Summer 2023 Album

by: The Maine Coon Cat Nation Community!

Welcome to our Summer Photo Album! Come meet these beautiful Maine Coons who have been featured on our site.

Mutzzie is Growing Up

purebred white maine coon cat on black background.
pure white maine coon posing next to a bag of cat food.
a group of people at a cat show crowded around a white maine coon.
a judge at a cat show with a white maine coon cat reaching up a scratching post.

by Camille Re in Newton NJ

A while back I sent in a photo of my cat Mutzzie, His cattery name is Bena Vida Multi Mozzarella. He was a kitten and I was planning on getting him very social and make him a therapy cat.

Well, Mutzzie is 8 months now and doing great. We plan on having him tested in a few months as a therapy cat and he also is my Mascot for my business.

I am a Certified Feline Behaviorist and he attends all my Behavior Seminars for Adults and Children. He loves to shake hands, give hi-fives and ring bells to entertain people.

I also just put him in a CFA Show under the Premiership and although he did not win because he was up against 3 other very mature Maine Coons and he just turned 8 months, he did manage to take a 2nd place in one show but more importantly he was not shy, entertained the crowds and judges.

He loves all the people and he actually had a great time. His personality came out beaming. He also is doing some ads for Feline Caviar cat food. He is such a ham!

I just wanted to say that I expect a lot more fun and exciting time with him. Getting a Maine Coon has checked off all the boxes for what I needed. For more on Mutzzie and his classes check out

He is a gorgeous boy! I know he is a blessing!

Mutzzies weight
He is 13.5 lbs and 8.5 months. Still growing and never misses a meal. Lol he is such a love!

Mutzzie should do you proud!
Mutzie is sooooooo handsome! How long is Mutzie and how much does he weigh now? He looks beautiful or I should say, handsome! He's a winner in my eyes!

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US* Yellowstonecoon Pinto Butterfly

high black smoke tortie maine coon kitten.US* Yellowstonecoon Pinto Butterfly

by Jessica Zerr - Yellowstonecoon Maine Coon Cattery in Sinking Spring, PA

Hello, Maine Coon friends and families! Meet Pinto, she is our beautiful little girl from our featured 'Appaloosa.

Pinto is a High Black Smoke Tortie, which we don't get to see often in the Maine Coons! Please join us for more kitten adventures, unique colors and just plain ole cute kitties!


Beautiful Baby

Beautiful cat
by: Camille
Pinto is absolutely beautiful! I hope he brings you as much happiness as he is amazing!

Who is our little boy most like?

purebred red with white maine coon kitten sitting pretty.
purebred red with white maine coon kitten posing.
brown with white maine coon male king.
beautiful silver and white maine coon female queen.

by Nataliya in Volgograd, Russia

This is our little Tiltill!! He's only 5 months old. Who do you think he looks more like, Dad or Mom?

I think he looks more like Mom. Either way he is adorable and the parents are gorgeous!!

Phoenix the Great

young white maine coon posing
big light colored maine coon kitten in a persons embrace
big cream colored maine coon kitten on floor with cat toys
cream maine coon kitten playing with cat toys.

by Laura West in Gassville, Arkansas

Phoenix is six months old from Gassville Arkansas. He is very affectionate and likes to talk a lot.

Loveable giants
by: Glenis
Maine coons stay loveable giants and stay very affectionate.

He's going to be be a big one
by: Melissa
He's absolutely gorgeous. Love his paws so profound. If he's just 6 months old and he's that big..... I have a good feeling he's going to be one of those rare and extra special Maine Coons that get into the top largest category.

I'm not thinking of the correct wording but he's definitely going to be a big one. I'm pretty sure they stop really growing after 2 but I could be short. He's got a lot of time for growing bigger. He's just amazing.

Sir Zulu is pretty big at 17 pounds last I checked and your Coon will outgrow Zulu by the time he's 2 years years old. Congratulations! Tufted, tufted, ears just perfect! Enjoy the time with him. 😁

The best
by: Sean Guffey
Maine coons are the best. He looks great.

Love that Cat!
by: Joyce
So gorgeous!

by: Pam Cook
What a gorgeous boy! I hope he brings you great joy!
Maine Coons are the best!!!

by: Marianna Burt
Look at those paws! He is going to be a very big bot!

