Winter 2011 Photo Album

Welcome to our archived Winter 2011 Photo Album. Enjoy exploring the absolutely stunning Maine Coons in this album! They are a real treat.

Rumtumtugger Mariella
sooooo relaxed

Smooth As Silk

By: Juliet in Somerset UK

Rumtumtugger Mariella - two years old, my first Pedigree kitty.

She has my heart, we have an understanding of each other that is beyond words, she is very very precious to me.


by: Kim Sweet

Its so special when that bond is there between us and them. ;) Enjoy and cherish :)

by: Juliet

Thanks Kim - they are all very special - pedigree or non-pedigree - I have Mariella'a half sister and two rescue kits -x

Longest Whiskers I Have Seen

By: Juliet in Somerset UK
Rumtumtugger Tattycoram
too cute for words x
Rumtumtugger Tattycoram
yep - the whiskers are all mine

Tilly Can't Help Looking Cute!

This is Rumtumtugger Tattycoram (AKA Tilly)

She is my one year old little charmer. A constant purrer, a constant joy and a constant little monkey!!! (what me Mum?)

Tilly - my little girl x


Tilly certainly is gorgeous
by: Leslee

Such a beautiful girl! I love those luxurious whiskers. I hope you find and keep the ones she'll lose on occasion--I always carry a whisker for good luck! =^..^= Purrs!

Long Whiskers
by: Laurielle

2/23/11: Yep, they will get long, my femail Manecoon Princess Watermellon has long ones as well, so does her brother Pugsley. They are the sweetest cats ever, well if Pugsley doesn't get out atlease once a day, he gets to be alittle moodball. Princes looks like a little snow lepard, with a permanent smile and long whiskers.

Those whiskers!
by: Koko Berube

My Simba, a black-and-white Maine coon, had such whiskers. Along with her sweet face,they made a striking impression. Often when she was grooming, they would become caught in her mouth. Her "eyebrows" were the same. She bore several litters before she was spayed, each and all black and white and almost heartbreakingly round and precious. Litters of two, usually, the first being Dio and Dumpling. Her son Ozzy was a formidable beast (so HE believed!) Funny, my secret word is WOMBAT, which is what we called her sometimes.

by: Juliet

Thank you Leslee - she is soooo special and soooo naughty :) Do you have any photos on here? x

Sorry for the delayed answer
by: Leslee

Yes, Juliet, there's a picture posted of my little fellow Joey who's a "mostly Maine" mix. He's gained 6 pounds and his coat's gone all shaggy since the photos, tho. Two years old, 20 pounds. That's quite enough cat for me but I fear he's still growing!

Lovely eyes.


By: Chris Tomkus in Golden, Colorado


Crystal st 3 months

Crystal Crystal Crystal Crystal

Crystal came to us on the 4th of July at 8 weeks old. She is a rescue Maine Coon.

She technically belongs to my wife, but like any other cat you don't own them, you are part of their staff.

She has the most delightful sounds, not mewing, but a wide variety of other sounds. She loves water, always in the sink, bath tub or water dishes. She plays fetch with a paper ball.

Follows everybody around the house, escorts us to bed at night, puts her nose into everything, has learned to open drawers and loves to nip noses. She is 10 months old now.


Cutie Pie
by: Joann & Bubba

Just had to say What A Cutie !!!

Cutie Pie
Oh how precious she is, you are so lucky to have Crystal as your owner!

She's a beauty, enjoy!!

In her baby picture she looks oddly like a Persian. Eyes closer together than is typical for a Maine Coon. Nice that she gets along well with the dog.

Thank You
by: Chris

Thanks for all your nice comments. She is the daughter of papered Maine Coon Cats. But we did not want to breed her.

In her baby picture she looks oddly like a Persian. Eyes closer together than is typical for a Maine Coon. Nice that she gets along well with the dog.


By: Rosemary in Suffolk England

I know very little about Bonnies history, I have no idea if she is a Maine Coon, whatever she is she is very sweet.

