Tullie & Friends from 2010

Meet Tullie, Mr. Westbrook, Jack, Oki and more maybe Maine Coons. Are they? That's what their people want to know!


by Carol
(St. Paul, MN)

tullie catTullie

Tullie came to us, or rather, we found her hiding under one of our windows.

She appeared to be abandoned...we went door-to-door, posted fliers, contacted the pound. Nothing.

The first thing we noticed about Tullie is she has many decidedly dog-like characteristics! She follows me around throughout the day.

Keeps me company as I do chores or just relaxing. She's also quite the talker....with this adorable little chirp. I must say, she's such a sweet, loving little companion.

I've done lots of research and I've come to the conclusion that she is a Maine Coon.

I'll post a photo and hope you can tell me a bit more. I don't have her tail in this photo, but it is very big and fluffy.

Thanks much!

My New Kitty

by Ally Lopez

gray kittenFaith

Well, my mom saw an extremely adorable female kitten on beltway 8 and decided to save her and bring her home.

After all the flea baths and feeding and giving fluids we decided to name her "Faith," and I was wondering what type of kitty we have now cause she has distinct characteristics such as toe tufts, long hair, very fluffy, long tail, greenish-cooper eyes, skinny and large ears any idea?

ally lopez

by: Helen

Ally, there is no way to tell your kitty's heritage, but I can tell you that you have one beautiful girl. She is a classic (target) tabby, my personal favorite.

MCC don't have a particular trait that is uniquely theirs alone, like color and blue eyes to a Siamese or curly coats on a Rex.

I have seen toe tufts, ear tufts, big tails, long hair, etc. on domestic cats and several pure breeds. Unless you get a kitten from a MCC breeder you will never know what genes lurk beneath the coat.

You and your mom deserve a gold star for providing this needy kitten vet care and a new home. ((hugs)) Few people do that now days.

Keep us posted.

Mr. Westbrook

by Kim
(Yukon, OK USA)

tabby kittenMr. Westbrook

Our recent rescue/adoption came to us as a Maine Coon kitten at 10 weeks old. We just adopted him last week.

We have named him Westbrook. He is a very beautiful, long-haired, brown tabby with ear tufts, toe tufts, a ruff and britches.

He is very vocal around our home with us and with our other cats. He is not shy and does not cower to our large 14 pound tabby.

He is very laid back but playful. I am wondering if he is full Maine Coon or possibly a mix, however he truly appears to be full blood.

by: Anonymous

That picture was just after an ear cleaning so his hair was a tad oily. He is much bigger now.

by: Anonymous

Texture of fur looks more like a Siberian's, unless he just came in out of the rain. Otherwise he looks like an adult Maine Coon's head on a kitten's body. Many good years to you and your kitty!

This is Jack

by Laura
(Madison, WI)

striped tabby cat

Jack was found in a garage. The rest of his litter died, and his mother was never "tamed", so I know nothing about his heritage.

I'm almost positive he's at least half Maine Coon, but I'd love some validation.


he looks like my cat Strippy
by: Anonymous

He does look like my cat Strippy, maybe full BLOODED probably I don't think he is part. After my cat had kittens And we got Strippy that way I seen a cat I guess he had just got hit by a car and he looked just like my Strippy. Sorry to say.

So we decently keep our Strippy in. He is very gentle and got that tail and I'm not sure of that m but it's look m ish.

He has the paws very different this very semi long med but he's so cute and loving so we wondered if he is pure breed but know he's not.

But used those paws differently than the other cats and had differences to all the cats. Never tried to fight a rest sometimes pick fight he not like that sleeps in my bed next to me asking me up have the night to kiss me and just b avail over me.

I know Oki's mother is pure bred Siamese, but could her father be a Maine Coon? Just look at her!!

by Katlyn S.

sweet kitten 1
sweet kitten 2
sweet kitten 3
sweet kitten 4

Oki is a very sweet 6 week old kitten that my friend gave me for free.

Her mother, a pure bred traditional Siamese got loose and was impregnated by a "mystery male."

Could this male be a Maine Coon? She has so many similarities with a Maine Coon that I'm wondering if it's possible. She's a long haired grey tabby with white and her eyes have turned from a bright blue to a greenish yellow color.

She's got a sweet temperament and is very loving. She actually has no Siamese traits that are visible to the eye anyway. Please help!

by: Laurel

What a doll! Those paws!!
But don't see siamese in there at all, crazy.
Enjoy this sweetie!

Siamese Traits
by: Jessy

I don't see them either, especially not of the "modern" type of Siamese. They may show up later in the form of a twangy meow or hyperactivity. I had a brother-&-sister pair like that, both coal black. In the meantime, you got you a cute kitty.

Is this a Maine Coon Cat?

by Yvonne

big kitty

This stray has been living under my shed, very friendly.

I think it's a female. She looks huge but is mostly a ton of fur.

She is very pretty
by: susie

well she has the fluffy tail of the maine coon and she has the big paws also..

Norwegian Forest Cat
by: Wendi

This cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat. I have one and 2 Maine Coons and believe me this is a Weegie. They're very similar in temperament and fluffitude.

Your new Maine
by: Anonymous

Beautiful cat with a lot of MC characteristics. Don't let this one go. This cat will be a great companion.

No Longer a Stray, His Name is "Sammie"
by: Yvonne

I decided to keep this guy. Once he let me start handling him, I took him to the vet for shots and got him microchipped and he is already neutered.

He still stays outside most of the day but stays in my yard and comes in to eat and cool off on those 90 degree days.

He's very sweet. He loves my 3 year old son and tolerates my dog well. He's a great addition to our family. We're very luck to have found him, can't imagine our lives without him now.

by: Helen

She is a beauty and looks very "coonie" to me. We forget that the Northeast part of the country is where coon cats originated.

An old farmer once told me that cats that looked like our coon cats were what folks had for their barn cats in Vermont were he lived. (He didn't know people paid big money to get one. :0)

Only big, robust, long-haired cats made it through the winters to breed for another year.

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