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These Q&A's are all about Maine Coon weight, growth and size, such as how fast a kitten should grow, and recognizing overweight or underweight cats.

maine coon weight growth and size q&a'sMaine Coon Weight, Growth and Size Questions

This is the largest domesticated cat breed, which comes with many questions regarding their size. It's an important part of keeping our gentle giants happy and healthy!

Here are our reader questions and answers regarding Maine Coon growth, weight & size.

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How heavy and long should my
17 week old male kitten be?

by: Judy H
(South East England)

We bought him from a breeder on the south east coast of the UK. He's a silver tabby and I'm feeding him 4 meals per day.

He gets plenty of exercise thundering up and down stairs and chasing toys on wands and in a tunnel. He sleeps about 6 hours during the day.

He loves food and is very bold. One website said a 16 week old kitten should be feed x 5 times a day! I don't want to overfeed him or leave him open to diabetes.

Please help!

Alec & Judy Hayman
South East England


Hi Alec & Judy,
It sounds like you have a happy and healthy boy. Veterinarians don't have a Maine Coon size chart to measure a growing kitten the way we do for our human children.

After all, full grown Maine Coon weight ranges could vary and he'd still be a perfectly healthy, normal cat. The important thing is that he's growing steadily from visit to visit.

So, there isn't a particular weight or length that he "should be" now. Just as long as he's active, growing, and healthy.

As for the feeding, this is just my opinion (not medical advice): It's obesity that leads to health issues such as diabetes and arthritis, and exacerbates hip dysplasia and other discomforts. Also, a major cause of diabetes is said to be a diet too high in carbohydrates.

So, we've always free-fed our cats. They also get canned food as a treat and for variety. But like many pet owners, I leave the dry food out all the time.

Alice is lean and in perfect health. Leo is a bit bulky, but that's normal for him as a big male Maine Coon Cat.

If he were to become obese or overweight, I'd start measuring out their food.

Some new Maine Coon owners decide to measure out the food from day one. That's your choice, but as I have a large busy household it didn't make sense for me.

Just refer to the food's packaging or your vets advice on the amount and number of times per day to feed him, taking into account his larger than average size for a kitten.

Young kittens are active, burning calories all the time, so overeating shouldn't be a concern yet.

Enjoy your new boy, and send in a photo sometime! We'll add it to our kitten gallery!


by: Tracy

I am in agreement with Carrie.

We have a 15 week old kitten (you might have seen him on here - Little Leo). We allow him to free feed.

buff maine coon kitten in a basketLittle Leo

When we picked him up from our breeder down here in Cornwall she advised that she fed him wet food twice a day and left out dry food all the time.

We have continued to follow this pattern with him and he is fine, healthy and active.

This is our first Coonie but we have had moggies before and in my experience cats generally don't over eat and just eat what they need.

Hope this helps.

Cornwall, England

Boney Maine Coon Weight


We have 2 males (brothers from the same litter). They will be a year old this month.

The problem is one of them is very boney. He does have a heart murmur that we know of, he eats well mainly dry Royal Canin food with some wet food (not too much though as it upsets his stomach).

He is still playful the same as his brother. I was wondering if you could recommend any sort of build up food to help him put a bit of meat on his bones!! I read about the Royal Canin recovery food, do you think that would help?

Your advice is appreciated


Hi Kelly,
I don't know of a specific brand to help your boy put on weight. I'm sure with his heart murmur you are looking to take the best possible care of him. Did your vet have a dietary recommendation?

Once, we went through a period where Alice lost a lot of weight. She became very bony and I was worried.

It was due to the extremely high-protein diet I had introduced. I was just trying to give them the best! My vet explained that even the "best" food will disagree with some stomachs, often for unknown reasons.

So, for any cat who's not thriving on his current food, a change could be in order. Have you read our two pages about Royal Canin pet food?

My first inclination is for your boy to get on a food with a lower grain content. The only thing I know for sure is my cats displayed a marked physical improvement when we eliminated corn.

There was a huge change in both their physique, coat condition, and their previous digestive upset was gone. At the very least, your boy should try something without corn.

As for Royal Canin's recovery formula, I can't find ingredients listed online. It says it has a smooth texture for tube-feeding and it has a desirable taste to get pets to eat more. I'm not convinced it's the top choice for your situation.

