Yuri possible Maine Coon Mix

by Elizabeth
(Janesville, WI, USA)

Yuri today

Yuri today

I got Yuri free off of Craigslist exactly a year ago last July making him born sometime late May or early June. His previous owner said he is part Maine Coon, I forgot to ask what else he was. I had been wanting a gray cat for some time breed didn't matter to me. I don't believe everything I hear so I want to hear your opinion on if you think he's part Maine Coon.

He is now a year and a few months old and never has had the Maine Coon size but has all of the Maine Coon looks and bird chatter sounds. He even has the tufts on his paws :) and longer whiskers than previous cats I've owned.

He used to be really cuddly when I first got him but he has grown out of it and is a lap cat only when he wants to be. He doesn't mind being held or carried around and stretches out huge!

He is very long despite being small, he got sick three months ago and I found out he has an enlarged heart (heart disease) which I looked up to find is common in Maine Coons. My vet was shocked because he was so young, he now gets spoiled at pill time with wet food.

He still acts crazy like a kitten and loves to play fight, very much a garbage cat eating almost anything off your plate and steals when you are not looking. He makes it known if he wants something often tripping people.

So what is your opinion?

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Jan 14, 2011
Look at His Muzzle
by: Jessy

That squarish muzzle looks very Maine Coon.

Nov 18, 2010
Re:Maine coon mix
by: Elizabeth

Thanks for the reply! :) I'm glad to have Yuri in my life and has been one of the most beautiful cats I've owned thus far. I hope he lasts longer than 2 years with the medication for his heart though the vet says his chances are slim, I love my little man :)

Nov 18, 2010
Yuri the Maine Coon Mix
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Elizabeth,

What a looker! Well, I'd say the people you got him from knew what they were talking about. If they said he's part Maine Coon, that combined with his handsome Maine Coon looks is quite enough to convince me :-)

If Yuri is average sized, that's OK. Many full Maine Coons are. My Alice is a peanut! It happens. And as a mix he won't have every characteristic anyway.

Actually, since you have info from his previous owners, that's more than many people who wonder if they have a mix on their hands.

Sorry to hear about his heart, though. Poor boy. He's super lucky to have such a loving home, though. It's clear you're giving him the best possible care.

We'll be sure to add Yuri to the photo album! Thanks for sharing him!


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