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The Face I Fell In Love With

The Face I Fell In Love With

November of 2016 I adopted a then 4 year old cat from our local shelter.

I had seen him online 2 months before but wasn't sure I was ready. My mom had just passed that August & I felt like I needed something to fill the void, but a cat?

I had not had a cat since I was in middle school & he got out of the house & was hit by a car. After that I stuck with dogs. Dogs could go everywhere with me & they could still be with me when I was doing something with the horses.

But there was something about Theodore's face. I would check the shelter site 2 or 3 times a week & could not believe no one had adopted him yet.

Then the week before Thanksgiving, I checked the site & he was STILL there. I jumped in the truck & drove out to the shelter & there he was right by the entry door in a cage. I walked over & started talking to him & he was so happy to have the attention.

I spoke with the volunteer & she said that he had been adopted from the shelter as a kitten 4 years earlier & when the owner could no longer have him around their Autistic son, they returned him to the shelter.

Seems Theodore was attacking their Autistic son when he would scream. They had him declawed on all fours & he had never been outside nor could he, being declawed.

The volunteer said nobody had really showed much interest in him, which I could not understand. I told her I wanted him.

The paperwork got started & an hour later Theodore was coming home. When they put him in the box he barely fit & when I went to lift the box I groaned. Seems Mr. Theodore is 14lbs. but NOT fat.

When we got home, he naturally headed for a quiet dark place & I took the opportunity to run down to stock up on supplies.

Natural cat food, litter, etc. As soon as I got home I popped the top on a can of Natural Balance & ~ poof ~ there he was.

He ate, went to his litter box then walked around the house rubbing on everything. I have no idea what kind of life he had before, but declawing him did not stop him from learning to use his teeth & he has more than once.

He bites hard & deep, even when I am just petting him. He is also afraid of noises & new people. But like I said, I have no idea what his life was like before. He has quite a vocabulary but isn't much into playing.

I have spent so much on toys that he just looks at & walks away from. I figure if he wants to play he'll let me know & if not that's o.k. to.

He is starting to play more with the wand with feathers on it, but not for long. He is also getting more sensitive to cat nip.

When I got him I tried dried, liquid, fresh & nothing! But now he is reacting more to the fresh that I am growing for him. He obsesses about cabinets, closed cabinets.

Even if he has seen that there is no possible way he would fit in them, he meows non-stop until you AGAIN open the cabinet so he can look inside.

Anyway, it hasn't been that long but I am noticing he isn't using his mouth to bite nearly as much as when he first got here & he is getting better with noises & people.

He is still talkative & enjoys playing tag or maybe ambush! Haha! Anyway, he is a big dude, almost 30" long nose to tip of tail & his weight seems to stay steady at or around 14lbs. That is what makes me wonder about his having Maine Coon somewhere.

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