Disclosure: this site is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. 

Some brands to think a about are:

These have been tried and recommended by members of our MCCN community. Also, my cats are currently obsessed with Wysong Epigen

Once we started giving it as a "treat" they weened themselves off their other dry food. We have it delivered to our door (no more trips to the pet store!) and now it's all they will eat. It is grain- free and starch-free, something new on the market.

If other cat owners have succeeded in beefing up their kitties, please share your advice, too!

All The Best,


Proper Nutrition for Weight
Prize choice frozen pet mince beef and chicken.( raw.) this is the nearest to a natural diet for cats. introduce slowly. I feed my two Maine Coons on this and it was recommended by the breeder.

Try to eliminate gluten next...
by: MaineCoonMom
You said "wet upsets his stomach"... Sounds like it might be a gluten (any kind of grain) issue. That stuff is responsible for WAY too many sick kitties.

I have a couple of coonies with IBD and are gluten intolerant. I have found is that a lot of foods have gluten of one form or another in them. (Wheat, rye, oat, rice, hidden corn, soy, or corn meal gluten etc).

Many cats aren't outright allergic to gluten, but it does do a number on their innards, causing their intestines to not absorb nutrients, calories etc the way they are supposed to. A skinny cat who is otherwise healthy often has this kind of food intolerance issue.

Please look at the ingredients on the packaging - even Royal Canin has gluten in it. As do most "Special diet" foods from the vet. (not to mention horribly expensive) - If it says any kind of grains, or gluten ... DON'T use it. Please. :)

If I can suggest as someone else did here: Try Wellness Core, (wet and dry) Orijen dry, Innova EVO wet and dry (important that you look for the EVO variety because Innova does carry products that have gluten in them.)

Because they are all no grain, they need some fat into their diet, - also look at Fancy Feast - there are four varieties of GLUTEN FREE regular cat foods.

The link will give you the info you need to feed the kitties gluten free without costing you a fortune.

I feed mine a mix of Innova EVO dry and FF no gluten wet. All 4 of my kids are at a healthy weight now, (Boy is 22 pounds)...and all with no rushes to the vets for IBD/allergic flair ups in the last 3 years. Cheers.

Recognizing the onset of obesity

by: Judy

Buddy is 5 months old and due to be neutered on the 16th Dec.

As indoor cats can be prone to obesity, I don't want our Buddy to waddle. Maybe, it's the same as in humans. Difficulty with physical exercise? Possible breathing probs etc.?

I've seen magnificent larger Maine Coons on You Tube BUT others have waddled away from the camera :(

None of our previous cats or dogs have ever been fat, BUT having an indoor cat is a departure for us.

What do you think Carrie?

Will take the plunge and upload photos of Buddy; haven't done it before. It'll be good to see our pretty(?) or is it handsome Buddy there for all to see.


Hi Judy!
Well, obesity in cats is definitely something to be avoided. I don't care for the current fascination with "fat cats."

So many people think they are cute and funny, and comment how funny it is when they can't even bend over to groom themselves. All I see is a poor animal doomed to a short, uncomfortable life. Sad.

When a male Maine Coon gets to be middle aged, be may get some "extra meat" on him. That's what we lovingly call Leo's hanging belly! Alice doesn't have it at all. She's lean as can be, and they both free feed.

Just keep an eye on him. There's no particular Maine Coon weight that's going to set off alarm bells. It all depends on what kind of length he gets. As we know, they are one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

Obesity happens slowly. Your vet will let your know if there is any need to start measuring his food or going to a healthy diet formula. A belly that sways back and forth is not obesity, just a little "extra" :)

I wouldn't worry one bit. You'll just know. There is a distinct difference between fat cats and long, large, proportionate muscular cats.

Don't forget that cats tend to get lean again in their golden years.

Can't wait to see him!

Ideal Maine Coon Weight

ginger and white maine coon catMilo

Hi Carrie
I have an 18 month old male MC Radgoll mix cat (Milo, he's on your page) and my husband keeps telling me he's fat.

He has his big winter coat on at the moment with a big mane.

He looks big but when you feel his body I think he seems perfectly ok. How much would you say he should weigh? I may take him to the vets just to make sure he's not overweight.


