by Karen and Mark Doran
(Coburg, Melbourne, Australia)

First day at home and her first toy she played with then needed to sleep

First day at home and her first toy she played with then needed to sleep

First Birthday 26th February 2012:

My little girl Tass (or she gets called Tassie Girl) is One today. We purchased her from a pet shop last year in April she was 8 weeks old and told we have a male cat which is what we wanted.

She was the most timid little thing ever when I brought her home to show Hubby we now have got a cat again, as our other cat (no breed) we had put down 4 weeks prior to Leukemia and severe anemia, was 6wks old when we got him and he got to 13yrs.

He was a beautiful tuxedo cat, we couldn't stand the silence of not having a cat around so I got one over the Easter break.

Four weeks later I took the guy to the vet to get desexed because I don't like them spraying, kills all your plants only to be told we have a female, Well I be damned so I rang hubby and told him, the vet asked if we wanted to give her up.

No way I decided there and then that I had to adjust in calling this guy a girl, so we went ahead and had her desexed as we have two ferral cats hanging around roaming the streets at night meowing. So that was that.

She is funniest little critter, plays fetch, hardly meows and she does it makes you laugh so funny, chirps and chatters,(you talk back to her and she doesn't stop chattering sometimes) rolls constantly on her back so you rub her belly, loves being brushed and loves to play in the water (loves the bathroom, especially when I am in the shower) loves being out in the rain, and sticking her
paws in the water fountain.

She greets me when I get home, comes running up the hallway and then plonks at your feet and wants the tummy rubbed.She attacks my ankles and hugs and bites them with those sharp little teeth (funny she only does that to me not hubby), no wonder they call them the gentle giants as she has never clawed or drawn blood with her claws or her feet when she kicks you.

She has that many toys and her favourite is a super ball that rolls around on the kitchen floor as the floor is not level (needs restumping) she has much pleasure and it entertains her for hours. Funny to watch her kick it from the bathroom, laundry and kitchen area, did this with the toilet paper one day too.

Really I had no idea at first this was Maine Coon as I Googled to find out she was a unique breed so I sent some photos to a breeder here in Melbourne and she told me, Yes we do have a Maine Coon but she was not impressed that we got her from a pet shop (backyard breeder as she called them).

They are the best breed ever, We will always stay true and loyal to the Maine Coon Cats as they are fantastic, unique, you get so much laughter and pleasure out of them, such a stress release too.

I love reading your website and the blog and I occasionally add comments to your Facebook page. It's great keeping with other Maine Coon cat lovers.

So Happy birthday to my little girl Tass, at the moment she is flaked out on the floor in front of the cooler as it is 34degrees "C" in Melbourne Australia.

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by: Suzanne

Tass looks identical to my main coin Mocha. I showed hubby the photo and he asked how they got photos of our cat.

Maine Coons are so cool!
by: Bella's furless mom

I have been a cat mom to five-month-old Bella for three months. She weighs seven pounds and her silver patch coat is gorgeous, along with that signature tail and white belly she loves to have brushed and rubbed!

Never thought I would have an indoor pet, but she is very clean and above all, loveble. She is getting more independent and has started sleeping by herself, but will come lie on my bed for a while at night. Since being spayed three weeks ago, I notice she is more laid back, but has periodic bursts of energy where she becomes a fur missile.

She loves to sit on the edge of the bathtub and watch me bathe. She is amazed by the bubbles and has only fallen in once.

Tons of funny stories to tell but the best one yet happened the other day when she bolted from her window seat after seeing a neighbor cat in the backyard with a mouse in its mouth. I don't know if it was the cat, the mouse or both that startled her, but she ran up under the bed, staying there for several minutes.

She also doesn't like the sound of the doorbell.

Don't think she is going to be any kind of a "first responder." She plays fetch, though.

Sharing our pics
by: Linda Allen

How do we upload pics of our cats? I love seeing everyone's pics and comments. Thanks!

by: Elizabeth

I didn't know I was funny, Smokey is though.

