Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem

And Photo Album Tribute To Beloved Pets

Welcome to our Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem & Photo Album. These cats all hold very special places in the hearts of their families. And here is where they have a lasting tribute.

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This a place to share those we've lost, console others, and remember treasured friends. These Coonies are gone but never forgotten. They're waiting at the Rainbow Bridge. (Skip down to read the Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem).

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collage of four maine coons

Rainbow Bridge Coonies 2023:  These recent tributes are so touching. Read about Miss Maggie, Ivylou, Zoran, Sully, Bogie, Fluffalot, Amber and Makita here. They are all waiting on the Rainbow Bridge.

ginger maine coon closeup

Riley:  Riley was born on March 1, 2005. I first met Riley in 2007, which will always make those first two years a mystery. I had just advanced to candidacy in the history Ph.D. program at UC Riverside, and I had just bought my house, which seemed daunting..

collage of beautiful maine coon cats

A collection of Short Tributes to Coonies:  Read these new loving tributes to beautiful Maine Coon family members. They will be so missed.

black and white photo of black cat outdoors

Dawn of Spring:  Nero - more than an ordinary cat... less than an ordinary human. This is Nero. I rescued him from the SPCA just two weeks before he was scheduled to be euthanized on June 2000...

handsome brown tabby maine coon cat closeup

Little Bear, 3/20/1999 - 3/9/2013:  He was a very special boy and was definitely my little love. As you can see, he was quite handsome, and was one of the most affectionate cats ever...

beautiful silver maine coon in the grass

Aran:  Our lovely boy Aran, not even 2 years old. Suddenly in June 2012 he became ill, it started with a tearing eye. A week and a half later he died in the animal hospital after fighting very bravely...

brown tabby maine coon on cat tree

Tigger's a Wonderful Thing:  I read an ad one day that said "free to good home, he's the runt". When I went to look at him, his brothers and sisters were still there, but...

ginger and white maine coon mix

Milo:  Sadly letting you knowing that today, 3rd December 2011 my beautiful Milo was tragically killed in a traffic accident. Sleep peacefully my Mileymo, I will love and miss you forever

beautiful female maine coon cat facial closeup

"Torri" Luv Paws A Torrid Affair of Pinecoon:  Torri, one amazing cat. The Queen of all she surveyed and the light of our lives for ten years (an adopted "retiree" when seven). When our grief...

cream colored maine coon sitting outdoors

Nutmeg - Sadly Missed:  This is Nutmeg – “Meg” or “Moosta”. First and only Maine Coon I’ve owned. Sadly she died just a few weeks ago – gosh, getting teary now just writing...

fluffy gray and white cat

Mister:  Mister was a rescued kitty. I found him hiding under my car one morning back in 1992. Once I coaxed him into the house (took a full day), he promptly settled on...

Charlie - always in control:
Our beloved Charlie Man passed away peacefully in Mom's arms 23rd November 2011. You will always be in our hearts, lovely boy...

black and white photo of regal maine coon cat

My King Lewie: 
Well, Lewie was my first love... He knew I was the one for him before I knew he was for me. One day after work I had a few minutes to spare..

pretty tortie kitty closeup

My Beloved Sadie:  My precious Sadie crossed the Rainbow Bridge peacefully on Friday, September 24, 2010 at 11:45pm. We shared our last moments together while she tried to rally back...

handsome white kitty upside down

Sir Reginald - RIP Big Man!
Reggie was a Maine Coon/Persian kitty who had the biggest heart. He was a gentle giant, topped out at 25 pounds at his heaviest...

pretty brown tabby maine coon girl

The Last Battle:  She sashayed into our family and for 16 years Miss Kitty graced us with her voice, with her 40+ word vocabulary, her huge presence and intelligence, moodiness, extreme skills...

fluffy buff colored kitty

Scrappy:  Hi, my Maine Coon is 11 years old and had a tumor removed from his side that was caused by his shots. He made it through the surgery and day after fine...

black cat in the grass

Beautiful Buddy:  Buddy was the most kindest, gentlest cat I have ever met, he was so obedient and lovable, he was almost human and almost understood every word you said...

tabby and white maine coon profile

Kato Lunt - Rest In Peace:  This angel guarded our lives for 17.5 years! Always helpful and always happy! Always living in the moment and living to the max!

tabby maine coon sleeping

Justin - RIP:  I had Justin for about 13 years. He was 4 when I got him. My sister is a vet specializing in cats, and one of her clients wanted to put him to sleep because he didn't get along with...

handsome brown and white maine coon sitting in a box

Dillon My Beloved Maine Coon:  Dillon was a 9 yr old brown/white/tabby male who touched our hearts like no other... His gentle spirit, soft voice, and companionship was like no other cat...

cute tabby with white maine coon cat looking at camera

In Memory Of My Fur Baby Bruce:  My Bruce had such a huge personality and was so lovable. I got him for my birthday in Sept. 1997. I instantly fell in love the moment our eyes met...

sleeping kitty

R.I.P. Coyote:  He was a great lovable boy, but was very sick; after a year of multiple Vets no one could get him better - no one knew what was wrong...

brown tabby and white maine coon cat sitting outdoors

Arthur:  My recently deceased Coon was called Arthur and he lived to just over 13 1/2 years, though we hoped there was more left in him...

