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Cat Health Questions

What are your cat health questions? Here you'll find info on Maine Coon cat health, elderly cat health, even hip dysplasia in cats, flea control, and more!

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Maine Coon Cat Health Questions & Problems

Each cat breed has its own health concerns. In order to preserve the characteristics of any breed, cats must be bred to other cats of the same breed. There are, of course, fewer pairing options than for a house cat who may mate with any cat in the world!

Maine Coon breeders, like all breeders, will strive to ensure the health of their breeding cats. This way, there is less chance of passing on any genetic disorders.

Read on to learn about these specific, genetically inherited conditions. If you have questions about Maine Coon cat health, we'll try to cover them here.

Female Calico Maine Coon Cat

Hip Dysplasia In Cats

Hip dysplasia in cats can be a concern for any breed. It was once thought to affect only dogs, but now we know cats can suffer from it as well. Although it's very painful, it's also treatable.

Brown Tabby Maine Coon

Elderly Cat Health Problems

Are you caring for an elderly cat? It's terrific to see a cat live so long. It's a tribute to the wonderful care they've received. What kind of things do you need to know now? Your beloved family member has been with you for many years, and it's more important than ever to be aware of potential elderly cat health problems.

Maine Coon Foot and Claws

Maine Coon Cat Declawing

Maine Coon Breeders will address the issue of cat declawing before selling a kitten. They will make sure a potential Maine Coon owner agrees never to have this procedure done. Here are some of the reasons behind that.

Are you wondering what is involved in declawing cats, and why do it? Whether your cat is a Maine Coon or not, it's important to be informed.

Kitten Getting Vet Exam

Pet Insurance Information

If all this has gotten you thinking about getting some pet insurance information, you're not alone. This is becoming a very popular thing to do. It really provides peace of mind when it comes to your pets health. This page addresses some common question about pet cat insurance.

Mississippi the Maine Coon

Cat Dental Problems

When it comes to cat dental problems, most of us think of feline gingivitis. This is one issue, but there are others as well. Even with diligent dental care, cat tooth problems can surface.

Visit this page to learn about gingivitis in cats, periodontal disease, polyps, ulcers, lesions, tumors and more. This is an overview of sign, symptoms, and treatments.

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Kitten Diarrhea

Worried about kitten diarrhea? Diarrhea in kittens can be alarming and messy! Here, we go over the most common causes of feline diarrhea.

This happened to us when we brought our Maine Coon kittens home, and on the following page I share my experience with it.


Heat Stroke In Cats

The mercury is rising, and the dog days of summer have arrived. Here are signs and symptoms of heat stroke in cats, as well as prevention tips.

Many of us think of dogs when it comes to heat stroke, but cats can be affected by this, too. It's an emergency situation.

cat poisons

Cat Poisons And What To Do

Do you worry about cat poisons? There are lots of toxic plants and more. Most of us don't think about this, but it pays to be prepared.

Follow these steps and you will be ready to deal with this scenario at a moments notice.

PAWSitive Passages!

PAWSitive Passages!

cat parasites

Cat Parasites

Fleas, ticks, worms and more are reviewed here. This may be one very unpleasant subject, but it's very important! Healthy cats are free of all these pests.

fleas in house

Fleas In The House

Trying to get rid of fleas in the house, with or withour pets is very frustrating. This extensive page shares a wealth of information.

If you are ready to get down to business, you'll find lots of info and a game plan here.

fleas on cats

Fleas On Cats

-Top 8 Facts To Get Rid Of Fleas. Here you'll find practical facts about fleas on cats, and tips to get rid of them. Some of these little-known facts might surprise you!

life cycle of a flea

Life Cycle Of A Flea

The key to defeating fleas lies in understanding their life-cycle. If you've been "trying everything" just to have those buggers come back, you understanding their life-cycle will help explain why.

vinegar and flea

Vinegar Kills Fleas

Have you heard this one? Is it true? This page reveals all; methods, types of vinegar to use, effectiveness and more.

Your Cat Health Questions

There are health concerns and questions which can affect any breed, or any cat. Proper cat care will keep your cat healthy for years to come! What can you do to keep your cat in top shape? Nowadays, some cat owners can proudly declare that their cat has lived for 15-20 years, sometimes more!

The information in these sections is here to provide a starting point. Cat health is a vital part of cat and kitten care. As you browse these sections, remember to always consult your vet for the final verdict on any cat health questions you have.

Your vet has a passion for pet health, and will be happy to help you with your concerns, anytime. A good relationship with your vet is the best gift you can give your cat!

We all want our beloved pets to live long and happy lives. So, answering some common cat health questions is important. Some cat breeds have potential health issues. They are good to know about.

These are important considerations, before choosing a cat breed. It's also a good idea to review any cat health questions you may have with your breeder.

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