The vet thinks she is about 5/6 months old. She is very long like a weasel. She was very thin and dirty when we got her.

She is beginning to put on weight and her coat is looking so good.

How can I tell if she has Maine Coon in her.


Hi Rosemary,

Wow, what a pretty girl, and a pretty name, too! Well, the only way for anyone to know for sure if a cat is a Maine Coon is to look at their pedigree.

If she was thin and dirty when you got her, it sounds like she had gotten lost outdoors. Perhaps she snuck out one day. Lucky you took her in!

She looks just like a Maine Coon kitten. She has the ear tufts and all. As she grows, if she's a Maine Coon, you will see her more strongly representing the breed.

The coat will come in with a nice ruff, all four feet will have big tufts of fur sprouting between the pads, and those ear tufts are a tell-tale sign.

Bonnie is a doll!
Thanks for sharing her,


Update - Our Bonnie So Funny

Pictures we have loads can't stop, everthing she does is so funny.She pulls the most human like faces sometimes. So full of character.

Big Loius!!!

By: Tricia in Ireland
Big Loius

Louis is four years old and a big softie despite his size and even allows our tiny little Somali to bully him!

Louis had a half brother called George who we lost tragically over a year ago so Louis is extra precious to us!


By: Traci A in Seattle, WA
echo and her fountain

The sweetest kitten ever. Little Echo.


by: Jill

by: Judy
You smile and have warmth in your heart when seeing Echo's photo. She looks so angelic.

Beautiful Kitty
by: Helen Hall
What a beautiful cat!! She is adorable. Looks like the kind you just want to pick up and love her to pieces.

Ivan the Terrible OR Ivan the Great

By: Kim Sweet in Michigan USA


Ivan Ivan Ivan Ivan

Ivan is our baby of our family, he was born the first week of Oct 10 and we were told he is a Maine Coon Mix. We don't think he is going to get the size of a male pure breed but he has the personality of one. Ivan is the most vocal guy and I just love the little trill thing he does.

When we first got Ivan, just after King Lewie passed (Lewie has a page here too) he was little stinker right from the get go. Our four year old Autumn couldn't get a quiet moment for nothing. So we decided to get Makani (our pure breed Maine Coon below) and the two of them... HOLY cats!! The two of them run, jump, chase and play like there will be no tomorrow. Autumn has been so much happier and gets her quiet time all to herself now.

In the pics, Ivan is the dark little guy, Autumn is the white lady and Makani is the Orange BIG guy.


by: Judy UK

Hi Kim

Your silver tabby looks adorable. How great to have a multi cat household that all get along.

They look healthy and happy. They must make you must smile alot. Good for you.


by: Kim Sweet

It has been a lot of fun and laughs with our furry family members. It was about 17 yrs since I had a kitten in the house and man did I forget how much fun it is. :)
Gotta Love 'em :)

Ivan the Awesome
by: Jessy
Just love the name!


Help'n with the homework

By: Kim Sweet in Michigan USA

We adopted Makani Big Foot on January 14,2011 from a breeder in East Michigan.

He has a grade one heart murmur at just under 5 months old that we hope he grows out of yet.

We are just getting to know him as he is us but so far all is well.


by: Ginni P
What a beautiful Coonie. Yes, they are very helpful, especially if it unpacking groceries, or anything in a box or bag. I watched my Coonie pick up a pencil in her "hand" this morning. I think a few lessons and I can start her on her abc!!

Update on Makani
He has really started to come around now, he is learning that it is heaven here in an Earthly kind of way. He has really become my guy and has even started sleeping by my side at night. Mak has become our Ivan's (possible Coon mix)side kick and they are partners in crime. At times it sounds like a herd of elephants running down the hall in our home and its only those two chase'n each other. So much fun!!

ColdstreamLK Whisky or "Whisky" our trouble maker!

