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Our Maine Coon Cat Leo

handsome big maine coon cat

This is our Maine Coon Cat Leo, the big Maine Coon cat who inspired this website, along with his small sister. I wouldn't exactly call him huge, although he is quite large and fluffy to look at. He is, of course, very special to us!

Leo's stats:

  • He was born March 5, 2004

  • His color is technically called Red Silver (Cameo) Classic Tabby. I've heard it shortened to Classic Cameo. He's lighter than a Red Tabby Maine Coon.

  • He measures about 35 inches from tip of nose to tip of tail.

  • And the big one, drum roll please: Leo weighs in at a hefty 18.2 pounds, so he is our big Maine Coon Cat, just what we wanted! At almost six years old, we have seen him "fill out" and reach full maturity lately. This late blooming is expected in Maine Coons. He now has what we affectionately refer to as "some extra meat on him".

big maine coon cat on his back

Leo's Maine Coon Personality:

Leo definitely has the classic Maine Coon personality. As we say in our house, he "requires a lot of love". He is always nearby, always. He and his sister are always very prompt in welcoming us home.

Our Maine Coon Cat Leo receives a good share of "attention" from our pre-schooler but never abandons his station by the woodstove. One of our son's favorite activities this past year has been to drive cars and trains all around Leo's belly, in his fur. Leo will not move! He is the most patient cat I have ever seen.

maine coon cat with baby

Leo's quirks:

He likes water! If we let a little water drip out of the faucet, he'll let it pour all over the top of his head while he plays in it, and drink some too. He is definitely a Water Cat.

He is always present for the kids' bedtimes. When we are in the kids' rooms, sitting on the bed for story time or just catching up on the day, he is always, without fail, right there, loudly purring, kneading, drooling and generally in Coon heaven! I don't know how he never misses it!

He purrs like a freight train. When we are watching a movie at night, it can actually be annoying. You can hear it across the room. If he's right behind your head, or on your lap, forget about hearing the TV! And it never stops. It just goes on, and on, and on...

red maine coon cat in the sink

Some Common Maine Coon Traits and Characteristics That Leo Displays:

Leo talks, of course. The many Maine Coon cat sounds are one of the things that make these cats so special! He has many different meows, chirps, and sounds I just can't explain! These will be displayed in our future video section.

Did you know Maine Coon cats could be trained to do tricks? It must be due to their laid-back and friendly nature. Pete, my husband, has trained Leo to do a cute cat trick. He holds his hand out in the air and snaps his fingers, about three feet from the floor. Leo will hop up on his rear legs, and "hug" the hand. I'm not sure how it started, but it's a kind of ritual now. I'll be posting this one on video for sure.

funny maine coon cat sleeping

I hope you've enjoyed meeting our Maine Coon cat Leo! His antics will be providing us with content ideas for Maine Coon Cat Nation for years to come!


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