King Lewie

by Kim
(Michigan USA)

Well, Lewie was my first love... He knew I was the one for him before I knew he was for me.

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One day after work I had a few minutes to spare so I went the the shelter right behind where I worked at that time.

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lewie the catA Proud King he was

When I waled in the building they asked if I was looking for something special, and I told them no not really just thought I'd give some love'ns to some kitties.

lewie the cat

The lady behind the desk made some comments that there were some nice kittens back there ... I told her if I was looking it would be a orange female or maybe a Siamese.

When I walked into the cat room I noticed a big tiger kinda looking cat, but I kept on walking towards the younger cats.

After about 5 minutes that big cat started meowing at me nonstop. After a couple of minutes I decided to walk over to the big cat and check him out.

After a bit of him pawing at me and me petting him, I asked the worker in the room if I could hold him.

When I picked him up his size was even more evident, once I got him in my arms, I started talking to him, asked him if he would want to come home with me.

Now, I did say that I wasn't looking but this guy had my attention.

When I asked him if he wanted to come home with me he took his face and rubbed it against mine and started purring... that was it.

I took some pictures and brought them home to show my family and a week later he was home.

That was back in Oct of 08. He won my heart and he became my guy, Lewie was my study buddy when doing college homework, he was my snuggle buddy for afternoon naps and for a while at night.

Lewie was always at the door waiting for me when I came home. We had many morning conversations over our morning routine.

Then in Nov of 10 The kingdom of King Lewie was sad and heart broke. We discovered that he had Squamous cell carcinoma and there was no hope. I laid him to rest on Nov 27.

Lewie was my first Maine Coon love, he may not have been a pure breed but he was everything to me.

Heck I didn't even know about the breed until I met him and now 2 of the 3 cats that I have are due to him.

I fell in love with My King Lewie and the Maine Coon breed.

All my life.
by: Kim Sweet

Ever since I was little, even before I can really remember, I have had cats and dogs as "siblings" and eventually "kids".

They have always been my best of friends when no one else would listen or be there for a hug. To me they are not pets, they are part of the family. At one time I considered myself to be more of a dog person then anything.

Then about 10 yrs ago a special lady that I named Jynx found me and took me to the cat side of life and ever since I have been drawn to more independent ways of things in my own life.

I owe so much to my furry family members of the past and will never forget. My Lew took the cat world and mixed it with the dog world and gave/taught me balance.

I wish humans would pay more attention to what the animal kingdom has to offer and teach us instead of abusing them and shoving them aside as seconds. They should be given more respect then what they get...

Soooooooo Beautiful!
by: Wendy

Hi, it sure is easy to understand the love for these gentle giants. I have always been living with dogs and cats growing up and then just dogs when I married.

However, when I can be retired I am going to bring a Maine Coon home to live with me and my husband. The very first time I ever had the pleasure to see one of these special cats was viewing a picture that one of my students brought in. It was love at first sight!

These guys sure have a way of getting into your heart. I can hardly wait to have one of my own. I have such a love for all God's creatures for he has created them all, big and small.

The hardest part of owning an animal, and if he or she is truly like one of the kids in the family, it breaks your heart to have to say goodbye.

However, the pain has never prevented me from owning animals. I adore the love that is given all the time unconditionally. They truly are a special cat!! Thank you for sharing King Lewie.

He sure was a handsome boy! Wonder if God has a place in heaven for all the animals that have passed away in our homes. I sure hope so.

Your story
by: Juli Link
I read your story and love the pics of Lewie
I wish everyone would first try adopting adult cats and dogs. All my pets are shelter animals. You and Lewie were lucky to have each other.

Nice story!
by: Becky from Iowa
Thanks for sharing your story. I raise purebred Maine Coons but also have 2 rescues and love all cats. I sold a cat some years back and they named him King Lewie. When I saw your post I immediately thought of him.

Thanks guys...
by: Kim, Lewie's Mom ;)
Thanks so much for your comments everyone, it has been hard... and yes he is missed so much. My Husband built him a casket, he now over looks the pond out back where him and I use to sit and watch the frogs and fish on warm sunny days. Long Live the King.

Very Touching
by: Ellen
What a moving story my Lew is my second Maine Coon, I got him around the time you lost yours. I lost my Marley about a month before, also a Maine Coon. There is something about those big guy that reach in an touch your heart.

King Lewie x x
by: Michelle
Such a lovely story, King Lewie sure was a mighty fine Maine Coon and will be sadly missed I'm sure...

Thank you for sharing x

King Lewie
by: Jodi Colpitts
Your story was so sweet and brought tears to my eyes! I love the Maine Coon and have one, but really want another. They have such personalities! Thank you for sharing your story!

King Lewie
by: Anonymous
Beautiful story thanks for sharing.

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