By: Betty-Jo
(Greenville, Maine)

Whisky is a 2 year old male Maine Coon Cat. He lives with us, our 9 year daughter and a german shepherd sister and german shepherd brother.

He is very social, always in the room we are in. He will play with his "sister" Belle the 4 year old German Shepherd (GSD) female.

He bites at her feet and she barks and plays with him. He gets into everything! and loves to chase and eat any bugs that make it into the house. He also has a fetish for plastic which I dont understand. He will eat and chew on anything plastic.

He sounds like an elephant when he runs through the house churping and gurgling to who knows. We love him so much and he sleeps with mom every night.


Eating plastic
by: Helen

Please don't let Whisky chew on plastic bags or anything else plastic. If they swallow plastic it can cause extreme gut trouble. Plastic cannot be seen on x-ray, so many times the vet will miss the cause of the impaction until it is too late for surgery to fix the problem.

All my cats, including my MC, would eat plastic bags if left about. The plastic pull tab that comes on milk jugs is another favorite, so are Christmas bows.

No plastics for kitty.

by: Betty-Jo

Hi Helen,
We dont let him eat plastic, not since he first showed and interest in it and we try to keep anything plastic away from him. When Im putting groceries away he will jump up on the table and lick the plastic bags. Of course I stop him. I only mentioned it because I have never had a cat that did this and wasnt sure if it was a Maine Coon trait or not. We try to "kitty proof" our home but you would or maybe wouldn't be surprised what whisky can get into.

by: Jill

Plastic? I thought my female maine coon was the only one!! She loves grocery bags and will lick them until I take them away.....she loves sandwich bags and shopping bags too. Too weird

Meet Buddy!

silver maine coon kitten sleeping

Buddy has a lot to say, and a lot to share, so get to know him on his own page: Buddy's Page

Notorious Biggy Smalls

By: Jake in Indiana USA

Biggy Smalls

Biggy Smalls Biggy Smalls Biggy Smalls Biggy Smalls

He's a 6 month old male Maine Coon with an amazing personality. I couldn't have asked for a better cat and companion.

I got him from a rescue and unfortunately 3 days after being at the new house, my dog got jealous and bit him. Thank god for his nine lives!

He had a hole in his jugular and a fractured jaw. But being a Maine Coon, he is a bad-ass and needed no surgical procedures. The very next day he was purring and fighting to run around the house. 3 days later the hole in his neck closed and his jaw began healing. (Not to mention the constant cleaning of wounds).

Its now been three weeks and he's back to full health. Surprisingly, the cat and dog sleep together now... Go figure. Maine coons are amazing animals.


by: Kim

WOW! What a story! I would have been totally traumatized by the dog biting him and the serious wound it caused. Yes, thank god he is a BAD-ASS!! I love his name and he's a whole lot luckier than the real Biggie because he survived! Enjoy him, he's beautiful!



By: C. Fisher
(Cudahy, WI)

He's about 20lbs now. He is really a great cat. How he got the Maine Coon in him i will never know, because his mother was a farm cat.

I also have a black Maine Coon. These cats are great. I wouldn't change these 2 for the world.

Glory Bea McKnight

By: Karen Hopkins
(Grand Isle, La., USA)
Glory Bea
Glory Bea today.
Glory Bea
Glory Bea's first picture.

Glory Bea was born on 9/9/2008. She is a tad skittish, but has mellowed with age.

Glory Bea is the second Maine Coon in our family and she is dazzling in appearance and personality.

We have documented Glory Bea's life from her first baby picture to present.


Beautiful Glory Bea
by: Joann & Bubba

What a beautiful cat you have. Bubba says he thinks she is cute, we think it is great that you are documenting her life, we do the same with Bubba, Biscotti, & Precious.

Diva Deluxe McKnight

By: Karen Hopkins
(Grand Isle, La., USA)
Diva Deluxe
Diva today.
Diva Deluxe
The first time I met Diva

Diva was born on 10/1/07. We were waiting for her birth and have documented her life in pictures.