Handsome boy!
He is so handsome and looks full of life with plenty of energy! Thank you for sharing your joy with the world

King Magnus

big red maine coon on couch backrelaxing

by Mike Rohde in Hilliard, OH

An awesome cat we have had him since a kitten. A lover not a fighter but very demanding on his human subjects.

King Magnus
by: Pam Cook
Magnus is beautiful! I’m sure he rules fairly!

King Mag
by: SYLVIA Dudley
I had a red girl she was called CRYSTOL SADLEY she passed away BUT the KING reminds me of her he is so fantastic

So Beautiful!!!
by: Janet Everitt
I Love King Magnus! The name suits him perfectly.He looks like he is ruling over his throne in the picture here. His face is so cool. His eyes are so expressive.

These cats are very intelligent! I have a 3 year old red cream Maine Coon. He is a very light color compared to King Magnus.

They are sure a Joy to have around. They keep you entertained every day. Enjoy and Cherish King Magnus!

A King Indeed
What a magnificent looking boy.

Homage to the king
by: Nicole
Oh my, oh my, what a magnificent creature. A splendid king reigning supreme and benevolent but with a firm and demanding paw over his subjects. Yes your majesty all your wishes shall be met promptly and unequovically

King Magnus
by: Laurie/Aslan
Love the name! He looks like a king! He is stunning! Similar look to mine. Curious, how old is King Magnus?

by: Margaret
King Magnus is a beautiful orange Maine Coon. I am partial to this color as I have Maine Coon mix of the same color. I bet he rules the household and is very smart.

Aslan/The Lion God

cream colored maine coon with eyes shut
light red silver maine coon gazing out a window
purebred light red silver maine coon cat sitting in a windowsill

by Laurie in Ottawa Ontario, Canada

This is an update: Aslan is doing quite well. I think we have mastered the allergy issue.

His mane is growing back now. He is so much fun, well behaved and loved bid time!

Aslan (The Lion God)

woman holding big red silver maine coon catMore to cuddle

Update picture of Aslan.

I would love, love, love to have a cat like that one.

Diamond Girl

pretty colorful female maine coon catDeep thoughts
gray and white maine coon lounging outdoors on chaiseDiamond relaxing
grey and white maine coon on back of leather chairWaiting for me
maine coon and dog looking our screen door togetherConference with Bear

Diamond Girl is my 9 year old beauty

by Debbie in Northport, NY

Diamond is my 1st ever Maine Coon cat and she is magnificent! I got her from a breeder on Long Island, so officially she is "Merlin’s Blue Blaze Diamond Girl"!

I have had (and still have Domestic short hair cats) for the last 40 years and several large dogs. I have been rescuing feral/stray cats at work and at home for 25 years.

Diamond is everything they say about Maine Coons, she’s family oriented and always wants to be near you if not on you. She is vocal when she wants or needs something, but Jett my black, domestic short hair is very chatty also.

I just retired and I worked from home for the last several years, Diamond always took advantage of a captive audience (1 picture shows her perch above my head while I worked).

Diamond is a delight as well as a large cat (she is 27” from nose to her butt, then her tail is another 16” long).

She came into a home with an 87 lb Shepherd mix, who had already grew up with my 2 domestic short hairs and my chocolate Lab, Yogi.

by: Pam Cook

She is beautiful! Maine Coons are so special! I hope she will be a blessing in your family.

Lacey Our Beautiful Baby

fluffy calico maine coon sitting in a flower box
face closeup of clalico maine coon lounging on lawn chair
fluffy female maine coon on walkway laying belly up
fluffy maine coon female lounging on a desk

by Gloria in Nova Scotia, Canada

Lacey is very affectionate and quiet. Loves being hugged and kissed.

Amazingly, she understands a lot of what we say to her. At 11 years she has slowed down some but is very healthy at 14 lbs.

Our first Maine coon and we fell in love with her the first time we saw her. Will take as much attention as she can get. Loves her grass box on our deck.

Coonie Mom
by: Peggy Leigh
Lacy is beautiful 😻

Sergiy Turns One

classic brown tabby and white maine coon cat maleOne year old

by Charles Dove in San Antonio, Texas

My baby Maine Coon turned 1 in July. He is truly a wonderful family member.

