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Maine Coon Cat Videos

We're putting together a collection of Maine Coon cat videos and slide shows on YouTube, and we're sharing them here, too.

The first video is of Jimmie, the second is Rudy doing tricks, and the rest are of Alice and Leo.

Do you have a Maine Coon cat video to share? Just Contact Us! Enjoy!

Here is a very cool video of Jimmie playing fetch! It shows just how smart and dog-like these cats are. I don't think I've ever seen a cat do this! Jimmie lives in Illinois with his owners. Thanks, Diane for sharing him!

This is Rudy, and boy can he do some tricks! Talk about a smart cat! This really is something! Thanks to Jim for sharing Rudy with us all!

Leo's video has a different "flavor". We've tried to capture his Big Maine Coon Cat Personality. Hope you like it!

Alice and Leo love water, as many cats do. So we thought it would be fitting to create a video tribute to our water cats!

And this one is of Alice and Leo as Maine Coon kittens. It's a fun one!

This one chronicles Alice, growing up. She's not easy to photograph, being a Black Maine Coon cat, but we still have some nice shots to share.

This is just the beginning of our Maine Coon cat and kitten video page. We have a lot of footage to share. Stay tuned!

Do you have a Maine Coon video? Contact Us with your embed code from YouTube (just copy and paste it into your message). We would love to add it to this video collection for all Maine Coon lovers to see!

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