She is the most mild mannered cat I've ever met. She loves to be admired, but only enjoys snuggling after I get into the bed.

Diva enjoys her petting only when it's done "under cover".


by: Michelle (UK)
Wow Diva is beautiful, I can't believe it's a female, soooo big.. My Saphira in the photo album is big but by no means as big as Diva, she is my princess tho...

by: Miok
What a beautiful cat!! I've had a maine coon for 15 yrs and love their wonderful temperment...I'm so glad your diva looks but doesn't act like one :)

She is gorgous
by: Linda Wills
What a beautiful girl you have. I also have a Diva, but for some reason, she never grew. She looks Maine Coon but is less then half the size of yours.

Where do I get one?
Would love to have a cat that big so nice

Boone and Calli

By: Faith in Elizabethtown, PA USA
Boone and Calli

Boone is the tabby on top. He is alpha and keeps Callie in line. He is polydactyl with 7 on left and 6 on right and 5 on both hind feet.

Luckily even though he is 20 pounds at 18 months he is calm and allows us to clip his nails.

Calli is the our little calico girl. Not really sure what they would technically call her since as she ages she becomes more torti. She just had her first birthday.

Even though Boone is bigger Callie still gives him a run for his money and the older they get the more they have come to an agreement.

They are both very spoilt and even though according to the Maine coon books they are not usually lap cats evidently ours did not read the book since they are on our laps every evening.

I take advantage of that time to brush them and they love it.

Double Trouble

By: Jenna Newman in Pensacola, FL
Dewey and Vanessa
Dewey (right), Vanessa (left)

I was given two rescue kittens, at first they were just fat balls of fluff with tabby marking so I assumed they were tabby's until one day I realized they were not even one and still bigger than any cat I've ever had.

It wasn't long before I found out they were Maine Coons! I feel blessed to have gotten this breed of cat without even knowing it. I've had cats my whole life, but never ones like these two. They are brother and sister, Dewey and Vanessa, and I could not imagine my life without them.

They have to be involved in everything I'm doing, they love to play fetch, and they even love being spun around in the office chair?!


Gorgeous kitties
by: Karen F
They are just beautiful and so lucky to be together and in a great home with a loving those brown noses!

by: Mic
They are so irresistibly cute! I can only imagine the companionship, admiration, and fun that you now encounter daily. What precious blessings they are!

Devoted Kitties!
We also adopted 14-wk.old sisters-part Maine Coon.Truly have the M.C. personality.Now 9 mos.old & follow us everywhere-want to be near or on us at all times. Truly as devoted as any dog! Most affectionate cats we have ever had! Silver & white & brown/black tabbies-Maya & Sasha.

Double trouble....
by: Michelle UK
So beautiful, and to have bother and sister is a blessing for them. My Saphira (in the album) is my princess and follows me everywhere, plays fetch and just loves to lay with me all evening....

Roman Kitty

By: Nicole C. in Lakewood, CA


Roman Roman Roman Roman

Roman is my baby boy, he is two years old and the greatest companion I could of ever asked for!

A Professor of mine's wife discovered a litter at her work. Her and her co workers began feeding them and once familiar enough to not run away, took them in to find loving homes.

My Professor advertised on facebook and since I had been living alone, I was more than happy to add a little gal or guy to my life.

They brought him over in a cat carrier and placed on my lap which he happily complied. For the first month I did not get a lot of sleep, he was very vocal and proud to announce that he was up and ready for a meal.

I also think he missed his brother's and sister's and to this day I regret not taking one of his siblings in. Right off I knew he was something special. His coat alone was beautiful and I loved the wild look of the tufts on the tip of his ears (which have now diminished now that he is older).

From him following me from room to room, to he seemingly communicating with me, I fall in love with him all over again every day. He is my pride and joy.

I love coming home to him greeting me at the door. He is my little guy, a true member of the family.


Nice picture!