Hi Denise,
Oh, yes, I know Milo! As a mix, he could get quite big, and still be healthy. Ragdolls are big cats too.

And at 18 months, he could look full grown to someone who has no experience with these large cats. But he could also still be growing!

As for numbers, I can't really say. There is an average of around 15-18 pounds for a boy. But just as in people he could be well under or over the average and still be perfectly healthy.

If you feel his body and he feels fine, I wouldn't worry. The first place he will show as fat would be under his belly. When he stands you would feel the 'extra.' Hmmm, kind of like I do on Leo. Which my vet has taken note of. It's ok in middle age.

You know a fat cat when you see one. He can't run, clean his bottom, etc. It's not cute or funny, it's obesity.

I'm sure Milo is not at that point! I would say he could weigh 15-18 pounds, even 20 or 25 in adulthood and as long as the vet thinks it's fine at his regular check up, he's good to go!

Here is an idea: weigh him at home, and then try to measure him (head to bum, and them head to tip of tail) Call your vet with your findings if you are still worried. He can probably reassure you without spending on a vet visit.

My guess is that your husband is not used to huge cats. Milo is a big boy, but not a fat one!

All The Best,


Milo's actual weight
by: Denise
Hi Carrie I took Milo to the vet today for weight check and he's 6.4kg (19 months old now). I was surprised when she said in her opinion he's now fully grown, I told her I thought differently!

Considering a full coonie takes 4 years to mature was my reason questioning her! She wants to see him in 4 weeks time for another check.

She has told me to stop giving him wet food and stick to totally dry, he's been very miserable today as a result so I'm off now to give him lots more cuddles! Take care


How Big Will a Maine Coon Kitten Become?

by: Cassie
(QLD, Australia)

Hey I was just wondering if you can tell how big your Coonie will get by his size as a kitten?

He is 2.5kg at the moment and is 15 weeks old. I was wondering if this is an average Maine Coon weight for a kitten of his age?


Hi Cassie,
He sounds like a good-sized boy to me! That's about 5.5 pounds for our American readers. At only 15 weeks he's already almost the size of some full-grown regular cats!

As for how big a kitten is destined to become, the best person to estimate his eventual maximum size is his breeder. You might want to give him or her a call.

But he sounds to me like he'll be a big kitty :)

Send us a picture sometime. We love to meet new kittens!

All The Best,


yay - same weight!
by: Katie- Jacksonville FL

Cassie- My kitten Rockie is the same age and weight!...Well he was back in July. He is a mix and not a pure bred MC...but still I was very proud of my big boy! Like you said I am VERY curious to see what he will look like when he grows up! And yes post some pics of your baby! =)

by: Cassie

That's good to hear, he is growing very fast! I may call my breeder and ask. I posted some pics of him up. Thanks for your comments, this is a really great site :)

by: Katie

Cassie- you got me curious so I weighed Rockie yesterday. When I took him to the vet at the end of July she said she thought he was about 16 weeks, 4 months and he weighs 5 pounds.

It's now a month later so he is 5 months old and he weighs 7 pounds! =) It's kind of cool to have cats like this, they are so different. Just wanted to share, I am going to check out your pics you posted!

by: Cassie

Have you posted some pics up of Rocky? I read somewhere that they should put on about 2lb/1kg per month so sounds like he is growing well! My Maine is called Luca, I don't think my photos of him are up yet but shouldn't be too long :-)

Pics of Rockie
by: Katie

Hi Cassie! I did put up some pictures of Rockie & my other MC Mix Bella.

If you go the the Photo Album link then all the way at the bottom where is just shows the links to the other pictures, Rockie & Bella's links are a couple below Luca's.

They are both rescue cats, I got Bella from a rescue and I found Rockie at the pound.

Of course your boy has more of the classic look than Rockie does right now I am hoping it will develop more he gets older =). Bella has no problem in that dept, she has everything but the linx tufts on her ears lol

Is my kitten too HUGE???

by: Kim
(Orlando, FL)

I have a Maine Coon kitten that is 6 months old. I've had him since birth, so I'm sure of his age.

I also have a female of the same age (different litter). She is currently just over 6 pounds. His weight, however, is pushing 11 pounds!! On a 6 month old kitten???!