He loves to play, he loves to cuddle and sleep in bed with us. His purr is loud. He loves watching the birds and squirrels from our living room window.

by: Camille
He is a beautiful boy. I hope he gives you many more years of happiness. I just love the Maine Coon.

What a handsome boy!
by: Jwu
Has he always cuddled? Our dude (Max) is 6 months old. He likes to be "near" but not touching.

Sisters & Cousins

two female purebred maine coons perched on a cat treeKeeping track of the birds and squirrels
two maine coon cats sitting near a child on floor in sleeping bagWatching over the grandsons
closeup of purebred female grey with white maine coon catGiselle
side view of purebred female maine coon cat gazing toward windowTimmie

by Becky Burciaga in Fair Oaks, CA

Timmie (age 10) and Giselle (age 5) are not only sisters but also share the same Grandmother..

Giselle is three times removed, her grandfather and Timmie are first cousins.

When the girls are not viewing... from their heavy-duty cat tree... (due to her very svelte 22lbs, Timmie has tested the sturdiness of many cat trees over the years) the myriad of birds and squirrels outside the window, they love to snuggle together for their cat naps.

Both Timmie and Giselle love playing with their mama’s grandsons when they come to visit.

They've both been known to steal space on pillows and sleeping bags during sleepovers with the grand kiddos…and they both really love to play fetch and chase the laser light.

What the sisters love the most is to go for walks on their harnesses and leashes... or just sit on the front porch with their mama and keep watch over the little dogs that live close by... Timmie easily towers over most of them and isn't the least bit phased when one starts barking at her.

His Royal Floofiness Isak Michael

handsome grey and white maine coon mix
maine coon mix up on hind legs
grey and white maine coon mix lounging on couch
grey and white maine coon mix posing sitting on ottoman

by Raven in Texas

Isak is a sweet, loyal 13 year old Maine Coon mix.

He is talkative, loving, intuitive and completely spoiled. He follows us around and loves to give his opinion whether in meows or chatters.

Update on Barron

purebred brown maine coon cat looking upward with blue profile pic
purebred brown maine coon peeking out from cat tree hideout cubbyNap after a long day chasing everthing!
purebred brown tabby maine coon peeking out from shrubbery outdoorsUndercover!

by Elizabeth Duncan in Las Vegas

Just turned one! I am still full of energy and mischief!

My hobbies are chasing bugs and my fellow feline Summer. I wake my parents up at 6 am every day by making loud trills when I am bored and want a snack.

Life is an adventure and I am ready for whatever visitors being me admiration and treats.


ginger maine coon and small goldendoodle eating from dishes
ginger with white maine coon cat and doodle dog walking on floor

by Carroll in Phoenix, AZ

Buddie is almost 2 years old. He sits around like a tiger observing what ever is moving!


brown tabby purebred maine coon cat with striking markings standing on kitchen counter
side view brown tabby maine coon laying on bed

by Nelson in Nashville

purebred brown maine coon with a fluffy belly rolling on floor with cardboard scratching pad.

Just turned one. Tintin is still growing. As a kitten, he always stayed near us, slept in our bed, etc.

But nearing adulthood, he's become more independent, especially during "hunting" hours. Is this normal?

He's still affectionate; just not nearly to the degree as when a kitten.

He’s my first Maine Coon so I’m full of questions...

Tintin follow-up

two photos of a brown tabby purebred maine coon male
two photos of a brown tabby purebred maine coon male

Tintin is 14 months. I love him like crazy. When do you transition to adult food?

I estimate he’s a teenager in people years. He’s just not cuddly anymore. Friendly, playful. But the loving, purring, cuddling kitten has become an independent teenager.

Please, I’m having a hard time with this. Does this breed typically return to being affectionate at adulthood? Or can this be a permanent change in the personality?

by: Bastet
Sounds normal to me. Cats are mostly nocturnal and they are predators.

One of my cats always goes "hunting" at night. She chases her toys around them makes a kind of howling noise to let me know she caught something!