Roman Kitty
by: Monique
Very nice pics!!! He is so beautiful!!!

Lynxy Ear Tufts
by: Jessy
I love them too. One of the most appealing features of an MC. I knew that not all MCs have them, but not that they diminish with age.

Yeah I don't know, at four months there were little black tuffs, now just fluffy white in his ears.

by: Jenna

He looks just like my handsome boy Dewey! What a good lookin kitty you got there! My maine coons always wake me up telling me they want breakfast...or they are just bored and want me to wake up...if I dont comply right away I get my toes bitten haha

Hemi and Paisley

By: Liz in Tacoma, WA
Hemi and Paisley

Hemi and Paisley's page is full of info and pictures of them from kittenhood to now! So visit Hemi and Paisley's Page to get to know them!

Emma Jean -
Our beautiful & furry amber baby girl

By: Debi & Ira Saltzmn
(West Palm Beach, Florida)
Emma Jean
Emma, our red-headed stepchild

Emma's our first Maine Coon, so we're still learning about this amazing breed.

Presently 15 months old, it's so hard to believe how small she started off -- now growing in leaps and bounds!!


She is sweet!!! Lucky you, guys!

by: Vicky
I know what you mean, my Baby Baku' was just a powder puff at six weeks. He's seven month's now and is growing with leaps and bounds. Emma is a beauitful cat, hope you enjoy every minute of her as I do my Baku'!!

Love the outfit!
by: Brian
How did you get her to pose with the hat and cape? I have 3 Maine Coons and I could never see them allowing me to dress them.

Emma is beautiful! I hope you enjoy her 1/2 as much as I have mine! I also have a gray domestic short hair and Mr. Mitten. He is a rescue cat that lost his left front leg in an accident. all get along fine. There is never a dull moment.

Best of luck.

Those Eyes!
by: Jessy
Does she really have those deep copper eyes? Stunning! Emma--that was my grandmother's name.

Excellent, sweet disposition!
I think the reason Emma is so easy to dress and pose is because she was a bottle-fed baby. We rescued her whole litter and Mom from a foreclosed home. Emma was the runt and Mom rejected her at about 2-1/2 weeks. So, she is very used to being held and loves the attention of dress-up time! And, her copper eyes are even more lovely in person :-)

My cousins awesome cat Emma is a sweetheart the pictures I see of her are so cute im gonna get my cat on here soon to Emma is so innocent hahahah

Kitten maine coon 8 weeks brown tigre

By: Susanne Johansson in Sweden


Tyson Tyson Tyson

We are waiting for our little Tyson 8 weeks old :)


By: Heather in Adelaide, Australia

Sarah is a 2 year old Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon. She loves to wake me up with a big hug and a kiss in the morning.


by: Jessica Wolff
What a graceful cat!

by: Judy
Hi Jessica
I hope Buddy our 6 month old silver tabby Maine Coon looks just as impressive. What a glorious ruff! Her coat looks silky too.

by: Juliet
Sarah looks gorgeous - so so soft


By: Heather in Adelaide, Australia

Zack is 1 year old Black Silver Tabby Maine Coon.


Handsome cat!
Zack is a very nice looking cat.

by: Azurerose22
My silver tabby MC looks like he could be Zack's twin!!!... love him!!


By: Rachel in Missoula, Montana

My cat mittens is about 3 years old. She loves playing with anything she can find especially cue tips. She loves to eat cheese and candy.


Candy (?)
by: Judy UK
Hi Rachael
Sounds like you love giving Mittens tidbits. Is candy chocolate? As a Brit I'm not sure. Is it OK to give cats cheese?

Buddy would love to eat Ben & Jerrys double choc & brownie ice cream.

It's great to see Coony owners writing in and sending pics AND it's good to know you are'nt on your own if you have probs. Carrie has been a great help to a 'worry wart' like me.

Hi Judy UK
by: Rachel
Hi Judy UK, no for candy its not good to give animals chocolate especially dogs and mittens loves eating nerds candy. Its fine to give cats cheese just alittle bit but yeah its fine.