ginger maine coon cat on dark background

Loving Tributes:  These loving tributes to beloved Maine Coons are so moving. Tiggy, Thea, Truffles, Maggie, Bubba Moose, and Smokey and more will live forever in the hearts of their families...

ginger maine coon cat on dark background

Cappucinno "Cinno for Short":  His name is Cappucinno. I had the pleasure of being his best friend for 7 years. He was always by my side and was my world for his whole life. He passed away this January...

brawn tabby kitty

Fassa, Rest in Peace:  Mufasa, or Fassa, which is what we all called him, was the first Maine Coon I had ever owned. He was given to me from a family friend who couldn't have a cat where he was moving...

video of charlee the cat

In Memory of Charlee:  I don't know if you would post something like this, but one of my four Maine Coons passed away today in my arms at home. I have had them all since they were born...

white with black maine coon cat face closeup

Who Rescued Whom?  In Oct. 2006, I dropped off a donation at the local Humane Society and walked out with the kitten that turned out to be the love of my life...

collage of 3 cat photos

Three Touching Tributes:   Come see Duke's, Zoe's, and Tigger's tributes here. Three beautiful tributes to three beautiful Coonies.

tabby and white maine coon cat

Anna-Belle:  This is Majesticoon Anna-Belle - she was part of the first litter of Maine Coon kittens born in Perth Western Australia. Maine Coons are not very common in...

RIP Naps:  This was my cat of 5 years. I believe he was either pure Coon, or a mix of Norwegian Forest and Coon. He was also a Poly, he had 3 extra thumbs...

buff colored fluffy kitty rolling in the grass

RIP Our Lovely Nuffy Boy:  He was a gorgeous boy with a huge personality, he would roll on his back waiting to have his tummy rubbed every chance he got. He loved being brushed and...

closeup of pretty brown maine coon girl

Monsieur Kitty Summer 2003-Dec 5 2012:  Monsieur Kitty came into my life when I was a teenager. We became instant friends. My mom originally brought her home to take care of a mouse problem...

gray and white maine coon closeup face

Squirrel:  Squirrel was our first cat. Unfortunately, my wife and I made the hard decision to put him down on February 7 due to advanced kidney failure. Squirrel was most definitely a night cat...

pretty gray maine coon looking up

Precious Pepper:  This is my precious kitty named Pepper. I just recently had to put him down and I miss him very much! He had the sweetest personality and loved all kinds of attention...

handsome tabby maine coon cat face

Baby:  Baby was a member of our family. He just showed up one day and he was so loving that we let him stay. His personality was a cross between a dog and person. He was sweet, silly...

fluffy white and black kitty

Regis:  Regis was a very special kitty. He taught me so much. He was such a love, full of life and energy and love. He got diabetes in 2005 and he was doing pretty well until...

fluffy ginger and white kitty

Bailey:  Suspecting my Bailey was (at least) part Coon I discovered this site and now I am convinced that I was lucky enough to have stumbled across one of these glorious creatures...

black and white tuxedo kitty

Puddy:  16 yrs ago a stray kitten showed up at my house. My son and I would sneak her into the house while my husband was at work. My husband said he didn't want a cat in the house. Well, the kitten stayed...

Lucky:  We lived on a farm in Chilliwack B.C., and our first kitten was dropped off at our doorstep just before my birthday in 2005, a little orange tabby we named him "Garfield." 1 week later we got this little ball of fluff "Lucky"...

Figaro:  Figaro, named after the cat in the book Pinocchio, came into our lives in October 2001. He and his brother Frisky were picked out by my children when a coworker said she had kittens...

handsome brown tabby maine coon mix

Thor:  My son and his roommate found Thor in a street during a rain storm in Jacksonville, FL. My son took him to a vet, found out he was less than 6 weeks old. Thor was so small, he rode...

collage of beautiful maine coon cats

Loving Tributes:  These beloved pets touched the hearts of their families and will never be forgotten. Here are their loving tributes. Come visit some of this site's very first Tribute Pages.

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem:

The first time I read the Rainbow Bridge pet sympathy poem I was moved to tears almost instantly. The poem resonates with so many, whether they are thinking about a beloved cat, dog, horse, or any other animal.

And I was thinking about my Bonny, a Sheltie who was my constant companion from the time I was 12 until I was married and a mother. Such loyalty, devotion and a bond we had!

She was an old gal by then, and yet still my baby. In fact, her buddy Clyde was a domestic medium haired cat who inspired me to learn about the Maine Coon cat breed and eventually welcome our two Maine Coons into our family. We know we will always have Coon cats, so thank you Clyde, my honorary Coonie!

It brings me much comfort to imagine Bonny and Mr. Clyde frolicking by the Rainbow Bridge playing an endless game of tag! How I miss them, as we all miss those who've gone before us.

The moving, and now famous rainbow bridge pet sympathy poem is a touching reminder that our pets are much more than just animals.

They are our companions, friends, and give us their unconditional love. Spending a lifetime with a special animal changes a person. We never forget them, and we always miss them.

I think that's why the rainbow bridge poem resonates with so many of us animal lovers. It's comforting to believe, to know, that they are not only all right but that they are patiently waiting to reunite with us.

The Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem:

Top of Rainbow Bridge Pet Sympathy Poem

read the maine coon blog
read the maine coon blog


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