I know these cats get very large, but that seems REALLY big for a kitten. He does not seem overweight (you can feel his ribs), just muscular and solid.

Do most MC kittens grow this fast???


Hi Kim,

No, not most! Sounds like you have a 'big boy' on your hands. Likely, he will grow into one of those magnificent male Maine Coons that most people love to marvel at!

At six months, he's bigger than most house cats already! That's not unusual with the boys. They look 'grown up' to the average person, but they keep putting on weight and growing.

I think he's just fine. Enjoy your beautiful cats :)

All The Best,


Huge kittens are normal for this large cat breed
by: Toni

I adopted a new "kitten" from the shelter a week and a half ago as a playmate for my 18 month old cat who was lonely.

I actually didn't realize that he was a kitten till I got him home and he nibbled on my fingers. I felt baby teeth nibbling on me!

At his vet visit last week he weighed 10.17 pounds and my vet is estimating that he is 5-6 months old.

She is calling him a "big boy" just like Carrie mentioned regarding your kitten.

She also made a bet with me that his weight will end up being in the 18 - 20 pound range when full grown.

He does look like a full grown cat and isn't fat at all. In fact, he's a bit on the skinny side and eats constantly.

I'd say your kitten is purrfectly normal for his breed. The Maine Coon cat breed will keep growing till around 3 years old. Just be sure to provide him with high quality food for those growing bones. =)

Is My Kitten Underweight?

by: Tricia

I have had my female MC cross for about six months.

I have wormed her and lately given her some hairball treatment and she is eating more but I feel her spine and rump bones and she only weighs 2 kilos.

She must be about 15 months maximum. She was sold to me as an American House Cat. My vet said she is most certainly 90% Maine Coon and has all of the Characteristics.

I am really worried about her weight but the vet didn't seem to take much notice when I inquired. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Tricia,
At 15 months of age, 2 kilos (or 4 1/2 pounds) is not very much. But, and this is a big but, you have already checked with your vet and he feels she is fine. If you are still concerned about her weight, I think you could get a second veterinary opinion.

She's a mix, which means I would not expect her to be above average in size. And, 90% is mainly a figure of speech. She could have had one purebred parent, making her a 50% mix. And that is rare enough, but if she had one purebred parent and one 50% mix, she would be 75% Coonie.

My female is purebred, and only weighs 8 pounds! So that's a little over 3 1/2 kilos, full grown. I wish I could remember what she weighed at a year and a half, sorry!

Also, these cats are a slowly maturing breed. They reach full size at 3 - 5 years of age. So she certainly has some time to grow into her full adult weight.

I hope this helps! And, send in a picture for our photo album sometime! We love to meet new cats :)

All The Best,


Maine Coon Weight problem
by: Helen

Get your vet to draw blood and do a full CBC with differential and a full chemistry and electrolyte panel to rule out possible causes.

If your vet doesn't want to do that, go to another veterinarian. A young cat's spine and hip bones should not stick up and be easily felt. To brush off your concerns isn't the right attitude.

Maine Coon Weight
by: KT

I have a mix, found him at a shelter. When I got him, 06/03/11, they said he was about 2 months old and he weighed 2 pounds. I took him to the vet towards the end of last month (July) and he weighed 5 pounds. The vet said she thought he was 4-5 months old.

My other mix, Bella, is about 2-3 yrs and she weighs 11.5 pounds.

I posted this to maybe help as a frame of reference for you?

I hope you can get this figured out, you also might want to take your cat to a different vet. Just the couple of people who have posted know this is not normal, I am surprised the vet showed little interest.


4yr Old Cat Grossly Overweight

by: Mal

I have just had my 4 yr old male to the vet, and they say he is grossly overweight at 10.25 kg.

Is this correct? They want to put him on a balanced diet, he gets 2 teaspoons of tuna a day plus a bowl of dried food which he doesn't always eat all of it.


Hi Mal,
Well that's about 22 1/2 pounds and quite normal for male Maine Coon weight. Is your vet used to seeing Maine Coons?

Your vet is the expert, and I hesitate to disagree. He has more information than I do. Here are a couple of factors that go into deciding whether a cat is overweight or just big:

A cat's weight depends on his length. If he's 3 feet or less (0.91 meters) from head to tip of tail, I can see how that kind of weight would end up in his belly. Our Leo is that long, weighs 20 pounds, and is somewhat porky in the middle :)

Another consideration is: is he a purebred Maine Coon? If so, we would expect him to be big-boned. If he's a mix, or you suspect he's a Coonie due to colors & characteristics, there is a chance his size (length & weight) should be more that of a domestic house cat.

