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The Best Cat Diet?

Edna asks, "what is the best cat diet for my 9 year old Maine Coon?" We go over brands, ingredients, carbohydrates, grains, proteins and come up with a plan.

by EMH
(Zephyrhills, FL,US)

My Maine Coon is about 9 years old. What is the best cat diet for her, her coat and age? She weighs about 9 lb, a smaller Coon.

Funny-her personality does not fit what I read here....but we blame that on her upbringing before we adopted her.

She lived in a cage in a pet store for 18 months or more, then near many dogs, loud large dogs for over a year. When I got her she was very high strung and fidgity.

That has worn down only a bit. She wants attention on her terms only and in her own time frame. If you forget her or ignore her she howls! Nutsy kitty.

The food thing, we want the best diet for her. I feed her now #31 Canin? Something like that, for Maine Coons.


Quest For The Best Cat Diet:

Hi There,

This is a very good, and very complicated question! First off, I believe there is no "perfect" processed cat food or best cat diet. It wouldn't be possible to nail down just one that has everything a healthy Maine Coon needs, and does it just right. Every year, pet food gets just a little bit better, showing that there will always be room for improvement!

There are quite a few holistic and organic cat food manufacturers who do an excellent job of creating a well-balanced cat food with only top quality ingredients and no fillers.

Royal Canin is marketed to Maine Coon cat owners. It is made with larger kibbles which force a fast eater with a large jaw to slow down. That doesn't seem to be an issue with your small girl, though.

Also, there is the subject of ingredients. Here is a list of the primary ingredients in this food: Chicken meal, brown rice, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, ground corn, natural chicken flavor, rice, wheat gluten. I would encourage you to compare this with the info in cat food ingredients.

So what would I recommend? Well, at our house we are currently feeding Wellness Core.

It's grain free, protein focused & reflects a raw philosophy. Here are its top ingredients:

Deboned Turkey, Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whitefish Meal, Potatoes, Salmon Meal, Natural Chicken Flavor, Chicken Fat, and more good stuff.

It also has Salmon Oil & Flaxseed which are helpful for hairballs. (Fish oil provides a good coating, helping things move along, and fiber gets things going too)

And it contains similar amounts of Omega Fatty Acids as the above brand for coat beauty and joint health. Plenty of balanced vitamins & minerals too.

There are many cat foods with similar ingredients and philosophies now. Look for these phrases on the label or website: Grain Free, High Protein & Low Carbohydrates.

One way to make your choice is to just go to your local pet shop, and just ask an associate to show you some of the best cat foods they carry. Then armed with your knowledge of ingredients, take a look at them.

As for her age, you may be wondering about senior food. It generally has fewer calories to help with obesity in older cats. If that's not a concern, a wholesome well-balanced quality food may be all she needs.

Thanks for sharing your rescue story! Your girl is very lucky to have you, and it's too bad she had to have such a rough start. It sounds like you are very patient with her and she'll hopefully grow in security and confidence.
Good luck on your quest for her best cat diet!

Best Cat Diet Comments:

by: Edna

WOW Carrie- thanks for the help, I'll look for Wellness core, do you think it's at a health food store? We had a pet supermarket open in town a month ago and I'm not impressed. Maybe A HFS. I'll try that. My girl's name is Hannah and we have many nicknames for her.

She's the owner of the house and she lets us work to buy her food and calls us to bed at nite if we are late. She sits in her favorite window and chirps at the wild chickens and squirrels outside. She'll attack the window if a lizard walks over it. Sets off the alarm...We DO have loads of fun with her.

Not sure how to get her more attentive but that's ok, she gets better with each year. She has blonde belly fur and as you know they get curly...so we call them her girly curls. Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll look for WC food for her.

Sounds Like a Plan
Hi Edna,
Hannah sounds like a great cat, you are lucky to have found each other :) It's so funny when they see an animal out the window, isn't it?

You should be able to find Wellness Core at most pet stores or pet supermarkets. You could call ahead and see if they carry it. It has transitioning instructions right on the package. I must mention that we've also had great success with Wellness Indoor Formula.

It agrees with Alice's system better than the Core does. Keep in mind that it's just one of many good brands! If you find something else at the store, feel free to check it out! What might be the best cat diet for one cat, isn't the best for another.

Good luck,

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