Don't try to stop Tintin from "hunting." Try praising him for catching something for you. After I do this a few times, my kitty settles down (with me)!

by: Nelson
Thanks for your thoughts on Tintin. As a kitten he was so affectionate; we hope this is a temporary phase as he transitions to adulthood? He’s still affectionate but spends more time by himself.

Also, how long would you give kitten food? I’ve read 18-24 months?

Our 1 year old mc is the same way
by: Elizabeth Duncan
Our Barron turned 1 on Aug 6th and he is less cuddly than before. As he matures and still has a TON of energy, we make sure he gets plenty of exercise during the day.

He chases a laser and completes food puzzles for treats. This tires him out and slowly he seeks more affection. I make an extra effort to hold him multiple times per day dwhen he approaches me for 10-30 seconds until he wants to be let down.

I also feed him small portions near me so i can pet him and give affection while he dines. I talk to him when he is chatty and even mimic his trilling noises.

As he gets older, he wants more independence so create small short opportunities to bond. This will bring him closer to you. When he gets older, he will mellow out.

This is my first Maine Coon too 😁
My Zulu was like that as well. He's still very loving and sleeps with me almost every night.

I have a question however....
Does Titan watch you alot? No matter what you're doing? Has anything changed in your life? Maine coons are extremely intelligent and have the ability, I think, to remember routine patterns.

Zulu will be different towards me especially if something has happened or changed in "MY" routine.

This is just my perspective over the years and this is my first Maine Coon too!! 😁

I have a 9 year old Coonie. When he was younger, he would get up on the bed for cuddles, then stop for a while.

He started doing this when he was about 1-2 years old. Now, he's getting pretty set in his ways, up on the bed for a nightly hour or 1 1/2 hour cuddle session.

He's never too far, he just likes a little extra space now.

Like Twins
by: Smokey Joe's Mama
Tintin could be my Smokey Joes's twin. He's the same colors and markings, tabby.

Tintin's position is "come a give me some belly rubs!" Smokey Joe loves that position as well and once would bite us when we stopped rubbing but we'd yell so now he holds our hand with both front paws when we stop rubbing! Like 'don't stop!'

As far as affection goes only after I give him his 'delectable' does he show his love? by rubbing against my hand and 'washing' it.

He holds one of my legs when I'm reading or ready to sleep. After a pet to show him I know he's there he puts his head on one and relaxes. Those times his purring generator is activated. He's never there when I wake though.

OUR affection to him doesn't produce ANY purring anymore.

Another thing... he almost never vocalizes. If his bowl is empty he'll rub our ankles, or, if he can't get to his litter or food because someone shut the door, he'll do the same then when we look down at him he'll walk to the closed door.

The only time he vocalized loud enough for us to be sure he did was when I turned on the big vacuum with it's loud and powerful motor. Then it was more like YOW! of fright!

Other times his vocalizations sound more like an elongated hhmmnn or low squeek instead of meow. I've never heard him meow.

Affectionate Maine Coon
by: Charles Dove
My Maine Coon, Sergiy turned one year old in July. He is still affectionate, but not as much as when he was a kitten. I miss that too.

He used to come and jump on top of me on the sofa while watching TV or reading. He would purr loudly and nuzzle up to me on my chest. He doesn't do that anymore and I miss that. Now he lays on the coffee table next to me... I think he likes the coolness of the glass top.

He does sleep with me at night. He jumps on the bed, purrs loudly and flops next to me. Sometimes he will come up and nuzzle my neck... sort of giving little kisses.

He is still a very sweet one year old. Loves to play and he does like his alone time too. I just let him do what he wants. And I appreciate the affection he gives.

Maine Coons are just great creatures!

Transition from Kitty To(?)
by: "PJ"
Maya will be12 months this August 19th. Up to last month, She would engage in multiple "zoomies" in the morning, rest awhile, then engage into some mild "zoomies" in the afternoon.

She would fetch play toys and then sleep until dinner time. The last few weeks she has become more independent, somewhat lacking play drive, but remains close to my wife and our 10 year old Tabby.

We have taken her to our vet with a clean bill of health. She does Chirp and Meow when she wants to be groomed.

Judging from other posts, this my not be totally uncommon.