When your vet examined him, he felt his body. Around his middle, if there is fat there, that's hard to ignore.

Now, if he's a pedigreed Maine Coon, with the length and bone structure support extra body mass, and not too much "belly" I would not feel comfortable severely limiting his diet. He simply will never be a 4-5 (or maybe even 6) kg cat.

So based on breeding, length, bone structure, whether he has too much belly, it's hard for me to say that this diagnosis in incorrect.

It sounds like he doesn't overeat. I would suggest that instead of the tuna, give him some canned cat food once or twice a day. It's not as calorie-dense as dry food.

With the high moisture content, cats can eat the same amount and consume less calories. Weight management food might help, too. It just might not be possible to get a big male Maine Coon (purebred) to weigh a whole lot less.

Hope this helps,
All The Best,

PS- A word on tuna- Although cats love it, crave it, and cry for it, it's actually very unhealthy for them to have it daily. Tuna which is canned for humans to eat contains an amino acid called purine, used as a preservative. It's fine for us, but cats can't digest it.

Also there is the issue of Mercury. For this reason people shouldn't eat tuna regularly, especially children, and pregnant women should avoid it altogether. Mercury build-up in cats becomes toxic and leads to many issues.

And thirdly it is linked to a painful intestinal disease called Steatitis.

So tuna should be a rare, random treat!

Maine Coon Kitten Weight and Size

(New Hampshire)

My 12 week old Maine Coon kitten is very much like my short haired tabby mut cat.

I was told she is purebred but I'm afraid that Pippin's previous owner may have lied to me.

There is no lynx tips, no tufted toes, barely an 'M' on the forehead, no puffy tail, and her feet are average sized.

Will she grow into a big tail, longer hair, and bigger feet? If so, When?


Hi Elaina,
First off, congratulations on your new kitten! I bet she is a delight!

Her previous owner might have misunderstood exactly what a Maine Coon is. The only way they had a purebred kitten for you would be if they bred two pedigreed cats.

To do that would have gone against the contract with their breeder, making them "backyard breeders" - it's irresponsible. More likely is that they figured she could be labeled a Maine Coon.

At 12 weeks of age, she sure will put on weight and grow quite a bit more, that is a guarantee. Without a pedigree, there is no way to know whether she will grow into the look, meaning big feet, bushy tail, and large size.

Maine Coon kittens already do have the distinctive look by this age. Purebred cats will have the facial structure, big ears with prominent tufts, and some shagginess already.

You could browse the site, especially the kitten section and kitten names to see lots of photos as examples.

Enjoy Pippin!
All The Best,


Hi MCCN friends,
Buddy is now 15 months old but his head size hasn't increased - much. He went for a veterinary check up yesterday. She commented on the small size of his head:(

Carrie, do you or anyone out there have any info? I'm hoping that with age, Buddy's head diameter will increase - fingers crossed.

What is the size of your cats' heads? If you don't mind doing that Carrie, it'll give me something to go on, or look forward to. Or, other contributors could chip in.

I remember his breeder saying that she'd had trouble with 'his litter' and had to resuscitate one. Wonder if . . . .

Good work Carrie and family 'cos I'm sure they all help one way or another: It's a brilliant website, something for everyone.


Hi Judy,
Well, I have never wondered about head circumference before! I had to research how to do it, and I found that one should use a cloth tape measure, wrapped around the circumference of the cat’s head just behind the ears and across the forehead.

Here are the measurements I found:

Alice: 10 inches / 25.4 cm (my little girl is small even as far as female Maine Coons go.)
Leo: 12.25 inches / 31.12 cm

Keep in mind, this is highly inexact! They didn't like it, wiggled their heads, and I have no idea if I did it right or placed the measuring tape in just the right place.

I hope this helps! And I do hope more cat lovers will chime in and give you their measurements, too...