My Sweet Marti

By: Deb Martin in Hazle Twp., PA USA

I walked into the Hazleton Animal Shelter one day and fell in love! Marti is a sweet gentle little soul whose main job is to be my shadow.

In her spare time, she loves to watch the birds at the feeders. She also enjoys lying on her back and showing her furry belly and chasing sparkly foam balls. She's a true joy!

One funny thing she does is flick her paws really fast when I open the door and a cold draft hits her, or if she touches her nose to something cold! It's a riot!


Chillin in Front of the Fire

By: Jan in WA

Captain O'Hi, so named because his greeting is to stretch up your leg as if to say, "Oh Hi!" He is a find while on a camping trip in AZ.

We think he got loose from some snowbirds RV cos his nails were all groomed and he was so sweet when we found him hungry and skinny on our desert property.

He was about I when we found him 9 years ago and he has been the center of our universe since. He is definitely mostly if not all coon. He greets us at the door,speaks and says "Hello" and is a great communicator.


Willow "helping" with the laundry.

By: Roberta in Crescent City, CA)

Willow is a 9 yr old red tabby Maine Coon.

Her favorite past times include napping, eating treats, and "helping" with the laundry and changing the sheets.

She recently had to move to another residence with another cat after being an "only" for her entire life. She is managing the transition slowly.


by: Michelle (UK)
Wow what a beauty..... my Saphira loves to sit on the ironing whilst I am doing it ha ha ...


By: Tracy in Gardner, KS

Blaze is almost 7 years old and is such an affectionate guy. He is huge, and people always say what a "fat" or "huge" cat!

He is still very playful and has the sweetest little meow. I talk to him and ask him to talk to me, and he does every time.

We named him Blaze due to his orange color! We didn't even know what breed he was until I was watching a Animal Planet special...I guess we still aren't totally sure, but we love him and call him our coon either way.

The growing "Olive"

By: Stacy in Port Orchard, WA

She is on this site already, except now she looks like a completely different cat! Awesome! And fantastic!

Hi Stacy!
Olive is looking gorgeous! It's very cool to see the difference :-) Thanks for the update!


By: Amanda in New York, NY


Kira Portrait

Kira Kira Kira Kira

I adopted Kira as an adult of about 2 from the ASPCA in NYC 2 years ago. I first found her on Petfinder, looking up Maine Coons which led me to the ASPCA.

She started purring right away when I petted her on her perch so I figured she'd be an affectionate pet.

One of the shelter workers said "If you don't take her, I just might!" I'm so in love with her, she's starred in my pet videos and photos and she's such a loving purrfect baby to me!

They called her a full Maine but I'm not sure. Any thoughts? I think many long-haired tabby's look like Coons--and all cats are beauties no matter what they are!


by: Jodi Colpitts
awww! what a sweet face! I too adopted mine from the local shelter and she is so sweet too!

by: kdmzoey
She sure looks like a maine coon to me! Love these adoption stories!

I think she is
I think she is a full Maine Coon. She has beautiful eyes.

Coon or not Coon?
Coon for sure!

Lovely Kira
by: Intan
First time i saw her portrait, i suddenly said "Chi" (chi is my coons, there's her page in this site). Her face is quite similar to mine, but Kira's fur is more wonderful. She's really gorgeus and lovable.

Got fur!!
She is beautiful!

Sweet Kira
Definitely Maine Coon, she's gorgeous!

Definitely a Coon
by: Susan Melching
Those green eyes are irresistable. She's a beautiful cat!

Classic Mackerel Maine Coon Luke


Luke Luke Luke Luke

I was lucky enough to have my heart stolen by this little guy while signing adoption papers for an orange & white tabby at our local cat shelter.

When I looked in the carrier, Luke was in the back - but when he spotted me he came right to the front and gave me the look that told me he was my kitty!!