Riley, still affectionate and cuddly at 10 1/2!
by: Andrea
Our Coonie, Riley, is 10 1/2. We got him as a Rescue when he was 1 1/2. He has continued to be very loving and affectionate, sometimes, to the point of being "needy".

Although, he is not as interested playing with all his toys, he still loves to be held and groomed. He's truly a bed and lap Coonie.

I have had 3 Coonies over the years, all males, one at a time. The first was about 10 months old when I got him -abandoned by my neighbor when they moved and he adopted me.

When he passed away, I knew I had to have another Maine Coon. Couldn't find one except from a cattery, so I got a 12 week old kitten. He lived past the age of 18.

My present boy, Furby, is now 12 and I adopted him when he was around 6, so I don't know how he acted when he was very young.

It has been my experience that as these guys get older they will be sitting in your lap more than they did previously. Here is his routine.... he will always want to be near me.

If I lay down on the sofa and take a nap, he will jump up on the back of it by my head and stretch out and sleep.

At the times when I sit in the recliner and watch TV, that is his time where he wants to jump into my lap and lay there. My other 2 acted very similar. It is one of the characteristics of Coonies to always want to be near you.

Is this normal?
At 1 year, he went from extremely cuddly to more independent. Doesn't want to be around humans as much. He definitely has his affectionate moments, but they're far fewer. He won't be held.

So....... Is this normal for a MC who's the developmental equivalent of a human teenager? And do they revert to being cuddly & snuggly after this "phase"? Or is this likely permanent?

three maine coon magazines

Cyrus 8 months old

black maine coon cat sitting atop a cat tree in corner of room.

by Pam Cook in Tennessee

Cyrus is the most active energetic kitten we have had!!! He can jump from one counter to another like it was easy. I measured and it was 6 feet!!

At the same time he takes his naps and just sleeps through everything. This is my rest time lol! He loves looking out at our bird feeder all day. He is handsome and I love him so much. He kisses me with his nose!

I got him from the same cattery that I got Sadie from in Alabama.

She is 4 years old. After I had picked out Cyrus I learned that Sadie and Cyrus had the same Sire but a different mother.

Beautiful boy
by: Camille
He is majestic! May he give you many many years of joy!

Beautiful, just beautiful.
by: Trish
Beautify ebony statue. So jealous.

Barnaby and Jack

silver maine coon cat sitting on bed and looking out window.
silver maine coon cat sitting on bed and looking out window.

by: Karla in Washington USA

My two boys are from different litters and were born three days apart.

At the cattery, they were friendly, self-confident, and curious. Jack said "Meow" the second he saw me, and that was that.

Then Barnaby climbed into my lap and the deal was done. Barnaby is a silver tabby and Jack (aka Gigantor at the Window) is a smoke.

Barnaby (aka the little guy) is about 18 pounds; Jack was 21+ last time he was weighed, and I think he's bigger now. And when they stretch out, they can reach from side to side of a full-size bed. They are lively, healthy, self-confident and very social. Mostly. 😄

Ace Gigantor & Frisco Bay One Year Olds "Havoc and Mayhem"

two maine coons side by side

by Gregory in Chelatchie Washington

We're very fortunate to have added two Coonies to our family last year.

Our male, Ace (Gigantor) and our female, Frisco (Bay).

They love to explore just about everything and in the process cause havoc and mayhem!


shaved and matted cat eating from a dish
black and white cat with fur starting to grow back after a shave
handsome black and white maine coon mix
fluffy black and white maine coon mix sleeping on couch

by Lynn in Carrollton, OH

I was told when I inquired about this boy he had health and behavioral issues. He was in a cat sanctuary when I got him.

Shaved, matted and scared of everything. Moby was a street cat who had been caught and sent to the vet to be neutered.

Moby's before and now pics are proof love and patience wins the cat! I was told he is a Maine Coon mix. His hair is slowly growing in and grooming is going well.

Moby has my heart!!!!

Mr. Pickles

brown tabby maine coon kitten.
young brown tabby atop a cat tree

He is a 6 months old and a love bug.

He has had some problems with constipation and not eating wet food. Any ideas to help?

Real cat food
So when we got King Zo and Loki and took them for their 1st vet visit (our vet is also a close friend of ours) I asked a lot of questions about proper diet.