I just read and commented on declawing cats! I was horrified! Too many alternatives!
Anyone who would declaw a cat doesn't understand why they need their claws! We trim the sharp parts every other week or so and ours still scratch on the post and climb up it. Jump up on all the furniture etc. No need to declaw them. It must be humiliating as well as frightening for them.

Smokey v Tass
by: karen

Elizabeth, you make me laugh reading your story, sounds like a real character, Tassie Girl also has a mouse on string, it squeaks and she crazy with it, drags it around the house, our house is toy city, she has a good size toy box, she is like having kids around with having to step over toys threw out the house. Maine Coons are very intelligent but our girl doesn't like the door bell or any visitors coming into the house she will hide behind the fridge or under the bed and wont come out until they leave. I use feliway spray around the house to calm her down, and has been working, as soon as people gone, she comes out within about 5 minutes, it use to take her a couple of hours before you would see her again.

Smokey compared to Tass
by: Elizabeth

If she is 5 years old and still being irritating at 3 a.m., Smokey, if he stays noisy and busy at night, will continue to have his "bedroom" in the bathroom. So far at 8 months old he doesn't seem to mind.

We are in our dotage and don't sleep very well at night During our nap time, husband on the davenport and me on the bed, Smokey snuggles with me after about 5 minutes of "chase the mouse on the string". But I can't get him to do it at night!

Our son is 50 and loves him too, so If Smokey outlives us he will be happy with our son. Smokey plays rougher with our son than us. Do you think he recognizes that we're weaker? Are Maine Coons that smart?

We lost our Siamese mix about 6 months ago and 'needed' another cat. I've never been cat-less in all my years. So it was time. I wanted a kitten so he could grow up knowing us and our habits and us his. So far he is my shadow and is less demonstrative with my husband. But he has a big grey cat that is his "barn" cat, a good mouser, rabbiter and voler. He's even brought us a squirrel. Smokey? the only thing he catches is his mouse on the string and his toucan.

Our girl Tass
by: Karen

Comment back to Elizabeth posted 18/4/16 Our two most absolutely loved place to visit and our cat, who we have been calling her Tassie Girl, she is now 5 years old, and is still the most funniest little critter, grown up now and a real fluff ball, gets very vocal now and she knows how to annoy the crap out of you at 3am to make me get out of bed, very cheeky little girl and we love her to death.

by: Elizabeth

When you thought she was a boy, was he named Tasmania? tic
Except for her white legs and paws, she looks identical to my rescue from our Animal shelter. SO skinny, scrawny and his hair was wirey looking but soft. I felt sorry for him because he looked so pitiful and was so scared.
Now he's a gorgeous guy with a full ruff and a tail that is as wide and as long as he is. He's 8 months now and he and our Chin/Chihuaha mix wear each other out chasing each other all over. They are hilarious to watch! He's bigger that Gyzmo and they only strike/snap at each other when one has food the other wants to try!
His favorite toy is a stuffed toucan and we are so glad because it's a quiet toy. His meow isn't. It's more like a soft squeak. My husband can't hear him because of some hearing loss, but I hear him squeaking on and on, at us, the dog and his toucan. He did vocalize loudly! once. I was in the bath and turned on the jets. He jumped off the tub and let out the awfullest sounding YEOW I've ever heard. I thought he got hurt.

by: Barb

A beauty!

Tass is like my rescued cat Shadow
by: may gale

I am bound to think Tass is great . After a phone call we took a poor kitten in he was frightened wet through and only 1 month old .He is now 3years and he is most likely a maine coon .what a tail he has like a toilet brush you can see only his tail as he passes our wall.To end all the best to Tass and family I can't wait to have another maine coon.Don't let me take it away from Tass he is lovely and looks full of character May

real cute
by: Donald mactavish

she is so cute playing with the tolet paper mine is 13 years old does a lot of sleeping after playing with the little kitten

Just A Beauty
by: Marie & Pookie of Georgia

That she is! Wow I wish I could comment on all of these amazing animals! They are so special and unique from other cat breeds. What is also amazing are the owners, we all seem to have a common trait...we allow this creature into our hearts and they bring out our best!

by: Kathy

Precious !!!!!!!

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