I'm so glad I brought him home too. He was only about 4 mos old at the time, and was listed on his papers as a gray & white short haired domestic. But when we got him home and got a load of that tail, we knew there was much more to him.

There's no doubt he's a Maine Coon. He's got it all - the tufted ears & paws, fur like a chinchilla and perfect markings.

He's now known as Loverboy Luke - he's extremely affectionate and a real clown. These photos were taken at 6 months old and he's already as big his the 1.5 y/o Orange Tabby 'brother'.

They're the best of buddies; but his heart belongs to Mommy :)

My Cat Hunter....The Coon Who Sleeps On His back!!!

By: Danielle Smith in Rodney, Ontario, Canada
Hunter the Maine Coon on his back

Hunter's page is very popular! Does your Coonie like to sleep in his or her back? Many visitors have shared on Hunter's Page!


By: Meghann in Flowood, MS, USA


Bandit at about 6 months

Bandit Bandit Bandit Bandit

He is so sweet and loving. He will meet me at the door when I rattle the keys.

He comes when he is called and is always under my feet when I am home.

He also meows at my bedroom door and scratches at the door when he wants in...he is always talking to me!

He is such a sweetie. I recommend this cat to anyone that needs and wants an affectionate pet.


New pics
by: Meghann
I need to get you guys some new pics of bandit aka bubba love!! He is 2 years old now and much bigger!

My cat Sooty
He is so cute i have a maine coon cat to his name is Sooty and he is 4

That's neat, I love cats!


By: Tracey Wood in Denver, CO
Jake at 3 or 4 months old
Jake now at 10 months or so

We got Jake from the Dumb Friends League here in Colorado.He may be a year old some time in February or March.We did not know what kind of cat he was until my sister suggested Maine Coon.

He is a very sweet,affectionate,loving,but also some times mischievous kitty!We absolutely adore him and so does every one that comes to visit!


by: Sommer
He is beautiful!! Such a handsome boy =)

by: GinniP
Aren't Coonies the best cats??!! Your Jake looks a real delight. My Lola has spent about 2 hours this morning chasing a fly. They can jump so high for such big cats!

What cool pretty colors he has. He kinds of looks like a Siamese/Coon mix.

Samyii - from pauper to prince

By: Donna in Atlanta, GA

Samyii (prounounced Sammy) is the love of my life. I've had cats for years, but none have captured my heart like my Coon.

Three years ago my son brought home a bedraggled kitten he'd found wandering at a friend's apartment complex. This kitten was near death. He looked to be about 5 weeks old but he was bone thin, nearly too weak to stand up.

He had horrible infections in both eyes and a racking cough that made me think he probably had pneumonia. My prognosis for the little guy wasn't very hopeful at the time. If nothing else I expected him to be blind.

Still, I got him to the vet and got medication for his cough and eyes. There were a couple of scary times when I thought he wasn't going to make it, but with food and attention he began to flourish. While he retained some scar tissue in one eye it doesn't seem to affect his vision.

As he grew one of the things we noticed was the size of his feet. They were huge compared to the rest of him. Usually kittens have little delicate feet that are proportionate to their growth. Not Samyii. We laughed that if it was anything like a puppy this kitten was going to grow to be a BIG cat.

And big he is. All 22 pounds of him. As he was growing I began to notice other characteristics that made him stand out. His squeaky voice, the feather duster tail and the little ear tips. The vet confirmed that while probably not purebred, Samyii's bloodline is definitely Maine Coon. And a beautiful one, at that.

He's definitely a homebody. Maybe he's afraid if he gets too far from me he'll end up lost and alone again. He follows me from room to room, sleeps with me, lies beside me on the couch while I watch TV. He's the only cat I've had that actually looks into my eyes and seems to speak to me. He's my buddy and I'd be lost without him.

I don't know who neglected and threw away this darling cat as a baby, but from the day he arrived he went from being a pauper to being the prince of our home.