Turns out there hasn’t been nearly as much science on cat food as there has been dog food, and unfortunately nearly all mass produced cat food is essentially dog food packaged in a different way.

This doesn’t work well for cats because they are a Type A predator and WAY less omnivorous than dogs with a completely different digestive system and body chemistry.

For example, even small amounts of carbohydrates in their food is bad for them, because their body can’t digest it properly, and they have a HUGE insulin reaction to it, comparable to feeding a toddler 10 candy bars from a small amount of rice etc in their food.

When I learned all this I spoke again to my friend/vet, and he said something very simple, cats need muscle tissue, organ meat, a bit of bone, and the only carbs or veggies they eat is what’s in the stomach of the mouse.

I decided to switch them to a completely raw meat diet, at 1st of chopped up cheap chicken cuts with a bit of liver and kidney and heart supplemented by probiotics.

Almost immediately our cats temperament settled down, they go to the bathroom far less frequently, and it doesn’t smell nearly as bad when they do.

However, grinding that fresh meat in a meat grinder every 3 days was a chore. So I found a California based company that sell a kitten mix of raw beef, chicken, organ meat, and a bit of ground up bone and small amount of egg.

It comes in 2 lbs tubes like raw sausage comes in. My cats about about 6 months old, muscular, healthy, active, gorgeous coats, great temperament, and they weigh 11 pounds and 12 pounds respectively.

We feed them 5 ounces of the ground raw cat food 3 times a day and they eat every bite. The company we found is called Lilly’s Advantage…lots of different mixes available, including without chicken for chicken sensitive cats.

I’ll post a link below…whether you get your food from Lilly’s Advantage or prepare your own.

I HIGHLY recommend not feeding dry kibble that's been cooked 5 times, or even wet food that's been heavily processed - feed them what they are made to eat, raw meat and organs. WAY HEALTHIER CATS!

RC for hairballs
by: Ann
You might try RC dry food for hairballs for MC's. I have heard good things about it! They may make a canned version as well!
Best wishes!!!

Help for constipation
He is beautiful! I have all my MC eating Royal Canin gastrointestinal dry food. I mix it in their regular dry food. It keeps them regular. For my 9 month old I mix it in his kitten dry food. Be careful because if they eat too much their stools are too soft.

Add some canned pumpkin to food, talk with vet.

My coonie constipation story
by: Carol
My big boy had problems with constipation and after a visit with his vet, it was suggested that I give him a little bit of Metamucil daily.

This was a great solution for him. I wouldn't do this though without talking to your vet first.

Mr. Pickles
Call the vet…this breed has so much ingestion of fur. It can be fatal. It hurts when people get it. He may have a twisted bowel.

Problem with wet Food
Add water to the wet food and make a little broth with it. I have to do that for my Maine Coon because he makes crystals in his urine and can have problems with that.

The vet suggested this. My guy, Nelson, is doing fine at 10 years old.

For Mr pickles constipation
If you won't eat wet food try adding fish oil to his dry food. Also a little goat milk (not cow) or goat milk yogurt will help with some of his probiotics to help his digestion.

Mr. Pickles
by: Laurie, AKA Aslan
We Aslan hates pate. After the process of elimination. The vet concluded Aslan is allergic to chicken, like apparently many cats are.

So then the challenge was to find something he liked and the consistency that he would like. So long story short. Merritt rabbit food (a huge hit).

He absolutely loves it! It's in a 3 oz pouch. Chunky, but I take a fork and crush it so it's less Chunky. I hope that helps. Good luck.

by: Chiswick
Royal canin gastrointestinal formula (a dry food) was prescribed for my kitty was prescribed for constipation.

Mega colon
by: K. Johnson
Constipation can start out small but as my female M.C Nalla ended up after the third bout of this was diagnosed with mega colon.

There is vet subscribed laculose and other medications that can be added to food or licked from syringe tastes like chicken.

There are wet foods that are not pate. Since having Nalla on these meds its been smooth sailing. She almost died from this. Speak to your vet please!


red ginger maine coon on leather couch

by Morning in Olympia, Washington

6 months old, what a love bug 😍

What a cat, what a cat, what a mighty good cat!
by: Laurie
And that's at only 6 mths! He's gorgeous! Love his color and his name!

by: Camille
He is beautiful. He certainly lives up to his name.

