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Purr Sound

by: Amy
(Clermont, Fl.)

I have a big ol' boy of about 6 years and 18 lbs-ish.(he was adopted from another owner)

When he does decide to purr it's very weird. Almost a growly type sound. Very unique. Not like other domestic cats. Is this normal?

Can anyone send the purring sound as I'm having a hard time finding a website to hear the sound.

Hi Amy,

It sounds to me like he has a deep, manly voice :) If he's purring, he's happy and comfortable. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

You might want to just bring it up at your next vet visit and see what your vet has to say about it, though.

Best Regards,


by: Helen

Your cat is a baritone, not a tenor.

When my male Maine Coon was a year old, he sounded like a pigeon when her purred. As he grew older (and larger), the purr stretched out in length and so low in pitch thet it was more of a rumble than a purr.

Cat Chattering Sound

by: Leo
(Port Huron Michigan)

What is the chattering sound my cat makes?

He made this chattering sound the other day when a little puppy appeared on our deck and they came face to face with the glass door seperating them.

Myles (our Maincoon) started making this chattering sound it was really a sound like no other I have heard.


Hi Leo,

I remember the first time I observed my cat chattering. I was very young, and she would chatter when looking out the window at the birds. It was always so funny!

The cat chattering sound is actually a very universal behavior. When a cat catches it's prey, the cat delivers a series of quick bite to the neck.

In the wild young cats will practice this by making the chattering sound.

And when our indoor cats see something out the window that they'd like to eat, the often get caught up in the moment and start chattering. Some even think that cat chattering means the cat is frustrated!

It's very interesting that Myles did it in response to a puppy, though!

All The Best,


Cat Chattering
by: Dee Burr

My Sadie, and her pal Penny both will chatter when they are chasing a fly that wanders into the house. Its a favorite thing to do. It is so funny to hear.

Mix vs pure...

by: Kim
(Michigan USA)

My 6 month old Maine Coon mix guy (Ivan, profile here) is smaller but he has all the characteristics of a Maine Coon, including the trill and wanting to know everything going on around him.

My 7 month old pure bred (Makani, profile here) is a large guy, has all the physical traits but he doesn't talk much at all.

Mak whats to be in the middle of everything AFTER he knows its safe. He is more cautious and noble about hings then Ivan is by far.

Ivan jumps into things before he thinks sometimes... My question is; Why is Ivan more vocal then Makani ??

Is it something that Mak will grow into or is he just going to be a quiet one and let Ivan do all the talking ??

Hi Kim!

That's a great observation, and it inspires me to do an in-depth look at Maine Coon cat sounds, something I've been meaning to do for a while.

Maine Coon cats have two very different reputations, interestingly.

First, they are known for being very vocal, announcing their arrival to a room. They have different vocalizations for their different needs, etc.

Our two Maine Coons are easy to understand. "Feed Me," "I want fresh water," "Love me," and "Hello, I'm happy to see you" all sound very unique.

When we speak their name, they always meow or chirp a response. I hear that many Maine Coon cats are like this, as part of their outgoing nature. Ivan fits this!

Then there is that other reputation. You will read breed descriptions that say, "Maine Coons rarely vocalize, and when they do, it is a soft, small sound that hardly fits their size." Sounds just like Makani!

I think it is just Mak's temperement to hang back, and part of his personality to be quiet. Just like with human personalities, he is unique.

He will proabably always be sweet and quiet. Our Leo likes to hang back, too. We always laugh and call him our "Cautious Puma :)"

I'm very interested to hear what others have to say! Is your cat quiet, or vocal? (Stay tuned for an upcoming survey, too!)

Glad to hear Ivan & Makani are doing well!
All The Best,


by: Kim Sweet

Thanks for your reply back, and yes I guess they both fit the Maine Coon personality on opposite ends. LOL The boys are best of buds now, partners in crime, I bet you can guess who gets caught and who doesn't. ;) I will be interested in knowing how the survey turns out..

by: Helen

I have owned two pure bred MCCs. Neither one of them talked. If on the rare occasion they did meow it was a high pitched, barely audible sound. Neither one of them purred loud either. The only way you know they are singing is to touch their throat and feel the vibrations.

The companion DSH cat of my current Maine, Bezzer Buzzer, talks enough for both of them. They are like an old married couple: only one does most of the talking. :)

Cat Sounds
by: Toni Bondy

My original Maine Coon, Mister never meowed till the last year of his life when he was battling cancer.

He trilled and squeaked at me all his life and I was convinced that he couldn't actually meow.

My new cats, Tilly and Max are total opposites. Tilly will meow, but it's very soft and she rarely does it. She says "thanks for filling my food bowl" by trilling at me.(she's a MC mix)

Max, on the other hand, is VERY vocal ALL the time! He announces his arrival with a loud meow, he calls me when he wants to find me and it's only when I'm talking to him that he finally uses his chirps, trills and squeaks to communicate with me.

I don't know if Max is a pure MC since he was abandoned in a home when it went into foreclosure, but he certainly fits the bill perfectly with all the physical characteristics as well as the personality. His vocalizations are nothing like Misters were and don't resemble Tilly's either!

So I guess it all depends on personality and maybe what they learn from their mothers when they are small.

Question about vocalizing
I have a maine coon who was recently rescued from an unpleasant situation. He is an all-around sweetheart, but I'm a little concerned. He sometimes goes into a different room and begins 'trilling' quite loudly. I don't know if he's lonely for the cats he used to live with (my other cats haven't welcomed him very nicely) or if it's just a Maine Coon thing. He is receiving medical care, and may be in pain, too. Any thoughts?

by: Kim Sweet

We have had our pure breed MC since the beginning of the year (2011) and for the longest time he wouldn't talk, and his purr is strong but not very loud the only way we know he is purring is by holding him or by touch. The last couple of months I thought I'd try talking to him, in his language, and ya know he has started talking back. :) Makani is now more vocal in his trills and even his louder than average MC meow.

When Mak or our MC mix, Ivan talk when its seems to know one in another room, I call their name and talk to them try'n to get them to come to me. I think sometimes it is just a fact that they want attention and are looking for someone to listen and of course give them the attention. It may seem a bit silly and such but it has worked for me.

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