Thanks for your kind words! I love this site and I'm honored to be a part of this awesome community :)

All The Best to you and Buddy,


Small Head
by: Helen

Judy, you didn't mention when and if Buddy is neutered. Males neutered before puberty will have smaller more feminine heads because the hormones are taken away before secondary male characteristics are developed.

After the age of 6 months males will develop big cheek pads giving them a masculine look and a bigger head.

If Buddy isn't showing neurological difficulties then I wouldn't worry about his head size.

Buddy's Head Size
by: Judy UK

Thanks Helen for taking time to reply. Buddy was neutered at 5 months as he was exhibiting dominant behaviour.

I'm also grateful to Carrie for spending time to measure both her cats. I'm going to put a cloth round his head, like a bonnet, then measure that and see if there are any changes between that and the measuring tape.

Should be fun, because when Buddy knows I'm serious, his sense of fun appears.

Finally I'll ring his breeder and ask about his father and uncle and his mum - Moonstar.

My Cat

(Scotland United Kingdom)

My cat looks exactly the same as Alice the MC kitten, I was amazed at how similar they were.

My cat Murphy is 10weeks old. Her mother was a full pedigreed Maine Coon however her father was a cross.

Murphy has the long ears, fur between the paws, shaggy coat etc, but because her father was a cross will she look like a Maine Coon??


Hi Joni,
If Murphy has a purebred parent and a mix parent, she may well look almost exactly like a Coonie when she grows.

This is partly because black cats have a way of looking alike. If she were a lighter color I wouldn't be so sure.

I met a black mix recently & I had to ask the owner about him. He was a mix, but had the shaggy coat and he was huge! He was missing the ear tufts, though.

Those ear tufts are perhaps the most obvious and defining physical characteristic. Murphy will have them now if she ever will. Without them, she'll resemble a Maine Coon but not look exactly like a full Coon.

You mention she has long ears, and many kittens have big ears. If she has the furry tufts coming out of them, she'll have the total look down!

Enjoy your new girl!


by: Joni

She has the tufts of fur coming out of her ears! I was just unsure I did a lot of research about the breed before I got her. Thanks for your help.

Our new adopted kitty won't eat.

(St. Petersburg, Fl)

Hi, We adopted our kitty 1 week ago. They told us she is 6 months old, however, she is very tiny for that age. Because of the amount of hair she has, she appears to be bigger then she is.

We are assuming she was a stray and separated from another cat because she loves sleeping in very, very small places and against something or someone. Our issues we are having are;

1. She will not eat or drink the amount she should. Due to the fact she is so small, this has me worried. She is eating and drinking but not the amounts I think she should.

2. Litter box training her. She likes to crawl behind the frig. to do her business. I realize this will take time.

She is a very friendly and loving kitty. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!


Hi Megan,
Congratulations on your new girl! I'm sure she'll bring you years of joy!

As for her eating, if she's young and small, and eating, I would guess that she's getting what she needs. She's vet checked, which is great. And you indicated that she is eating for you, but you are worried about the amount.

Just leave plenty of kibble out for her, change her water frequently (they love it fresh!) and offer her some canned food daily. If she scarfs even some of it down, she's getting enough to eat.

The litter box: You're right, it could take some time. But you want to stay on top of it! Bad litter habits are hard to break once they start. I would recommend blocking off the fridge.

Try not to let her back there any more, and place a box right by it (yuck, I know, but it's temporary. Maybe use a covered one?) then once she's using it, inch it away to another room. Be patient, it may be a battle!

All The Best,


Eat fresh!
by: Helena-Sophia

Cats would probably all go to subway sandwiches, because they say to "Eat Fresh!"

Cats in the wild usually don't need to drink. Fluid is contained in their carnivorous diet. My recommendation would be to go and get some nice raw (small) fish, ground turkey, chicken or beef (all as organic as they get), mix the meats with some table water and add some nutritional yeast and pulverized (organic) egg shells. That should get your baby in top shape.

The other thing is, feed your Kitties only "Blue Buffalo" cat food. It is the best and not much more expensive than corporate pet food.

Last but not least, please do your Kitty the favor and use pine pellets for the litter box. Environmentally way more save than sand and such, plus way cheaper.

Your local farm and feed store has most likely "Horse Bedding" ('Pinnacle' being the top brand) which is free of any chemicals - paw friendly and really anti-stinky. ;-)

All the best for you and your beloved Feline!

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