Here's Looking Up at You!

brown and white maine coon on a bed

by Barbara in Sudbury, MA

My name is Kitty. I am 13 years old.

I used to be an outdoor cat that went out on my harness with my owner but ever since that day when a fox came out of the woods and I accidentally got off my harness chasing birds my owner scooped me up and ran into the house.

I was so upset that I never want to go outdoors again. I am happy now being an indoor cat sitting on or near windows watching birds, bunnies and whatever else goes by outside!

I love following my owner around and being in whatever room they are busy in. I like paper bags, boxes and my cat tree which looks over the backyard.

My favorite food is Friskies in Gravy which comes in the pouch. My owner was very lucky to find me some. She is a good hunter like me. I also like a serving of Fancy Feast Petite Cuisine Morsels in Gravy in the late evening.

Riley at 10 1/2 and ever so handsome!

collage of red and white kitty in various poses

Riley adds so much joy to our lives!

We rescued him at age 1 1/2 and he has bee full of himself ever since! He's very talkative (especially when he wants to be brushed or picked up and loved) and he follows us everywhere.

He's a true lap and bed cat and loves to spend time on the screened porch watching all the wildlife, especially the possum family that visits every evening.

And, almost forgot to mention...he's a big Penn State U. Nittany Lion fan!!

Ms. Phoebe

female longhaired brown tabby face closeup
fluffy brown tabby laying belly up

by: Peggy Leigh in San Antonio

Phoebe’s one year old. I adopted her from a friend of my daughter who was transferred to Germany and could not take Phoebe with him.


fluffy brown tabby kitty in a cat tree
face of cute sleeping brown tabby cat
medium haired brown cat in a dog bed.
medium haired brown cat on a velvet chair.

by Chryss in Colorado Springs

Ripley was a gift from a friend and oh, what a sweetie!

She loves being petted starting at her forehead and ending past her bushy tail. She chose me as her human pet and sleeps in my bedroom.

She pulls her water dish across the floor until it's in the right place to lap up some water; I stepped in it once and was lucky not to fall. Silly girl!

Mr. Mufasa

regal looking longhaired red cat

by Deborah Gassiot in Kennedale, Texas

About 2020, I saw Mr. Mufasa’s picture on a local animal shelter website.

It was so disturbing, the attendant was holding him like a rag doll, hands around his chest, with his legs hanging down, 10 years old, declawed and his long hair was matted to his skin.

Immediately I was on my way to rescue him and made veterinary arrangements. The veterinarian labeled him as a Maine Coon on his profile.

Now, he’s 13 years old, so proud, confident, affectionate and absolutely beautiful. I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful companion.

Please remember to check with your local animal shelters because there are so many other cats waiting for their forever home.

Rescues do have them!!
by: MaineCoonMomx2
Yes, to everyone looking for a Maine Coon, but hesitating because of the price tag. They are worth every penny, but let’s face it not everyone can afford it.

Please do as this wonderful person has and look at the Rescue websites!!

I am totally amazed that anyone would allow a precious MC to end up there!! It happens! I adopted my 2 beautiful boys from a Rescue also.

They were only a few weeks old, but a litter was brought in??! I didn’t even know what a Maine Coon was?!? DNA positive 100%!

I was blessed that day, so I have stopped questioning it, and started learning! What a joyous adventure! Just last week a store clerk told me about her beautiful stray she took in. Actually he just followed her in!

I looked at her pictures as she couldn’t figure out what kind of cat he was? Really big and acting more like a dog? Maine Coon!!

She is learning about that now, and saving up for food, Lol! Asking how big her kitten was going to get, mine are about 26 pounds.


fluffy black cat

I'm Gaia and I'm from Cambridge UK. My Daddy was a Maine Coon and my Mummy a Bengal. I love playing in the fields as well as snuggling up to my Mum in her bed.

