takes daily meds for. Other than that, the vet said he is very healthy and I'm hoping he lives well into his 20s.

The Life Span of Rump
by: Anonymous

My wonderful Maine Coon lived from September 28, 1994 to August 18, 2011; we had him for 14 of those years and loved every minute of his being in our home. He had a serious renal failure at 12 years of age and a poison episode about two years later from which he recovered.Three months ago, he went blind and slowly lost all hind leg function and was in such pain that we decided to end his suffering after a very bad seizure the night before. The hummingbirds encircled his body when he was lying in the grass, three days before his death; I believe they were God's messengers telling him that he had three days left; we will always miss him.<3
Shirley speaking for Rump(Love is Eternal.<3

Goofy Coal
by: Anonymous

We have had our wonderful, goofy, Maine for over 14 years. He is still going strong with no signs of slowing down!

Early Passing of a Silver Tabby
by: Teddy here in Astoria,NY

I just lost my silver tabby (male) at 3yrs old
Evedently "THe Prince" had a heart attack
My father and I have much pain
So we'll go out and ket another one.


Teddy in Astoria Queens NYC

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