And What A Prince He Is!
by: Maine Coon Cat Nation

Hi Donna,
What an amazing story, and what a cat! You're right, it's just beyond me how anyone can abandon or neglect any of these wonderful animals.

Thank you for sharing Samyii and his story!

Yay fror Maine Coons!
by: Brian

Sweet story! I have a Sammy, too. She follows me around and meows up a storm to sit on my lap, whether it's in front of the tv or computer. Sammy sleeps right next to me or right on my legs. She gets up on my chest and looks into my eyes, as well, with these deep purrs. Glad you've got a buddy, too!

by: Vicky

What a sweet story , touched my heart.Thanks for sharing. Samyii looks like a fine cat!!:)

A beautiful story
by: Jill

What a beautiful story....thank you so much for taking him in and loving him

Yoda & Kiko

By: Cathrine Conarroe in Maui, Hawaii

Yoda & Kiko

Yoda & Kiko Yoda & Kiko Yoda & Kiko Yoda & Kiko

Yoda and Kiko came to me when they were only 3 weeks old by way of a neighbor boy who found them. I had been feeding a feral cat outside who was pregnant and I thought they may be her kittens. As it turns out... they were not hers.

As kittens they were very playful. They have grown into beautiful cats. Yoda weighs 24lbs (believe it or not... he has lost 3 lbs!) and Kiko is 18lbs. They are "gentle giants".

Yoda makes a sound like "meh, meh", Kiko could be locked in the closet and you would never know! He rarely meows. They like to be brushed every day. They both have large paws and rarely use their claws.

Their tails are beautiful plumes and their tummy fur is only a couple inches from touching the ground. I call Yoda my handsome boy and Kiko beautiful. Kiko walks like he is royalty, placing every foot step precisely so! I love my cats!

Smokey's Sealion Whiskers

By: Dani Mack in Redding, CA


Smokey Smokey Smokey Smokey

A friend offered Smokey to us in June 2010. She was moving and had recently divorced and knew we were looking for a cat. I had no idea I was the new mama to a dog-cat. :)

I had seen a show on the breed and researched and researched to determine whether I had a Maine Coon on my hands. Shes 2 years old, 14 lbs, really long when she stretches out. She chirps, rolls over, comes when I call, loves the car, loves the water, and loves being outside (previously only indoor).

I only let her outside while I'm home in our yard and after coming back in she is so FRISKY and full of life! She loves being around my husband and I. Every night she comes up on the bed on my chest for about 10 minutes and then either to the foot of the bed or in the hall. She cracks us up.

She eats her cat food when we eat our meals...she growls at the garage door like a dog, chases my husband up the stairs, and talks! She is really smart!!

Uses her paws to pick things up and guide to her mouth. I always liked cats but I have turned into such a cat nerd... :) We took her to Petco and I buckled her via harness in basket. People flocked my basket asking if that was a racoon!

I had to have my husband retrieve what we came for because we were surrounded by kids and people flocking to see Smokey! Shes my girl...and always will be.

Think she is Maine Coon??

Hi Dani!
What an amazing girl you have there! She could be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon mix, but I must add that her coloring reminds me very much of a Ragdoll. Very, very much :-)

Ragdolls are extremely similar to Maine Coons with regard to their personalities, dispositions, dog-like behavior, and they are big, too!

Thanks for sharing her! I'll be sure to add her to the photo album soon!

All The Best,


Not a Coon
she is a beautiful cat, but not a coon. I agree with the other poster here, she seems like a ragdoll with certain coon-like personality traits.

Could be a Maine Coon!
by: Jill

She is beautiful and her personality is very much like my Maine Coon Molly......there is definitely some Coon in there some where. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful girl!!

by: Dani Mack

I agree shes not full coon. Wish she could talk and tell me. lol. She does have ragdoll coloring, but other than significant features. SO...Im going with an educated guess...Maine Coon and Ragdoll mix. Either way, she acts like a Coon and I love Coon personalities...thanks guys!

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