A very serious MC

closeup of eyes of a black cat.Afraid of me?
profile black cat looking out windowThat creature is in serious trouble?
face of a black catI’m serious!
fluffy black kittyActually I’m very sweet!

by MaineCoonMomx2 in USA

Blessed to have my darling! He is really a very sweet guy:)

Black Maine Coon

I have a big black cat like yours, but since I can’t see an M on his forehead, how can I tell if he’s a Maine Coon?

The M on the forehead
Maaaaany cats have an M on their forehead, but that does not make them Maine Coons, it is just part of that coat pattern. Also there are Coonies who do not have an M on their forehead.

Sir Zulu

fluffy blacj kitten on bed
fluffy black kitten on bed
big fluffy black cat
big fluffy black cat

by Melissa Colman in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Have you seen the show Clifford the big Red Dog? Runt as a baby but grew to be big?

Well that's my Maine Coon, Sir Zulu for sure. He was born March 2017 and I got him at 8 weeks. He's loving and playful and absolutely loves boxes.

Definitely Dog of the cat world. He growls whenever anyone comes to the door. Very protective of his home. At night he lets me know it's time for bed and very adimant about it. Loves to race me up the stairs. He always wins.

My black smoke Poe
by: LvE
We have a black smoke named Edgar Allan Poe, he answers to Poe

Although we live in Maine I don't think Master Poe is all Maine Coon although he does have a lot of the characteristics, including six toes on each gigantic paw.

Poe is almost two.He looks like Sir Zulu's baby brother.


black maine coon cat lounging.
black maine coon kitten on a wall shelf.
black maine coon laying on a pile of papers with eyes closed.

by Demonica in Brighton, UK

Luther is a black smoke from South of England. He is 2 and a half and an absolute aloof delight!

It's the eyes
by: Melissa
Luther is beautiful. Love his ears.
Sir Zulu is also in the summer Coonies just below yours and they look so similar. Except for the ears.

Sir Zulu isn't as tufted. But look at those amazing eyes! They look very similar in the face.

I'm glad there's another black or smokey to see here. I don't see alot so thank you for posting Luther. He's handsome

Fuzzy Our Kitten

fluffy calico kitty

by: Bobby D. in Nescopeck PA

She is a 9 month kitten, born outside and mother is wild.

Ziggy Stardust Rocks The Coon Scene

two fluffy brown tabbies laying togetherSnoozing with Auntie Tallulah...
person holding up a fluffy brown tabby kittyWho, me? Nah... I'm a lover, not a fighter!
brown tabby cat standing over a human toiletYep, I really do use the human 'loo!
fluffy brown kitty laying on a body pillowWell, the body pillow holds MY body, so it's mine, right?

by Heidi Roberts in Cambridge WI USA

Ziggy Stardust "Ziggy"(M) (02-23-22) is a ½ Maine Coon/ ½ DLH hybrid, adopted in May of 2022 from a private individual.

He is THE most chill cat we've ever had. Full of affection, playful, very responsive to his fur-parents and very socially outgoing.

He even greets strangers! His favorite toys are "found" toys - bottle caps, paper roll tubes, anything, really.

He likes to share his toys with his family and plays fetch, "find the toy/treat", chasing tennis balls, racing his aunts, uncles and sisters - not to mention his "dogfather" (our 8yr old male Boston terrier/Chihuahua hybrid; Marley).

He's also a cuddle-bug!But his best "trick" yet was teaching himself to pee on the human toilet!

A total individual, this one.

(Currently 19lbs at 15mos old.)


collage of tabby cat in various positions

by Ken Jones

This is Blu. I rescued him 2 years ago from being abandoned in an apartment for 6 days with only a small empty bag of food and toilet water.

He always wants to touch me and follows me wherever I go. I love him with all my heart.

Karma Kat

girl brown tabby cat
cute brown tiger kitty

Karma is six years old. I rescued her from an animal shelter on January 25, 2023.

My Little Cooney Mixes

saras cats

by: Sara in Seattle WA, USA

My girl is a Maine Coon Norwegian Forest cat mix. She's big and beautiful and 15 years old.

She loves snuggling and being combed and loves too much on her Blue Buffalo and more so loves her Greenies treats.

A few months after her sister died due to a bad vet visit, we adopted our little guy who is Maine Coon tabby mix and quite a rascal. He just loves.

black medium haired cat


by Dan in Mendon, IL

The boss

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